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sexually frustrated coupleDrug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 26, 2022
Husband and wife dealing with dementiaAlzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - September 29, 2022 - 1 comments

Is New Dementia Drug a Breakthrough Against AD?

Is the new dementia drug a breakthrough? Headlines make it seem as if lecanemab is a game changer against Alzheimer's. We need more data!

Terry Graedon - September 19, 2022

Farxiga and Chronic Kidney Disease: FDA Confusion

Terry Graedon - September 15, 2022

Show 1315: Are We Medicating Normal Emotions?

Joe Graedon - September 15, 2022

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) is NOT a Minor Side Effect

woman standing on tennis ball to relieve plantar fasciitis
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - September 12, 2022

How to Manage Plantar Fasciitis Pain Without Drugs

You could get relief from plantar fasciitis pain with physical therapy, orthotics or even home remedies. Will one of these get you moving again?

Dementia: portrait of a man who is disoriented and confused
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - September 12, 2022

Can Your Medicine Cause Confusion or Memory Loss?

What do you call brain fog--confusion, forgetfulness or memory loss? It can be devastating! Do some drugs increase the risk of dementia?

bare feet of a woman in bed with rumpled covers suffering from restless leg syndrome (needs RLS relief)
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 12, 2022

Will Benadryl Trigger Restless Legs Syndrome?

Certain drugs, including a popular OTC sleep aid, appear to trigger restless legs syndrome in susceptible people. Be aware of diphenhydramine!

A bottle of generic delayed-release Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 30 mg
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - September 8, 2022

Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Side Effects & Withdrawal

The anti-depressant Cymbalta (duloxetine) can cause a host of side effects, but stopping the drug could also provoke unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

money and a syringe
CancerJoe Graedon - September 5, 2022

Drug Price Gouging Is Immoral

Drug price gouging is becoming commonplace. Desperate people are being charged thousands of dollars a month for critical medicines.

Atorvastatin pills with stethoscope
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 5, 2022

Why Do Doctors Hate Stories of Statin Side Effects?

Have you ever experienced statin side effects? Some doctors think stories of statin side effects are fake medical news or fear mongering.

statin drugs and stethoscope
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 1, 2022

Statin Side Effects Are All In Your Head! Really?

Researchers now suggest that statin side effects are imaginary. Is that really true? We report on the latest study and offer an explanation.

One Female Hand Holding 3D Printed Human Heart
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 1, 2022

Could Your Pain Reliever Hurt Your Heart?

Regular use of NSAIDs like diclofenac or ibuprofen might hurt your heart and result in heart failure. Those with type 2 diabetes are at risk!

Pfizer sign outside of company
COVID-19Joe Graedon - September 1, 2022

Is the Oral Pill Paxlovid an Answer to COVID-19?

What should you know about PAXLOVID, an oral medicine against COVID-19? How hard is it to get an Rx? What about dangerous interactions?

woman pulling out her hair
AnxietyJoe Graedon - September 1, 2022

Stopping Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Suddenly Flipped Her Out

It's easy to start taking a new med. You just pop a pill in your mouth and hope for the best. But stopping duloxetine (cymbalta) can be tricky.

Woman weighing herself on a scale to see if new weight loss medicine is helping
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - September 1, 2022

How Well Does the New Weight Loss Medicine Work?

In 2021, FDA approved a new weight loss medicine, Wegovy. This once-a-week injection works by reducing appetite and improving insulin release.

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of Amiodarone
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - August 28, 2022

Amiodarone Side Effects Can Be Life Threatening

Amiodarone side effects can be lethal. That is why it is imperative that this drug be monitored carefully. Lung toxicity can be irreversible!

pharmacist in front of drug display as cheerleader for drugs
Drug Side EffectsDennis Miller, RPh - August 28, 2022

Have Pharmacists Become Cheerleaders for Drugs?

Economic forces seem to explain why pharmacists are cheerleaders for drugs, even when there is some evidence that the medicines carry risks.

doctor in a lab coat with a handful of pills
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - August 25, 2022

Where Can I Find A List of Anticholinergic Drugs?

People taking anticholinergic drugs over a long period of time may be at greater risk of developing dementia.

Orange Carolina Reaper hot pepper
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - August 25, 2022

Why Did Hot Pepper Headache Land Man in the Emergency Room?

Hot pepper lovers search for ever hotter chili peppers. The Carolina Reaper is dubbed the hottest pepper in the world. Beware a headache!

closeup of red irritated eye
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - August 22, 2022

Is She Addicted to her Eye Drops?

Neither the FDA nor drug companies provide clear instructions on how to stop Rx or OTC meds. That's true for eye drops, nasal sprays and PPIs.

man sitting on toilet with diarrhea
DiabetesJoe Graedon - August 22, 2022

Metformin (Glucophage) Side Effects & Complications

Metformin (Glucophage) is the most popular drug for type 2 diabetes, but it can be rough on the digestive tract. Can metformin fight cancer?

Can low-dose naltrexone (LDN) help man in pain?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)Joe Graedon - August 15, 2022

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Provides Surprising Pain Relief

What do you know about low dose naltrexone (LDN) for pain? This drug has been around for decades and it just might help some people in pain.

Arizona mailboxes
CancerJoe Graedon - August 15, 2022

Why Aren’t Your Mail-Order Medicines Monitored for Temperature?

How were your medications shipped from India to America? How did they get to your pharmacy or mailbox? Who monitors mail-order medicines?

man sweating in front of fan
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - August 4, 2022

Drugs That Are More Dangerous in Hot Weather

Can beta blockers and anti-platelet drugs like aspirin raise a risk for heart attacks in the heat? Are statins more dangerous in hot weather?

Lisa Gill of Consumer Reports, expert on saving money on medicines
PodcastsTerry Graedon - August 1, 2022

Show 1308: Saving Money on Prescription Medications

What are the 5 best ways to save money on prescription medications? What about coupons from GoodRx? Learn the pros and cons of coupons.

teen woman taking Vyvanse capsule
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)Karen Berger, PharmD, RPh - August 1, 2022

Do You Know Someone Taking Stimulants for ADHD?

The documentary Take Your Pills describes the use and overuse of stimulants on campuses, playing fields and elsewhere in our society.

red capsules of CoQ10 spill out of bottle
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 28, 2022

Are Your Dietary Supplements Contaminated with Drugs?

Does the FDA do its job? A new study asks: are dietary supplements contaminated? Some companies get warning letters but their products remain

woman sniffing her smelly armpit and checking for stinky body odor
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - July 28, 2022

How Dangerous is Aluminum for People? What’s in Your Armpit?

Have you ever wondered how dangerous is aluminum? It is all around us and is used in everything from antacids to antiperspirants.

A disoriented man with memory problems and dementia holding his face is dismay
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 25, 2022

Could Your Medicine Cause Hair Loss?

Many doctors are unaware that the medications they prescribe can cause hair loss. Alopecia is not life threatening but it is important!

Levothyroxine bottle 125mcg
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - July 25, 2022

Levothyroxine and Synthroid Are Not Interchangeable

Many people have no difficulty switching between levothyroxine and Synthroid, but others develop distressing symptoms suggesting a difference in dose.

Big Pink Pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 25, 2022

Horse Pills Make Her Gag: How to Swallow Big Pills

If some pills get stuck in the throat they can cause serious damage. A reader describes esophagitis after doxy! How do you swallow big pills?

woman with back pain
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 18, 2022

Surprising Gabapentin Side Effects

Doctors should be cautious about prescribing gabapentin off-label. Gabapentin side effects can be serious. Stopping it can be difficult.

older woman hand to head looks confused; neurological effects of COVID-19
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - July 14, 2022

Will Benzodiazepine Use Increase Your Risk for Alzheimer Disease?

Benzodiazepines like alprazolam and diazepam have been popular for decades. Can such drugs increase the risk of Alzheimer disease if taken for long periods of time?

man screaming in pain or anger
Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)Joe Graedon - July 11, 2022

Are You Fed Up with Prescription Drug Ads?

It's not your imagination. Prescription drug ads have been increasing! Fed up? Why not complain to the FDA? You can contact the top cop!

pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - July 11, 2022

How Can You Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

Blood pressure medicines are helpful but they often have side effects. What are the best ways to lower blood pressure naturally?

french lilac flowers
CancerJoe Graedon - July 11, 2022

The Miracle of Metformin Against Diabetes and Cancer

Metformin helps manage blood sugar. It is the miracle of metformin. Does metformin also help prevent or control some common cancers?