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Older adult female offering a bottle of wine and glass sitting aloneAgingJoe Graedon - July 29, 2021
Lipid profile with cholesterol and tube of bloodDrug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 26, 2021
nurse using sphygmomanometer in home blood pressure measurement to determine if patient needs blood pressure medication to reduce blood pressureDrug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - July 29, 2021

Do ACE Inhibitors or ARBs Work Better for Blood Pressure?

When prescribing blood pressure pills, should doctors choose ACE inhibitors or ARBs? ARBs are equally effective with fewer side effects.

Terry Graedon - July 26, 2021

Is There a Link Between Statin Drugs and Gingivitis?

Joe Graedon - July 26, 2021

The Zantac – Ranitidine Weirdness Just Got Stranger

Terry Graedon - July 19, 2021

How Do You Weigh the Benefits and Risks of Aspirin?

Joe Graedon - July 19, 2021

Trelegy for COPD Leads to Hoarseness

Terry Graedon - July 19, 2021

Will Your Eyedrops Affect Your Heart Rate?

fingers point to High or Low Immunity
Crohn’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - July 12, 2021

Scary Side Effects of Immune-Modulating Drugs

Drugs to dampen the immune system are BIG sellers. Humira and Enbrel make billions. How safe are these immune-modulating drugs during COVID?

Atorvastatin pills with stethoscope
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 12, 2021

Statins and Shortness of Breath (Pleural Effusions)

The FDA does not acknowledge a link between statins and shortness of breath. A reader wonders if statins and pleural effusions are connected.

Illustration of damaged human liver
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 8, 2021

Do You Love Your Liver Enough?

Are you nice to your liver? Most Americans take their livers for granted. That could be disastrous! Is coffee good for your liver? How much?

a bunch of bananas
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 5, 2021

Can People Overdose on Potassium-Rich Foods?

Many people are low in potassium. That's because they take thiazide diuretics to control blood pressure. Is it possible to overdose on potassium-rich foods?

Young woman's back has unbelievable itching with allergy skin problem
AllergiesTerry Graedon - July 5, 2021

Stopping Antihistamine Leads to Unbelievable Itching

Abruptly stopping the antihistamine cetirizine (Zyrtec) led to unbelievable itching. The doctor who reported this had not seen it in the medical literature.

Woman weighing herself on a scale
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - July 1, 2021

How Well Does the New Weight Loss Medicine Work?

In June, FDA approved a new weight loss medicine, Wegovy. This once-a-week injection works by reducing appetite and improving insulin release.

Dr. Sean Mackey, expert in managing pain
PodcastsTerry Graedon - July 1, 2021

Show 1178: Do We Need a Revolution in Managing Pain? (Archive)

Opioids are an important tool for managing pain, but they are not the only option. Dr. Sean Mackey says we need a revolution in thinking about pain.

a bottle of Abilify & aripiprazole, digital pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 28, 2021

Can You Reverse Tardive Dyskinesia from Abilify?

Drugs prescribed for bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia can cause involuntary movements. Can new meds reverse tardive dyskinesia

tylenol bottles
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 28, 2021

If Acetaminophen Is Killing People, Why Should You Trust Tylenol?

The popular pain reliever acetaminophen may be riskier than you think. A ProPublica report has some chilling stats. DON'T OVERDOSE on APAP!

Man checking blood pressure
Alzheimer’s DiseaseTerry Graedon - June 24, 2021

Which Blood Pressure Pills Help Protect Memory?

ACE inhibitors that can get into the brain may protect memory in older adults. ARBs that cross the blood-brain barrier also seem to work.

confused older man
Cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)Joe Graedon - June 24, 2021

Do Statins Affect Memory or Scramble Your Brain?

Millions take statins to prevent heart problems. Can statins affect memory? This question still remains highly controversial after decades.

Cortisone shots into the knee
ArthritisJoe Graedon - June 24, 2021

Do Steroid Injections Melt Bones and Weaken Joints?

When knees or hips hurt, life gets hard. Climbing stairs is challenging. Hiking hurts. Steroid injections are tempting. Do they cause damage?

a bottle of budeprion xl 300mg
DepressionJoe Graedon - June 21, 2021

Problems with Generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion)? Not Again!

We hoped that problems with the generic antidepressant for Wellbutrin (bupropion) were over. They're still coming! But Wellbutrin is PRICEY!

Foot about to step down on pins
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 14, 2021

Surprising Gabapentin Side Effects

Doctors should be cautious about prescribing gabapentin off-label, because gabapentin side effects can be quite serious.

Advil PM sleeping pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 14, 2021

When PM Pain Meds Might Make Sense

PM pain meds contain diphenhydramine. This anticholinergic drugs is controversial, but it could make sense short term for someone in pain.

A disoriented man with memory problems and dementia holding his face is dismay
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - June 10, 2021

New Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm: Breakthrough or Boondoggle?

The FDA just approved the first new drug for AD in nearly 20 years. Is Aduhelm a breakthrough as some suggest? Get the inside scoop!

PodcastsTerry Graedon - June 10, 2021

Show 1261: Overcoming Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem, but you don't have to suffer in silence. New technology may offer options to help you hear better.

pharmacist in front of drug display as cheerleader for drugs
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 31, 2021

Why Won’t Pharmacies Fill Prescriptions with Authorized Generic Drugs?

How can you get your pharmacist to fill prescriptions with authorized generic drugs? It's a lot harder than you might think, but worth the effort.

Woman Pumping Gel Hand Sanitizer From A Bottle
man watching television commercial on television with pharma ads
Drug Side EffectsDennis Miller, RPh - May 31, 2021

Why Drug Commercials Are Far More Harmful Than You Realize

A pharmacist explains why drug commercials are far more harmful than you realize. They promote a world view without responsibilities or risk.

Hands reaching for giant pill for coronavirus drug shortages
Several bottles of supplements with hand touching Saccharomyces boulardii
Clostridium difficile Infection (C. diff)Terry Graedon - May 17, 2021

Probiotic Can Help Prevent C. Diff Due to Antibiotics

A gut-friendly probiotic yeast called S. boulardii can help you avoid diarrhea from C. diff due to antibiotics.

Atorvastatin pills with stethoscope
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 17, 2021

Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Side Effects & Complications

Atorvastatin (Lipitor) has been associated with muscle pain and weakness. It this because of the statin or are such symptoms coincidental?

man with a clothespin on his nose
AllergiesJoe Graedon - May 17, 2021

Do Flonase and Nasacort Harm the Sense of Smell?

Steroid nasal sprays may reduce or damage the sense of smell or taste; in some cases, they do not recover.

saffron threads
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - May 13, 2021

Will Saffron Extract Help You Sleep Better?

Research shows that saffron extract from crocus stamens can ease insomnia and depression and slow the progress of macular degeneration.

grabbing the sole of the foot in neuropathic pain
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 9, 2021

Is Vitamin Deficiency at the Bottom of Burning Sensation?

A burning sensation in the feet or the tongue could be the result of inadequate vitamin B12 levels. Some drugs may contribute to reduced B12.

A bottle of generic delayed-release Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 30 mg
AnxietyJoe Graedon - May 6, 2021

How To Stop Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Without Withdrawal Symptoms

Millions of people take antidepressants for anxiety, arthritis, depression, nerve pain or fibromyalgia. Are they told how to stop duloxetine?

girl on grass with medicines for seasonal allergies
AllergiesJoe Graedon - May 3, 2021

Solve Spring Allergy Symptoms Safely!

Should you use antihistamines, steroid sprays or more natural approaches for spring allergy symptoms?

Metformin Prescription Pills With Identification Numbers
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - April 29, 2021

Can You Delay Alzheimer Disease with Drugs for Diabetes?

New research on brain tissue hints that drugs for diabetes may prevent genes relating to dementia from turning on. This could delay its development.

FDA-approved pills, ampules and injections
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - April 26, 2021

Can You Trust Your Drug Quality? Maybe Not!

The FDA has suspended most foreign inspections. Can you trust those companies to maintain drug quality?

a man in a gas mask
ConstipationJoe Graedon - April 26, 2021

Constipation | Will Miralax Cause Gas?

Constipation is a major problem in America. That is why Miralax is so popular. Does Miralax cause gas?

Older woman taking her blood pressure
DizzinessJoe Graedon - April 19, 2021

How Bad Is Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure) for the Brain?

Should people be concerned about low blood pressure? Can it lead to falls or dementia? Are there remedies for HYPOtension?