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New FDA Warning About Januvia Joint Pain Side Effect

The FDA warns that Januvia and similar diabetes drugs (gliptins) can cause crippling joint pain. It took the FDA years to discover this serious complication
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On August 28, 2015, the FDA issued the following caution:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that the type 2 diabetes medicines sitagliptin, saxagliptin, linagliptin, and alogliptin may cause joint pain that can be severe and disabling. We have added a new Warning and Precaution about this risk to the labels of all medicines in this drug class, called dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors.”

The agency specifies that patients should not stop their medication but should contact the prescriber immediately if “they experience severe and persistent joint pain.” The FDA wants health care professionals to understand that drugs in this class can cause serious joint pain and if that occurs they should recognize that it is not necessarily because a patient is “getting older” or developing sudden arthritis. The alert points out that symptoms can start within a day of beginning one of these drugs or come on gradually, after years of use without symptoms. The FDA states:

“After the patients discontinued the DPP-4 inhibitor medicine, their symptoms were relieved, usually in less than a month. Some patients developed severe joint pain again when they restarted the same medicine or another DPP-4 inhibitor.”

Januvia Joint Pain Side Effect:

Over the last several years the FDA has approved a number of new medications to treat type 2 diabetes. They include Januvia (sitagliptin) and Janumet (sitagliptin + metformin), Nesina (alogliptin), Onglyza (saxagliptin), and Tradjenta (linagliptin). Januvia has been widely advertised and is one of the best-selling diabetes drugs, earning billions annually for its manufacturer.

Januvia Television Commercials:

Perhaps you have seen the Januvia TV commercials and didn’t even realize it. They promote the idea that the medication “is not likely to cause weight gain,” making it seem like an ideal diabetes drug.

In one such commercial, a man and a woman are going up and down on a seesaw in an idyllic outdoor environment. Another couple is strolling along the beach with the ubiquitous beautiful dog. As they happily play with a Frisbee the announcer mentions that: “Serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death.” But they don’t mention the Januvia joint pain side effect.

Next we see two guys having fun at the barbecue grill. The female announcer adds:

“Tell your doctor right away and stop taking Januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. Kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported.”

Other side effects are mentioned, but nowhere in this commercial is there a reference to the newly uncovered Januvia joint pain side effect. Presumably that will now change given the current FDA alert.

Other Drugs That Will Have a Joint Pain Warning:

It is not just Januvia, Janumet, Nesina, Onglyza, and Tradjenta that will have to carry cautions on the label about severe or disabling joint pain. The FDA will also require Glyxambi (linagliptin + empagliflozin), Jentadueto (linagliptin + metformin), Kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin + metformin) and Oseni (alogliptin + pioglitazone) to alert prescribers and patients to this complication.

What About the Problems with the Pancreas?

Perhaps you noticed the reference to pancreatitis and death mentioned in the TV commercial. These drugs work by stimulating the pancreas to make more insulin. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine (April 8, 2013) reported that Januvia and another new diabetes drug, Byetta, were “associated with increased odds of hospitalization for acute pancreatitis.” That means inflammation of the pancreas, a painful and potentially life-threatening condition. There have even been concerns raised about pancreatic cancer.

The FDA has backpedaled a bit on these problems, but another organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has voiced concern in its publication, Quarter Watch, which monitors reports of adverse reactions submitted to the FDA. A publication issued in April, 2013, notes that the FDA has learned of over 800 cases of pancreatitis and more than 100 cases of pancreatic cancer.

Readers’ Stories:

Rich shared this story on our website:

“I was prescribed Januvia in March of 2015. Earlier in the year I had a kidney stone removed and neither a CT, MRI or blood tests showed anything abnormal with my pancreas or pancreatic enzymes. I started experiencing left side abdominal pain in just a few weeks and subsequent tests and a biopsy this month (August 2015) confirmed the presence of a malignant tumor in my pancreas.”

JL reported the following:

“Yes, yes, my husband got pancreatitis while taking Januvia and spent a week in the hospital. Doctors said there was no connection but we have since read many corresponding articles. He no longer takes Januvia.”

SC reported less serious but nevertheless annoying complications:

“I took Januvia for about a year after it was introduced. I had been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had a constantly stuffy, runny nose.

“After my Medicare insurer wanted me to try a cheaper medication–metformin–I decided the side effects of Januvia were too annoying and no long term studies had been done so I switched to metformin. It is a safer drug and with a low carb diet, has helped me maintain decent blood sugars.”

Januvia (sitagliptin) Side Effects:

  • Upper respiratory tract infections, nasal congestion, runny nose
  • Headache
  • Digestive distress, stomach pain, diarrhea
  • Joint pain, arthritis
  • Serious skin reactions (require immediate medical attention)
  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver enzyme elevations
  • Kidney damage

We welcome reports from visitors to this website below in the comment section so we can share case reports with the FDA and ISMP. Have you experienced Januvia side effects or has this drug been really good at controlling your blood sugar without adverse reactions? What about other new diabetes drugs?

Please share your story and please vote on this article at the top of this page.

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I went on Januvia, adding it to my Metformin, while waiting for my insurance to approve Nesina (it didn’t), & now Tradjenta. 3 days into the Januvia, I began experiencing pain in the inside of my right knee. Then 8 days into it, my left calf began to feel like it had a “charlie horse” in it. No amount of stretching or flexing my foot would get rid of it. Also I began putting on weight, although I’ve sworn off desserts for over a month. By the 11th day I was so crippled–swelling & pain in my ankles & the bottoms of my feet–I had a hard time getting through my 2 mi. walk. The 12th day (yesterday) I chose to take myself off the med. My legs were in such pain I could barely walk. I took acetaminophen yesterday & today, & the pain appears to be diminishing–I hope. Check out the series Diabetes Undone & reverse your Diabetes naturally. That’s what I’ve decided to do. No way am I going to risk my quality of life with drugs that ultimately poison my body.

I am so angry after reading all of these comments by poor unsuspecting people. I had been taking Janumet for around 12 months and around 6 weeks ago changed to Januvia 100mg and MetforminXR 1000mg x 2 per day. I had been experiencing weird joint pains when I started the Janumet but did not put two and two together. About the same time as I changed the tablets, I started to get weird hip and knee pains on arising in the morning, they would subside in the middle of the day, then flare back up in the evening and eventually I got to the stage where even the weight of the blanket on my legs would cause agony. I stumbled across a post on a Diabetes Facebook group one day which said that Januvia can cause muscle aches and pains and realised that this horrible drug was the cause of my increased pain…..I stopped taking it about two weeks ago, along with all diabetic pills I had been prescribed and went back onto just insulin only. I am having to use Anti Inflammatory medications to sleep still, however am finding that each day the pains are slowly getting better…I have been thinking I was going mad as some days the pains in my hips and legs were intense, then others the pain would be in my shoulder joints. As a 52 year old, I should still be enjoying my long walks and working out, however have been in so much pain I have been unable to participate in my usually active life, I thought I was going crazy! Hoping and praying that with time, this horrible medication will leave my system and this pain will finally subside enough for me to get back to my usual day to day life!

I have been taking Metformin for many years without side effects. Went to a new doctor in October 2017 and had blood labs done. Results for HbA1c was 6.4. I was happy since my last HbA1c before that was a 6.9, and I had worked hard for several months at losing nearly 25 lbs too. The following month the doctor told me that I had to get my number into normal range and that she had recently attended a conference where the ‘new’ guidelines for HbA1c were to treat ‘aggressively’. She put me on Januvia 100 mg.

Within the first two weeks I starting experiencing joint pain especially in my hips and knees and other troubling side effects. At the end of 3 months, I had gained 5 lbs, and my HbA1c rose to 6.9. I told her about all of the side effects that started after the Januvia. She told me to continue on it ,and the side effects would ease up. That didn’t happen. I went back to her in July with a laundry list of ailments that I didn’t experience before the Januvia. My HbA1c went up to 7.1, and I had gained another 6 lbs. I told her that she needed to discontinue it from my medication plan. It wasn’t helping me at all and was working against me even though I was still following my low carb plan during all that time. So I stopped it. Well, three months later, my HbA1c is down to 6.4, and I’ve lost the weight that I had gained. Still eating and exercising like I had been before the Januvia.

I was taken off of Metformin because of severe diarrhea that it was causing, this is the second time that I am having a side effect from Metformin. I was put on Januvia today, but my hands hurt so much that I won’t take another pill until I go back to my doctor.

This drug is turning my wife into an invalid. Someone needs to go to jail, period.

I have Type 2 Diabetes, and I was only taking Metformin. I felt good even if my blood sugar was high. No pain, and I felt healthy. I moved here in the U.S. and am now prescribed Januvia in addition to Metformin to lower my blood sugar. My blood sugar improved in a few days but I became more sickly with pain in my neck and teeth or gums. Now it’s like I’d rather have high blood sugar than lower blood sugar and feel more sickly than I used to be. I don’t feel comfortable because I have a toothache and aching gums. I also have pain in my neck and can’t sleep well.

I found vitamin C tablets stopped my teeth aching.

I have recently been Diagnosed with type 2 and although I had mild problems. ( elevated sugars) I have never had such severe problems with joint pain, foot cramping and pain and lower back pain , as well as nerve sensitivity ,as much as I have while being on Januvia. My daily routine has been effected so much, as I have taken many days out of work due to pain. There are days I am at work , where I can barely walk after taking my daily dose of Januvia . It causes me so much pain, that I cry from the severity of pain. My colleague suggested that maybe I should take the nurses advice and pull back from it for a few days to see if I could make through a work day I did so , and much of the joint pain , cramping feet feeling and nerve sensativity subsided and I was albe to manage to make it through the work day. I have given every absolute effort into leading a healthier lifestyle in addition to taking Januvia 100mg, I have completely taken sugar out of my diet and switch to a mostly plant based diet and do my best to do light daily physically activity, but still, I endure great pain while taking this med , so much so I have considered coming off it and have an upcoming appointment to discuss this with my primary. My Boyfriend who had witness me prior to taking the drug as well as these few months on it, begs me to stop , because he has seen the physical and emotional changes in me s rapidly and assure me that the drug in contributing to my inability to be as active as I was. If anyone has suggestion of any drug that is more effect for them , with out all of the painful side effects please share your suggestion here. I am very disappointed with the after effects of this drug and even more so the push of it by my Dr with neglect to consider my feedback on how it made me feel . Consequently , I have been experiencing a lot of depression due to how the drug have effective my ability to do the things I used to do . In the past I was a very happy , active , social person, who traveled solo, loved to dance and participated in physical activity like swimming . I cant and don’t do many of these thing anymore because of the pain in my body and because of how disconnected that I feel from my own body. I hope that eventually I can find some relieve without causing such drastic pain. Furthermore I hope in the future that drug companies such as the one that distribute Januvia, can be more proactive and responsible about there prior to commercial distribution.

Wow, This could easily be me writing this same stuff about myself. Tonight I sat down to my computer to research my drugs. I was finally convinced I had a side effect or interaction causing my problem.

I have had progressively worsening pain all over for the past 14 months. I have been to Cardiologists, Internal Medicine, PCP, ENT, Thyroid Biopsy, MRI of entire spinal column with an Arthritis diagnosis, Nephrologist, Neurologist. I gave every one of them a copy of my lengthy medication list which included Januvia and Metformin and Lantus. I have controlled Afib, Diabetes, many spinal injuries. In the past I could alway gradually start working out again and regain my strength so I could enjoy life a little bit. But not for the past 13 months. Just one day of exercise and I would be in pain and incredibly sore for a week.

I went on vacation and stayed an extra week. I ran out of Januvia and I felt better. I did not think about it until now. The day I got back I had my labwork done. The results were that I was better than ever. None of my Doctors had any new ideas. They all thought I was making up this incredible pain in my toes, feet, calves, thighs, lumbar spine and especially my hips. I have been having to walk with a cane.

Well today I will quit the Januvia and see what other drugs my Cardiologist says I can stop. I will keep you advised as to my progress.

I am a 69 year old male and a type 2 diabetic for the last 10 years. Up to a year ago I was controling my sugars with diet, sometimes successful, sometimes not. Feb 2017 my Doc put me on metformin, Crestor and Coversyl all at the same time which I have since read is not good practice. Shortly afterward my calves were in pain. We tried stopping the Crestor thinking that was the problem but it made no difference. I put up with this until I met a young pharmacist who suggested I stop the metformin for a couple of weeks. Within 4 days I felt a huge noticeable difference, perhaps not completely gone but a big improvement. My Doc then put me on Januvia, and my legs while, not as bad on the calves, had pain in the leg now up into my thighs, especially my right one. Also my right knee does not want to bend to the same degree as before, and my leg is certainly weaker. When I get into a car, if I am getting into the passenger side (Canada) I have to use my hands to lift my leg into the car.

My Doc does not yet know it but at Christmas I stopped taking all the meds. This is now February, and I don’t see an improvement in my legs, which is discouraging. After sitting for an hour or so, when I stand I need to take a minute to get steady on my legs. I am hoping whatever is going on with my knee and leg is not permenant.

In January 2016 I was actually considering registering for one of the local muddier races for that summer. I think now “Who was I kidding?” I still work and at the end of the day I don’t look forward to the walk to my car, yet alone think about a race.

Was it the metformin or the Januvia? I don’t know but I believe it was, and my wife who is not a doctor but seems to have sixth sense about medical issues, also believes it was the drugs. I keep hoping for a sign that my legs will get better but it is very discouraging, nothing yet.

I guess I will only say that anyone who has type 2 should do everything in their power, through diet and life changes, to get their sugars down to where they don’t need the meds because it is a dangerous and slippery slope once you start.

If anyone has had something similar, and the condition went away I would like to know how long it took to get back to normal.
If I had one wish, “Good health to everyone”.

I started Januvia and started getting pain all over. Told my Dr and was told to come off it for a week to see if the pain went and go back on it to see if the same thing happened, which it did. I came off the meds again and the pain hasn’t subsided and I have severe pain in a lot of my joints and swollen finger joints. I am waiting to have blood tests to see if I have arthritis. I am so upset.

I took Januvia for 6 weeks,I had severe muscles and joints pain, severe nausea, depression, slurred speech. I was Not able to get out of my bed every morning because of this medicine. I decided to stop it because it made me feeling that I am dying.

I have been on Januvia for about 10 years with no side effects, and it does keep my sugar under control. My biggest problem with it is the cost. I went into the Medicare donut hole in December and couldn’t pay for it to finish out the month so my doctor gave me some samples of Tradjenta to use until my insurance kicked in in January. After only one week, my joint pain increased 10 fold, and I could hardly walk around. I stopped taking it, and my joints returned to normal in 2 days. Big difference for me between the two drugs.

Started Januvia this week and I am in unrelenting joint pain ! I have arthritis but this is a severity and feeling I have rarely felt . I have No choice but to stop taking it until I can contact my Dr. in a day .

Within one week of starting Januvia, I regained all the weight I had lost, and then some. Then my legs and hips starting hurting – relentless and excruciating. Doc wrote a couple of Rx’s for pain killers which I choose not to take for more reasons than I can name. I was only on this very dangerous (and expensive) drug about 2 1/2 weeks. It is 6 weeks or so after stopping it. My legs & hips continue to hurt and keep me up at night. Think “charlie horse” from hips to ankles, and sometimes ankles. If I go to the grocery store, I hang on to the basket for dear life and walk with noticeable limps in both legs. Actually, it did not lower my glucose levels more than 5-6 points while on it.

My doctor switched me to Janumet, after my insurance stopped paying for Glumetza, and because I was having problems with Metformin ER. After about a week, I was having stomach problems with severe indigestion and reflux.

Went back to the doctor and was switched to Januvia. After about two weeks, I started experiencing severe hip pain, which eventually spread out to all my joints.

As soon as I stopped taking it, the pain started to subside. Good I researched these side effects. I was starting to think I was getting old. Thanks Internet …

Have been on Amaryl along with Januvia (100) for Type 2 diabetes for almost 6 to 7 years. Had faced a problem initially with severe pain in my ankles which I thought was due to the amount of meat I was eating at that time (I was living in China where every meal has some meat as a component). In the past year or so I have been experiencing severe pain in my knee and now of late in different joints including my fingers. My RA factor value has become very high and I have been seeing a Rheumatologist who has been treating me but with not much success. I am from today stopping Januvia or at least reducing the dosage to see if my joint pain reduces. Reading other entries here has convinced me that I need to discontinue usage of Januvia and find some other substitute in consultation with my endocrinologist.

I have been using Januvia for approximately 6 months. I am experiencing extreme joint pain in shoulders, and recently my knee where I actually started limping. This pain was excruciating. Also weight gain and my diet has not changed for sudden weight gain. Feels like swelling.

Recently diagnosed with pre-type 2 diabetes and started on metformin. Experienced sleep problems after two nights. I stopped it and waited a few days then restarted with the same result. Now am trying Januvia and am concerned after reading the potential side effects. Looking for feedback. Thanks.

I started the Trulicity a few months ago. I had no problems at first. I actually started losing weight. Due to insurance reasons I was switched from Trulicity to Bydureon which I took for a month. My weight loss stopped. My insurance company then agreed to cover the Trulicity.

Since restarting the Trulicity, I have had increasing pain and stiffness in the back, hip, knees and fingers. I can no longer find a comfortable place to sit or sleep. Every morning I feel crippled. My only relief is with pain killers, and/or soaking in a hot tub for an hour. My normal walks outside have stopped. I didn’t make the connection until recently that perhaps Trulicity might be the cause of the problem. I plan on stopped the Trulicity immediately to see if this arthritic pain goes away.

I have also started having extremely dry eyes. My eyes have been burning and tearing. Could this also be caused by Trulicity? When I stop it, I guess I will find out.

I was on Januvamet for years. I also developed terrible joint pain severe enough that I had to take out a FMLA. Rheumatologist was treating me for rheumatoid arthritis even though all the tests were negative. I started to see an Endoconologist who took me off all diabetic oral medication and is now treating me with just insulin. Needless to say all of my joint pain is gone. Be weary of Januvia.

bilateral symmetrical shoulder pain developed last 2 months after 8 years of Januvia. No history of injury. Able to do most activities including Yoga and golf. Pain at night but able to sleep. Now off of Januvia for 10 days and no change. How long should I stay off of Januvia to make the diagnosis?

I started Januvia as a trial from my Dr. utilizing samples, I am also on Metformin and have been for many years. My blood sugar had been creeping up over the years. After 1 month I started to develop trigger finger, but did not know about Januvia side effects, after four months I ran out of Januvia samples and went to get a prescription which was going to be very expensive. I stopped the Januvia, my other hand has developed trigger finger, now both hands are very sore. I now read that Januvia has real problems, where was the FDA before I had problems. Why would the Dr. not know or why would Dr not tell me about the possible side effects? I think I have a good Dr. BUT, I have a drug induced sore inflamed hands which is probably not going away. Based on everything I have read Don’t take Januvia.

Januvia caused me to have severe excruitating pain and cramps in my neck. I took my self off of it and Invokana. I am still dealing with some cramps that could only be left overs from Januvia. My doctor never returned my phone call when I told the office about this. I would recommend staying away from both of these.

I have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was prescribed Januvia and Metformin. After the first couple weeks, I began to experience pain in my abdominal cavity. My doctor stated that it was a normal side effect of the drugs.

After about 5 weeks, the pain in my abdominal area increased as if I had done about 200 situps and the muscles were cramping and the edges of my rib cage were developing pain as well as my right foot starting to experience nerve pain and the index fingertip on my right hand too.

The doctor dismissed any connection to the drugs and asked me to do a bone scan. These articles seem to confirm my suspicions as to the drugs because I never had any troubles at all prior to taking the drugs. I need to find another practitioner who understands these complications with these drugs as mine refuses to acknowledge any problems with their use.

Thank God for this site, I am experiencing severe leg and joint pain and I asked my dr about junuvia which I take with gliperpride and he said it doesn’t cause joint pain but after reading all these articles I will stop taking this medication and hopefully the pain goes away, it’s dehabilitating. I’ve only taken it for several months and at first it did not bother me but now I’m in pain and stiffness everyday. It wakes me up at night and any prolonged standing causes it to get worse. I checked my knees for arthritis and it was negative. Junuvia needs to be banned!

I take Januvia and have for awhile now. It has gotten to the point that I can hardly walk. The pain in my joints are excruciating.

I have been telling my doctor so he took me off of my cholesterol medication for about 8 weeks, and when I went back to him, I was still in pain. He thought this might be the problem.

Now, I have read this about Januvia, so I am going to stop it and see if this works. If it does, I am telling my doctor. This pain is almost unbearable. Nothing seems to stop it.

I took January 50/500 for quite a long time. I endure chronic severe joint pain in my hips, couldn’t hardly walk. AFTER VISITS to Orhto and my pcp, then MRI, they couldn’t find anything. I told my pcp I wanted to change my Jamumet. Now, my pain has gone 95%. But now Amaryl is a problem, so lost. Why do drugs have to have consequences!!!

I would also recommend to people taking Januvia to monitor their heart rate daily as soon as they start taking the drug to observe if it begins to increase.

I started on March 14 2016 and after 12 days I woke up one morning with bilateral wrist pain and swelling. Stopped taking it and still have pain and swelling in Bob wrists. Now other joints are in pain as well. Both hips,right knee,and both shoulders. I have had RA panel done which is negative. Finally going to see a rheumatologist next week after waiting for an appointment for over a month.
I think all of these DPP4 drugs are inherently dangerous. The sulfoneria class drugs while being older are much safer as an adjunct to metaphorin.i think someone should start another MDL for joint pain against the drug companies and that the black box warning should be upgraded to dangerous period.
I am 56 yo male with fairly good health and I’m waiting to get rid of my condition so I can golf and enjoy life. Use of your hands is so important and you cannot appreciate that till something like this strikes you.

In March I was introduced to the drug Metformin , 250mg.twice a day.(I have never taken anything for blood sugar prior to this) After a few days I started having stomach pain and diarrhea which was quite severe. I am not prone to these problems. Advised doctor and told to reduce dose to 250 mg. daily but problems still continued. Tried stopping for a few days and starting again. After 3 weeks I discontinued Metformin and symptoms began to subside. I then made an appointment with Doctor who then put me on Januvia 100 mg. again after a few days, digestive problems but this time constipation and bloating until I felt I was going to explode. Enough is enough, I stopped taking Januvia about 4 days ago but am still feeling the effects with alternating diarrhea and constipation as well as feeling that I’d been kicked in the stomach. I sincerely hope that these drugs have not done any permanent damage as prior to taking them I was a happy, healthy person who now feels that she has gone through 2 months of sheer hell. I will call my doctor on Monday – not to get a prescription for something else, at 77 and having lived a fairly healthy life- I think I’d rather take my chances. I would just like to be sure that no permanent damage has been done and find out how long it will take to get this drug out of my system and be pain free again.

I’ve been taking Janumet 50mg/500mg for type two diabetes for about a year now.. For the past several months I have been experiencing terrible elbow joint paint to the point that it’s debilitating at times due to not only the pain, but it also has affected the strength in my right hand especially. I can’t even offer a firm hand shake any longer due to the pain experienced when I attempt to do so..

I’ve also experienced terrible chronic knee bilateral knee pain this past year as well. My orthopedic specialist tells me that my knees are severely damaged and that I need total knee replacements. However, I have not ever had any chronic knee pain or significant injuries to my knees. Now, after being on the Janumet for a year, I’ve developed these chronic knee issues and I am now experiencing bilateral hip pain.

I’m an active and otherwise healthy 55 year old male facing a disability retirement due to a work related shoulder injury/surgery. I was a police officer for 24 years.

I am a 70 year old male with Type 2 Diabetes. I was on the drug Actos until 3 years ago when it was discovered that it might cause bladder cancer. The side effects of Actos was terrible; bloating, fluid retention. The doctor put me on Januvia 100mg once daily. Last year I started to experience lower back pain. I had a set of x rays that showed a mild case of arthritis. I have been taking a couple of NSAID pills daily to help control the pain. After reading the above article, I will definitely be talking with my doctor about the possibility of a connecting of my back pain and meds. Thank you for the timely and informative article.

I’ve been taking Janumet for two and a half years, and four months ago I started having chronic low back pain and swollen joints. After I read your warning I stopped my Janumet and in two weeks the pain is almost gone. I tried chiropractic care, massage therapy, and I go to the gym regularly. All this time it was the medicine! I feel much better now, thank you.

I have severe joint pains and stiffness my Dr ordered me to stop using Onglyza, after I gave him a report from my pharmacy, this was three weeks after I started usage, I asked him to test me to find out what is causing this pain, he said to me what would I test for?

Now, six weeks later the pain returns if I am sitting or when I go to bed. Why? When I drive my car I need to lift my leg with my hand to get in the car, it is very difficult to take off and put on socks, pain in upper arms when I put on or take off a t shirt.

How do I get better, my wife is disabled and I am a caregiver for her/

i have been taking janumet for almost 2 years now i have a question the side effects can cause joint pain the drug maker merck is making billions of dollar a year on a drug they market there should be warnings about what januvia metformin that’s what i’m taking

I have been a taking Januvia for about 8 months and ever since I have been hurting in every joint. The pain increasingly became worse as the time went on. I mentioned the pain to my doctor and he blew me off. I did not make the connection with the Januvia until one day at the end of the commercial it mentioned some people may experience severe joint pain and it was an Aha moment. It all finally made sense. I didn’t start feeling this way until after I started the Januvia. I tell my doctor because I am now is severe pain and they say it can’t be that, no one else has complained about joint pain. I immediately stop taking it and 2 weeks later the pain is way less than before. That was all the proof I needed!

I just read your message about Januvia. I am 62 and have always been athletic. Swimming, walking, golf, etc. A doctor prescribed Januvia 100 mg once per day for me as my blood sugar levels were creeping upward even though I had been Metformin for years. I am a Type 2 diabetic.

Within about 6 weeks of beginning the Januvia I began to have joint pain, hip pain and the ligaments, tendons and muscles in my upper legs and pelvic area hurt to the point that I could no longer walk comfortably. The pain increased.

I saw several doctors before one finally told me to get off the Januvia. Long story short, it has now been four months since I stopped taking Januvia. I am somewhat better but the pain from my tendons, ligaments and muscles in the pelvic area still prevent me from walking or standing very much.

I am headed to an orthopedic specialist (the 2nd one) this week. The last doc said “let’s wait to see if it gets better”. He obviously is not the one that can no longer walk. I am to young to be crippled by a medication that was supposed to help me. If anyone knows how or what I need to do to get better, I certainly need to know.

I have only taken Januvia for 3 weeks and I am in so much pain every joint hurts. I just looked this up and found the new side affects. I will be calling my doctor tomorrow. Now I know why I am hurting so much. thank you helped me a lot.

I have been taking Januvia for about 8 years. A year ago I had 3 kidney stones removed. One was very large and was removed surgically. Since 2006 I have had 2 hip replacements and 1 revision. All the joints in my body were in pain. Have discontinued Januvia. Pain has subsided.

I had been taking Victoza for over a year when I came down with serious case of pleurisy which is generally thought to be viral in nature. Prednisone was prescribed but after two courses of it, I still wasn’t better so my doc thought we should hit it with a strong antibiotic. A few weeks later I started getting a lot of pain and tightening in my Achilles’ tendon. I had read that some antibiotics could cause this reaction. However, in reading this article, I am beginning to wonder if it may have been the Victoza that could have been the culprit. I stopped the Victoza over 4 months ago. My tendons are still super tight but not as bad as they were. I’ll be curious to follow the research unfold.

Thank you, Joe and Terry, for all you do to inform the public. If more people would listen to your show and make lifestyle changes we would not need all this medication that have all these terrible side effects. I am astonished, just based on the commercials of most medications, that it does not motivate most people to change their lifestyles rather than reaching for pills.

Everyone should listen/read to Dr. Purlmutter’s new book. It is terrific and with some simple lifestyle changes all these medications would not be needed.

Again, thank you for your show. I am a huge fan and have been for a very long time.

thank you for the info, really appreciate it.

What about black seed and bitter melon

I don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies or the FDA. It is all about money and political donations. I take Victoza . I am afraid it could cause thyroid cancer. What is your opinion?

Eldon Stewart

I am taking Trulicity (dulaglutide) , which is a diabetes injection taken once a week. Have you heard anything about Trulicity?

I am a 74 year old woman with Type 2 diabetes and I have been on Tradjenta for over a year. Approximately 8 months ago I was diagnosed as having a sinus infection and was treated with an antibiotic. During the past 2 months I have been experiencing continuous nasal dripping down my throat which on many occasions cause me to waken during the night coughing. Could the dripping and subsequent coughing be related to my Tradjenta medication? Thank you.

In 2008, after taking Januvia for a couple of months, I began to research this medication and, after finding numerous consumer complaints online about joint pain associated with the drug, took myself off of it, but not before developing severe and unrelenting pain in most of my large joints.

I filed a report with the FDA and requested that my endocrinologist also report it, although I doubt that she followed through. I have reports from clinical studies published in Canada from 2006 that list joint pain as a side effect of Januvia, and the Canadian version of the FDA required joint pain to be listed as a side effect. The FDA did not list it, despite too many consumer reported occurrences to chronicle.

I personally stopped collecting these anecdotal reports after I had nine pages of similar complaints. So, Merck and the FDA knew in 2006 that this was happening and it took them nine years to act? Even though I took myself off of this drug in 2008, I am still in pain today and doubt that I will ever return to my pre-Januvia condition.

The FDA is so ineffective in acting on behalf of consumers that all of us should follow the guidelines issues by drug monitoring agencies in Europe and Canada before agreeing to use the “wonder drugs” being developed by Big Pharma. Our own doctors are being bullied into prescribing medications by “standards of care” developed by the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone tried to refuse a statin lately? Merck was criminally prosecuted in this country for covering up deaths related to Vioxx. Do you trust them to protect your health?

Every time I see a pharmaceutical commercial and the list of side effects, I vow not to take any more medications unless my life truly depends on it. I don’t trust the industry, and I also don’t trust the offshore manufacturers.

I have been taking Januvia for about a year, in addition to the Metformin. I have not suffered any of the side effects. It has helped with my blood sugar control, but I need to work harder on diet (and no wine). Since it is very expensive, I will soon go into into the Medicare “donut hole”, and have to pay quite a bit more for the rest of the year. That should be incentive enough, and with these new reported side effects, maybe it will be!

Thank you for all your great information, as I live in Canada and I am sure many other do as well, would it be possible to give the name of the same drug used in Canada

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