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ALERT | Metformin Carcinogen Contamination Confirmed!

Metformin is a key medication in the treatment of diabetes. Tens of millions of people take it daily. How could there be metformin carcinogen contamination?

testing blood glucose to detect diabetes

Prednisone and Diabetes: A Life-Threatening Glucose Spike

Prednisone saves lives! It saved my hearing when I suddenly went deaf in one ear. But prednisone has lots of side effects. Prednisone and diabetes is real.

Ceylon cinnamon sticks

Will Cinnamon Help You Control Your Blood Sugar?

Some scientific evidence suggests cinnamon could help you manage your blood sugar. Pay attention to the type of cinnamon and monitor your results.

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

Can You Manage Your Blood Sugar Naturally?

If you have type 2 diabetes, paying attention to exercise, diet and supplements could help you manage your blood sugar more naturally.

Sucralose sugar substitute packets

Unexpected Complications with Sucralose

A fascinating study shows that neither sugar alone nor sucralose alone disrupted insulin response. But sucralose with maltodextrin did.

testing blood glucose to detect diabetes

How Could Bacteria Boost Diabetes Risk?

People with diabetes have distinctive patterns of microbes even in tissues beyond the intestines. Maybe leaky gut explains how bacteria boost diabetes risk.

ginseng supplements as capsules on a pale blue background

Are There Benefits from Taking Ginseng?

Scientific studies suggest that there are benefits from taking ginseng, but it may interact with medications to prevent blood clots.

Bottles of Red Yeast Rice on a store shelf

Does Red Yeast Rice Raise Blood Sugar Levels Like Statins?

Red yeast rice contains some statin-like compounds. Does that mean it can cause statin-like side effects? Will red yeast rice raise blood sugar levels?

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

How to Eat for Better Blood Glucose Control

Following a relatively high-fat low-carb dietary regimen may help you achieve better blood glucose control. Numerous studies support a reader's experience.

Cup of black coffee and two squares of dark chocolate on a tray

What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee and Chocolate?

There are health benefits of coffee and chocolate as well as tea. You don't have to feel guilty about your beverage!

empty plate with a clock indicating intermittent fasting

Should You Consider Intermittent Fasting for Good Health?

Chances are good that holiday feasting has led to a few unwanted pounds. Should 2020 be the year when you consider intermittent fasting for health?

Metformin pills

FDA Embraces Generic Drugs from India Despite Quality Problems

The nitrosamine controversy continues. Now add the diabetes drug metformin to a list of potential problem pills. How reliable are generic drugs from India?

Dr. Peter McDonnell, expert in eyesight and eye health

Show 1154: How to Take Good Care of Your Eyesight (Archive)

Find out how you can take good care of your eyesight. What are the best ways to manage dry eyes and protect yourself from macular degeneration?

feet with ants demonstrate diabetic neuropathy

Supplements to Help Ease Diabetic Neuropathy

Certain supplements such as benfotiamine and alpha lipoic acid may help ease diabetic neuropathy. They do not have the same side effects as approved drugs.


Show 1189: What the Heck Should We Be Eating?

If you've ever wondered, "What should we be eating?" you'll want to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman tell why cooking tasty food doesn't have to take lots of time.

Grilled lean white meat chicken breast with green and red peppers.

Best Diet for People with Diabetes Low in Carbs

A randomized controlled trial shows that veterans following a meal plan that is low in carbs were better able to lose weight and control blood sugar.

step counter

Are People More Active with Step Counters?

In studies that coupled step counters with coaching by health professionals, volunteers increased their physical activity.

glasses of soft drinks and sodas, sugary drinks

Sweet Beverages Boost Your Risk of Diabetes

People who consume a lot of sweet beverages, including fruit juice, apparently increase their risk of type 2 diabetes and possibly cancer.

Chest X-ray showing pleural effusion at right lung due to lung cancer

Does Your Medicine Pose a Cancer Risk?

Establishing a drug-induced cancer risk may take 5 to 10 years or longer. The FDA rarely requires such long-term research. That leaves great uncertainty.

continuous glucose monitor sensor in place on arm with handheld mobile phone readout

Do You Need a Continuous Glucose Monitor?

Using a continuous glucose monitor, you can learn how various foods affect your blood sugar and devise a diet for optimal blood sugar response.