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Cherry Juice Eases Arthritis Pain

Studies show that the compounds in cherry juice (anthocyanins) have anti-inflammatory activity which may be helpful in combatting pain.
Cherry cherries tart cherry

Whoever said “Growing older isn’t for sissies!” probably had arthritis. Although it sometimes strikes younger people, the constant ache in knees and hips can make it hard to keep moving.  Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands can interfere with important activities like cooking or playing music. Unfortunately, the drugs that doctors generally recommend for arthritis pain (NSAIDs like diclofenac, ibuprofen or naproxen) carry unpleasant side effects such as bleeding ulcers, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Simple remedies might be very welcome. Could you use cherry juice for your joint pain? It is quite popular with some readers.

Cherry Juice Testimonial for Arthritis Pain:

Q. My husband and I take black cherry juice concentrate for arthritis aches and pains. I buy it at the local health food store. We take a teaspoon a day, like cough syrup.

My finger joints are no longer swollen and painful. On those rare days where I still have some discomfort, I just take another dose.

A. Tart cherries, sour cherries and black cherries have all been used to combat inflammation associated with arthritis or gout. Animal studies have shown that the red compounds in cherries (anthocyanins) have anti-inflammatory activity (Behavioural Brain Research, Aug. 12, 2004Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, Sept.-Oct. 2006). A review of the health benefits of cherries, cherry juice, cherry powder or cherry concentrate found that the compounds in both sweet and sour cherries can reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, lower oxidative stress, ease arthritis pain, help control blood pressure and decrease HbA1c (Nutrients, March 17, 2018). 

Cherries Reduce Inflammation:

A small study found that the benefits are not limited to rodents. People eating Bing sweet cherries (280 grams a day, about 10 ounces) for a month had significantly lower levels of inflammatory chemicals in their blood (Journal of Nutrition, April, 2006). These compounds have been linked to chronic disease, so it is possible that people who regularly consume cherries or cherry juice might be less prone to such problems (Journal of Nutrition, March, 2013). Another study has demonstrated that eating Bing sweet cherries lowers the level of uric acid, a risk factor for gout, among healthy women (Journal of Nutrition, June, 2003).

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Researchers have also compared tart cherry juice to placebo juice for 6 weeks (Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, Aug., 2013). The study participants all had osteoarthritis affecting their knees. The cherry juice was associated with reduced inflammation and relief of knee pain, but it was not significantly better than placebo. Although this study didn’t show great benefit using cherry juice to lessen arthritis pain, some readers find it can be very helpful.

How to Use Cherry Juice for Joint Pain:

Q. Four ounces of tart cherry juice in the morning has alleviated the arthritis pain that I used to have in my hands. I’ve been doing this for the last two years.

I’ve recommended it to many people. Some don’t experience relief from it, but many do. One friend uses cherry juice at bedtime to help her fall asleep.

Tart Cherries for Inflammation and Insomnia:

A. There is growing evidence that ingredients in tart cherries may ease both inflammation and insomnia. One study involved a placebo-controlled trial of powdered Montmorency cherries (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, online, May 26, 2016).  Athletes who consumed the powder outperformed the group on placebo. They also experienced less muscle soreness and had lower levels of inflammatory markers in their bloodstream. Montmorency cherries are rich in melatonin, which may help explain why they might help with sleep problems (European Journal of Nutrition, Dec., 2012).

Do You Use Cherry Juice for Gout?

Cherries have been studied for their ability to ease joint pain due to gout (Arthritis & Rheumatism, Dec., 2012). Patients who are surveyed online frequently report that they find cherry juice helpful (Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, June, 2015). Although doctors generally prefer to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and medicines to lower uric acid, some physicians think that cherries may offer a nondrug treatment option (Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease, May 17, 2019). They would like to see rigorous studies of cherries in combination with urate-lowering therapies such as allopurinol.

Where to Find Tart Cherries:

We sometimes hear from people who would like to know where to find cherries out of season. Some report that their local market does not carry cherry juice. There are a number of reputable online vendors who could supply cherry concentrate so you can use cherry juice to see if it helps your arthritic joints. Cherry juice concentrate is more affordable than fresh cherries or juice. It can be added to seltzer water or made into a tea.

Those who are interested in the powdered Montmorency cherries can also purchase the product used in the athlete study mentioned above. The brand is CherryPURE®. The dose was 480 mg/day. We have no affiliation with Shoreline Fruit, the makers of this cherry concentrate.

Other Options to Manage Arthritis Pain:

Cherries and cherry juice are far from the only option for people who want to control arthritis pain without heavy-duty medicines. Anyone who would like to learn more about nondrug approaches for controlling inflammation and easing joint pain may find our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis of interest. 

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Alternatives for Arthritis

This eGuide describes nondrug alternatives for arthritis with the latest scientific studies to document anti-inflammatory activity. This comprehensive online guide (too long to print) adds the science behind ancient healing traditions.

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Good Grief! how can anyone think a teaspoon of cherry juice is a magic bullet elixir? Why do people write such things?

I have actually tried many of the ridiculous ideas out of desperation. The only thing that helped my knee and kept me so far from surgery, was a physical therapist from India who learned there about pressure point and myofascia release. After 5 months of little success physical therapy but did build up strength, she came in as a temp while my physical therapist was out and she quickly put my knee in good order. immediately stopped the pain. I don’t need my cane or walker since and I am going to keep having private treatment from her.

I spent a year seeking help and it sure wasn’t to be found in a teaspoon of juice or 9 gin-soaked raisins. And I was really fooled by the “testimonials” of help and it was depressing when NONE of them worked. Very depressing. So don’t give up: seek real solutions from real people who know what helps.

I’ll have to try cherry juice. Can’t eat fresh cherries, but luckily the powder should be ok.

I just got the e-guide download on arthritis, and it is helpful!. I like the many alternatives to NSAIDs

One thing that may make arthritis worse are nightshade vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, others. Ashwagandha, discussed in the eGuide is a nightshade. So people may want to check that, too. I have been following a nightshade-free diet, and it has helped with joint swelling/pain in my hands. I didn’t see any articles on nightshades in your search, so perhaps an article would be helpful. It does involve stopping all nightshades for 4-8 weeks. Hard to do since it’s hidden under “spices” in many prepared foods. Chili peppers, paprika are included.

I had suffered from periodic attacks of gout over recent years. While I used the prescription and OTC medications recommended by my doctor, I wanted to get away from as much of this as possible. After reading articles here and elsewhere, I began mixing tart cherry juice concentrate with my orange juice (sounds and looks a bit gross, but actually tastes okay).

Lately, I have been using tart cherry powder in capsule form (less expensive/messy). Along with decreasing/eliminating food and drink higher in purines, I have had blessedly fewer and less severe gout episodes (one or less per year now). If tart cherry also might help with arthritis, then all the better for an aging bod’.

I have found tart cherry in both liquid and capsule forms at both my local supplements store and online.

I have been using black cherry juice concentrate for the past few years to combat gout. Whenever I feel an attack coming on, I will up my daily dosage. It can cause a little gastric discomfort, so I would not use it at night. I usually mix a few ounces in a 16 oz bottle of water and drink it over the next hour, just like cherry-flavored water.

When my 80+ yr old mother moved to be near me, she was on meds for gout. I had just read about the value of cherries so she went off the meds and ate 6 canned cherries for breakfast for the next 18 yrs without any gout symptoms. As she became more forgetful, and cherries became more expensive, she stopped without telling me. Suddenly she had an acute gout episode. When she was able to stop the meds again she took tart cherry capsules for the rest of her life. So from 80+ to 104 she avoided gout by consuming cherries in one form or another.

Rather than use a spoon to take cherry juice or apple cider vinegar, I find it easier to use a whiskey shot glass.

My father and mother both had arthritis in their 50’s. But I take a shot glass of both in the morning, and while in my 70th year, so far no arthritis pain.

Is the pain relief benefit diminished when the cherry juice is reduced to capsule form?

tart cherry juice has cut my arthritis pain in half. can not do without.

Does the tart cherry juice make acid indigestion worse? I have a big problem with acid – throwing up every day just pure acid. Would like to try the tart cherry juice for arthritis pain but am worried if it will make the acid worse. Thank you for replying.

Tart Cherry Juice , not from concentrate, can be purchased from Trader Joe’s for $5 for 48oz. It tastes good and has no additives. They tend to run out of supplies regularly so buy several bottles at a time.

Should read 32oz not 48oz

I have just written an article on black cherry concentrate. Here is the link:

Can any one tell me, from where i can buy the black cherry juice in CHENNAI?

what kind of cherry juice or supplemental did you use and affordable? my knees and fingers are swollen from ra

What effects does Tart Cherry juice concentrate have on Warfarin? Also, How much is a person supposed to take daily?

I’ve been taking warfare n (Coumadin) for the past three years and have been told to avoid cranberry juice, but can I take cherry juice for the relief of arthritis?

After suffering 6 years of gout, lost my business, got custody of both my children from 2 separate relationships, I’m a 37 year old guy with chronic pain from gout, I’m trying black cherry concentrate today 6 teaspoons per day,C AN I ASK IF I CAN HAVE CELERY SEED AS WELL,THE NUTRITION SAID ONE OR THE OTHER, THANKS

My 54 yr old husband has severe pain and swelling after a long day at work, This am I gave him a 4 oz glass of tart cherry juice with his breakfast. When he got home from work, he was in a great mood and told me he felt great and nothing hurt. When I told him it was the cherry juice he was amazed, now he wants it every day.

Can someone tell me how many cherries do you all take for daily dose. If I was to take pills where and how many of these? Thanks to all.

I was tired of aching when I came across an article on Tart Cherry Concentrate. I use 2 TABLESPOONS mixed with XXX before bed.
I must admit the first 2 mornings I felt SO drugged. But that has not repeated. After 3 weeks, I “thought” was I seeing a wee bit of change. The bottle says to take at least 4-6 weeks. So I persevered. Right around 6 weeks I realized my hands were no longer aching! Well it’s been close to 4/months and my spine feels 100% better. I don’t wake up feeling like I needed to jump in our spa to warm up all my joints. Nor am I groaning when I try to pull myself out of my lounger!
I told my husband that all my joints feel SO much better. I don’t feel “old” any more. 2 Thumbs up; 5 stars (make them gold), because I’m completely sold.

Last Year after I had TIA in January the Neurosurgeon at the local hospital put me on a course of drugs including INVASTATIN, everything appeared to go well for a couple of months apart from a few muscle pains, then one day I had great difficulty in getting out of bed this progressed until within a couple of weeks! I could do nothing for myself including bathing, dressing etc.
We called in my practice Doctor who identified the ailment as muscular myopathy probably one of the side effects of the statins I was on (affects about 7% of people) So I stopped the drug and I gradually over a few months got 50-90% use back of all my limbs. However as I was getting over this problem I developed severe arthritis in my hands, knees, ankles and shoulders. At my local hospital I was told due to a renal problem I had they did not want to put me on the normal drugs. So I had a short course of steroid injections which would last me a couple of months and then they would have to reconsider my probs.
I checked on line and thought cherry concentrate might help so since then I have been on this supplement and after 7 months my hands etc are still normal with no pains in the night, cold weather, after trying to open cans etc so I’ll carry on using it till I run out of cash!!

Do tart cherry capsules interfere with Simvastatin?
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Not so far as we know.

I have a 13 yr old dog with arthritis and he has been on Dasuquin which definitely helped, but I’m ready to step it up now and give him cherries/juice too. I read that it’s not the actual cherries that are toxic to dogs, but it is the pits, stems, and leaves of the cherry plant that holds the toxin chemicals…

Well it’s been 2 days on tart cherry pills and black cherry concentrate. also added boswellia last night. Hopeful this will help with inflammation. DETERMINED to find a mix of things that will defeat this. Will keep in touch. Plan on adding ginger and turmeric.

I have ra and will be going to the health food store tomorrow. I am in pretty bad shape now so I will keep you updated. Lord please let this bring some relief.

Hi. I am 45 years of age and I have been in pain in my knees and ankle mostly for about 3years. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my knees but my doctors cant seem to figure out why I have the ankle pain. I believe it is gout because it runs in my family but because I don’t have swelling (I guess) they feel looking further in it is not necessary yet. Night time is the worse time for my pain.
I was at the grocery store last week and saw these yummy cherry’s and just wanted some. I ate the whole carton and went about my day. The next morning when I woke up I braced myself as always to get out of bed and to my surprise I had no pain. I thought about what I had ate and I said nothing was that different other than the cherry’s.
Went to sleep and woke up again and a little pain but not near as norm. Third night went to sleep and started feeling more pain. I thought about the cherry’s and said I’m going to try them again and the next day I did. Within about 5 hours pain gone again. Cherry’s are expensive so I said to myself I’m going to try cherry juice and I did, so far very little to no pain.
As far as I’m concerned God himself said enough suffering for her and put this before me because I had tried everything almost. I thought I had done enough research but not until now. Im just thankful for the relief and pray it continues. I will do cherry juice for a life time if it continues to make me feel this wonderful. I pray that everyone out their who suffers from pain get the relief they need…. try the cherry juice or just cherry’s. I believe some benefit will come. I will try the tart capsules people have talked about. God Bless All of you.

I have been using the tart cherry capsules for about 6 months now. I stopped because I fell behind in ordering them and wow… I suffered! Every part of me ached. Got the order and got back on them Instant relief. I did the same thing three weeks ago… oh brother, when will I learn?
My ankle which was broken two years ago was throbbing… my wrists went limp and painful like carpal tunnel syndrome… and I’m a hairdresser so do I need to talk pain? My neck… knees. I had no idea this was so widespread! Back on the cherry capsules last night…. guess what? I am pain free. This was tested and proved to me that this really works…. like someone up there wrote… it’s almost a religious experience!
To the doubters… just feel the pain you are in at this moment and feel it lessen almost right away. Amazing little miracle. I will never be without them again…. ever! I get mine online. I prefer the capsules. I take two a day. Good luck!

Swanson’s Vitamins sells very reasonably priced Tart Cherry Extract (capsules) online. Sometimes they have a BOGO special on – buy one get one free. A real bargain.

What has more anthocyanins, tart cherries or black cherries?

You had a detailed description for the start. Can you update on your current status? I hope it’s proved to be effective but, since everyone here says it’s working, I wonder if we’re hearing the complete story.
Best wishes.

I have arthritis in my knees and it was getting debilitating. Due to a kidney disease, I can’t take any of the arthritis drugs or even NSAIDs like ibuprofen for the pain. I started drinking tart cherry juice and it has definitely cut my pain in half. I’m also doing physical therapy and the exercises help a lot.
I tried black cherry juice, but it doesn’t taste as good, and doesn’t actually work as well for me. I’m just doing 1/2 cup of R.W. Knudsen’s Just Tart Cherry Juice a day. Maybe I’ll up it to see if it will lower the pain even more! I haven’t found a tart cherry juice concentrate locally yet, and like I said black cherry juice didn’t work as well for me. Good luck!

I have the bad back and arthritis in knees soo bad that I have a hard time walking, I’m gonna try this out.

I developed mild pain from arthritis and over-the-counter pain medication did not help so I tried it AND IT WORKED. Pain reduced in 5-6 hours and after a few days is practically gone.

What is COX-2? Very few answers here. I take Mobic also. Is the black cherry concentrate and the Mobic going to interact with each other? Just a bit over a week now and no relief so far. I am of course going to give it time, but I wish it would hurry.

Does tart cherry juice interact with coumadin?
People’s Pharmacy response: We cannot find any research indicating that it will. Proceed only with caution, however: if you have been on Coumadin for a while, you know that it can interact with many foods and that the interactions can be serious.

twice a day works good;) before bed and first thing in the morning. you can take it in the afternoon if your pain flares up again. of course, if you’re on meds or are a diabetic, you’ll want to consult your doc first:)

I sure do want to put BLACK CHERRY CONCENTRATE ON A PEDESTAL. My husband could not get rid of his GOUT for years, and we were told at a health food store, that they could sell us a lot of things saying that they would work, but they were the ones that said just takes BLACK CHERRY CONCENTRATE, and you will see the difference in a couple of days.
Sure enough, it worked. It really worked. My husband has taken BLACK CHERRY CONCENTRATE faithfully since 2007, and is Gout free to this day. He was told to mix a quarter cup a day with any juice, or take it straight. He was so desperate he started with that dose and was to scared to change to a smaller dose, so he still takes the same amount.

I drink 8 ozs. of Black Cherry Juice that I get at our local Publix Grocery Store. Runs around $4.20 for 32 oz. bottle. The reason I buy that particular brand is the high level of Potassium in each 8 ounce serving: 550mg.
I have a glass every other day which comes to $1.05 per glass. Not bad! The potassium and the antioxidents are what help decrease the swelling of gout and the inflammation of the Arthritis.
From my research I have not seen anything indicating any black cherry juice contrindication . . . uh, other than the occasionally brief and unwelcome bout with Aztec Two-Step. If that happens, adjust the amount you drink.
~Mike in Tampa

I have had Fibromyalgia for 14 years now…with the last few years really getting bad..I am at a new pain level as it is now affecting my hands so badly that i have a real hard time opening anything, buttoning my clothes etc. I am so excited to hear about this cherry concentrate that I am running to the store right now…I just pray it works for me too!

does cherries or juice interfere with any meds? blood thinners etc.Thanks for any and all information.

Hi I just bought concentrate black cherry 500mg how much can I take I get gout sometime

I tried black cherry concentrate for 3 months and I did not realize how good it was for my arthritis pain until I went off of it and I hurt all over so needless to say I went back on it and it does work.
Nina S

I have had R TKA and will get L done in march. I heard about reumofan from a friend, but since it is made in Mexico, I am very hesitant to consume it. When trying to research ingredients I came across this site. Tart cherry juice and/or eating dried tart cherries was in the magazine Arthritis Today.
I will see what happens and post after I purchase. Wondering which brand folks here are taking. Would be nice if ya’all posted the information! Helps us looking for info.

Did the cherry juice help your ankle? I have gout and do not like medications and their side effects.

A lot of you are asking how much to take, the bottle of my Black Cherry Juice recommends 2 table spoons in 8oz of water, The pharmacist at the counter at rite aide said it shouldn’t interact with my BP meds Linsopril and I could drink as much as I wanted cause it was just basically juice. This is my 1st dose and I am going to go to bed. I have the beginnings of gout in my ankle and will let you know if it lessens the pain or not. Any improvement will be better than nothing. Good luck all.

My plantar fasciaitis was so extreme I could hardly bear to walk. My doctor gave me a stretching exercise to do. The next week I broke my ankle and was in a wheelchair for 5 months. During that time I practiced the exercise of pointing my toes up towards my knee — just less than the degree that caused pain. When I was out of the wheelchair I never had the pain of plantar fasciaitis again. In the past 11 years I’ve repeated that stretching exercise, and also standing on a curb or step and letting my heels drop down below my toes, maybe a few times a month.
My doc says I still have plantar fasciitis, but it hasn’t hurt me again, because the tendons have lengthened and don’t press so hard against my heel spur.
Try it!

I am 75 years old, have arthritis here and there (feet, spine) and take 50mg atenolol daily for high blood pressure. I’d like to try the black cherry concentrate but don’t want to interfere with the blood pressure medicine. My doc says that aleve & ibuprofen interfere with atenolol. Any info will be helpful. Thanks

I have read about this for years. I have had severe arthritis in my toe joints for two years, following my fourth pregnancy. I developed pregnancy gout with each pregnancy, in addition to over active histamine activity. I have not tried cherry juice until now, my last child was born three years ago.
I have done massage, chiropractor, TENS, exercise, and diet. The pain in my SI joints, hips, and feet gets much worse around menstruation. NSAIDS help only temporarily. I keep going and work a lot physically, but also sit a lot for my job. I tried black cherry juice concentrate for the first time this morning mixed with my standard drink of chlorophyll and some odawalla drink. Within a few hours, I was AMAZED at how much less pain I had. Believe me, I was limping from the pain. Not now. I feel the pain, but it is an ache not a roadblock.
I am 42, do not have any major health issues, am not overweight, do not smoke, and try to keep physically active. Being hampered by arthritis pain is the worst. X-rays showed arthritis in my SI joints and toes joints. The ped said I have the feet of an much older person, I said I had fun in high heels while I could. But now, no way, I wear vibram five finger toe shoes, give my feet ice compresses, and now the black cherry juice.
While the other things helped (shoes, compresses) I am very impressed by the juice extract. I buy the concentrated extract and mix it with water or other juice. Wow. Why didn’t I do this before?
I am a scientist, so have researched the literature. There are reports of benefits, but no large scale numerous trials. However, cherry juice is a cox-2 inhibitor, so acts like the heavy duty arthritis drugs.
Try it, give it a few weeks. My results were probably not typical, but I am active, 42, and do take other supplements which may help, like chlorophyll.
I have also found that suspension therapy works very well in relieving pressure on the joints, or as my massage therapist does it, “pull therapy” where they just pull the joint away from the body. My husband used to to do this for my hips, just grab my legs and pull them away from me holding onto a flat surface. Such a relief. Try it all, you don’t know what will or won’t work until you try it. Be safe, and be informed.

Hello – someone asked my question, but no one has answered it so I shall ask again:
Some of you are using Tart Cherry and some Black Cherry – has anyone compared and if so, what is the difference in effect?
Thank you.

By far the best cherry capsule is cherryflex give it a try.
It is not a powder pill like all the rest. It is the real deal
and works!

I take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day like cough medicine. I am a young 41 year old ex model & mother in shape.
Something has happened to every joint in my body. I stopped taking cherry for a month and am in agony all over again. I’m going back on it!! It takes all the aches and pains away. If you are diabetic ask your doctor I had my sisters friend who had a blood cancer use it. She was amazed at how well it work for her, but it raised her blood sugar. So check with your Dr. I just refuse to go on a medicine that will cause other problems.
I will only look for natural cures.

I ate cherries last night, I woke up w/ pain on my right knee! hardly walk! I thought cherries are good for arthritis!……..

I now drink about 6 oz of Cherry juice a day but the capsules sound better. (less carbs)
As I have now started looking, I notice so many dosages are available. Does anyone know if it matters… is it okay to just start out and experiment?
And any specific brand better than others?

Will this cause any bad effects if taken with any particular medicines? is it counterindicated with any meds? thanks

I take 100mg of Fruit Advantage tart cherry in capsule form 3 hours before bed. It has helped my sleep. I sleep sounder & longer. I also take Celebrex and if anything I think they help each other. no adverse reactions and I’ve been on Celebrex for several years and on Tart Cherry for 4 months. I’ve recently started taking Milk Peptides , 1 capsule @ bedtime , not too sure if that’s doing much ,haven’t been on it very long.

I have recently been diagnosed with RA (age 47). All new to me. My hands are starting to swell along with some stiffness and soreness in most major joints. I am currently taking methotrexate once a week (first drug to be tried) along with mobic daily. I am winged off of prednisone.
I have a 7 yr old at home my 40th surprised birthday present). I want to be functional so I can help him with sports like my two older sons. I dread going to sleep, seems to be when the pain is worse. I just started drinking a 7-8 oz glass of Welches Black Cherry/Concord Grape 100% Juice. Has this helped anybody out there with pain?

My husband takes Lipitor, Metoprolol, Bactrim & Singular. Will Black Cherry Concentrate capsules interfere with these medications?

I have tried everything that has come down the pike for pain in my knees and in the last year am almost totally housebound due to can’t walk only a few steps even with walker. I just got my concentrated tart cherry juice in the mail, yesterday. Took 1 oz in about 8 oz water right away, took another 1 oz in about 4 oz of water at bedtime. I slept all night, first time in over several years. Today I am marveling at very little pain and I am already wanting to try to do a few things. I am going to stay on this indefinitely even if pain should return as the side benefit of improvement with quality sleep is worth it. I really like the flavor too. Also has to be better on internal organs than all these pills.

My brother recently had an acute gout attack. Two days after beginning a regimen of black cherry concentrate he was improved and now, less than a week later the gout attack is over!

I have started taking cherry tart extract for about 3 weeks now. I do have RA and a sugar problem type 2. I have heard great things about this herb. I am wondering how long will I have to take it before seeing results. I guess I ma just anxious for results, very tired of the pain.

I have a chronic pain due to arthritis. I have scope procedure in my right knee for tear meniscus and arthritis 2007 and until now I feel severe pain, swelling and heaviness of my knee. April of this year something popped up on my left popliteal part. I was brought to emergency because I couldn’t move my legs anymore. I went to 4 different orthopedic surgeons, took an x-ray then mri. The final decision is go for total knee replacement on my right knee and arthroscopic proc on my right knee. I tried everything not to have surgeries if possible because I’m afraid it will affect my job because I will be out of work for months.
I work more on mechanical that needs long standing, walking, kneeling and squatting. During my visit to a rheumatologist one of the patient advised me to try a black cherries, organic and concentrated. After work that day I went to wholefood to buy that juice, there are so many brands and I didn’t know exactly which is better. I picked the costly one because I feel so depress and disappointed with my knees.
Today is my second night of taking that juice so I don’t know if it will really help me or not. But still not losing hope. Anyone knows if this will works? Anyone has same problem like mine? pls reply.

Is it ok to drink cherry juice while taking Warfarin?

Do you remember which product was your pet taking? Did she continue to do well?
The ASPCA lists cherry as a poison plant but I will call and ask them about the fruit.

Is it safe to take Black Cherry Juice (straight up, concentrate, or capsules) while also taking 10mg warfarin daily?
Are there any “contra” problems?

Cherry juice sounds delicious, but I take 2 vinegar pills and it is great for arthritis. My daughter takes them for bursitis in her shoulder. I will give the cherry a try though Thanks

Is there a difference between tart cherries and black cherries? I just bought a bottle of each juice to see if it helps with my joint/muscular discomfort. Do you have any information on dosage? Thanks for any information.

I also take Celebrex & just started cherry juice. Is this safe? I do have fewer aches.

I have suffered from arthritis in my right hip for several years. It started very gradually about ten years ago. Last fall (fall of 2008), the arthritis in my hip got so bad that I could hardly walk. Over the years, I have taken all of the supplements for joint health. I tried all of the drinks advertised on TV and in the magazines. I have had two very expensive injections into my hip that only gave me relief for a few days. Nothing was helping me.
I was unable to exercise like I always loved to do. I was having a very difficult time doing my job. My x-rays looked horrible. The surgeon, who is going to do my hip replacement in 2010, wondered how I was even walking. I don’t remember exactly when I heard about cherries and cherry juice, but I started eating a lot of Bing cherries last spring-2009. I also started drinking tart cherry juice concentrate–I mix it in cold water. IT WORKS GREAT!!! I finally got some real relief.
Obviously, it does not re-build cartilage. However, it has been a very effective anti-inflammatory for me. I can climb stairs, exercise, mow the grass, work without a lot of pain, and do a lot of other things that I have not been able to do for a few years. I am still getting the hip surgery next summer, but until then, tart cherry juice is the best!!

I happened to see an interview on the Today Show with an arthritis sufferer that was taking black cherry juice and no pain meds anymore. I tried it and it worked. No more prescription drugs or Aleve for me right now.
I ate about 10 fresh cherries a day when they were in season. I have dehydrated some for the winter.
I still cannot find out how much is needed? I sometimes feel that I am taking too much. I currently take 4 ounces of fresh juice at a time. I thought of decreasing the amount to see how that would work.
It does work. I was vacationing and could not find any juice and I got aches and pains, especially when it rained. That proved that the benefit of the cherries was not just psychological. Pain is not psychological at all anyway.
I had been diabetic during pregnancies years back and Adult Onset came this summer. I changed my diet, increased exercise, and lose about 2 pounds a week. I have not had a high reading in three months so I take no insulin.
Thanks for this article and I passed it on the other gout sufferers.

Can I take Mobic while taking tart cherry tablets?

6 weeks ago I was calling doctor about scheduling shoulder surgery about arthritic shoulder. I am 37 years old. I found out about Black Cherry Juice at the same time. I am now almost 100% pain free, back to playing basketball, and have no intentions of having surgery. I highly recommend that anyone with arthritis pain try Black Cherry Juice. Many thanks to this forum.

I have just found out about tart cherry juice for fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have arthritis in both knees, my back is deterioating, and my fibromyalgia is very painful, but after a week of 2 T. of Tart Cherry Juice concentrate in 8oz. of water, I can tell a difference in my hands, knees, back and the muscles of my body. I bought my juice at Walmart in the cold juice section.

I have to disagree with your statement about tylenol not being good for Arthritis pain. I suffer with excruciating pain in my right knee and have for about the past 9 months. At times I feel like I won’t be able to keep going. For many months I took prescription strenght Ibuprophen 800 mg 3 times a day. I could never seem to get any relief, but can tell you from experience that I could take 2 or 3 extra strength tylenol or the generic and it would stop my pain.
After 6 months I went to my orthopedic doctor and they gave me a shot. That helped for about 6 weeks but I am back to hurting again. I found out about the Black Cherry concentrate today and found it at our local Rite Aid store and started taking it as soon as I got home. I have high hopes that it will help. When I want to stop hurting, I still prefer extra strength acetominaphen for my pain.

tylenol is not good for inflammation at all, Ibuprofin is the best over the counter anti inflamatory drug.

Plantar fascitis, sciattica, arthritis – many suffer with all three, not just one. Tart cherry juice is an amazing simple solution. If you can research online, you will find many natural (not weird) alternatives and be able to get off some or most of your meds. I “thought” I was ready for knee surgery (having had 2 scopes). I am going to teach beginning tap dancing this year at age 65 (after years of suffering). Also just an FYI – Fish Oil & Flaxseed (in capsules) also help not only arthritis, but in thinning hair and dry skin.
My hair was thinning (after being bless with thick hair all my life). Went on Fish/Flax 3 yrs. ago and my hair is almost as it was in my younger years and the texture is soft, not bristly. One more hint – those that seem to suffer from flatulence when eating dairy products (cheese) – it may not be the dairy, but the “yellow” cheeses. Switch to provolone and mozzarella – and be “gassless.”

Do tart cherry capsules interfere with wafarin?

I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis and other miscellaneous joint pains for over a year. I found fresh organic cherries at the grocery store and ate them, not knowing that cherries would or could help with the joint pain. After several days the heel and other pains were gone. The fresh cherries are no longer in the stores but I order dried organic cherries. Hope they work as well.

I use Cherry Plus Concentrate from There is also a pump available which will give you the 1 oz. daily dose. I mix mine with a breakfast drink I make for myself, usually the concentrate, crushed ice and some milk, 1/2 banana, whey powder, flaxseed, and whatever other fruit I feel like at the time. I also add a little cinnamon and/or vanilla. Hardly ever have any foot or knee pains anymore.

I am looking for the adverse conditions that can be experienced while taking other prescribed medications. I am a cardiac, diabetic patient with other medical conditions that make things a little hard to do. When not injured or hurting, I work out in the gym and ride bicycles cross country with our bicycle club.

I’ve been suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip since age 45.Total hip replacement done 3 years ago relieved my R hip. Now waiting for surgery on L hip. I’m a busy nurse and on my feet all day. I have been taking Aleve for a long time. I started black cherry juice concentrate 2 TBSP 2x/day 3 months ago. It has relieved my pain as much as the Aleve!
It doesn’t take the pain away completely, but makes moving much easier. I can do yard work, etc. I noticed the difference when I stopped, while on vacation. The pain was much worse until I restarted this again. There’s no side effects, tastes good plain or in drinks such as diet pepsi. I will definitely highly recommend trying this natural pain reliever! It worked for me immediately!

I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient. I am suffering from severe pain between 12 pm to 4 pm the pain increases from 12 pm and slowly reduces at 4pm. The pain between this period is so great that it is difficult to bear the pain. Kindly help me with the solution. Suggestions are invited.

I have used tart cherry juice for over one year now and I am PAIN FREE! For those of you with awful pain, especially at night when it is time to sleep, you will realize what a miracle this is. I have a replaced hip and then pain started flaring up in the other one. I also have moderate arthitis in my knees which would throb at night. I took tart cherry juice every morning and saw results after the 3rd week. Do not give up!
Stick with it. I am now PAIN FREE! Good luck!

I have just heard about this cherry juice, I have many pains and can’t sleep much from the pain. I sure hope it works. How long does it take to start helping?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & have done well for the past 5 years with Minocin 3 days a week. However, I often had to take OTC meds for pain (worse when the barometer drops). I read about cherry juice in the paper & began mixing 2 TAB. in a glass of water, once a day. The results were amazing. No pain in hands or feet & I had energy. I usually take it in the morning & do so even on days when I take my Minocin.
I found bottles of Dynamic Health black cherry concentrate at a health food store. And, it tastes good!

I have none of these problems such as arthritis, back pains and so on but would like to try cherry juice just for dieting would that be a problem?

All of the above are wonderful news, however, not very specific. What BRANDS of juices and supplements are people using to help with arthritis/stiffness and swelling? Since so many are not “standardized” I’m wondering where to get QUALITY/PURITY tested supplements and juices. I realize that many of the “natural remedies” are speculative in quality and contain little to none of the main ingredient, so I would appreciate a reputable source.
Thank you!

Should you keep taking your medication for arthritis if the cherry juice alleviates your symptoms? this medication is to slow down the process also, I wonder if the cherry juice also helps this way?

I have severe arthritis in both knees. My husband has plantar francitis. Does black cherry juice help both of these problems?

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for almost a year and would like to try the cherry juice — how much do I take each day?

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for years, and would certainly try the cherry juice — how much each day and where should I get it?

Wow, you guys are the best. I had a serious case of plantar fascitis and saw this article regarding Cherry Juice. I took one swig from the bottle yesterday and today the pain is gone. This really works. Please don’t try with alcohol though. I found out that this doesn’t work as well.
Big Ed

I was diagnosed with plantar fascitis–and going to one of the best foot doctors in the houston medical center. I was given pain meds, many anti-inflamatories, foot splints without success–and at last resort recommended steroid injections for intense pain. A friend suggested to try the cherry juice–in two days I was almost pain free. It was almost a religious experience. I am convinced this works–and have since taken more cherry juice when pain flared up a few weeks later–with once again great relief….

Is it all right to take the concentrated cherry juice if you are a heart patient who has arthritis & gout? Or take the cherry capsules?

When is the best time to take your cherry juice?

I have Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia and Fybromyalgia. Tart Cherry Concentrate is the greatest thing. I don’t even take pain pills any more.

I have bad knees back and asthma, I suffered greatly for over three years did research and found in the past year the natural herbs and also black cherry concentrate have added to my health, also ginger root in tea, raw red onion, cumin, celery seeds, and many vitiams, cutting way back on sugar, and drinking more water. I am doing research and adding the natural into my diet one by one, trying herbs i never heard of and getting better all the time. The cherry teas are also good–I put one tea bag in with the ginger root–works great. Dont forget to eat fresh cherries–they help a lot.

Responding to Paula V.’s post including “asked our vet if I could give it to our dog.” Please be aware that Black Cherry has been listed among the toxic items for dogs. I refer As well, the ASPCA suggests that grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs… so keep that in mind….

I have not had any relief from pain after taking cherry juice concentrate one teaspoon daily for over 2 weeks now. How much can I safely increase the dose to? I don’t take any other medications other than acetaminophen occasionally when the pain is really uncomfortable.

I have a patient who takes warfarin and wants to take concentrated cherry juice for arthritis. Her husband is taking it and it has helped him. There is a documented problem with flavanoids in cranberry juice. I gather that cherry juice is rich in flavanoids & also has an effect on the inflammatory process. Is there any evidence that cherry juice will or will not affect the INR?

I tried the cherry juice after reading about it in your column. I now get out of bed without back pain (after less than a month). I have sciatica, along with other back issues, and arthritis in both knees. I can do stairs again.
On top of that, I asked our vet if I could give it to our dog. He said yes as the worst it would do is give her the runs, but to give her half a dose. I give her two capsules a day and she now running and not shaking nearly as much after only two weeks.
I am so glad I saw this particular column.

Does this interfere with Arthritc medicine as i now take Mobic and the other person who wrote takes Celbrax? I do not want to try something that will do this.

Will taking the cherry concentrate together with celebrex cause problems like grapefruit juice can?

I have used the tart cherry capsules for my arthritis for about one year. Husband also uses it for his gout. It is very helpful and relieves our aches and pains. I learned about this from the medical site Your letter is also very, very helpful. Thanks!

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