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Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) in a syringe ready for injection with vials in the background; Vitamin B12 injectionsDiabetesJoe Graedon - January 23, 2023 - 64 comments

How Dangerous Are High Vitamin B12 Levels?

Many people are low in vitamin B12. Symptoms can include fatigue and forgetfulness. What could be behind high vitamin B12 levels?

Ripe elderberries, also known as Sambucus berries, growing on a shrub; source of elderberry extract
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - January 9, 2023

Have You Tried Elderberry to Ease Your Cold Symptoms?

Elderberry rob. a homemade concentrate of berries and spices, is used as a type of hot toddy to ease cold symptoms. Have you tried it?

green capsule containing vegetables and fruits balanced on fingertip
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - January 2, 2023

How Do Herbs Interact with Each Other?

Scientists know that herbs can interact with drugs. They have not done many studies on herb interactions with other herbs.

A dark chocolate square
Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib, arrhythmia)Terry Graedon - January 2, 2023

Does Chocolate Really Help Your Heart?

A Danish study found that people who eat chocolate are less likely to have atrial fibrillation. Does chocolate really help prevent Afib?

woman with the sniffles holds a tissue to her nose
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - January 2, 2023

Will Vitamin D Supplements Really Protect You from Colds?

If your vitamin D blood level is low, taking supplements could help protect you against catching colds or the flu during the winter season.

kiwi fruit slices close up
ConstipationTerry Graedon - January 2, 2023

Are There Natural Remedies for Constipation?

A number of natural remedies for constipation work well. They include eating two kiwifruit or a pumpkin-bran muffin daily.

Young pregnant woman eating vegetables to improve pregnancy outcomes
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - December 29, 2022

Women Who Eat Mediterranean Diets Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Women following a Mediterranean type eating pattern around the time of conception and during pregnancy have better pregnancy outcomes.

Walnut halves
Heart AttackJoe Graedon - December 29, 2022

Walnuts are Good for Heart Health!

Many physicians prescribe drugs to lower LDL cholesterol and inflammation. Walnuts are also good at lowering cholesterol and inflammation.

Older man playing chess. Mental activity can help keep your brain healthy so you stay sharp
AgingTerry Graedon - December 26, 2022

Could a Daily Multivitamin Help You Stay Sharp?

The COSMOS-MInd study show that seniors taking a daily multivitamin are more likely to stay sharp. A high-veggie diet might also help.

Close up of probiotic product capsule between the fingers
Acid RefluxTerry Graedon - December 26, 2022

Can Taking a Probiotic Product Help You Sleep Better?

A reader found that taking a probiotic product for better digestion also improved sleep. Studies support this observation.

hand with eczema red patches on fingers
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - December 26, 2022

Are There Helpful Home Remedies for Eczema?

Readers have recommended home remedies for eczema. Which ones have you tried for treating atopic dermatitis?

Young woman drinking coffee for benefits of caffeine consumption
DiabetesTerry Graedon - December 19, 2022

Caffeine Consumption Cuts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Caffeine consumption reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. We see this benefit in numerous studies of coffee drinkers.

Hand embracing foot with deformed right toe due to painful gout inflammation
Alternative HealthJoe Graedon - December 19, 2022

What Are the Natural Remedies for Gout?

Natural remedies for gout, such as tart cherries, celery seed or a DASH diet, can significantly ease the suffering that a person experiences.

liquid soap squirting on hands for hand-washing could replace bar soap in bed
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - December 19, 2022

How to Use Soap in Bed for Nighttime Leg Cramps

To see whether soap in bed will protect you from leg cramps at night, unwrap a bar and put it under the bottom sheet or apply liquid soap.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions; eat to lower cholesterol
DiabetesTerry Graedon - December 15, 2022

People with Diabetes Do Better on Low-Carb Diets

Studies from Denmark show better blood sugar control when people with diabetes follow low-carb diets. They also have less fatty livers.

marijuana plants
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - December 12, 2022

Will Cannabis Cream Really Ease Neuropathy?

There is too little research on cannabis cream for nerve pain to know for sure that it will help. However, the studies that have been done suggests that is possible for some–not all–patients.

Bottle of Glucosamine
ArthritisJoe Graedon - December 12, 2022

Is There Any Science to Support Glucosamine for Arthritis?

Glucosamine for arthritis is a controversial dietary supplement. Some people say it works. Others say it's worthless. What do studies show?

Elderberry berries Sambucus nigra
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - December 12, 2022

Will Elderberry Extract Help You Recover from Flu?

Elderberry extract has antiviral activity in laboratory tests, but there are too few good clinical trials to show if it works for the flu.

Malachy McHugh, PhD, studies tart cherries
PodcastsTerry Graedon - December 8, 2022

Show 1298: The Health Benefits of Tart Cherries (Archive)

This week we interview two scientists who describe the benefits of tart cherries for mental alertness and physical stamina.

holiday gifts, Christmas stocking & presents
Home RemediesJoe Graedon - December 8, 2022

Give the Best Gift This Holiday: Better Health for 2023!

Would you like to avoid last minute shopping for family and friends? How about something really meaningful? Give the best gift: the gift of good health!

a bright sun blazing in the sky
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - December 8, 2022

Too Little Vitamin D Could Be Deadly

People with too little vitamin D in their bloodstreams were more likely to die early. Vitamin D scarcity carries many other risks as well.

colorful salad platter for people who skip meat
Breast CancerTerry Graedon - November 30, 2022

Do People Who Skip Meat Have a Lower Chance of Cancer?

People who skip meat in favor of fish, dairy or vegetable protein seem less likely to develop cancer of the breast, prostate or colon.

bottles of listerine and white vinegar help curing nail fungus
Alternative HealthJoe Graedon - November 28, 2022

Listerine, Vicks & Vinegar Curing Nail Fungus

Common drugstore items like Vicks and Listerine are the key ingredients to home remedies that may prove helpful for getting rid of nasty nail fungus.

Foot in a vice representing diabetic nerve pain
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - November 28, 2022

What Natural Remedies Could Help Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can make it more difficult to walk well. If you can't feel your feet, it is hard to find your balance. What can help neuropathy?

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog describes natural ways to treat heartburn
PodcastsTerry Graedon - November 24, 2022

Show 1322: Herbs for Healing and Optimal Wellness

How can you use herbs for healing? In the interviews, our guest experts describe how plant compounds work in the body.

a pregnant woman holding her abdomen
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - November 24, 2022

Does Acupuncture Safely Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Meta-analyses suggest that acupuncture relieves lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy as well as cancer-related pain.

golden raisins and gin
ArthritisJoe Graedon - November 21, 2022

Will the Gin and Raisin Remedy Help Hip and Knee Pain?

We have been writing about the gin and raisin remedy for decades. It amazes us how much relief some people get from their knee and hip pain.

cooking with olive oil
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - November 14, 2022

Do You Take Olive Oil for Your Blood Pressure?

Could extra virgin olive oil rich in plant phenols be a key to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet? Perhaps we should all take olive oil.

golden milk contains turmeric and anise
ArthritisTerry Graedon - November 14, 2022

Spicy Supplement Solves Pain Problem

As people age and develop aches and pains, they look for relief. The spicy supplement turmeric (curcumin) helps some.

Man has vitamins in hand next to coffee cup
Heart AttackJoe Graedon - November 9, 2022

Are You Wasting Money On Supplements Against Heart Disease?

A new study suggests that Americans are wasting money on supplements to fight heart disease. How compelling are the data? Get the inside scoop

Products rich in magnesium on wooden spoons.
Heart AttackTerry Graedon - November 5, 2022

Will Adequate Magnesium Keep Your Heart Healthy?

A long-term study of atherosclerosis revealed that adequate magnesium is critical for good heart health. A supplement could help.

N-Acetylcysteine structure
AnemiaTerry Graedon - October 31, 2022

Can N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) Help Cancer Patient?

N-acetylcysteine is both a medicine and a dietary supplement that protects liver, lungs and kidneys from damage.

feet with ants demonstrate diabetic neuropathy
DiabetesTerry Graedon - October 31, 2022

Supplements to Help Ease Diabetic Neuropathy

Certain supplements such as benfotiamine and alpha lipoic acid may help ease diabetic neuropathy. Topical capsaicin could also relieve pain.