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wellbutrin and budeprion pills

When a Drug Like Buproprion Smells Bad

When food smells bad we know not to eat it. That's because it may be spoiled. What should we do if an antidepressant like bupropion smells bad?

young man suffering from depression sitting on a couch looking sad

Antidepressants and Thoughts of Suicide – Were You Warned?

It's hardly surprising that tens of millions of people take antidepressant medications. What is shocking is that such drugs may trigger thoughts of suicide.

woman appears anxious and depressed

COVID-19 Is Making People Anxious and Depressed

New prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants and sleepings pills have increased recently. Americans are anxious and depressed.

Young woman hold her hands up in fear

Can you Deal with Depression and Manage Anxiety?

Are you anxious, confused and worried about COVID-19? Who wouldn't be! Headlines have been scary. Are there ways to manage anxiety and deal with depression?

portrait of Daniel Amen MD, advocate of brain function analysis

Show 1204: How Brain Function Affects Mental Illness

Dr. Daniel Amen argues that a healthy mind needs a healthy brain. How can you help your brain function more effectively for good mental health?

sad and depressed young woman crying

Wellbutrin XL Antidepressant Is Affordable in Canada

The FDA rarely admits a mistake. But after years of wrangling, we finally got the FDA to admit that a generic Wellbutrin XL antidepressant was a problem.

An illustration of the brain made up of rusty gears representing Alzheimer disease
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Can Lithium in Water Supply Prevent Dementia?

Are you drinking lithium in water? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? New research suggests that when lithium levels in water are high, dementia is lower.

psilocybin containing mushrooms

Do Psychological Benefits from Psilocybin Last?

Nearly five years after a psychedelic experience designed to be therapeutic, most participants report they still are getting benefits from psilocybin.

a surprised doctor looking at a chart

Is Your Doctor Stressed? Depressed Doctors Are Dangerous!

Is your doctor stressed out, burned out or overwhelmed? Many MDs are beleaguered by a dysfunctional health care system. Depressed doctors are riskier.

depressed older man

Losartan and Suicide: Is This a Real Side Effect?

Losartan is one of the most prescribed blood pressure pills. Is there a link between losartan and suicide? What about ACE inhibitors like lisinopril?


Show 1188: The Healing Potential of Psychedelic Drugs

For decades, there was no research on the potential uses of psychedelic drugs. Scientists are now starting to explore how these drugs may help.

Italian pasta, Mediterranean diet

Can You Fight Depression by Eating the Mediterranean Way?

When depressed college kids tried eating the Mediterranean way, they began feeling better. Less junk food meant lower scores on a depression scale.

man suffering from depression

Is Therapy Better Than Drugs for Depression?

Why has the American health care system given up on psychotherapy and embraced drugs for depression? A new study says CBT could save money in the long run.

Packet of Antidepressant Prozac Pills

What Other Drugs Boost Antidepressants’ Effectiveness?

A meta-analysis of 30 studies finds that anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs or statins can improve antidepressants' effectiveness.

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Stop-Smoking Drug Chantix Triggers Violence

Commercials for Chantix, especially the "Slow Turkey" ads, are very compelling. What about side effects? Does Chantix trigger agression in some people?

Swimmers swimming in a pool

Show 1182: How You Can Use Exercise as Medicine

Doctors who use exercise as medicine offer personalized prescriptions for activity. This can be as powerful as medications for promoting health.

Dr. Drew Ramsey holding greens tells how to eat to nourish your brain

Show 1180: How to Eat to Nourish Your Brain

Do you know what foods you should eat to nourish your brain? You can improve your outlook and cognitive function by getting the 21 essential nutrients.

Metformin Prescription Pills With Identification Numbers

Is Depression Linked to Metformin for Diabetes?

A possible vitamin B12 deficiency could explain depression linked to metformin for blood sugar control. An additional supplement might help.

doctor holding pills

Can You Overcome Trouble with Generic Antidepressants?

When patients have trouble with generic antidepressants, their doctor and pharmacist should act as allies to help them get the medication they need.

flag with the word ketamine

Ketamine for Surgery Lifts Cloud of Depression

For decades anesthesiologists used IV ketamine for surgery. Then doctors reported that it worked against depression. This patient discovered it by accident.