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Article imageJoe Graedon - April 22, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - April 21, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - April 22, 2024 - 19 comments

Can You Wreck Your Kidneys With NSAID Pain Relievers?

Can NSAIDs damage the kidneys? If you try to protect your stomach from NSAID damage with a PPI, will you increase kidney damage?

Joe Graedon - April 21, 2024

Will Special SLS-Free Toothpaste Prevent Canker Sores?

Terry Graedon - April 21, 2024

How Can You Use Beets for Better Blood Pressure?

Terry Graedon - April 21, 2024

Don’t Let Gas Ruin Your Marriage

Terry Graedon - April 21, 2024

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Cause Cognitive Problems

Terry Graedon - April 18, 2024

Show 1382: What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

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A headphones iconShow 1382April 23, 2024 - 1 comments

What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Listeners ask what they need to know about prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Drs. Armstrong and Koontz bring us up to date.
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A headphones iconShow 1381April 23, 2024 - 3 comments

How to Eat Less Plastic

Two experts from Consumer Reports share the results of their research and tell us how to eat less plastic.
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