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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Celebrate National Nutrition Month in March with a 15% discount on CocoaVia cocoa supplements, an easy way to get more flavanols.
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March is National Nutrition Month! Have you heard the recent prominent news around the benefits of flavanols? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), the world’s largest organization of nutrition and dietetics practitioners, issued a first of its kind recommendation on flavanols – recognizing the heart-health benefits of these bioactives. Flavanols are compounds found in many plant-based foods and drinks, such as tea, apples, berries & cocoa. The AND’s recommendation is a daily intake of 400 to 600 milligrams of flavanols from a variety of foods to support heart health.

National Nutrition Month 2023

Where You Can Find Flavanols:

This recommendation is a “food-first” recommendation; however, as you know, getting vitamins and minerals from a standard diet can be tough, and that is certainly the case for flavanols, so supplements still represent an important complement to the diet.

Given the profound results of the landmark COSMOS study (demonstrating efficacy and safety!) in 2022 and this recommendation from the Academy, it’s a great time to consider incorporating CocoaViaTM into your daily routine.

CocoaViaTM products are ConsumerLab verified and each serving of CocoaVia Cardio Health or CocoaVia Memory+ meets or exceeds the AND’s recommended daily intake of flavanols.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month!

Celebrate National Nutrition Month and support a healthy routine by adding CocoaViaTM supplements to your day! Get 15% off your order of any CocoaVia product from March 13th through April 1st by using the discount code NNM15. Check-out all CocoaVia products here.

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