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Miso soup as a way of eating seaweed
Heart Attack

Will Eating Seaweed Protect Your Heart?

Japanese researchers crunched a lot of data and found that eating seaweed regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Prostate cancer highly detailed segment of panorama. Photomicrograph as seen under the microscope
Heart Attack

Can Men Get an Extra Benefit from a Statin?

Using statins to prevent heart disease is still controversial. New research suggests a different benefit from a statin: reduced risk of prostate cancer.

pedometer or step counter

Are People More Active with Step Counters?

Using step counters like pedometers along with coaching from health professionals can help people increase their physical activity.

Fish oil nutritional supplements

Flip Flops on Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fats Now Have Heart Benefits

First we were told fish oil was good for the heart. Then we were told no, it doesn't work. Now, omega 3 fats work after all. What about for arthritis?

two dogs in car waiting for dog owners to take them for a walk
Heart Attack

Dog Owners Get Survival Benefit

A Swedish study demonstrates that dog owners are less likely to die soon after a heart attack or a stroke. A meta-analysis reinforces that conclusion.

Meat on an outdoor grill

Is Meat OK to Eat Now? Do Food Flip-Flops Make You Mad?

Public health experts have told us for decades that red meat causes heart attacks and cancer. But new studies question that dogma. Is meat OK after all?

fish oil capsules
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)

Fish Oil for the Heart? Is It Good After All?

Fish oil for the heart has been on a roller coaster. It has been good for the heart, ineffective for the heart and now, once again, very good for the heart!

Optimist Happy woman thumb up

Are Optimists Protected from Heart Attacks?

A meta-analysis of 15 studies finds that optimists are less likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes. They are also less likely to die prematurely.

Swimmers swimming in a pool

Show 1182: How You Can Use Exercise as Medicine

Doctors who use exercise as medicine offer personalized prescriptions for activity. This can be as powerful as medications for promoting health.

Depressed doctor leaning against wall in hospital corridor

You Have Likely Been the Victim of Diagnostic Mistakes

Diagnostic mistakes are surprisingly common. They can lead to disability or death. A new study identifies the most common conditions that are often missed.

green tea being poured from a teapot
Drug Side Effects

Does Green Tea Interact with Heart Drugs?

How does green tea interact with nadolol? Green tea compounds can lower blood levels of this heart drug, but does not seem to affect metoprolol.

Man napping in chair
Heart Attack

Is Napping Good for Your Health or Bad for Your Health?

Are you a snoozer? Do you worry about the health consequences of napping during the day? Worry no more. The latest research suggests it may be good for you.

CocoaVia cocoa flavanols
Blood Clots

What Are the Health Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols?

Our new underwriter, CocoaVia, offers high-potency cocoa flavanols without the calories of chocolate.

soft drinks in cans seen from above
Acid Reflux

Could Soft Drinks Be Killing You?

A large European study found that people who usually had two soft drinks a day were more likely to die prematurely than those who had less than one a month.

An artistic illustration of a human heart
Heart Attack

Is Your Diet Putting You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Vegetarians have a lower risk for heart disease than meat eaters. However, they have a slightly higher chance of suffering a stroke.

market display of apples, eggplants, peppers, grapes, green beans, colorful vegetables

Why Should You Eat Colorful Veggies?

People who consume a flavonoid-rich diet full of colorful veggies, berries and fruits are less likely to die prematurely from heart disease or cancer.

Assorted soy products: soybeans and soy milk

Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals?

People getting most of their protein from plants and consuming a healthful plant-based diet are more likely to live longer and less likely to get diabetes.

woman breaks cigarrette to show smokers benefit from quitting
Heart Attack

How Soon Do Smokers Benefit from Quitting?

A careful study shows that smokers benefit from quitting. It may be more than a decade, though, before their risk of heart attacks drops to normal.

nurse using sphygmomanometer in home blood pressure measurement to determine if patient needs blood pressure medication
Drug Side Effects

For Seniors, More Blood Pressure Medication Is Not Better

Increasing blood pressure medication at hospital discharge might do more harm than good for older people without heart disease.

Loving Couple Strolling Hand in Hand on Beach
Heart Attack

People Who Have Sex More Often Live Longer

Israeli heart attack survivors who said they had sex more often lived longer (and possibly happier) than those who had sex infrequently or not at all.