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Senior man with backache holds his lower back

Can SAM-e Help Ease Your Back Pain?

SAM-e performed as well as an NSAID drug to relieve arthritis pain in some studies. Might it help you feel better?

Cortisone shots into the knee

The Dark Side of Cortisone Shots: Joint Deterioration

When your knees, hips or shoulders hurt, you want rapid relief. Cortisone shots seem like a simple and fast solution. Are there risks with steroids shots?

doctor administers injection

Cortisone Injections Can Have Devastating Effects

People who receive cortisone injections into joints for pain relief may also experience systemic psychological side effects such as insomnia or anxiety.

spoonful of golden raisins, gin-soaked golden raisins

Will Gin-Soaked Golden Raisins Help Your Joint Pain?

Many readers report that eating nine gin-soaked golden raisins daily can alleviate joint pain if used for at least a month or two.


Corticosteroid Injections in Joints Accelerate Arthritis

Doctors frequently use corticosteroid injections into joints to ease pain and stiffness. A new review of the evidence suggests this has serious downsides.

omega 3 fats in capsules

Flip Flops on Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fats Now Have Heart Benefits

Studies of supplements rich in omega 3 fats have reached conflicting conclusions. The latest analysis concludes that they reduce the risk of heart disease.

Woman rubs sore knee with special cream to fight pain
Alternative Health

Will DMSO Ease Your Aching Knees?

Some people like to apply DMSO topically for joint pain. Most of the research has focused on its use for interstitial cystitis rather than arthritis.

golden raisins and gin

Golden Raisins in Gin: Placebo or Powerful Arthritis Remedy?

People with arthritis are caught in a terrible bind. OTC and prescription drugs have some serious side effects. What about golden raisins in gin?

Voltaren gel

How Can Topical Diclofenac (Voltaren Gel) Hurt Your Stomach?

Some people love topical diclofenac for sprains, strains or inflamed joints. Others find that it causes the same nasty stomach symptoms as oral NSAIDs.

drugstore shelves with over the counter (OTC) pain relief products.

Do You Read OTC Medication Labels? You Should!

Most people believe that nonprescription drugs are safe. That's why they may not read OTC medication labels. What if we told you OTC drugs can harm or kill?

golden milk contains turmeric and anise

Can Turmeric Relieve Your Aches and Pains?

Some supplements, including turmeric, can help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis.

drugstore shelves with over the counter (OTC) pain relief products.

Do Arthritis Pain Relievers Trigger Heart Problems?

Do you take celecoxib, diclofenac, ibuprofen, meloxicam or naproxen for aching joints? People with OA rely on arthritis pain relievers. What are the risks?

African american man holding his arthritic knee in pain
Alternative Health

Will Soap in Bed Keep Your Knees from Aching?

Some readers find that keeping a bar of soap under the bottom sheet helps keep hips and knees from aching during the night.

Gluten free red prohibition symbol illustration with text.

Will Gluten-Free Diet Ease Arthritis Pain?

Joint pain is common, but one possible cause is less common. Will following a gluten-free diet ease arthritis? One reader reports benefit.

bowl of turmeric spice

Turmeric Lowered Cholesterol Raised by Glucosamine?

Have you ever taken glucosamine and chondroitin for sore joints? Did this combo raise cholesterol? Turmeric lowered cholesterol AND eased inflammation.

FDA Approved pill bottle illustration

Generic Drugs Hammered | Are AUTHORIZED Generics the Answer?

The FDA has been criticized for its oversight of generic drugs. Major news stories this week dealt a blow to this industry. What about authorized generics?

grape juice with pectin, certo and grape juice

How to Substitute Powdered Pectin in Arthritis Remedy

Some readers who have tried Certo in grape juice to ease their joint pain would like to use powdered pectin instead. It may be harder, but it is do-able.

bee on a flower
Alternative Health

Bee Sting Therapy (Apitherapy) for Arthritis Pain

Have you ever heard of bee sting therapy (aka apitherapy)? We didn't think so. Modern medicine has pretty much ignored this approach. Readers say it works.

grape juice with pectin, certo and grape juice

Can Grape Juice with Pectin Ease Your Joint Pain?

Many people find that drinking several ounces of Concord grape juice with pectin every day helps ward off or ease arthritis pain.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions

Could a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Ease Your Knee Pain?

A small study suggests that people following a low-carbohydrate diet suffer less from arthritis in their knees. They also have better joint function.