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Turmeric and Curcumin for Arthritis

The Indian spice turmeric has anti-inflammatory activity that can help ease the pain of arthritis.

Turmeric and its most active ingredient curcumin have gotten attention for their anti-inflammatory properties. We have heard from readers that this yellow spice used in curry powder and mustard can help alleviate arthritis pain. One reader offered the following experience.

“After reading about turmeric in your column, I started using one teaspoon in my scrambled eggs each morning. My arthritis has greatly improved, and I have far less pain when I walk. I work in my yard every few weeks, weeding, hoeing, mowing and pruning. Usually I am sore for days rtfter this work. But this last time, since I started taking turmeric, I had no soreness the next day.”

Investigators are also studying the potential role of curcumin against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis and cystic fibrosis. Putting turmeric powder on cereal (as one reader did) or in scrambled eggs might taste a tad strange. One woman told us that she takes turmeric pills instead and they relieved her arthritis pain. When she stopped temporarily, the pain returned. She resumed taking turmeric pills and the pain disappeared.

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I take 1,500 mg turmeric a day. Feel great!

I suffer form severe artritis in my back, hands and knees from years of abuse, I’ve been looking for something to relieve the inflammation, which was really the source of most of my pain, started taking turmeric tablets a day a go, I literally woke up feeling like a new person … No joke slept like a baby for the first time in a long time, knees great but my hands feel so much better and my back I thought I would never get relief but I feel so much better. Thank You Lord . Going to take nap Right Now !

How would I take the black pepper when I’m using the capsules?

Just grind some peppercorn and take it with the capsules…

I have enjoyed your comments? Could someone tell me how long it takes to feel the effects of Turmeric. I take 3200 mg. per day for about 2 weeks. I have severe osteoarthritis every where in my body and am in constant severe pain.

I started taking turmeric capsules for arthritis.
Noticed a little pain improvement, but I started having heart palpitations, so I stopped the capsules and the palpitations stopped. I read that taking fish oil when taking turmeric could be the problem. I want to stop the pain, but I worry about the palpitations. Is it safe to keep trying?

I felt a difference the first two days.

I’m a believer (I think). I have only been taking turmeric for a few days but my severe sciatica on both side was relieved almost completed when i coupled it with garlic one day. My wife cant stand the garlic smell so I’m on straight turmeric supplement now. Still have pain, but hoping for the best.

I have sciatica as well and wanted to know how you coupled it with the turmeric.

I give a spoonful with every feed to my horse who has complicated hip/back problems. he went from a horse that was reluctant to walk, and struggling to get up, to now cantering around, full of beans and enjoys his rolling again. ive also given to my dog with hip displeasure and ive noticed the difference, so I know its not placebo.

I just started taking 1 800 mg capsule in the morning and another at night..it’s been a week now and the soreness in both my knees have improved greatly…I work with a few people who are from the country Nepal and they swear by turmeric… They told me to keep taking the capsules because they know I can’t use it in my food like they do…I don’t like the taste of it AT ALL….

How much turmeric do I take to start. When should I start feeling its effects.

I have been taking tumeric for 3months now with ginger and ground pepper every day but the pain in my hand hasn’t gotten any better

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