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How to Improve Cholesterol and Triglycerides with Krill Oil

Taking omega-3 fats from krill oil helped a reader reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and stabilize an irregular heartbeat.
How to Improve Cholesterol and Triglycerides with Krill Oil
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After several decades of striving to avoid fat in general, Americans have finally gotten the memo: some fat is good for us! Researchers consider omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources especially beneficial. Many folks would like to know: is krill oil better than fish oil?

Taking Krill Oil for Better Health:

Lowering Cholesterol:

Q. I started taking krill oil for high cholesterol on my doctor’s advice. After a few months taking the krill oil, my cholesterol came down from 270 to 165.

Normalizing Blood Pressure:

But there’s more. After a year taking it, my high blood pressure is now relatively normal (130/75) and I no longer need lisinopril. If I take lisinopril, my BP gets low and I get lightheaded.

Regularizing Heart Rhythm:

Here’s another unexpected benefit: For years I had an irregular heartbeat. It would skip a beat and sometimes that would wake me up out of my sleep. It was scary. After a year on this supplement, that has cured itself as well.

Krill oil is not just heart-healthy, it’s a heart miracle as far as I am concerned. I am so thrilled I am now wondering what other miracle supplements I should take.

A. There is research to support the use of krill oil in lowering total cholesterol and triglycerides and increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol (BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, Oct. 14, 2015; Lipids in Health and Disease, Dec. 15, 2015).

Like cold-water fish, these tiny crustaceans are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats make blood vessels more flexible, which could help lower blood pressure.

Is It a Miracle?

Until there is more research, though, we’d hold off on calling krill oil a miracle. Similar benefits might be achieved through omega-3 fatty acids from fish.

You might be interested in other nondrug approaches for cholesterol control and optimal blood pressure.

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