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test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
Heart Attack

What Is the Best Diet to Lower Cholesterol?

If you focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains and avoid processed foods, you're on a good diet to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Businessman with chest pain

Avoiding Hospitals If You Have Chest Pain Is Deadly!

Have you postponed medical care during the pandemic? A Kaiser survey suggests that 48% have. If you experience chest pain, get to the ER immediately!

Woman cooking carrots in kitchen
Heart Attack

Healthy Eating Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Adopting a healthy eating pattern over the years reduces your chance of a heart attack or stroke by about 20 percent.

illustration of microbiota within the large intestine

Can You Change Your Microbiota With Diet?

A gold-standard randomized controlled trial of diet found it is very difficult to change your microbiota long-term.

Hand holding up a single baby aspirin
Drug Side Effects

Why Healthy People Shouldn’t Take Aspirin for Their Hearts

People who take aspirin are less likely to have blood clots that cause heart attacks or strokes. On the other hand, they are more prone to severe bleeding.

test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
Drug Side Effects

Is Lp(a) the Best Kept Secret in Heart Disease?

Most people have had their LDL cholesterol measured. Have you ever had your Lp(a) tested? Did you know that statins may actually raise this key risk factor?

Dr. Steve Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic describes how COVID-19 affects your heart

Show 1213: How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Heart?

Learn how COVID-19 affects your heart and what you should do to keep your heart as healthy as possible during the pandemic and afterwards.

Man sticking out his tongue because of Indigestion from coffee
Heart Attack

Is Coffee Really Bad for You?

Studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to die of heart disease, unless they drink a lot of boiled coffee. Unfiltered coffee is bad for you.

step counter

Will Boosting Your Step Count Save Your Life?

A study of American adults shows that people who manage a step count of at least 8,000 a day have a lower chance of dying in the next decade.

tofu cubes in a vegetable stir fry
Coronary Artery Disease

Do Soy Products Protect the Heart?

An enormous study of health care professionals finds that tofu but not most other common soy products protect the heart. Premenopausal women benefit most.

Bayer aspirin "The Wonder Drug"

Is Aspirin a Miracle or a Menace?

Tens of millions died during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Did aspirin contribute to the death spike that year? Is aspirin a miracle or a menace?

big breakfast with egg and salad
Heart Attack

Up to an Egg a Day Is Fine, Scientists Say

Another study–one with 5.5 million person-years of data–shows that eating an egg a day won't increase your chance of a heart attack.

omega 3 fats in capsules, fish oil
Heart Attack

Will Fish Oil Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease?

British data suggest that fish oil reduces your risk of heart disease modestly. These supplements have other health benefits as well.

cooking with olive oil
Heart Attack

Does Cooking With Olive Oil Ruin Its Health Benefits?

Scientists have found that cooking with olive oil reduces its polyphenol content. There is still plenty to spare, though, making olive oil heart-healthy.

eggs in carton to restrict the number of eggs
Heart Attack

Should You Restrict the Number of Eggs You Eat?

If you have been told to restrict the number of eggs you eat, you may want to check again. A large study shows it is safe to consume an egg a day.

Dr. Aaron Carroll, author of Bad Food Bible

Show 1200: Making Sense of Changing Nutritional Guidelines

Is fish oil helpful or useless? Does eating red meat make any difference for heart health? Can you keep up with changing nutritional guidelines?

multiple candles burning on table to symbolize bereavement
Heart Attack

Can You Reduce the Deadly Impact of Bereavement?

Australian scientists have found two inexpensive drugs can lower the risk of heart problems early in bereavement, although nothing eases the pain of grief.

Cocoa pod being harvested as source of cocoa flavanols
Cognitive Dysfunction

What Is the Evidence That Cocoa Flavanols Improve Health?

A number of studies lead to the conclusion that cocoa flavanols improve health. But that doesn't make chocolate bars health food.

raw ground beef

Is It Really Risky to Eat Red Meat?

An analysis of six studies suggests that if you eat red meat you may run a higher risk of heart problems, However, the additional risk is small.

Cup of black coffee and two squares of dark chocolate on a tray

What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee and Chocolate?

There are health benefits of coffee and chocolate as well as tea. You don't have to feel guilty about your beverage!