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How to Make Gin-Soaked Raisins for Joint Pain

Step-by-step instructions for preparing and using gin-soaked raisins
Golden raisins in box and Gordon’s gin bottle gin-soaked raisins arthritis

Have you looked at the side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) lately? Drugs like diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketoprofen, meloxicam, piroxicam and naproxen can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, atrial fibrillation (AFib), fluid retention, heart failure, indigestion, stomach ulcers, perforation of the intestines, kidney and liver damage. It’s hardly any wonder that people would like less dangerous alternatives. That may be why gin-soaked raisins is a perennial favorite of readers of our syndicated newspaper column.

A lot of people want to know how to make this arthritis remedy. You would be amazed at the number of questions people have about this seemingly simple treatment. Here are just a few of the questions we get:

The Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy:

Q. Do you have a recipe for gin-soaked raisins? How much gin is used for every pound of raisins?

My mother has joint pain and it would help her a lot to have some more detailed information!

A. To prepare gin-soaked raisins, start with golden raisins.

Here are some very common questions:

How Much Gin?

Put them in a shallow bowl and pour in just enough gin to barely cover them.

How Long Do They Sit?

Allow the raisins and gin to stand uncovered (or covered with a towel to keep out dust) until the gin has nearly completely evaporated. The raisins will still be very moist. This may take from two days to more than a week, depending on environmental conditions.

How Many Gin-Soaked Raisins to Take?

Once the raisins are ready, store them in a tightly closed container. Refrigeration is not necessary. The “dose” is nine (delicious) raisins daily.

We hope your mother finds them helpful. Be sure to watch our video (above) on gin-soaked raisins as a home remedy for arthritis to get more details on the procedure for making this recipe.

Why can’t you eat more than 9? What happens if you do eat more?

Many people expect very specific instructions and answers like the question above. Please remember that these are not scientifically tested pharmaceuticals that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is mostly trial and error and grandmothers’ wisdom at work. We do not think anything bad would happen if you ate 10 raisins…or even a handful. Whether 20 would work better (or less well) than 9 is anyone’s guess.

Can I use any other alcohol? Why Gin in particular?

The original recipe was for gin and golden raisins. We suspect that the juniper in “regular” gin might be contributing something special. That said, some people have reported benefit from sloe gin.

Golden raisins soaked in gin were ineffective against my arthritis pain, but raisins in sloe gin were immediately and totally effective. Thanks for the suggestion.”

Regular gin is flavored with juniper berries, while sloe gin is flavored with sloe berries from the blackthorn bush, which was traditionally used for digestive disorders. This isn’t the first time we have heard that sloe gin with raisins may be helpful against arthritis pain. Other people have substituted vodka for gin. Those who shun alcohol report that vinegar and golden raisins can be helpful.

 Stories from Readers:

Dinny in Tampa, Florida has rheumatoid arthritis. Her story reminds us of Betsy White. She was one of the first people to report great success with what she call the “gin raisin remedy.” It took Betsy about two months to experience improvement. Dinny got relief a lot faster:

My friend was recently diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and I have it as well. She heard about this golden raisins and gin recipe and passed it on to me. Her swollen knee got better and her hand pain is gone. I had an RA flare and within two days it was gone. It has made a believer in me. Thank you.

Beth in Canton, Georgia offers an interesting twist on the raisin remedy:

I have eaten 9 gin-soaked raisins a day for three years and have no joint pain at age 72. Don’t use organic raisins. They’re not exposed to sulfur dioxide gas (sulphites) before drying like Sun Maid. Isn’t that why Sun Maid raisins must be used in the gin-soaked raisin (GSR) recipe-“sulphites react with the gin to make an herbal tincture,” right?

“Bombay Sapphire Gin has the most anti-inflammatory ingredients. GSRs are famous for being a highly anti-inflammatory pain relieving food that doesn’t cause stomach, liver or kidney damage as pharmaceutical drugs do. I’ll never stop eating them daily.”

Here are some other stories from visitors to this website:

I’m still on the raisins and love this home remedy. Not only did it completely rid my knees of RA [rheumatoid arthritis] but now the RA is gone from my left shoulder….amazing.

“I have given this information to ALL my doctors and they listen with interest. I give them my card with the web site and they tell me they will check on it. We read your articles in the Palm Beach Post. Keep up your very good work.” -H.

“I always look forward to your column in the LA Times. We were visiting family up in Oregon and my sister-in-law showed me your book.

“She tried the raisins steeped in gin for an arthritic shoulder and it worked wonders for her. While visiting, I tried the ‘magic raisins’ for my aching knee and was delighted the pain disappeared after two days’ dose of raisins. I would like to buy a copy of your book. Please tell me how to obtain it.” -Georges. C.

Thanks for the report Georges. Here is a link to our book, The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies. It has lots of other arthritis treatments along with remedies for dozens of common ailments.

Hi,  I  have  tried gin and raisins for arthritis and have had great success.  I am now pain free and no longer require any medication.  Why do you need to use the golden raisins?  They are more expensive and sometimes are hard to find in the store. Please let know if the dark raisins work  just as well as the golden ones.”  Gerry

We cannot say why golden raisins are the preferred approach. Some folks report that dark raisins work just as well. Others tell us that vodka works instead of gin. And a few people have substituted apple cider vinegar for gin or vodka. Not everyone gets benefit, but we are constantly amazed at how many people report success with this approach.

Would you like to watch a video of us making the Gin-Soaked Raisins? Here is a link:

How Do You Make Gin-Soaked Raisins?

Please let us know if this makes sense. Have you ever tried this home remedy? If so, please share your experience in the comment section below. If you like home remedies you will love our book from National Geographic: The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies. If you have arthritis, you may also find our new book, Graedons’ Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis of great value. It has lots of nondrug approaches for dealing with joint pain.

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    Hi. I was wondering if there is a different remedy for neuropathy, or would the gin soaked raisins help that as well as arthritis? Thanks for your input!

    Curious about how this works. I tested the gin-soaked raisins in both a cloth-covered jar (due to lack of space) and a closed jar. The closed jar did not evaporate the alcohol as would be expected on the covered one, and they did not have much if any pain relieving effect.

    One key to them working appears to be the evaporation.

    No guarantees, but works for me.

    Intake of Omega fatty acids and vitamin E rich foods helps in reducing my joint pains.

    Can you reuse the gin that my raisins have been soaking in (for a few weeks), for the next batch?

    I am wondering if there is any updated information about using ACV rather than alcohol? My husband is a recovering alcoholic and would like to try the soaked raisins, but obviously using gin is out of the question.`

    We don’t have any updates, but in the past readers have recommended apple cider vinegar mixed with a small amount of honey as a substitute for the gin. Here’s a link:

    I am so glad that I came across this website. It reminded me of 30 years ago when my mom and dad used to make these. They have passed now, but this did work for them. As soon as I can get to the store I am going to make these. I will post back in a couple weeks now it works.

    I absolutely LOVE golden raisins w/gin which controlled my jumping out of bed w/ horrible leg cramps. HOWEVER, after years of taking my teaspoonful at bedtime, I eventually developed tiny tooth cavities in my lower teeth (I am 79) so, be sure to brush AFTER eating your raisins!

    My wife was in car accident 20 years ago and has neck pain ever since. Treated with nerve blocks and meds. Has anyone had success with gin soak raisins for helping with that type of pain.

    I have used gin soaked raisins for nearly ten years and only occasionally wake up with painful hand joints, I add turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon and some honey. I have even had doctors recommend turmeric with added black pepper. I only use golden raisins which are not always available. This makes a sticky, gooey, tasty concoction. I don’t measure but use one teaspoonful.

    My comment may be in here somewhere as I’ve written about the GSR’s before. Mainly, THEY WORK! I’ve broken at least 42 bones (some were package deals), and my kneecap has been severely displaced for at least 4 years. I should be in a wheelchair! But at 70yo I’m still skiing double-diamond runs fast and hard, and I have very little pain. I take only Tylenol, and not much of that.

    Every night I do the GSR’s, with tart cherry juice and hibiscus tea… I also do krill oil capsules, turmeric, some basic anti-inflammatories (Zyflamend and bromelain), and hyaluronic acid (all just per package instructions). As all these things benefit the joints, I can’t say the GSR’s were the biggest hero, but they sure haven’t hurt!

    I have to admit, I take about 14-15 raisins… because they’re just too darn delicious to stop at 9.

    I eat gin-soaked raisins daily. I’m not positive they help, however. I do think the instructions to eat exactly NINE is suspicious. The last time I bought golden raisins in bulk from Sprouts, they were HUGE (the grapes must have been no less than 1″ long). Nine of those raisins certainly is not the same as nine small raisins. Regarding the juniper: not all gin has juniper…..check the ingredients. I bought dried juniper berries and always add quite a few (20-25?) to the gin and raisins, and I also eat the juniper berries. They aren’t as tasty as the raisins, but if they might help, I’m happy to eat them.

    I have numbness and tingling in my arms, hands and fingers especially on my left side. Unable to sleep, loss of feeling and use in/of my hands and fingers. Does anyone know of a home remedy to relieve this problem? Age 88.

    Please contact your physician and get this checked out immediately. I am concerned with the fact that you are experiencing this numbness/tingling on one side (it is especially concerning with it being on the left) which could indicate a stroke or heart attack. Please PLEASE talk to your doctor.

    I started using gin and raisins last February for joint pain It has worked really well but an added bonus is that I haven’t had an attack of gout since last February either and have been able to stop taking Allopurinol I’m sure it’s due to the gin and raisins so would be interested to know if that has worked for others who suffer with gout.

    Hiya! I am a gin-soaked raisin fan and have used them in the past to get rid of pain in my elbow from repetitive motion at work. This time, however, I wonder if I left the raisins too long in the gin as a sticky substance (like honey) appeared. The raisins are now all super sticky. Should I throw them out and start again?

    Any kind of gin work?

    Is this good for RA or osteoarthritis, or both?

    My fingers cramp in the mornings coz of my work, want to try this remedy

    I am an recovering alcoholic and abstain from alcohol, do you have any other suggestions for joint pain?

    Yes, there are many home remedies that contain no alcohol. Fish oil, boswellia, turmeric, tart cherries, pineapple juice are all possibilities. Search our site for “joint pain home remedy” and you’ll find quite a few.

    My body has been in an RA frenzy since I returned from a Caribbean Cruise last month. I have been researching gin-soaked raisins for several months and decided they couldn’t hurt. I started them last Saturday. My joint pain is now pretty much non-existent, and I’ve lost 5 lbs of fluid retention (double bonus!). I’ve been able to sleep on a regular pillow, without pillows under my knees and on my side – I haven’t been able to do that for 3 years! I’ve only been eating the raisins for 5 days, but this is a life-time change for me.

    Can you soak a whole box of raisins at one time?

    Yes! I put the whole box in a plastic container, like the large soup container you get at Chinese take out, and put the lid on. I turn them every day or so. Works great.

    What if one is a diabetic? Same dose? Will it effect glucose readings? Judi

    What if one is a diabetic same dose? Will it effect glucose readings? John

    I am in my late sixties and have used this remedy for about twelve years after my mother suggested it. I find the easiest way to make it is by putting the sultana raisins in jam jars, leaving enough room at the top to allow for them to expand, and then fill the jar with gin. Check it after two to three days, and top up with more gin if needed. It is usually ready in about seven to ten days.

    I normally have about fifteen or so on my breakfast cereal. I cannot say for sure that it is a cure for arthritis, but I have an arthritic finger which does not give me any pain. The taste is wonderful, and it is a great way to get one of your five a day!

    I plan to try this for arthritis, but would love to know if anyone has used this method to reduce inflammation attacks, and improve symptoms of “PROGRESSIVE MS”? Many disorders involve inflammation, and I can’t help wondering if something so simple couldn’t assist to clean up. I would appreciate any comments regarding my interest of alternate conditions that create major disability!

    I have mild arthritis in both knees since 5 years back with a little pain. I took Glucosamine as recommended by many. About 2 and 1/2 years ago, I got ‘Trigger Fingers’ about the same time an old friend told me about the Gin soaked Raisins. I tried and did not go for the op on my fingers, and now going without the Glucosamine doses. It works very well to date and am still playing badminton twice a week. Have introduced this remedy to my game mates too. They love it. Sharing the goodies here.

    My MIL told me about this and she cooks down the gin in a pot instead of letting it soak into the raisins. I’ve been googling and haven’t seen any recipes for that. Do you think it’s the same if you put them in a pot to boil? Thanks

    i counted 9 raisins after soaking them. i put them in a tea spoon. it filled the spoon. 9 raisins is a teaspoon ful. i have two spoon fuls daily for the taste.

    I’m 73 years old, and several years ago I began having what I called “morning back pain.” It was mainly on the left side, in the area of the sacroiliac. Over the course of a few months, it gradually got worse, until getting out of bed became very painful, and I couldn’t walk without supporting myself. After 15-20 minutes of moving around, the pain subsided.
    I learned about gin soaked raisins from searching on “morning back pain” and tried them. After about 2 weeks, the pain was gone, and hasn’t returned. I’ll never stop taking the GSRs.

    I make the raisins win a jar and then it’s easy to keep them stored. I also add juniper berries in case the gin (which does contain juniper berries) doesn’t have enough. Quite frankly, the gin-soaked golden raisins don’t do a thing for my pain, but I love the taste and have a spoonful twice a day as a treat.

    Just a thought Kristin…maybe adding the extra juniper berries may have something to do with it not working for you. I really don’t know. It was something that came to mind when I was reading your post.

    Cured of RA in two days of taking 9 gin-soaked raisins each day? That is a stunning placebo effect. Or the person never had arthritis to start with. Arthritis is not cured in a day or two, or perhaps ever. I think these people just like gin-soaked raisins! I have arthritis and nothing natural has helped me.

    How do you store the raisins after they soaked up the gin?

    My friend was recently diagnosed with RA and I have it as well. She heard about this golden raisins and gin recipe and passed it on to me. Her swollen knee got better and her hand pain is gone. I had an RA flare and within two days it was gone. It has made a believer in me. Thank you

    I followed your video, I put a paper towel over my raisins, the paper towel socked up all the gin. your video said a few days to evaporate. what else should I do?

    If you put the raisins in a 9×13 glass baking dish and cover with the gin, it does not take as long. My mother used them for her arthritis. She said that they made it where she could make a fist and stop the pain it her knees.

    We have a rainy day in eastern NC and I was told today about the gin and golden raisins. I came online to find “directions” and saw to put the raisins in the bowl and just cover them and let the gin soak in. It is Tuesday, 9/20/16 and I am adding my raisins and gin and will send a reply once the gin is soaked up (my neck is killing me today).

    I’ve been having injections in my right knee for about a year. The Dr could only give them to me a few times a year. Normally, the pain would go away for a couple of months. The last time I had an injection (about a month ago). It only lasted about a week. Then I ran into an elderly gentleman that told me about Gin and Raisons.

    I started on them last Monday. For the last 3 weeks – when waking up in the mornings – I hobbled out of the bed room. After only 4 days of the G and R – I woke up the 4th day and got to the kitchen and stopped in my tracks! I realized I was walking normally! I still feel pain but not near as much! It gets better each day! So glad I found out about this recipe!

    What is the best time to eat gin soaked raisins?

    Question, I am allergic to Sulfa drugs. You mention sulfite from the raisins. Would this cause a problem?
    I am planning to try this for joint pain and swelling in my hands. It has gotten so bad writing is difficult.
    Thank you so much for your articles. I almost always read your emails as soon as they come through!

    Get organic ones, no sulfite, which is later added to wine, but i don’t think to raisins. Sulphur is added to commercial/supermarket raisins, also not healthy.

    Thank u for this recipe. I had bad at hits all over my joints, nothing was helping till I tried the gin and raisin. I’m now on my toes again. Wish all who are struggling with RA could try this, it really have given me my life back. Thank u so much

    I have tried this for a few weeks now and it is always difficult to say. I had injections in my ankles about four months ago as well. My joint pain is nowhere near what it was before having the steroid injection, but I would say it is possible the GSR has also improved it. Will keep trying it.

    I started taking gin soaked raisin in Nov 1, 2015. After taking it for a month the arthritic pain in my hands were gone.

    Why can’t you eat more than 9? What happens if you do eat more?

    this looks like something my wife and I should try. I will come back to this site and post our results in a couple months.

    my mother in law told me about the golden raisins and gin, however, she packed a pint jar with the raisins, poured gin over, put in dark for 7 days, then began taking a spoon full of the mixture each day. swore by the dosage kept arthritis away. now I use it to,but hate the gin taste, may try vodka and see if it works as well

    My boyfriend did the soak until absorbed, and they don’t taste like gin at all. The air method may allow the alcohol to better evaporate.

    over a year ago I started taking gin soaked golden raisins & finally decided to use small
    canning jars filled with raisins & gin, sealed & stored for months & then taken 9 at a time.
    I mark the lids with the date & fill at least 12 jars at a time. I haven’t heard of anyone else
    preparing their batches this way.
    I would like to know if anyone else has tried this approach, & if so what their experience
    has been.
    thanks in advance for a response.

    How long can you keep the gin soaked raisins? Is there an expiry date?

    Does this work for osteoarthritis?

    I’ll be 64 in June, and it was only early last year (2015) that my friend and I started doing this together, mainly for our neck pain. I was starting to get panic attacks from the pain, even though I do other remedies (sleep on a magnet-infused neckroll, use tiger balm when it’s bad). This seems to work for my osteoarthritis pain, because that’s what I have in my knees and neck. There are still precautions I take to avoid/limit pain.

    Can I use any other alcohol? Why Gin in particular?

    The raisins that I soak in the gin gets sticky. Am I leaving it sit too long? I feel this has helped with my knee pain and will continue to take the 9 raisins per day. Thank you for all the information with the comments.

    Why are my raisins sticky after soaking in the Gin?

    I have been told it is the juniper berries that gin is made from. Juniper berries have an anti-inflammatory effect.

    I took two packets of golden raisins home to my mother in Nigeria and made the remedy using Gordon’s gin in September. Mom called me today and told me that she has been free of pain for sometime, and she takes the nine infused raisins everyday. I don’t know if that is what we should attribute her freedom from pain to, all I care about is that she is pain free from her badly arthritic knees. Thank you for bringing this to my local NP R

    Why can’t you just put the raisins in a jar, and cover them with the gin? Why do you need to start in a bowl and then transfer them?

    I have RA and fibromyalgia, restless legs, carrier for lymes disease and a bunch of other stuff going on i am so anxious to try this and get rid of a lot of my meds wish me luck !

    You don’t. I put my raisins in a fruit jar, fill it w/ gin and let it ferment for about a week. I have two jars going most of the time. I give one away occasionally to friends, along with my recommendation and almost all have reported pain relief in hands and knees. I don’t really know how it works on other joints.

    I have spinal stenosis I wonder if this will work on that. It is
    Arthrtis in the spin

    I am eager to try this recipe. I heard only expensive gin is made with real juniper berries and cheap gin is artificially flavored and will not work. is this true? Thank you.

    Have eaten 9 gin-soaked raisins for 3 years and have no joint pain at age 72. Don’t use organic raisins? They’re not exposed to sulfur dioxide gas (sulphites) before drying like Sun Maid, and isn’t that why Sun Maid raisins must be used in the GSR recipe–“sulphites react with the gin to make a herbal tincture”, right? Bombay Shapphire Gin has the most anti-inflammatory ingreds. GSR are famous for being a highly anti-inflammatory pain relieving food that doesn’t cause stomach, liver + kidney damage as pharma. drugs do. I’ll never stop eating them daily.

    Can’t wait to try this so tired of the pain in my hands

    I got the Bombay sapphire gin and 2 boxes of golden raisins. Wish me luck! At present I have a sprained ankle and broken toe from a bad fall. I’m going to do the mason jar method I guess. I hope it works for me. Thank you for the tip and exposing about the sulphate a and juniper berries.

    Do not start with more than 9 and eventually work your way up to more per day especially if you are a taller heavier person. Most people only need the 9 per day, I am told from long time users. They claim that it works for most people.

    Thanks for the video.

    I have a problem left hip area and haven’t tried it yet. I have also had shoulder problems that vary in severity.

    Maybe it’s time to get some raisins and gin.

    What I will have trouble with is only eating 9!!!!!

    Has anyone with daily heartburn/GERD tried this? I can’t take any prescription drugs for the heartburn (bad side effects). I can get by without too much heartburn if I eat just a few raisins (no sulphites), but the gin, vodka, and apple cider vinegar are always heartburn triggers for me. Would appreciate help from anyone with heartburn who can’t take the meds and gets the burn from vinegar and alcohol.

    I have had both Heartburn and GERD. When it acts up, I take 1 Tablespoon of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (you have to have the Mother, other ACV will not work well) in an 8 oz glass of water and it takes care of the heartburn in no time. To get really fast relief, I will take the Tablespoon on Braggs Organic ACV with the Mother without water.

    Try a handful of pistachio nuts for the GERD. Works wonders!

    I used to have heart burn, and took Roland’s after every meal. My doctor told me stop drinking all soft drinks, coffee and tea, and stop eating bread, eat gluten free, and easy on the salt. It has been more than 20 years, I stopped using Roland’s and Tums, I hardly get heart burn, bloating or indigestion.

    If you take heartburn meds you need to seperate them from the drunken raisins. I take my heartburn meds in the morning and the raisins at night. If I take both at night the raisins dont seem to work as well.

    I wouldn’t advise taking GSR for stomach problems like GERD. I’ve never been diagnosed with that, but when I’ve had chronic stomach problems I take chewable papaya tablets, following the directions (I buy the kind in a brown glass bottle from the health food store) with peppermint gel caps in a separate (white plastic) bottle. These days, I try to keep a mint leaf plant in my kitchen window to break off a sprig of it for homemade mint tea, as soon as my stomach starts feeling acidy. Papaya and mango are great fruits to help strengthen your stomach.

    My wife and I eat 4 or 6 teaspoons of applesauce for heartburn. I read that the pectin in applesauce acts like baking soda to neutralize or eliminate the acid. We have used this successfully for about a year. I hope this works for you also.

    Try crystallized ginger for heartburn – three or four pieces in am and again in pm . If you stop the ginger heat burn returns.

    Do you have to use a glass jar? I have a lot of prescription containers, can I use those instead of glass jars? Very low on funds

    I wouldn’t use plastic for any storage and I avoid buying products packaged in plastic containers. Too many BAD things can leach out of plastic container into the contents and this is made far worse if contents are heated in plastic by sun, microwave, etc.

    actually i have a question. i have a mild case of RA in my fingers.
    almost every morning i enjoy a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.
    does it reduce the effectiveness of the gin/raisins treatment to sprinkle them on my oatmeal??? or should they be taken separately??

    I have been hearing about this for years, but had never tried it. The topic came up again on People’s Pharmacy recently, and I decided to try it for my aching hip, fingers and thumb. I didn’t do it right the first time – just dumped gin over brown raisins. Much to my surprise, it worked within 48 hours. There was a big difference in the hip pain, and the gout-like pain in my thumb went away. The second batch was done according to the instructions. I can now bend all my fingers, hike several miles with no pain. Thanks People’s Pharmacy!

    I am going to try this recipe, but I wanted to comment that I was not able to watch the video. There are no captions. Please remember that there are 30 million Americans alone that have a hearing loss. You are excluding a large population from benefiting from your videos.

    Ijust hope that the gin and raisins work

    I made these and it does take time and patience. It won’d kick in an work right away, takes time to see the results, in my case 3 weeks, and I can tell the difference. My leg cramps and joint pain and stiffness is not half as bad, but going to go on with them for a while longer. And do use the golden raisins, the others are just not the same and the gin. I always get Gordon’s gin, that’s what the ABC employee told me that was the preferred kind.

    Golden raisins are the key. The reason golden verses dark is because the green grapes are treated with sulphites pre-drying period to keep them from going brown. The sulphites react with the gin. Sulphites are a natural ingredient used in pain relievers. So yes, better to use golden raisins unless you can’t have sulphites.

    where do you do you find the gin with the berries in it?

    I use Bombay Gin in since it has been infused with Juniper Berries as the recipe calls for.
    The California Golden Raisins are a product of Sunmaid, I bought the raisins at a local Shaw’s grocery store. They come in a 15 oz. bright orange & red box. I bet if you went online and asked Sunmaid for a list of stores that carry the product they would help you.
    My Arthritis is so painful, especially in my feet and legs I will follow the recipe exactly for relief of any kind.
    Good luck!

    I have bought a large bottle of gin and a lb. of golden raisins and they are soaking in a quart mason jar in the fridge. I have much pain from arthritis from neck, to hips, feet, hands etc. I am so hoping this will help me.

    Can you use Seedless Sultana raisins?

    My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis, was admitted to the hospital due to her liver was shutting down due to toxic meds she took…she has taken the top expensive meds giving herself these shots. I’m trying this, tonight for her a friend used it for his mother with much success. I pray this works!

    should I drain the extra gin from the raisins after they soaked ??

    This sounded too good to be true, but I tried it anyway. After 6 weeks, there has been zero improvement.

    The recipe that I was told and have always used is:
    2 Boxes of Golden Raisins
    1 Fifth of BOMBAY Gin (must be Bombay, it is made with 13 herbs)
    Pour gin over raisins in a bowl, (make sure the raisins are covered by the gin) cover with a dish cloth for 10 days. Then store in mason jars and/or give away to friends. We used to save Baby food jars, they were a great size for giving away with the recipe. Will keep for months.
    Eat 9 raisins a day.

    My husband and I started eating 9 gin-soaked raisins last night. Don’t know if it’s mind over matter, but I have not been bothered by pain in my left wrist since eating them for the first time!!
    This is going to be our “happy hour” munchie so we don’t forget to take them!! I soaked them for 10 days……really has a good taste!! thanks for this tasty, natural remedy!!

    I would love to try this. Thank you for the video. Do you know if there is gluten in Gin. Gluten free vodka is in our house and I would like to use that. Would that be the same?

    does it have to be golden raisins? here in the Phils. we only have the regular raisins (black/dark brown)-would it be all right?

    Pls advise.

    Thank you so much

    Give it a try, it might work for you. Home remedies don’t always work for everyone, but you might find a variation even better than the original recipe for you.

    I have been taken the raisins for 3 weeks now and So far my arthritis pain in my knees is still the same.

    Me too. Dont feel alone.

    Arthritis began in my hip all at once seemed like. I thought my hip was going out. x-rays showed Arthritis. I tried the raisin and gin. I’d been limping around holding to things because the pain was so severe I almost cried each time I took a step and it had been nine weeks. Six days after I ate the raisins I could tell the difference. In Ten days no more pain. I swear by it. Laugh if you want and some did but I’m not suffering any more. And not eating many raisins, but will finish the batch I made. It really works folks.

    What kind of gin did you use? Only 1 serving a day?

    Will this contradict with my other medications I’m taking??

    I’m happy for you.

    It seems to work for arthritis in my neck, much better and been taking 3 raisins twice a day for 2 years

    Do you take all raisins at one time or space them out throughout the day?

    It says eat 9 raisins each day.

    Many years ago when I first started getting arthritis, I did the gin and golden raisin thing and it really did help…why I got away from it I will never know…
    So just started a batch on this past Sat,,,waiting anxiously for the ‘soaking’ days to be over and I can start this remedy once again.
    Will keep you updated

    3 days into this now…not having too much of a change in the tops of my feet… bad knee may be better…I did however have a headache last night which may be why I didn’t drink gin in the old days….guess I’ll stick with it until this batch is gone…

    Also have nerve damage with a lot of pain and hoping this will help with that…
    Anything natural is the best way to go!

    I have been doing gin-soaked raisins for two years. (They MUST be golden raisins and soaked in gin for THREE days… two days doesn’t work… I’ve tried.) My mom – generously – gave me horrible osteoarthritis in my fingers (all those knobby finger joints and they hurt.) I’m waiting for a cure as each little finger joint gets bigger and bigger. BUT, the gin-soaked raisin thing is for real. Tried, true, tested for two years on my own fingers… I hate when I don’t have 9 (or 10-11.. who’s watching:) golden raisins soaked in gin every morning before breakfast (trust me, it’s not psycho-sematic. My fingers TOTALLY know the difference.) I have told so many people who ask, “Will they work on my hips? My knees?” I have no idea. I DO know that my fingers are not getting any better… but the raisins take most of the ache away. You will not feel the gin… the raisins somehow turn into an anti-pain thing. Remember: Almost all medicines are created or developed from ocean or rainforest things. That’s why I like this. Golden raisins… gin…. soaking for 3 days … my fingers feel better.

    We used to have a cottage on Lake Delevan back in the 60’s! What kind of gin?

    got some soaking right now, got some neck pains, will post soon I hope.

    As an arthritic sufferer I am most interested in the GOLDEN RAISIN remedy, but am unable to locate genuine golden raisins locally
    Golden sultanas in plenty but these are quite small compared to raisins, and probably would not produce the same results. Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.


    Making up my second batch of gin-soaked raisins tonight. As weird of a remedy as it is, it really seems to relieve my knee joint pain.

    My brother’s mother-in-law uses gin and white raisins a little bit different. She takes 10 small jars (such as baby food size) and places gin and one raisin in each jar. The jars are numbered so she can keep track of which day she should take them. The raisin has to soak for 10 days. And it must be white raisins, apparently it only works with gin and white raisins. Then after she has 10 days worth she starts taking one gin soaked raisin each day. She replaces the raisin just taken with a new one and refills the gin as needed. She only takes one raisin per day. This has allowed her to have the freedom of movement in her joints. Before she started taking these she could not put on her coat. After a short time (I am not familiar with how long) she was able to move freely and put on her coat as well as perform other movements that she was having problems with. She has been doing this for about 20 years now.

    Any idea how many calories this would add to my diet daily? The box of raisins describes calories but wondering what the gin adds to that once evaporated?

    Are “golden raisins” what you get when you dry GREEN grapes?

    Have used this remedy for several years and it really works for me. I actually don’t count the raisins – just eat a teaspoon full every morning. Before using the gin/raisins I had taken many prescription medications – now I take none for arthritis.

    Yes, green grapes turn into golden raisins

    I have a different approach on how to prepare the gin soaked raisins. I keep them soaked all the time. I normally prepare half-a-pound of the golden raisins which I buy at Trader Joe’s, put them in a jar, add sufficient gin to soak them, mixed them well a few times, then put the cover with a rubber seal. During the first 2 to 3 days, I open the jar and mix the raisins well. Then I leave them, usually for 2 to 3 months, before start using them. I do not allow the gin to evaporate. Then, every morning I take 9 raisins out of the jar using a teaspoon and draining the gin. This is a lot easier and very practical. It works for me this way.

    Bombay gin is made with Juniper berries.

    How do you tell if the gin was made with Juniper berries? I went to buy some gin, but none of them said anything about juniper berries and the people in the store did not know either.

    The cheaper gins use flavorings. I use Gordon’s London Dry Gin. It has pictures of the berries and it does work. I use it with dark raisins. White raisins may interact with some medications. I always tell people to use the dark ones. It keeps the swelling out of my knees. I’m off almost all pain medications. I have multiple bone and muscle issues with pain. I’m happy to walk with little or no pain. Hope it works for you.

    I use Beefeater Gin. The main concern is that the gin be made with real juniper berries not juniper flavored gin. I understand that English gin is best because it is made with genuine juniper berries.

    Hi, I had this question as well–most all gin, except maybe the very, very cheapest and a couple of the expensive brands (but few), is mostly made with juniper berries and then other botanicals-to be safe, get any brand of London Dry gin. It really does not have to cost a lot, Gordon’s is fine and it’s really cheap. There are several brands, from less to more expensive and they will all work–juniper berries are the main ingredient.

    Loved your video on how to make the gin soaked raisins! Will try this right away and hope it helps the arthritis in my hands. Thanks for all the good info.

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