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Articles categorized as Dementia

Article imageTerry Graedon - April 4, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - March 28, 2024
Article imageJoe Graedon - April 8, 2024 - 31 comments

Does Prevagen Help to Improve Memory?

You may have seen TV advertising for a dietary supplement called Prevagen to improve memory. Now the FTC has called the product into question.

Terry Graedon - March 14, 2024

Could a Daily Multivitamin Help You Stay Sharp?

Joe Graedon - February 29, 2024

Could BCG, a 100-Year-Old Vaccine, Protect You From Dementia?

Joe Graedon - February 21, 2024

Conflicting Results from Anti-Alzheimer’s Treatments: Brain Shrinkage?

Terry Graedon - February 15, 2024

Show 1374: Marvelous Medicinal Mushrooms

Joe Graedon - February 7, 2024

Could Exercise Save Your Brain?

Article image
Terry Graedon - January 24, 2024

Should You Be Taking Vitamin Supplements?

Many medications can interfere with good nutrition. If you are taking pills for certain conditions, perhaps you should be taking vitamin supplements.

Article image
Joe Graedon - January 8, 2024

Are My Medications Causing Me Memory Problems?

Could memory problems be due to drugs rather than aging or dementia? Meds turned one reader's memory to "garbage." Beware anticholinergics!