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Sporanox (?) and other pillsDrug Side Effects
FDA Approved pill bottle illustrationDrug Side Effects
Skin rash on man's chestDrug Side Effects

Drugs That Can Cause Life-Threatening Skin Rashes

Some skin rashes are no big deal. Others, like Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS), are potentially deadly. People must be warned about this serious side effect.

Zolpidem for Insomnia | COVID-Related Anxiety

Can You Believe FDA’s Drug Safety Claims?

When a Drug Like Buproprion Smells Bad

Will Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Also Fight Osteoporosis?

Drug Labels Inadequate for Metformin Drug Recalls

Bayer aspirin "The Wonder Drug"
Drug Side Effects

Is Aspirin for Migraines A Miracle or a Menace?

Do you get whiplash from aspirin? One group of experts tells us to avoid aspirin. Too dangerous! Then another group says to prescribe aspirin for migraines.

Metformin pills

Which Metformin is OK and Which is on the FDA’s Problem List?

The FDA admits that several metformin diabetes formulations are contaminated with a probable carcinogen. Which metformin is OK? How would you know?

Hand holding up a single baby aspirin
Drug Side Effects

Why Healthy People Shouldn’t Take Aspirin for Their Hearts

People who take aspirin are less likely to have blood clots that cause heart attacks or strokes. On the other hand, they are more prone to severe bleeding.

test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
Drug Side Effects

Is Lp(a) the Best Kept Secret in Heart Disease?

Most people have had their LDL cholesterol measured. Have you ever had your Lp(a) tested? Did you know that statins may actually raise this key risk factor?

Irregular ventricular heart rhythm on ECG
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)

Does Your Medicine Mess With Your Heart Rhythm?

Has your heart ever skipped a beat? Most people have had PVCs (preventricular contractions). No worries! But some heart rhythm changes can be lethal.

Big Pink Pills
Drug Side Effects

Looking for a Reliable Generic Medication

You can arm-wrestle your mail-order pharmacy to get pills from your preferred manufacturer. Or ask the pharmacy that checks for reliable generic medication.

drug recall

ALERT | Metformin Carcinogen Contamination Confirmed!

Metformin is a key medication in the treatment of diabetes. Tens of millions of people take it daily. How could there be metformin carcinogen contamination?

hundred dollar bills with pills
Drug Side Effects

Did Price Fixing by Generic Drug Companies Cheat You?

When you think of price fixing, what comes to mind? Construction, banking, transporation? What about generic drug prices? That scandal has our attention!

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease medical concept, 3D illustration.
Alzheimer’s Disease

PPIs and Cognitive Dysfunction: Anticholinergic Overkill

Ask a doctor whether proton pump inhibitors have anticholinergic activity and you will hear no! But is there a link between PPIs and cognitive dysfunction?

dry nostrils

Reader Regains Sense of Smell Lost to Flonase

Some anti-inflammatory nasal sprays have been linked to the loss of the sense of smell. One lucky reader celebrated its mysterious return.

Older male pharmacist working on computer
Drug Side Effects

A Pharmacist Asks If These 10 Drug Therapies Run Counter to Nature

Evolution has provided humans and other animals with a lot of natural defenses. Why should we insist on giving people drugs that run counter to nature?

tablets of hydroxychloroquine against the coronavirus

Hydroxychloroquine Harm: Arrhythmias and Death

You have probably read the headlines about hydroxychloroquine harm. What's the real story? Learn about the data behind the health headlines in this alert.