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Pineapple Compound Fights Inflammation

Bromelain, a pineapple compound, can reduce inflammation and help control pain. In other countries it is still known by the earlier name ananase.
Bromelain pineapple compound ananase

Foods with anti-inflammatory activity can often relieve pain nearly as well as medications, but without the scary side effects. A pineapple compound called bromelain is one that can be helpful, as this reader discovered by accident.

Q. For several weeks, I’ve been experiencing moderate thigh and butt pain from osteoarthritis in my back.

I’m getting some moderate relief from meloxicam, an NSAID. But recently I am enjoying additional relief from eating fresh pineapple.

Not only is the pain greatly reduced, I’m able to walk with increased ease, stamina, and flexibility. What’s more, the pineapple is delicious.

I remember being given “ananase,” a pineapple derivative, to reduce swelling from an injury to my face decades ago. I assume that the active ingredient in my improvement is ananase, but I can’t seem to find this drug. Do you have any information on ananase?

Pineapple Compound

A. Ananase is also known as bromelain. In the US, bromelain is sold as a dietary supplement. This pineapple compound has been shown to reduce pain and swelling after molar extraction as effectively as the NSAID diclofenac (Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Jun., 2014).

You may be interested in other natural agents with anti-inflammatory activity. You’ll find them discussed in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis.

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Yes pineapple is very effective in orthoarthritis pain. Eating one full ripe pineapple daily for 3 days relief pain for me completely and result in easy walk and climbing the stairs. I hope I will enjoy more days without pain can be back again.

is bromelain effective as a blood thinner? my daughter is unable to take the drugs that prevent blood clots do you have any suggestions?

Started brome lain about 2 weeks ago. Plantar fasciitis much improved, almost gone, after 2 years.

Interesting options for pain relief.

One thing not mentioned is that the core of the pineapple contains allot of Bromelain.
As it is fibrous, I chop it up or puree it in a blender. Could also use a food Processor.

Would I get the same result from pineapple juice?

I gave my children pineapple juice to drink the day before they had their wisdom teeth extracted and also while they were recovering. The swelling was considerably less than without the juice. One complained about having to drink the juice thinking that it wasn’t doing any good since she still had some swelling. Then she saw a friend who had had her wisdom teeth out a couple of days before my daughter and the friend’s swelling was still much worse. My daughter didn’t complain any more after seeing her friend.

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