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a woman pushing away sweets and pastries

Can Cutting Out Sweets Help Control Blood Sugar?

Cutting out sweets and foods with high-fructose corn syrup helped two people take control of their diabetes, lose weight and feel healthy.

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

Are People with Diabetes Being Overtreated?

Are you worried about diabetes being overtreated? Driving blood glucose too low can result in serious complications. About 20% of patients are at risk.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions

People with Diabetes Do Better on Low-Carb Diets

A study from Denmark shows better blood sugar control among people with diabetes following low-carb diets. They also had less fatty livers.

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

Do Statins Increase the Risk for Diabetes or Not?

There has been tremendous resistance to the idea that statins increase the risk of diabetes. Doctors are having a hard time dealing with this complication.

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Are Statin Side Effects Fake Medical News?

Some doctors get angry when there are reports about statins and adverse drug reactions. Are statin side effects fake or all in peoples' heads? What say you?

Kasia Lipska, MD, MHS

Show 1173: How Is Diabetes Diagnosed and Treated?

Get an update on the ways diabetes is diagnosed and the new considerations for treatment. These are especially important for older patients.

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

What Is the Outcome of Prediabetes?

Prediabetes does not lead inevitably to diabetes. Despite the name, many people with this metabolic disorder are able to reverse their condition.

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Think Zinc for Better Blood Sugar Control

Did you know that zinc is a really important mineral? It is especially crucial for blood sugar management. Many vegetarians could well be low in zinc.

Labor Day, 20%, Memorial Day sale, grill safely

How to Grill Safely This Summer

Grill safely this summer by paying attention to how you clean the grill as well as marinating, pre-cooking and flipping your meat frequently.

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Do Statins Cause Diabetes? Many MDs Wish It Weren’t So!

Most people know that statins can cause muscle pain and weakness. Not that many realize that there is now enough data to suggest statins cause diabetes.

Statin pills and a warning sign, 3D graphic

Statins, Low LDL Cholesterol and Nerve Damage in People with Diabetes

Could there be a relationship between statins and low LDL cholesterol and nerve damage? A new study from Germany has produced evidence that there is a link.

Ceylon cinnamon

Will Canela Cinnamon Help Control Blood Sugar?

Canela cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) can help control blood sugar, perhaps by reversing insulin resistance.

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

Diabetes Risk No Lower with Vitamin D Supplements

Taking vitamin D3 supplements daily did not reduce volunteers' diabetes risk over two and a half years. Perhaps diet and exercise work better.

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Senior couple having fun and eating mediterranean meal during travel
Cognitive Dysfunction

Will a Mediterranean Diet Benefit Your Brain?

To get the Mediterranean diet benefit for cognitive and cardiovascular health, stick with mostly plants, use olive oil and stay away from processed food.

Metformin Prescription Pills With Identification Numbers

Metformin Side Effects | Diarrhea and Other Serious Adverse Reactions

Metformin is the most prescribed drug for type 2 diabetes. It may help against cancers. But metformin side effects are daunting. Some are life threatening.

pecans both shelled and in their hulls

Are Pecans Good for Your Heart?

Nuts, including pecans, can be a healthful addition to the diet. People who eat a few handfuls a week have lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

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Can Restricting Eating Time Help Control Blood Sugar?

Restricting eating time to early in the day may improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar response to meals and help with weight control.

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Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH)

Prostate Drug Dutasteride Shrinks Prostate and Penis

Dutasteride shrinks prostate glands but it also has sexual side effects. It can cause diminished libido & block sexual satisfaction. What about penis size?

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How Can You Overcome the Harms of Sitting Too Much?

How much time do you spend sitting on average? Chances are it's way too much and it's surprisingly bad for your health. How can you counteract the harm?