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Articles categorized as Alzheimers Disease

Article imageTerry Graedon - June 12, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - June 12, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - June 13, 2024 - 27 comments

What’s In Your Armpits: Magnesium or Aluminum?

We're pitting magnesium against aluminum for your armpit health. Which is safer, magnesium or aluminum? Should you care what's in your pits?

Joe Graedon - May 27, 2024

Where Can I Find a List of Anticholinergic Drugs?

Terry Graedon - May 9, 2024

How to Delay Dementia with a Mediterranean-Style Diet

Terry Graedon - May 8, 2024

Personalized Approach Can Lower Risk for Dementia

Joe Graedon - April 28, 2024

Why Would the FDA Approve Ineffective Drugs?

Joe Graedon - April 8, 2024

Does Prevagen Help to Improve Memory?

Article image
Joe Graedon - March 28, 2024

Is It Possible to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with Viagra (Sildenafil)?

Drug companies have left patients disappointed in their quest to prevent Alzheimer's disease. A new study suggests Viagra might work.

Article image
Terry Graedon - March 14, 2024

Could a Daily Multivitamin Help You Stay Sharp?

The COSMOS-MInd study show that seniors taking a daily multivitamin are more likely to stay sharp. A high-veggie diet might also help.