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Can Chantix Cause Depression?

The stop-smoking drug Chantix can trigger serious depression, especially in those who have had past episodes of depression.
Nicotine addiction

Q. I am taking Chantix to quit smoking.  I have had no urge to smoke, but I am seriously depressed.

In the past I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I attempted suicide 10 years ago and was hospitalized for depression.

I am concerned that my recent bout of severe depression may be a result of taking Chantix.  Has this topic been researched? I want to stop smoking but I don’t want to be this depressed. I am still seeing a therapist. Should I tell him about this?

A. Chantix is a relatively new oral prescription medication to help people stop smoking. It works in a completely different way from nicotine replacement gum, lozenges and patches.

In clinical studies Chantix was somewhat more effective than another oral medication, Zyban (bupropion SR), in helping people stay off cigarettes.

The most common side effects of Chantix are nausea, headache, sleep problems and strange dreams. Although depression is not listed as a common side effect, it was frequently reported among people who participated in the clinical trials.

Please contact your therapist about your depression. Your doctor may consider whether Zyban, which also has antidepressant activity, might be more appropriate for you.

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I love the Chantix as it helped me stop smoking. I found myself angry and lashing out at other over little things, but I thought there has to be some kind of “short coming” to being able to stop smoking and not feel the cravings. Now I have not had Chantix for 3 weeks, and I am feeling very depressed. I have everything, and none of it matters right now. I don’t want to feel this way and have to believe it is due to the Chantix.

Stay away from this POISON!! My wife (52 yrs old) started taking this drug almost four weeks ago after she and I made a pact to stop the nicotine. She was a pack a day smoker and I used smokeless tobacco. I decided to just go cold turkey but she wanted something to “take the edge off”. Our family doctor prescribed this for her and now……..

All went well for first three weeks other than the expected side effects of insomnia and stomach cramps. After being smoke free for two weeks and worsening cramps and abdominal pain she decided to stop taking the pills. That was 5 days ago on Sunday. Monday, no issues. Tuesday, irritable but nothing dramatic and we thought just from fatigue (insomnia remained). Wednesday, WOW!!! Anger. Horrible Depression. Inconsolable.

My beautiful, outgoing, life loving wife, mother of four and new grandmother has lost all hope in three days!! It is now Saturday and she has not gotten out of bed for more than 20 minutes since Wednesday, announced to me more than once that she doesn’t want to live, I don’t really love her, our children don’t care and she sees no point in going on!!

This garbage is worse than smoking. My wife has never had emotional issues and has always been exceptionally strong both mentally and emotionally. In three weeks it has changed her and God only knows if/when she will snap out of it.

Again, my advice would be to NEVER PUT THIS POISON INTO YOUR BODY!!! Doctors should be prosecuted for prescribing it.

So it’s now day 8 without the Chantix, and my wife has finally re-surfaced. She’s still a little moody but NOTHING like she has been for the last 7 days. Of course, the doctor that prescribed this POISON says her mood had nothing to do with the medication. What a joke!! Please, please, please, stay away from this garbage. It may not have the same effect on everyone but I’ve now personally witnessed Chantix taking a vibrant, life-loving, beautiful, outgoing mother and grandmother and within 48 hours turning her into a suicidal puddle of goo……


I just started 2 wks ago and noticed depression spurts of it last 3 days hopefully it leaves.

Wow, thank you for this blog. I’ve been taking Chantix for about ten days. I went from one pill in the morning to now two a day for the last three days. I cannot explain why I am feeling so low. Soooooooo low. Barely get to work without a shower. Smallest of tasks seem to take a MAJOR effort. I think I am becoming paralyzed with depression? I’m a total slug. (After reading this blog I love the fact that somebody quit easily after smoking for 25 years and almost think its a good trade-off?) I don’t know what to do. I haven’t even stopped smoking yet. So that can’t be causing the depression.

I also feel this way, Mary. I hope you have conquered your cigarette addition, and your depression is better. I feel so hopeless, and worthless, like I did when my 2 daughters moved away 10 years ago. I can’t help feeling so down, and I don’t like it one bit. I have been smoke-free for 1 month now and stopped taking chantix a week ago, thinking that was causing my depression. Let me know how you are!!! Jan

I have been taken Chantix, 1/2tablet, this is my 3rd day…no urge to smoke…great, BUT today, I am nauseated, depressed, no interest in doing anything.. Will not be taking anymore!
Chantix works great, but side effects can change your world and make you take your life.. Don’t risk it…..

First off i agree chantix messes with your head a bit. I’m having many of these side effects also. It is best to have someone you trust watch you. I also believe that quitting nicotine has serious side effects and that is a huge part of the depression people feel while taking chantix. Im staying on the chantix because quitting without it is more unbearable than with it and everyone posting here knows it. Doesn’t matter what drug they come out with, there is always a give and take. If you wanna quit nicotine sometimes you gotta suck it up.

I have never had an issue with depression, I have cried once in the past 25 years and consider myself a very strong minded individual that others will attest to. After two weeks of taking chantix that all changed, I became depressed, wanted to leave a marriage that was like a fairy tale because it is that good after twenty years and she is the women that made me the success that I am today. I started crying, started to become very unhappy, lost all emotions to people around me, I still feel it and did tell my wife I was unhappy and I’m losing interest, she replied that we will fight this and the drug, never got upset just wanted to help. I still feel down and will fight this the best way I can which I am not sure of how to do that yet. This drug brought back old memories and feelings of the past, it sort of taking them away with the feelings of the present and I am trying really hard to fight this but feel i am losing the battle. I feel ashamed, bad for the people that care for me as much as they do and I cannot return that favor anymore. I will do the noble thing and stay with what I have and be content with it. I urge you not to take this drug and the chance of feeling the miserable and shameful way that I do. I never thought I could stop loving but this drug had done this to me, it was like overnight, I never knew what hit me. Before taking the drug I was very happy, no regrets of anything, loved and respected everyone around me, after taking you read how I felt and I am 100% positive this drug caused it. Sincerely, a very miserable, shameless, individual who just needs to man up and suck it up I guess, thank you chantix!

I have been taking Chantix for months now. It works if you do not have a history of depression. I was told I suffer from Major Depression over 15 years ago. Since about the 12th week of taking this medicine, I started noticing that I would rather stay home than go to the grocery store. Family outing I forced my self to go to. I just couldn’t find the happiness that I should have felt.
Well I believe this it is the Chantix that has me angry at everyone around me. I am having suicidal thoughts all the time. When things do not go my way I take it out on my loved one. I found myself in a situation last night where I wanted to cut my self and put all my family member out of my misery. I see my doctor in a few days. I the mean time the people around me are making sure I do not take to many pills and get my hand on anything else I might hurt myself with.
I want the old me back. The one that take depression medicine and can deal with the problem I get hit with. I don’t like this me; because she cries at the drop of a hat and you are just better off leaving me alone. I have to force myself out of bed everyday. I pray to god everyday for the strength to get though another day.
People’s Pharmacy response: The reactions you are experiencing have been reported by others. See your doctor as soon as possible, and until you do, stop taking the drug. Best of luck!

I just found this site after wondering why I’ve been so depressed lately. I quit smoking two months ago, work out almost every day, have a great job and a great kid. By all accounts I should be stoked on life. Instead I’ve been so depressed that I’ve been skipping work, skipping social events, and just staying home for weeks. I’m halving my does to .5 mg twice a day and see if that helps. The drug is amazing in that it made me quit cold turkey after smoking for 25 years with zero urge to relapse, but this malaise is unbearable….

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jim and I just started Chantix 3 days ago, today will be my fourth. I work in the addiction field/ mental health. I suffer from anxiety, as I am a chronic insomniac, have been for years. Since starting this medication the only side effects that I have noticed, which did not start until last night, was the inability to sleep. I have a call into the prescribing MD. At this time, for myself quitting smoking is very important do to heart related illness, I have been a smoker for 45 yrs. I guess what I’m saying, myself I need to find out if this will be a short term problem, as with many medications, that will subside. Will the benefits outweigh the short term side effects.

I was on champix for around 12 weeks, and in week 3, I started getting this surreal feeling and numbness down my legs. As the weeks went on, I began to get very angry and sad. This got worse and worse, until there was not a day of time I was not yelling or crying. I went to see the Dr and like so many, the dr put me on hormone crème.
One day when I rang my husband and accused him of this plan to get rid of me, Oh my god I was even now getting paranoid. I have been off this drug for a few weeks now and the symptoms still come and go. I just want to stop and I don’t know how. Can anyone help about time, my whole life is unraveling.

I have never felt so horrible in my life!!! I stated taking Chantix on 7-20-2012, it was ok at first the stomach aches, headache I got use to it. But as of 8-6-12, my mental life has went downhill. I am so sad for no reason. Crying all the time..
I feel like I am losing my mind. Have not slept since I started taking Chantix. I contacted my doctor and was told that ” I was just having a bad day “. Please!!! and that if I felt like this the whole time I was taking Chantix she would believe me!!
I am so hurt that this doctor I trust with my life would give me such a drug and now I feel she thinks I’m lying…
Now my husband and co workers are worried about me. Once bubbly and office clown is now sad, crying empty person…
I am praying to feel better soon… If you are thinking about taking Chantix, I say DO NOT TAKE THIS!!!

My 24 yr old daughter took Chantix last spring and quit smoking. After stopping Chantix, she disowned the entire family including me, her mother who raised her alone. We had an incredibly close relationship until May 17 2011 when she turned to me at a family event, went nuts over a small issue and told me she’d never see me again.
She wrote one email that day after she left the party, accusing me of crazy things that never happened. She truly believes horrible stories she’s made up about her childhood etc. This, after telling me the week before she had the best childhood, I was the best mom, etc… She eloped with her fiance and moved out of state. I have had no contact with her in over a year. She has erased herself from the internet and I have lost my only child and future grandchildren.
Before Chantix, she was absolutely terrific- highly intelligent and thoughtful. I am sick over this. I cannot believe Dr’s are pushing this drug.

To A.O. – Please stop NOW. I said the same thing and the damage it did was huge. I took it for a month or so and became beyond suicidial. I had to go on short term disability from work for 2 and a half months. My doctor sent me to a pychiatrist who put me on Wellbutrin, Lexapro and Klodipin. It was the lowest and worst time in my life. To this day I am still not the same person. If I can save one person from what I went through…. please, please listen to me and STOP NOW. I promise it is for the best. CR

I have been on Chantix for 8 days now and I already feel depressed. Today, I happened to remember what depression is. I have a history of depression and I started using the drug because I didn’t want to suffer like my mother, who died of lung cancer in July 2011.
I definitely lack energy. I have been going to the gym for 5 months now but for the past 7 days, I have been feeling less energetic and finding it difficult to exercise.
I am thinking of quitting the drug because I don’t want to get any worse. I will give it a couple of days more to see whether it gets worse.

I am moving to australia in a few weeks and will not be able to afford to keep smoking. Was seriously considering chantix but the posts here scared the crap out of me. I’m going to try patches and ecigs. There’s enough on the net to know it’s the chantix and not the withdrawal or anything else, IMO.

I took chantix last summer and quit smoking for 2 months, I only took the first prescription of it. I became so depressed, and horrible acting, just a dreadful feeling inside of me. I have been through many things in my life that made me very very sad, but I have never felt as awful as I did with chantix. I was mean to my family, hated myself, nothing made me happy and had suicidal thoughts. I feel better now, but I am so afraid of ever feeling that way again. I would not recommend chantix to anyone. I just hope those feelings do not come back.These feelings went on for a good while after stopping chantix. I hope anyone that does take this drug is very careful and does not have the same happen to them.

Sean, be very very careful with Chantix and quite frankly I think you should talk to your doc about it. I used Chantix several years ago before they started warning about depression. It has been over 4 years now, and I still haven’t recovered completely. I have to be constantly on guard with my mental state. Never been suicidal, no prior history of depression, but now I go into an ‘I don’t give a **&* about anything” state.
While I was taking this med, I was really really bad. This is after 50 years as a classic Type A personality. It ruined me financially. Pretty catastrophic when you are self employed and start that attitude. Now, if I am prescribed another drug by my doc, I keep a detailed mental diary of my mental state because it seems that many will trigger the depression. The statins for cholesterol seem particularly troublesome (even though I compensate with CoQ10). The only cholesterol med tolerable to me seems to be Lipitor. But the copay is through the roof. Even a so called ‘generic Lipitor’ screws me up. But Chantix was the worst.

Unbelievable that other people have the exact same symptoms. Two years have gone by and I still feel like a piece of my brain is not functioning. This CHANTIX has turned me from happy go lucky into I don’t really care. It has ruined my family life. I thought something was wrong with me until I started reading other post on this site. I want to go back to sleeping all night without waking up from horrible dreams. ANY ADVICE????

I’ve been on Chantix for a month now, and it’s definitely a very mixed bag. After 6 years of a pack or more a day habit it gives me hope that I can really quit. The first week of it cut my smoking drastically (down to maybe 4 or 5 cigarettes a day as opposed to 20+.) On the second week I still couldn’t quit but I was down to 1-2 cigarettes a day. Third week I was flat out done, and it was amazing. This is truly a very powerful tool for the addicted.
The downside of it is just as profound as the upside, however. Since week one I was prone to wild mood swings which my girlfriend of 4 years noticed as being completely unlike me. Just this last weekend (week 4) I became severely depressed, had immense suicidal ideations, and couldn’t stand living, couldn’t stand even hoping things would get better. Thank god for my girlfriend or I wouldn’t be here to write this response.
All of this isn’t exactly alien to me, I’ve suffered from depression a number of times in my life, but I was never medicated for it and usually all I would have to do is spend a day or two relaxing and id be fine. This was different. I cried in front of my father last weekend (when the strongest of the depression hit) and I haven’t done that since I was maybe 6 or 7. I’m serious, it seems like if you have a history of an ‘unstable’ mental condition you need to think long and hard about whether or not you want to take this.
That’s also not to say that I’ve got my entire mental status on lock, I am an active duty military man who has deployed to Afghanistan and I forced myself to go to a PTSD counselor, so clearly I don’t possess the cleanest mental state, but be warned, if you’re ANYTHING like me, id be very careful of this pill, or have someone in your life good enough to keep a close eye on you.
As for me, I’ll keep taking it. I’ve got the support structure to maintain myself on it, and it really does make quitting smoking and staying away much more reasonable. Mind you I’ve quit smoking cold turkey twice and it’s hell.

I smoked for over 10 years and had tried to quit but never made it past a couple days. I started Chantix and noticed right away during the first week I was loosing the urge to smoke. Dreams were vivid and I got an upset stomach if I took it without food. Not bad. On day 7, as directed, I quit smoking. Awesome!
It was a little tough to break the “habit” of smoking, after a meal, in the car, etc. But that terrible anxiety, the feeling that I HAD to smoke was gone. Towards the middle of this week, (week 2 on Chantix) I started changing, I was SO sad, emotional, down and dark feeling. My fiance said he hadn’t seen me smile in days. He said he barely recognized me. I would freak out and throw a temper tantrum like a 3 year old over the stupidest things, I cried myself to sleep every night.
I stopped taking Chantix in the middle of week 3 (last week) I finally started feeling better this past weekend. Today- Thursday of week 4 since I started Chantix, I am at 100% again. I am confident I will not smoke again, I was ready to quit and have no desire to go back. I am also confident I could not have done it without Chantix. Was it worth it for me? Yes. Is it absolutely terrifying it can alter your personality so much? Yes.

One of my goals for 2011 was to quit smoking. I went to my doctor and asked about Chantix. He prescribed it for me that day. I was excited to quit smoking and knew once I did, my life would change for the better (so I thought). I started the Chantix in March only taking 1/2 the dosage prescribed. I felt great and quit smoking for 13 days. I had some crazy dreams at first, then noticed I wasn’t feeling myself.
I am an extremely outgoing, fun-loving person–full of life with no prior history of depression. My friends noticed I was “different” and I was keeping to myself. I didn’t realize I had isolated myself from my family and friends and all I did was absolutely nothing but sit in my chair in my pj’s. This was my summer. I decided to go off the Chantix in May. Within two weeks after stopping, I slipped into a severe depression, something I’ve never experienced in my lifetime (I am 43).
June 8th was the day. You may think it is strange, but I was subconsciously planning my death prior to June 8th. I went to an estate planning class and made sure everything was in place. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time. I am a single mother and I have a wonderful son. I would never, ever do anything to hurt him (his father passed when he was a child). On June 8th, I didn’t go to work. I layed in my son’s bed (he was at school)… It was like the devil took over me and my thoughts.
For the first time in my life, I had no control over my thoughts and my thoughts were to die. I was going to die a brutal death… slicing my wrists in my tub and placing a plastic bag over my head, writing a 2-hour delayed e-mail to a friend to call 911 to clean up the mess before my son got home the next day from college. I am afraid of needles so I knew this was not my thinking, but it didn’t stop me. I layed there in my son’s bed consumed with thoughts. Crying and begging God to take them away, but they wouldn’t go away.
My mom, who thought I was working, and KNOWS not to call me during work hours, called in the midst of all of this. She heard horror in my voice, I just said I was having a bad day. I went downstairs and grabbed a rosary and my son’s photo and was on my knees crying and begging once again for God to take it away… It didn’t go away. My parents unexpectedly drove over instantly and saved me from killing myself.
They took me to the ER and I was committed to a suicidal facility for a week. I was discharged on the 15th of June. I am still not right to this day as the depression is still in me. I am still having trouble leaving the house and being social. I am now on anti-depressants and seeing a therapist. I am also out again on short-term disability trying to get well.
I write my story to urge anyone thinking about taking this drug, to not take it. For some, you will not have ANY control over your thoughts and actions. This is our lives I am writing about and this drug is a loaded gun sitting on the table waiting for someone to pull the trigger. Please be careful! To those who successfully quit smoking on Chantix… I would say you’re the lucky ones! Take care

4 months or so off chantix, took mostly just half doses of chantix and quit for a few months. Totally off chantix and the urge to smoke two a day is there, but it is for reasons other than nicotine. Would rather smoke 2 cigs a day than put chantix in me. Good luck everyone.

2.5 weeks on chantix now… quit cigs on the 4th day of use…. now 2 weeks cig free… the side effects for me are a touch of nausea if I don’t eat first… a few vivid but not too bad of dreams… a bit tired but I take it only after dinner between 630-730 no day dose for me… and last side effect is joint pain!!! wow feel arthritic at times tennis elbow toes and finger joints hurt neck etc… not on the .5mg only on the 1mg dose…now the benefits…. not smoking duh… and some relief for my menopause symptoms!!!! I am loving that~!!
I would recommend chantix to others but to watch for symptoms of side effects and adjust the dosage accordingly with a docs approval… it does affect everyone differently!!
I didn’t have a choice cause I had withdrawls from the patch got sick from the gum and gave up after 10 days cig free and smoked… I like to smoke but they trigger my migraines… not the nicotine tho~ the other 1000+ chemicals in the cigs…. the electric cig made me want to smoke more and 12-15 migraines a month was killing me… I swear I felt like I was gonna have a aneurism!!!!

how about wellbutrin people? I quit chantix, and yes I have slipped, but I am still considering myself a nonsmoker. I took it for a few months, but never did the higher doses as was prescribed. Now I am on wellbutrin instead. I think I’d rather go with this stuff. Treat depression AND smoking inhibitor

I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a history of depression, took chantix and ended up still having issues emotionally long after taking yourself off. I am in that situation. Even with a history of problems, my doc put me on it… I didn’t make it even two weeks… and I haven t felt okay since. .

Today marks 8 weeks of not smoking, thanks to Chantix. But it also marks weeks of depression – not exactly sure when it started, but I’m done taking Chantix as of this morning, as I sat here and cried for no reason except that I hate the world. Today I decided that I’d rather have a shorter life because of smoking than a longer depressing life like this….

Sorry Stelly that I don’t check this site very often anymore. I smoked for almost 30 years and smoked for about 3-4 weeks after starting the Chantix. I did indeed use the Lexapro along with the Chantix-it worked very well for me. Tomorrow I celebrate 3 years of no cigarettes! I have NEVER cheated, mostly because I don’t dare. I still miss it at times, but never enough to take another puff. Good luck to everyone!

Chantix worked great for me. Problem is, I was diagnosed with type I diabetes, so after 4 days in the hospital, the ‘quitting smoking’ went on the back burner. I quit the Chantix to get it out of my system so I can start over. I think I was “too” used to it. No depression or appetite problems and my dreams are wacky anyway. I took it for 2 months.

I do wish people would stop insinuating that the very real negative effects people have experienced from using Chantix is just due to “auto-suggestion”, or to just cigarette withdrawal. I know that when I took Chantix, the horrible person I became (for me the problem was rage/aggression) was due completely to Chantix.
I took Chantix before there was much info about it causing suicidal thoughts, depression, aggression, etc. And I know the difference, as many do, between what one can normally expect as withdrawal symptoms from smoking-both withdrawal from nicotine, which only lasts a few days, as well as the behavioral issues.
So, if others don’t experience the very real and negative effects Chantix can have that is great! But please don’t downplay what other people have gone through by suggesting we are all victims of some type of mass auto-suggestion or hysteria.

I’ve posted before. Been on Chantix over 6 weeks now. I eased into the 2mg dose and now weened back off to just 1 mg a day again. I was depressed before I started chantix so I can’t really say the continued depression is because of it. It took several weeks to quit smoking. Now I have gone about two weeks without a puff, and it’s not that hard.
I really don’t think any depression anyone is suffering is caused by chantix. I think it is only a coincidence perhaps that you are feeling depressed and other factors have caused it. Perhaps you have not replaced smoking with another activity such as exercise. I don’t know. The only side-effects I am experiencing are occasional upset stomach for awhile after I take a pill. That’s it. My dreams are weird anyways. All chantix did was give me a quicker avenue to REM sleep. Even when taking short naps I hit REM when I never did before
Now that I quit smoking, I intend to slowly come off the drug. I really don’t see the need to continue. I just needed the initial help in breaking the pattern. Maybe that’s all you guys needed. Personally, I think there may be some auto-suggestion a lot of you are having in that chantix made you depressed. If you chose to blame it on the drug, go for it.
To the guy that mentioned having positive experiences on LSD. I am glad for you. I never did. My first few trips were fine, then I tripped may be a dozen times after and I would say that jacked me up for life. I have never been the same person since. If you ask me, I’d do chantix forever before I would ever touch LSD again, and its been 18 years.
I am happy I am not smoking. I am not going to give all the credit to chantix, but it helped.

Everybody reacts to different drugs differently. It is very rude of you to mock people’s experiences here. Please desist being childish and rude.

I’m 35 with no history of mental illness in my family, and none personally either. As a young person I took a lot of LSD and other hallucinogens. I never freaked out on LSD, had 100% good experiences, and would count LSD as one of the most positive experiences of my life. However, I took Chantix for three weeks, and I have been depressed for almost two years.
I had never been depressed or suicidal before, but after quitting Chantix because of severe insomnia, I have been crippled with despair and have contemplated suicide a number of times, which is completely out of character for me. I started smoking again a couple of months after quitting Chantix, but now I have quit tobacco cold-turkey successfully for almost 90 days.
I’m finally coming out of the depression, I think, it literally feels like a fog on my mind, and a weight on my shoulders if lifting off at last, and I’m still unemployed (going on two years.)
I previously quit smoking via cold-turkey and stayed off of cigarettes for more than 2 years. I was moody and grumpy and ate compulsively for the first couple of weeks, but NOTHING like the emotional chaos during and after taking Chantix, not even remotely. Weeks on a drug resulting in years of depression? Just quit on your own, the risk is not worth it, in my opinion.

These are my feelings after having a near-identical experience.

Hi DS…
I felt exactly like you. I was crying uncontrollably for days. I stopped taking Chantix on Sept 28th and have been out of work ever since. My doctor has me on Klodopin, which we did for two weeks but didn’t take away the depression, so now I am ALSO on Wellbutrin (sp?) I did feel like you that it was never going to get better but it slowly does. I still have crying fits but they are short and not as crazy. I too searched the internet to see if it was only me.
I had thoughts of suicide and just felt like that was the only thing that would make it stop. About the smoking, now it’s all will power. The urge isn’t as bad as going cold turkey but I do think of just lighting up from time to time, mostly because my husband still smokes and I smell it on him, but I took the Chantix to stop smoking so that I could cleanse myself to start a family, so that makes me not want to smoke and backtrack.
Now, unfortunately, with the pills I’m on and because as my doctor says, “You’re just not 100 percent yet”, I have to put that dream off. I am going to see a psychiatrist next week and I suggest the same for you. Good luck and hang in there, it will get better. It really will. CR

how long did u smoke for? Also did u use chantix to quit smoking with lexapro?

I went ahead and went for the chantix. I was scared to but did it anyways. Day 3 of week 2 now and went from 12-14 cigs a day to 6-8, but I am still smoking. No real side effect issues accept for restless foot syndrome when I try to fall asleep. No weird dreams yet. I am also taking 100 mgs of 5 HTP each day and I think that might take the edge off some.
Anyways, looking to totally kick the habit here. Next goal is 3 cigs a day, then to 1.
As soon as I am clean from cigs for a month I am going off chantix.

I guess I am kind of relieved to hear that it is possible that I am not having a breakdown – but concerned at how long this might go on after I stop taking the chantix. My partner and I began taking this at the same time – September 2010 – and have been quit since September 10th.
The depression has come on slowly over the past few weeks, and is now completely out of control for me. She seems fine and is probably about to throw me out. I just took it a little while ago and am literally sitting here at my desk with a roll of toilet paper because I can’t stop crying and searching the net for any rational explanation for the way that I feel.
I seem to have found it and I think I have just taken my last dose – my concern is wanting to return to smoking, because this truly does make you lose the will to smoke. It also seems to make you lose the will to live – and that is not really a fair trade-off. I truly hope that this depression lifts because it is really unbearable.

I’m sorry you guys, but I’m on chantix right now, week 2, 3 days without a smoke and I’m a bit depressed, but I’ve quit with chantix twice before. I’m a repeat offender =)
Anyway, you guys here make chantix sound like that movie “The Happening” LMAO!!

I took a few months ago, and it worked very well. I felt great and didn’t want to smoke. Aside from occasionally feeling nauseous when I didn’t eat when I took the pill, I had no side affects. But I wasn’t able to get my prescription refilled after the first month, and wound up smoking again. I just barely got my prescription renewed, and was taking it for a week and a half when I started getting extremely depressed.
I called my doctor and told her how I was feeling and she immediately told me to stop taking the Chantix. It’s now been about a week since I’ve stopped taking it, and I spent 3 hours crying last night, 5 hours crying this morning, and am now just hoping that I will get back to normal at some point.
One of my biggest concerns is that my doctor told me that mood changes on Chantix could be permanent, but since I hadn’t had any adverse reactions the first time I took it, I wasn’t too concerned about it the second time. However, it’s been a much bigger problem this time around. On the upside, I haven’t smoked and have no inclination to. I think it’s a personal decision if you want to take the risk of swinging into depression in order to quit smoking, especially since I know lots of people who have used it who have not gotten depressed.
But I completely agree with the last post, that it can be extremely unpredictable, and you should know all of the risks before going into it. Also, get ready for some very bizarre and extremely vivid dreams. A friend of mine was also taking Chantix, and wound up asking his doctor for sleeping pills because the dreams were so disruptive to his sleep. In his case, as in mine, though… he’s smoke free now. As is my boyfriend who used it, but he had trouble with nausea on the pills. It’s a very strange drug… effective for what it’s intended for, though.

Brace yourself…only God knows how/where you’ll land. I took two scripts of Chantix between Oct. ’06 – Oct. ’07. Two hospital stays in ’08. For months prior to the hospitalizations, I remember feeling exhausted beyond words, I wanted to just take a soft blankey, go into a closet and shut the world out. Didn’t feel mad, glad, sad….nothing. Just flat.
It was getting difficult to decipher if I was awake or asleep! My dreams were soooo real and exhausting. I dreamt of deceased loved ones coming to my room at night looking so happy and healthy and trying to convince me to go w/them. They told me my job was done here. It was time. Their hugs were so real and they said, “heaven is a blast!” I finally listened….
Jan. ’08 – – taken by ambulance in middle of night w/heart attack symptoms. I couldn’t breathe, thought my heart was going to pump right out of my chest… stomach spasms were so severe, they felt like contractions… and to add insult, mind blowing headache. Spent 7 days in hospital, received 24/7 oxygen, morphine drip and antibiotic drip. Released w/diagnosis – – possible virus.
May ’08 – – had great day at work (as usual!), love my job of 23 years… daughter called… said, “mom, I’ve been elected to find out what’s wrong w/you…?…you’ve changed…! Laughed, picked up keys, took long drive, downed 240 sleeping pills and cut self up w/mini-diabetic razors… woke up six days later when being removed from ventilator. Loved ones wanted answers… I didn’t have any. What the…? Spent time in psyche unit, months of intense out-patient therapy, psychiatrist, therapist, short leave from work.
It’s been 2 1/2 years…. hurts like yesterday. I’m a 56 yr. old wife (37 years); mother of two; na na of 6; have lots of friends and siblings. My life was not just good… but GREAT!!! I was a closet smoker of 2-4 cigs per day. The only ones who knew I was on Chantix was my doc, Walgreens, mom and God. My mom was the one who came forward and tried to feed me articles about the negative side effects and at first, wouldn’t listen… but, no more.
This drug played w/my mind… and it DID affect my way of thinking! To LIVE, seemed silly!! Laughable!! Why in the world was I still here taking up space?? Silly God… guess he forgot me!! Well, I’m done here… and it’s time to go!!
THAT’S how I remember thinking/feeling. It was bizarre… Chantix is like a venom in your system… and when/how it works its way out… is unpredictable and scary. If you doubt me… take it yourself. And, forget depending on others to “watch” you…. they can’t save you… you could share a bunkbed w/doctor… and he/she STILL couldn’t get to you in time… this is one powerful, sneaky, unpredictable drug… please, believe me….

Is he better? I saw you posted this in August. I took Chantix for 8 weeks before I started to have brain freezes and severe depression. I stopped taking it 4 days ago and I am in this helpless state of wondering if I will ever be normal again. I feel like I cry all day, for no reason at all. My doctor told me to take xanax to take the edge off but that only works for a little. I feel like my husband is getting tired of hearing me cry and being crazy and I am scared. Is your husband better? I hope there is some light at the end of this. I hope my brain isn’t seriously destroyed from this drug. I took it so that I could cleanse my body of the cigarettes so we could start a family and now I just don’t know.

I took Chantix for about three months. At first I felt nothing from it. After the first week when I was supposed to quit smoking I didn’t because I did not feel any reduction in the urge to smoke. Several days later I started noticing that I didn’t need to smoke as much. When I started Chantix I was smoking aprox 12 cigs a day. After 2 months I was smoking between 3-6 cigs a day but I was depressed, suffering insomnia, and feeling strange to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore.
Realizing that I had cut back on smoking significantly I realized this was my best shot at quitting after smoking 40 years. I also realized that the faster I quit smoking the faster I could quit Chantix (The plan said to take it for 2 more months after quitting smoking.) I decided to quit smoking that day and cut the Chantix dose in half. This made me feel much better but still not normal. I took the Chantix for 3 weeks after I quit smoking then I quit Chantix.
It took 2 weeks after quitting the Chantix to feel mostly normal. I thought I had it all out of my system, however, since then I have had on and off depressed periods and anger issues. In all fairness to Chantix, the anger issues may be unrelated. I’m an old fart with old fashioned values and I have a fine nose for bull manure. The bull manure going on in DC these days has fired me up big time. I guess you can characterize me as sort of a Gran Torino kind of guy less 20 years. In any event I have been smoke free for 3 months now and Chantix free for 2 months now.
Like a prior poster wrote, at times I wonder if my brain chemistry has been modified for an indeterminate amount of time. It seems to be taking a long, long time getting back to being myself again. I wonder how many months it will be to get back to being 100% me?

Yeah, screw this. I’m not touching the stuff. I got my prescription today and was going to start tomorrow. I already feel horribly depressed and this would probably send me way over the edge. I already feel all these anti-social feelings, envision myself with a gun to my head, messed up dreams, etc. I feel like hell really. I only smoke a half a pack a day and will do this myself.
I don’t take other meds, I refuse any anti-depressants, heck I rarely take ibuprofen unless I am in serious pain. I think crazy pills are nothing but a scam. I sure as heck am not going to pollute my body with this nonsense. I also read someone likened this drug to a slight bit of LSD. Well, I flipped out on acid as a teen and sure as heck don’t want that feeling again.
Thanks everyone, I will quit by myself. In fact, I’m not going to quit anything… I am going to BECOME a non-smoker.
To those of you who think it is nicotine withdrawals, nicotine is gone from your system in a matter of days. These people are talking about much longer lingering effects. Think about that.

I took Chantix a couple years ago and quit smoking successfully for six months with NO side effects! It was the greatest thing ever! I only took the med for one month! :) Unfortunately I started smoking again. Now, 2 years later I want to quit!! for good! So I started Chantix again, this is my fourth day and I am anxious, nervy and anti-social.
My brain is clouded over and I am still smoking, not as much, but am afraid to increase my dose. I have felt this way since day two and I don’t want it to get worse. I am currently on blood pressure meds that I wasn’t on before, maybe it’s the med combo? Any advice?

I have been on chantix for 2 weeks now, 6 days no smoking. I am so so sad and don’t give a sh(t about anything. Even yelling at my sweet dog which is so unlike me. Can’t sleep at night, don’t feel like getting dressed to go out or put on wierd. Not sure i’m going to last on it. It’s a bright sunny day outside and I have NO desire to be out..ugh

Although I am proud to be smoke free for 8 months with the help of Chantix (two weeks only), I would never recommend it due to the long term side effects. As I noted earlier, the depression and aggressive tendencies were nothing I had ever experienced before. Eight months off Chantix and I am still not back to 100% but things are gradually getting back to normal. I no longer have the “rages” and hate the world moments are far fewer.
Hang in there… things will get better but please be patient and resist the urges to return to smoking. I never want to go through this ever again, therefore, I choose not to smoke. I know if I pick up one I’ll be a goner. Please keep us posted!

I stopped taking chantix after the 3rd week, because of how depressed I realized I was from it. I had the vivid dreams, but it did help me stop smoking. I’m now 4 weeks off smoking and 2 weeks off chantix, but still depressed, emotional fits of crying and having suicidal thoughts — kind of thoughts I’ve never had before. Could it still be from the chantix that I stopped taking 2 weeks ago??? Would appreciate any thoughts on this. How long before I’m back to my normal (but non-smoking) self???

My husband started taking Chantix to quit smoking. He had been on it for about 2 to 3 weeks, and then quit taking it. He has quit smoking. However, he began to be very depressed and angry to a point of just being out of control. He has sat around the house, mad at the world, won’t speak to anyone, won’t go to the doctor, and I am worried sick. He has cried (which he never does), says he doesn’t want to be around people, wishes he would just die….etc.
How long after coming off of this medication did your depression, anger and anxiety last? I am hoping that this drug begins to wear off and he will come back around to his normal personality, because it is very scary. He won’t listen to a word I say about going to the doctor, and quite frankly, it is miserable living with him right now in this state.
Thank you in advance for letting me know how long it took before your symptoms wore off. Best of luck to you all and BEWARE of Chantix!

With the assistance of Chantix, I have now been smoke free for six months. I have never been so chronically depressed in my life. Although I quit taking Chantix after two weeks due to the nausea, the depression kicked in only after I quit taking the drug.
Although things have gotten better, I am now mourning the loss of who I once was… a driven, hard working, and passionate people person. I firmly believe, after reading this thread, that Chantix has indefinitely altered my brain chemistry and I pray on my knees every day that I will eventually return to normal. I tired Wellbutrin, but that seemed to make things worse.
I am going to ride this out “drug free” and try and allow my brain find it’s new normal. I don’t think I could have quit without the assistance of Chantix, however, had I known the potential for this I would have tried other options first.

It looks like a pertinent time to post a follow-up after my September post. I was hesitant to start Chantix because of a history of depression. After about 1 1/2 months of researching and soul-searching, I did start on the Chantix. Everything went very well – much better than expected. No weird personality changes, did have very vivid dreams – details and color, but nothing freakish. I did however, have a LOT of nausea when I would take it, especially without adequate food in my stomach. I adapted. I was still smoking at this point, but MUCH reduced. It was great!
Then came Christmas time at work, and a special project.
Due to the strains of that project, I fell “off the wagon”, quit the Chantix and went back to smoking.
Within a few days I began feeling what I believe are effects from the Chantix. I am so depressed. I don’t care about anything anymore, don’t want to do anything, don’t want to see anyone, don’t want to leave the house, but I keep going on because I can’t lose my job. But other than that, I’m not tending to anything properly and I really don’t care. I think I’m going to try, but then I don’t because I’m so tired, overwhelmed feeling, no concentration, sad… too much so to make the effort.
I am so down, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m going through mood swings and behaviors that are uncharacteristic, almost manic/bi-polar in nature. I do wholeheartedly believe it’s the effects from the Chantix.

I have read several of these posts, and several people have stated that they did not experience the depression to the level that they are now, when they have used other quitting methods in the past. I would have to agree. I quit cold turkey and I did not experience this.
However, I took Chantix for two weeks and I was so depressed that I did not want to get out of bed or see anyone. I was STILL smoking at that point, and yes it had decreased some, but was still smoking at a normal rate. So I do believe that the Chantix is causing this depression and that there is no way that this many people are trying to find excuses to quit Chantix. It sounds like most of them are pretty excited to quit, and many of the posts I have read said that they were still tobacco free AFTER stopping the Chantix.
It is good that you are side-effect free on Chantix. Good luck to you in your effort to quit. But do not diminish what others are feeling or going through, because being depressed from loss is very different from the type of depression people are talking about here.

In response to Quitter (3rd post above mine):
1. Many people have reported these problems while they are still smoking and on Champix.
2. Since Champix effects the same receptors (and probably many more) in the brain as nicotine that would explain while there are similarities in some of the side effects as quitting cold turkey but with Champix it amplifies these reactions to varying degrees (for me it was EXTREME. Also apparently smoking for a long time can make one impotent, well it only took 1 month on Champix for that to happen to me! Luckily that has gotten better but not fully restored.
3. People such as myself are still suffering from the effects of this med (for myself it has been about 2 years but some things have gotten better)
4. There were 165 different side effects found in the clinical trials alone some of which are very SEVERE and are not things that happen when one quits smoking.

My Husband and I have have taking Chantix for a little over 2 weeks. I have to agree with a lot of the people on here, about the side affects. I too, have severe depression. I don’t want to to do anything. Or see my friends or even talk to my kids. I have been smoke free for approx. 21/2 weeks now. But asking myself is it worth it?

Heres my story….
I took the 1st week while continuing to smoke…. didn’t really want the whole thing most of the time.
Was pretty easy to lay them down on my quit day! I was excited. No major complaints, a little nausea when taking the pills….
Week 2… supposed to take 1 pill twice a day… I did for about 4 days. I could tell I was “not myself” so I cut down to 1/2 pill in am and 1/2 pill in pm. Seemed Ok for about a week, wasn’t having any major side effects, light headache and lightheaded- didn’t even have the crazy dreams that most people have.
THEN… the anger hit me.
I was at work and wanted to slap the customer I was helping. Uh OH- not good. I am the most laid back person you will ever know, so this was scary to me.
Week 3- I cut back to 1/2 tablet one time a day because I started feeling very sad, on top of being angry.
Week 4- Stopped Chantix because of severe depression. I felt awful. Thought about quitting my job (which I have always LOVED), thought about leaving my husband of 20 years, and couldn’t really connect with my kids at all.
Week 5- been off Chantix for a full week and feel very depressed. Sad and cry a lot. None of these behaviors are normal for me at all, and I have quit cold turkey 2 times for over a year and never felt like this. This is the Chantix, I have no doubt.
So… here’s my advice
It works, I still have very little to no desire to smoke, even after only taking it for about 3 weeks.
It does mess with your brain… you can feel it… like a numbing feeling- kinda creepy in afterthought.
It can cause extreme depression/sadness/rage/irrational thoughts… even in people who have never been depressed.
Would I do it again?……. No
Why? Because I have been off it for a while now, and I am still not “right”
I wonder if I ever will be and that is really frightening me.

I seriously think many of us are looking for a reason for the depression rather than seeing what’s right in front of us. Its no secret you have wild mood swings when you stop chewing/smoking. I have been on Chantix for 5 weeks now and I’m wildly depressed at the moment, but I seriously doubt its the Chantix. Going off of nicotine with or without Chantix will do nearly all of the things described in most of our cases.
The fog you are experiencing most likely is a result of the nicotine. This has happened EVERY time I’ve tried to quit. I am involved with an online support group for nicotine quitters and nearly every one of them talk about the fog, the depression, sense of loss, sense of mourning, all of that stuff. I’m talking hundreds of people describing the exact same thing here on this website. The only problem is most of them did NOT use Chantix or any other drugs. For 99% of you on here its probably the quitting/healing process folks.
Another thing that nearly 100% of the people experience is the rationalization. Most of you on here are subconsciously trying to rationalize reasons to start smoking/chewing again. Do NOT give in to this temptation. Even if you get off of the Chantix. You have to realize your brain is trying to trick you into giving it what it wants. These thoughts WILL pass one day if you keep fighting through it.
I will say that I do agree that I seem to lose the sense of taste while on Chantix though. This is counter to when I tried to quit while not using Chantix. I always had an increased sense of taste after quitting while not on Chantix. Other than that, I think we are making a mountain out of a molehill here.
I’m not a doctor but I’m just talking from experience with 100’s of people who have tried to quit. (PS I’ve been off nicotine myself 28 days now… yay… 5th week of Chantix)
Best of luck to all of you.

I want to thank everyone for their input regarding the experiences they have had with Chantix. I am considering taking it to quit smoking. I’ve tried to quit on my own to no avail. I totally admit-I am addicted to nicotine. I have depression issues and have had them for over 20 years. I do take medication regularly for that problem. I’ve had severe bouts of depression in the past and sometimes am unaware of my actions. I will see my doctor to get a prescription, but will allow myself and my husband to remove me off of Chantix when the first sign of problems occur. Thanks to all for their experiences.

I took Champix in March of ’08 and I am still suffering from most of the side effects of this drug. To name a few: Psychosis NOS, Major Depressive Disorder, suicidal, Emotional instability, aggression, rage, Somatoform Disorder, Delusional Parasitosis (bug crawling sensations all over my body), Hyperacusis (sensitivity to certain frequencies of sound causing severe pain and pressure in my ears), Severe Insomnia, Memory Loss, Hair was constantly hurting all of the time and lost lots of it (27 year old male), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (started as extreme constipation and farting, fatigue, Severe Eye pain, unsightly puffy bags under eyes, weight gain, prostate pain, black out and become out of control when drinking, decreased sexual pleasure and ability to maintain erections.
I think that is everything!!! I just got out of the mental ward a few weeks ago where I was treated like scum and given brain damaging neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) drugs against my will. I have made some small improvements since taking champix but it looks like the nightmare will never truly end. If you are one of the many that gets burned by this medication be warned that the doctors will probably not be able to help you and will most likely deny that anything is even happening to you or that it is related to Champix and the side effects may be permanent.
Please spread the word. If you have already taken Champix please report any side effects to Health Canada so that they will take this poison of the market before it destroys more lives. Doctors are not obligated to report adverse reactions so you must do it yourself.
A note to some posters above. I understand that many people who take Champix experience only minor side effects while on Champix but in my case I really got screwed up after I stopped taking it so please come back to post after you are done taking Champix and let us know how you are doing or else wait until you have actually completed the Champix course before telling other people how great it is.

Whoa…. after reading all these comments, I am shocked that I am not the only one. I just started on the starter pack (day 3) and I thought of bringing myself to the mental ward. The first day I started the .5 mg, it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel depressed or crazy. Yesterday, I felt like I lost my mind. I took the medicine and within 5 minutes I felt an anger streak going through my body. I just wanted to kill myself and everyone around me. Not cool. Not my usual. It even continued at work when a coworker of mine bought the wrong food for me so I threw it across the room. Shocked at myself.
Today was the 3rd and last day. I swear I am not taking this Chantix another day. It hasn’t helped me with the urge to smoke because I smoke when I am mad and this medication has increased my smoking.
Today I flipped out on the whole office and my husband told me I need to get off it. I had history with depression in my childhood but nothing like this. I am so violent and it scares the ones around me.

A little about me… very optimistic, happy go lucky, rationale and a smoker for over 30 years. I started taking Chantix and like many posts I have read, at first I thought Chantix was a wonder drug. It absolutely cured my nicotine craving, but several weeks after taking it I found myself extremely depressed, not getting any enjoyment out of things that I once did, all I wanted to do was sleep. It took every effort that I had to get up in the morning and get to work.
Then there were the sudden outbursts of anger, getting so upset that I just wanted to slap my hands on the walls (totally out of character for me). I thought all of this was from the nicotine withdrawal, but now I really think it was the drug. I did not put the two together as the first few weeks of taking the drug I was fine.
Chantix is a very strong drug, anything that can rival nicotine has to be, and it certainly curbs the nicotine cravings, but please be alert when you take it that depression is a potential side effect.
My story… I stopped taking Chantix after 12 weeks and did not have the desire to smoke during that time. I loved being a non-smoker and not having that smell on me or having to stop by the store to make sure I had cigarettes and a lighter. I saved a ton of money. I am back to my old self. Sadly though recently, I started smoking about two cigarettes a day. I will quit again one last time, but will do it with another means (gum, patch…).

I started taking chantix in September and successfully quit smoking. Had no ill side affects while ON chantix, but since stopping chantix I have been very tired and have bouts of anxiety. I came off initially in December, had these affects, went back on and just came off 4 weeks ago and am having the same affects. It usually starts about 2 weeks after I stop taking chantix.
Has anyone else heard of this?

I started taking chantix to quit smoking 3/18/10 and noticed a bad change in mood the very next day. I felt depressed and angry for an entire week so I stopped taking it. Have not smoked in over a week. I still get very frustrated very easily, especially at work! I don’t know if this is from not smoking or from taking chantix. I am tired of smoking and do not plan to start up again but would rather smoke than take that crap ever again!

In October 2006 I started taking Chantix – it had just been approved by the FDA but no reports yet. After 10 days I got off the cigarettes and did not want them – they tasted horrible. My mistake was taking Chantix for the entire 12 weeks. The first month was not so bad but after that I was sad and crying all the time and that is not my nature. I was in a bad place and I wanted to just crawl in a hole and hide.
My doctor then prescribed Wellbutrin XL which did help the depression. I was smoke free for a year then under stress I started smoking again. So I tried the Chantix again – this time for 3 weeks and quit – that was several months ago. It does make you quit smoking if you really want to; however, most people I’ve talked to only take it for 3 weeks and then keep a supply on hand just in case they “fall off the wagon” so to speak. Going the entire 12 weeks may make depression and anxiety worsen and that was my problem.
I smoked for almost 40 years and am very happy about that but getting thru the Chantix was tough. My suggestion to those who still like the feel of cigarettes and a slight taste of nicotine try the electronic cigarettes – they’re great, they help tremendously and are the next best thing to a cigarette. There is no smell or smoke so you can use them virtually anywhere. There is just a tiny vapor that appears when you puff on it. If I have a real stressful day, that’s what I use now and it works great.

I already wrote my story…Dec. 9, 2009. It is March 2010 now, and I’m back to smoking one before and one AFTER work. My depression is very much under control. However, I can sleep 10 – 12 hours per night with NO PROBLEM at ALL!! THAT is totally NOT ME!! Somewhere along the line my vivid dreaming has returned and gets more intense each passing night. I’m back to not knowing if I’m awake or not… or still sleeping/dreaming…
It’s really weird. The dreams are not nightmares like they USED to be…but they are getting progressively more serious and darker. And, once again, they are leaving me exhausted! I simply canNOT go backwards…! THAT is not an option!! I love my job of 23 years and my husband of 36 years, and babysit my beautiful grandchildren on the weekends and exercise every night and shower, eat light dinner on couch or bed and am OUT by 7:00!!
I’m sleeping my life away!!! And, my husband feels totally alone. Maybe when spring rolls around, I’ll be back to my old self!! I’m sure going to try… cause I already had my wake up call…and NEVER, EVER, want to go thru that AGAIN!!

My wife and I both used Chantix to attempt to stop smoking. Problem was the cure was worse than the disease for both of us. She quit Chantix within a couple of weeks. Her dreams were so disturbed, bizarre and frequent she was pretty much exhausted and an emotional wreck almost immediately.
My experience was much different. No bad dreams or anything that I noticed for about 3 or 4 weeks. Then I noticed that I started not giving a rip about anything (i.e. depression) and occasional bad dreams. Then the dreams got worse and the depression became debilitating.
I quit the meds and told the doc about my depression. This was in the summer of 2007. My problem was that the depression did not go away although I would have a few days of feeling normal but couldn’t get it to last more than a day or two at a time. I pretty much lost everything because I frankly couldn’t shake the lethargy. I never was suicidal and still am not – I think because I just never ever thought that made a whole heck of a lot of sense.
What is somewhat interesting is that I was always an over achiever, type A personality who had been largely successful most of my life. I used to think people with depression were a bunch of whiners who wanted to blame someone or something else for their inability to get off their butts and do something. Now I really understand what depression is and I see the commercials for the cymbalta and see the ‘what does depression look like’ people and it rips my heart out… (they visually portray the feeling very accurately).
It is now 2 years plus later, and though I am not as bad now, I still am suffering. I can usually get myself up for a week or two at a time… followed by a few weeks of progressively worse depression followed by a week or so of more up, and so on. This whole thing started with the Chantix. I thought that when I stopped taking it, I would recover. At 2 plus years now, I pretty much am resigned that it screwed up my life in a major way and doubt that I will recover until my Lord trades in this imperfect body for eternity. Changing the physiology of mind is probably (and certainly in this case) a mistake. Again the cure is worse than the disease. By the way, I still smoke.

For me the depression is still going. I stopped taking Chantix June last year. My doctor has put me on antidepressants but I still feel like crap about myself. 90% of the time I just flat out wish I was dead.

How long did this depression last?

I am on day three of the first month. I quit on January 23 and have not smoked since. I, like everyone, thought this drug is a miracle. I have wanted to quit for so long, but just needed that extra push.
However, within the past week, which is the fourth week, depression has hit me like a ton of bricks. I catch myself just staring out the window at nothing. Last night in the shower, I just cried and cried, for no reason. I don’t want to be around anyone while at the same time being by myself, makes me even worse. I literally feel empty inside and just immensely sad. I think I might continue this week and then be done with it, even though my doctor wanted me to stay on it for six months. I don’t see that happening at all.
I am fairly sure that I will remain a non-smoker. I am determined to never be chained to cigarettes again.
I am so glad I found this site and have people that I can relate to.
Many thanks to all of you!

I just want to thank you all, dating back to 2007. I am on the last day of week 2 and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. However, I have recently been told that my mood is less than desirable to be around. I am not typically depressed, in fact I would say I am the opposite of depressed.
Anyway, now that I am aware of others perception of me I have thought back and realized I am also in a “flat” mental state. Nothing is excited, I could cry right now for no reason, and I am irritable with my two young children. I would rather smoke a pack a day then feel like this for the rest of my life. I just hope that this feeling is temporary and the real me is not dead…

I started taking Chantix 9/06/09 after discussing it with my doctor. I had smoked (not heavily–about 12 cigs/day) for 30 years. I watched my mom die from lung cancer for almost 2 years at age 65 and did not want that to happen to me.
I have been a RN/nurse practitioner since 1980. I actually started smoking in nursing school!! I am 25 years married –we have various issues but nothing huge.
I smoked my last cigarette on 9/20/09 and will never smoke again. I had a lot of trouble sleeping while on Chantix and weaned myself off of it slowly after about 8 weeks. That is when the depression started.
I literally walk around my house wondering what will happen to my belongings when I am dead. I cry at least once a day–sometimes many more times. I have gained 20 unwanted pounds. I have to force myself to go to work and put on a happy face. I hate my life. This is so not me and I wish I would have just sucked it up and quit smoking without Chantix.
I’ll be fine.

I’m a 55 year old wife, mother and na na of 6!! Work at a job I truly love (23 years), enjoy barbecuing, playing softball, exercising, family get togethers and laughing!!
Oct. ’06 – – was a closet smoker, 2 to 3 per day. Pharmacist was singing the praises of Chantix, so I decided to see my doctor and get a script. Followed the 12-week program to a T. True, it did make cigarettes taste bad. Quit for a few months, then started here and there again… filled another script Oct. ’07. Quit again.
Jan. ’08 – – taken by ambulance in middle of night w/ severe chest pains, shortness of breath, mind-blowing headache, severe stomach pains and 104 fever. Put on oxygen, morphine and antibiotic IV, while undergoing testing of every sort. Stayed a week, diagnosed w/ possible virus.
Started dreaming about deceased friends and relatives. Assured them I would be w/ them soon. I wasn’t mad, sad, nothing. Just flat. Hated my husband w/ a vengeance. Everything he did annoyed me. I wanted to put a pillow over his face for about five minutes… and put him out of my misery!
Wanted desperately many times to just take a soft blanky and pillow, go into a closet and shut the world out.
May ’08 – – had a great day at work. Daughter called when I got home and said she had been elected to tell me… I’ve changed in the past several months and everyone’s wondering what’s wrong w/ me. Smiled, hung up… picked up my car keys, took drive to Walgreen’s… purchased three bottles of sleeping pills and mini-diabetic razors. Took long drive out to rural area, parked on an angle in a used car parking lot… wrote short note, basically saying my job is done here. Woke up six days later in ICU surrounded by family. Last rites had been given as my family watched a ventilator breath for me for a week.
Spent time in psyche unit, was ostracized by those closest to me and babysitting rights with my beautiful grandchildren had been taken away indefinitely. Intense therapy a couple times a week followed for several months. It’s been a year and a half. I’m just now being forgiven. The emotional pain suffered cannot be put into words. I have never felt so all alone in my life. It was a nightmare, total nightmare. I can only pray for my day of vindication… when Pfizer is brought to it’s knees for putting this product on the market.

Like others I took Chantix to stop smoking. Like others I had odd dreams and a thought about driving off a bridge after an argument with my girlfriend.
I thought I was lucky because I only had a few weird dreams. Most of the side effects did not have any impact on me. GREAT!!! so I thought. What I am realizing is that I continue to have issues after stopping Chantix. If has been over a year since I stopped taking Chantix, I have continued to be depressed, have bouts of crying for little things and am no longer with my girlfriend.
I have not heard of anyone having long term negative affects. Is anyone else experiencing the long term impact of this drug and what can be done to get me back to normal?

It was encouraging to hear that according to some, the side effects may pass. In February of 09 I smoked my last cigarette after being on chantix for 2 weeks, I continued the drug for another 4 weeks. The dreams did not bother me, and I really felt ok. It has been 9 months since quitting. During this time I have contemplated calling my MD for different reasons only to talk myself out of it each time due to symptoms being so vague and sporadic.
I am not myself, tired all of the time. Also have aches and pains, mostly lower back pain with spasms that feel like my legs are going to “give out”, and neck pain. After reading all of the comments on this web site it makes sense this drug may have caused many of the issues I have been dealing with. Not only am I sad, I am judgmental toward others, intolerant of co-workers and family members, angry, and basically have a very negative attitude.
The 20 pound weight gain does not help the situation. I am in the process of starting a new job with the rationale that working nights is contributing to me being tired all of the time. Also looking into some type of exercise routine, if I could just get up off the couch. I think it is getting better, at least I am now able to assess my situation and initiate a plan to start feeling better.

My boyfriend started taking Chantix about 2 and a half weeks ago. For the first week, I noticed him smoking less often. He didn’t even finish his last pack on the last day of smoking. The next morning, I saw the pack in the garbage. Wonderful!
He hasn’t smoked a single cigarette in the past 11 days, but he says it takes all of his concentration not to smoke, so to take his mind off it, he’s been snacking like a fiend. He’s also become irritable and overly sensitive lately. He yelled at me for telling him I didn’t want to park the car where he wanted because the lot was too expensive, and then yelled at me again when I did park there just to placate him.
Yesterday he yelled at me for telling him I thought the music he listens to in the shower was stupid. “Everything I do is stupid! I can’t breathe!” I left the room after that, then about 15 minutes later he apologized for his outburst. We NEVER argue, so this is becoming just as hard for me to deal with as it is for him.
I hope it gets easier for him. I feel like it may not be the drug, but his unhappiness with not smoking. He says he hates being a non-smoker. I, personally, am thrilled. He doesn’t smell horrible anymore, and there isn’t a time when I can’t kiss him because his breath is disgusting. I’m trying to support him as best I can, even when he takes it out on me. I know the moodiness can’t last forever, and the benefits will be huge.

Yes!! I took Chantix for only 2 weeks and have not smoked since, nor do I have any cravings. However, I feel severely depressed. No desire to do anything with or for anyone. I quit smoking in July, and have had massive weight gain, insomnia, and severe night sweats, as well as hot flashes during the day. I am 37 years old and my doctor says I may be entering pre-menopause. I have yet to discuss the depression with him, or anyone else for that matter. I hope things are better for you.

I started taking Champix 16/7/09 and had my last cigarette 10 days later. I had a bit of nausea after taking the tablets but it didn’t last more than ½ and hour. Thinking back my behaviour changed about a week after my first tablet (and before my last cigarette!).
I started acting differently, I started getting irritable and irrational with my partner and son. It was like Jekyl and Hyde, although I would have moments where I would realize how crazy I was acting. I was freaking out with anger, yelling and screaming. It came out of nowhere and was started off by trivial little things, an extremely intense feeling of hatred and anger towards anything and everything.
These frightening, out of control outbursts occurred about 8 times in the 10 weeks I was taking Champix, with periods in between where I felt depressed and agitated.
My partner and I broke up on 18/9/09 (after a 7 year relationship). The day after our split, all I could think about was how hopeless I felt and ending it all. I was driving to pick my son up from a friends and came terrifyingly close to driving off the road to intentionally hit a tree.
My (ex) partner rang me 24/9/09 and asked if he could drop something off to me. He printed out many stories about similar experiences that he found on the web, and got me to read them. I had my last Champix tablet on 24/9/09 (after being on it for 10 weeks).
The first 2-3 days after stopping Champix I felt OK, and then I just started feeling extremely depressed and crying non-stop. I went to work on 28/9/09, but had to leave and go to the Doctors as I was crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason. The crying continued for a few more days, and was replaced by severe depression. I woke at 3am on 26/9/09 with a thumping sensation in my chest, pins and needles, shortness of breath and a feeling of dread, and unable to go back to sleep.
This continued for a few more nights ie. waking between 1-5am. I saw the Doctor again on 30/9/09 and he advised that I was showing signs of depression and free floating anxiety (Severe, generalized, persistent anxiety not specifically ascribed to a particular object or event and often a precursor of panic attack).
I saw the Doctor again on 4/10/09 as I was still experiencing the same symptoms, so he prescribed antidepressants. I’ve now been on the antidepressant Pristiq for 7 days. I had to go back to the Doctor this morning as last night I suffered the worst bout of anxiety (woke at 1.30am and still have it at 11am). He has doubled my dose of Pristiq. I have never suffered anxiety before in my life and the only cause I can put it down to is that the Champix has caused some kind of chemical imbalance in my brain. I hope the antidepressants start working soon as I haven’t been at work for 3 weeks.
I’m now a non-smoker (even though I still crave cigarettes), but at the expense of my relationship and my son’s trust.
Please make sure you do your research and think very carefully before you decide to take Champix. I realize that some people have had nothing but success without any side effects, but it certainly appears to me as though these people are the exception rather than the rule.

Dear DH,
My heart goes out to you and to your children. Thank you so much for posting here 6 months ago. I was considering Chantix to help me quit smoking without suffering from the “cold turkey” depression that I know will follow.
I’ve read all the posts on this forum – positives and negatives – but yours made me absolutely determined not to run the risks associated with Chantrix.

I was just prescribed Chantix and have filled the prescription, but haven’t started it yet. I frankly am terrified to start! I’ve heard stories of the side effects and had been avoiding it because of that, but it was prescribed to me last week after a visit to my gynecologist (who I’ve seen for 25 years), as my blood pressure was so high that day, and he didn’t like the way my lungs sounded. He told me I had to quit and that he could prescribe the stuff to help.
But, I have a history of depression and this scares me. I’m not currently on anything, and haven’t been for the past 2 years, and I’ve been doing OK. I was perhaps a bit better when I was on Zoloft (did others too, but this one is the only one I could say I actually felt better on), but nothing that made a huge difference in the way I see things.
Should I make an appt. with another doctor first, to see if maybe I should get an antidepressant prescribed along with it? I’m especially worried because I’m a single mom, and do not want to put a burden, or risk, upon my child’s shoulders!

I had been taking Chantix for about a month, along with my husband. About 3 weeks ago, after going on the full dose, I became so depressed and crying for no reason. I then started on Lexapro and felt OK again the next day. Then my doctor changed me over to Celexa last week.
Yesterday I became lethargic, and depressed, had a million things to do, but could not get myself out of bed. I wasn’t crying, but I felt so awful, a creepy, speedy feeling. I decided to quit the Chantix beginning with that evenings dose. Today I am back to my old self, just a little tired, but functioning once again.
I wonder if I had stayed on the Lexapro if I would have been OK. In any event, I’m staying off the Chantix. I’ve been off the smokes for a month now, and with my husband taking the Chantix with no problems, that will be enough incentive, because if I start again, so will he.

I have had 2 entirely different experiences using Chantix. A long time smoker, I took Chantix in 2007 for 2 – 12 wk periods….it was so effective! No depression, certainly no suicidal thoughts,and NO SMOKING either. Back in May 2009, I began using Nicorette again…and decided to get another script for Chantix to help kick this addiction again.
This time, it was different. Not only have I been gloomy and depressed, I have had some very unusual thoughts….from left field…that I knew were really out of character for me. I seriously wonder if Pfizer has manipulated the chemical levels of Chantix. I threw out the remaining script and I would not, under any circumstances, take this medication again. My heart goes out to the people who have suffered, lost their lives through no fault of their own.
This is not the magic bullet that we have all hoped for…beware….

Back in November of last year, I started taking Chantix at 1mg daily for one week, then 2mg daily. After two weeks of taking it, I wasn’t getting the usual kick out of smoking, so I tried stopping and it worked. I took Chantix for a total of 6 weeks, and remained smoke-free for 6 months. When I went off the medication, a couple of days later I realized I was in a good mood and had been depressed for some time.
Six months later the ugly monster reared it’s head again, and I started bumming a cigarette here, a cigarette there, then two cigarettes a day, then… then I bought a pack. I Smoked for about 2 months before I decided to give it another try. But this time the depression hit me from the first day I took Chantix.
People around me noticed immediately. I was short-tempered and didn’t want to be around anyone. And this while I was still smoking. Then I started obsessing with work, working 12+ hours per day, and when not working, getting depressed. I think I’ve been using work to keep me busy enough that I cannot become depressed. Now I’ve been smoke-free for 4 weeks, and am going to stop taking Chanix today.
My advice to anyone considering, or about to take Chantix is to watch your mood and/or have someone close keep an eye on your behavior. And if you become depressed, decide whether quitting smoking is worth a few weeks of misery. It was to me. But then had I been experiencing suicidal thoughts like others I’ve read about in this blog, I would have stopped taking it.

My last post was 6/7/08. Chantix was a really hard drug to take, even in combination with Lexapro, but with out the Lexapro I wouldn’t have been able to take the Chantix long enough to quit smoking. Not all anti depressants are the same. If one doesn’t work, get your Dr. to give you a different one. Tried Welbutrin once-that gave me REALLY bad anger issues. Lexapro worked like a charm.
Haven’t had a cigarette since 5/3/08 and haven’t cheated, not because I didn’t want to, but because I don’t dare. I sympathize with all of you. Your posts bring back how difficult it was at times. I’m happy to say that I’m back to normal (that took awhile), no meds and very proud of myself, not only for quitting smoking after 30 years, but for surviving the Chantix. Wish I had some magic “survivor wisdom” to give you. Even though it may feel like it, remember that you’re not alone.

I’m male and have smoked 1-1.5 packs a day for 15 years. I started when I was 20, now 35. I’ve quit several times, but never for more than 6 months. The longest period I used the patch three months and exercised regularly. But I always went back to smoking after 1-3 months. I now believe I went back every time because of undiagnosed depression.
I starting taking Chantix in early February of this year and took it for about 35 days. I quit smoking completely in just one week. I stayed off cigarettes until early July when I started having one now and then. I was afflicted with a minor but worrisome cyst which put me in a major depressed state. My family, unbeknownst to me noticed the depression months earlier (but not major).
I started smoking again and did not get the relief I used to get from depression with it. I think Chantix may permanently change the way Nicotine interacts with the brain.
I am now working on treating the depression clinically so I can quit for good next time (maybe with Chantix, maybe not).
I think it is important for smokers to realize that they may be treating their depression with cigarettes.

OMG!! I just realized tonight that I have been suffering with the residual effects that Chantix has had on my life. I took chantix in Jan. 07′ for 2 weeks. I had most of the side effects that were expected at that time. It was new so there weren’t the reports that there are now. I have never liked taking meds as I am A.D.D. so I thought it was because of that it was so intense. I stopped taking it and felt the “normal” side effects subside. What I didn’t realize was that weeks later I was raging @ everyone, out of control.
I jumped into a MLM venture never being in that type of work before. I think the feeling of not liking my life launched me into a series of bad judgments anger, depression, fighting with my wife, my mother my friends. My behavior continued unchecked and I have paid dearly. I drove my wife and 99% of my long term friendships in the ditch. Which only increased my despair. I’m actually surprised I’m still alive to type this.
I was talking with a friend about were my life is at and realized that everything went haywire since Chantix. But I have been blaming myself for all the failures. Thoughts of suicide being a viable option to the train wreck my life has become. After reading these posts I feel better that I’m not a jerk that no one likes for no reason. I blame Pfizer for my pain and suffering!!! I am still hesitant to be on meds for depression. Funny thing is just knowing what caused all this might bring me the rest of the way back to the old me. Still Smokin!

Hang in there. Please stay strong and let us know how it progresses. Please give the rest of us in the same situation some hope…. we are behind you.

I hate this stuff. As of today I am 53 days smoke free but how I feel about myself is not worth it. I get the worst depression when I try to stop taking Chantix. I will be fine for a couple of days but then it kicks in.
I hate myself. I am depressed all the time. Yesterday at the golf course my son found me behind a tree crying like a little child. I don’t want to live like this. I am going to the doctor to get help because I am scared of what I will do to myself. I just want to scream.
Don’t take chantix, please.

I have smoked for 20 years and I have been taking Chantix for 4 months and it has worked out great. I am able to breath better and have even stated running. Thanks

It is hard to read all of the terrible side effects from all over the spectrum. I too took Chantix for about 9 weeks. When I became extremely distraught, crying all of the time, I called my Dr., who told me to discontinue. I did, and continued to be smoke free, (except for a few puffs from my husband’s pipe to see if the depression passed), but to no avail. I called my Dr. back, and saw her for depression.
Being perimenopausal, she started me on Wellbutrin XL, to see if this helps. I have only been taking for 2 days now, but the sadness is overwhelming. I am on a week of vacation, (thank God), but have no desire to do anything, right in the middle of a remodeling project that was my idea to begin with. My husband is being very understanding, but I hope this starts to subside before too long.
Does this line up with anyone out there? I am 48 yrs old, somked 1 – 1 1/2 packs a day for 30+ years. I was treated once for mild depression about 10 years ago after some marital issues, and quit taking the Zoloft after about 1 year. I have been perimenopausal for about 3 years, and was taking Nor QD for the first 2 years to treat severe cramping. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I would be better off not taking any med for depression, hoping this passes, or risk the chance of the depression becoming more severe. Hope to hear …

I only took 3 tabs in 4 days instead of the recommended 2xday because of the side effects. (A friend gave me her left over nicotine patches and Chantix, I know I’m bad, but poor) Nausea, shortness of breath, lala land, having to sleep it off. It has been a week since I decided this method was NOT for me. I had been using the nicotine patch so I thought would use Chantix to get off the patches.
I now have panic attacks that are painful muscle spasms with feelings that I’m drowning in mucus that I cannot cough up. Every time I start to drift off to sleep, it is like I have sleep apnea and I JERK awake. The shortness of breath is getting worse, the eerie feelings in the chest. I also have fibromylagia/back problems so I’m trying to walk more then I did before.
I had enough symptoms with my other illnesses to have more with this medicine, I hope this is short term. Good news, totally nicotine free for 2 weeks, which is why I wonder if I’m still having withdrawals. I quit smoking 7 weeks ago but used patches and smoked about 7 cigs on the sly. For a 3 pack, 30 year smoker, that’s good.
I kept telling myself when I had a nicotine fit, it will pass whether I smoke or not. But with this shortness of breath/combo/panic attack…that is hard to tell yourself and not freak out.
Please, please..young people…do not smoke. I know I have shamed my kids and won’t live to see my grandkids. Don’t make the same mistakes as me.

I started taking Chantix just before Christmas 2008. The only side-effect I experienced initially was incessant dreaming at night – waking up every hour with sweats – but this passed after a week or so, and the first month went swimmingly. I had no urge to smoke at all, and thought it was well on the way to being smoke free without side effects.
During the second month, I slipped slowly into depression without consciously realizing it – I was losing interest in work and other activities, withdrawing from friends and family, alternately suffering from oversleeping or insomnia – generally suffering all the classic symptoms of depression.
By the time I realized that I was actually ill, and the emotions I was experiencing were not “real” (it is very easy to delude yourself when your internal happiness meter is broken) I was in a pretty bad way – somewhere at the moderate to severe end of the depression spectrum and wondering if it was ever going to end. I never got to the point of considering suicide but I WAS starting to think about suicide METHODS, which I gather is how that whole downward spiral starts.
I went to my doctor as soon as I realized. He took me off Chantix immediately and put me on a course of Zoloft, initially 50mg a day. It took about two weeks (during most of which I was still off work and curled up in a ball alone) before this treatment started to work.
Things gradually improved over the next month or so, although I still usually suffered in the mornings and was subject to sudden, unpredictable dips in mood, usually in company. These came on so suddenly and uncontrollably that they would have me in a state of near-panic, and on a few occasions I virtually ran away from the people I was with without a word, having to explain myself afterwards. I understand that such rapid mood swings are NOT a classic depression symptom, and give credence to the idea that the depression was caused by the Chantix, not a “natural” phenomenon.
The mood swings gradually passed, but after another couple of weeks I had a relapse, sliding rapidly back to the depths where I’d been before. My doctor doubled my Zoloft dosage, and within a couple of weeks I was back on an even keel again. Things have been going well now for the past 6-8 weeks so I’m hoping I am finally in the clear.
I have lost several friends during this whole sorry episode though, in outbursts and through erratic behavior, and came very close to losing my job (I estimate I missed 2-3 months of work through absence, and inability to concentrate or motivate myself when I made it to the office) but they have been very understanding and supported me through it.
Bottom line: Chantix may be worth it for you to stop smoking – it really does work well at eliminating the cravings – but you should stop taking it and seek medical advice IMMEDIATELY if you experience emotional disturbance. I think I would have fared a lot better had I caught it sooner.
As another data point, I recently heard that the daughter of one of my father’s friends starting taking Chantix shortly before going on vacation and became suicidal within two weeks of starting the course (she’d stopped smoking after the first week as recommended). She started improving immediately after stopping taking it and from what I understand is fully recovered, although she is smoking again.

I am ending my 5th week on Chantix and I have been cig free for 4 weeks. To me that is incredible. I just can’t believe that I have been able to go that long and I have to say it is mainly because of Chantix and my desire to want to quit for good.
Down side: I have noticed my lack of motivation and wanting to be with friends. I am not sure if it is because of the meds or because of something else. I have been treated for depression in the past, but the feeling I have now is not really like I was when I was going through my depression, except for not wanting to be around other people. I don’t get the anxiety now, but still there is something going on. It may also be just adjusting to life without smokes. Basically I lack much motivation to do things.
I do know one thing though and that is I would not have been able to go this long without smokes had it not been for the meds. I have tried all sorts of other meds to quit smoking and nothing has worked as well as Chantix.
You just need to be careful and aware of the possibilites and go from there. I will tell you I have dropped from taking 1 mg pill twice a day to just 1 mg pill once a day because of the lack of sleep and wild dreams. I take my pill in the morning now and I am fine all day. I seem to be getting better sleep and it still keeps me on track with not smoking.
Be careful and keep family and friends alert to what you are doing and what to watch for while you are on this program.
GOOD LUCK TO YOU… (smoker for 21 years and I am currently 47 years old and a male)

I have been on champix [as it is called in Australia] for six weeks. I have a history of depression in varying degrees since adolescence. I take anti-depressants daily and they bring some relief.
I have no doubt that champix has increased my depression and created a form of depression that I have never experienced- it is a numb, empty kind of feeling. Regardless I am persisting with the drug because it has stopped me smoking where no other method has succeeded.
The way I see it, twelve weeks of depression is a small price to pay to be free of the nicotine beast and a diagnosis of lung cancer would be a whole lot more depressing. I would urge everyone taking champix to research *why* it induces depression [dopamine suppression] and to stay close to their health care professionals. If you need to call a friend and cry- do it, the cure for nicotine addiction is, IMO, a gift from God.
Also, bear in mind that your body is getting used to functioning without nicotine and many chemicals we don’t even know- it’s easy to point the finger at the champix but the cause could be multiple. If suicide even crosses your mind, call a crisis line- these feelings can be managed and, one last time, compare this to how depressing it would be to die of lung cancer.

I have been taking chantix and have fought the nausea. I am starting to feel euphoria like I HAVE NEVER FELT. Should I be worried? I have adhd and fight depression and boredom (it’s gone, I feel happy). Thank you for the euphoria, pfizer. What a great feeling and it beats going cold turkey.

I took chantix for almost the 3 months. I have quit smoking but I am suffering from severe depression. I would take chantix again, though. I do want all to know to please talk to your Dr if you do get depressed.

I have been on chantix for 2 weeks now i have been smoke free since April 27th and after reading your post and experiences plus my own I have decided I’m no longer taking chantix. I have been taking 1mg 2x daily for 6 days now and the nausea is so bad no matter how I take it. Also haved notice that I am completely exhausted. After taking it yesterday I got up at 6 am to go to work. I worked till 2pm, by 8 pm I was in bed and out to the world which is very unusual for me. I’m usually up till 11pm.
Now today I got up kinda late, about 9am, I took my chantix like I always do and have been exhausted all day. I feel like I just want to sleep and that’s not like me, so tomorrow I’m not taking chantix and finishing my quitting smoking cold turkey. I also so have had the vivid dreams but I have always had vivid dreams, that I can handle. It’s the being exhausted I can’t. I love being outdoors and can’t even enjoy being outside cause I’m exhausted.

Wow. My dad died from alcoholism and he was a smoker too. So I decided I wanted to quit and got on Chantix. Was fine first week. Even bragged about how effectively it worked. Well at least until week two. Freaked out!!! Had a panic attack so severe had to be hospitalized for two days. Never again will I take this medicine. It does work.

I have been on chantix for close to 5 weeks now. This pill is a splendid aid to help a person to stop smoking. Some people may not be able to take them because of the depression, but I feel its sort of mind over matter, and it depends on how badly a person wants to get rid of those deadly cigarettes.
This pill does seem to cause depression, but I am riding it out for the sake of my life and health. My sister died as a result of smoking cigarettes 2 years ago. I watched her suffer, lose her hair during her chemo treatments, then she became bedridden, and passed away after suffering for an entire year. She did not want to give up on cigarettes, and even went so far as to change doctors to avoid being scolded for continuing to smoke cigarettes!
When I did some reading- I learned that cigarette smoking robs the body of calcium and vitamin C. For me, it is worth it to continue to take the chantix for the 12 weeks that my doctor prescribed. I would rather tolerate some depressed feelings for several weeks rather than suffer and die from the effects of cancer.

I have now been taking Chantix for 5 weeks, and have been smoke free for 4 weeks. I was a long time smoker of about 2 packs a day. The medication is very strong, by day 4 I had lost interest in smoking. But like many, by week 2-3 I had lost interest in many other things as well.
I wouldn’t say I was depressed but I just had a difficult time seeing joy in just about anything. I have never been diagnosed with any psychological issues, so perhaps that is the key, and I am one of the most happy-go-lucky people you will meet – according to friends.
My main issue with the drug was the unbelievable sick feeling you have about 5 minutes after taking it for about 2-3 hours. YOU MUST EAT WITH THIS PILL. For this reason once I was 10 days off smoking and it stopped controlling my thoughts every 30 minutes I dropped down to one pill morning or early afternoon.
I’ve had some crazy dreams… I shared them with my family – even the creepy very detailed dreams of murdering people, family, friends. The dreams are very vivid, seem very real, and have been incredibly creepy for me…. then again some have been just really funny too.
All in all I would say try the pills they work great, if you have any previous history monitor it very closely with your doctor of find an alternative. But once you get past the insane cravings drop to one pill… ohh and keep plenty of suckers or licorice around.
Hope my review helps. Good Luck!

Chantix is wonderful! I did feel depressed after a few weeks, but I can’t say for sure it was the Chantix. I had other stuff going on. I’ve cut my dosage in half anyway and still no cravings to smoke! It’s been 5 weeks now!

As of today (4/24/09) I have discontinued taking Chantix. A decision made “before” reading “all 9 pages” of posts here. I’d been aware there had been mention of side effects that included depression and suicidal thoughts and wanted to learn more so as to decide if perhaps this was related to my case. Sadly, like so many others, I found I was not alone. It has been a gradual decline in my behavior and attitude. The good news is that I obviously haven’t taken on the notion of hanging myself from my loft’s beam. I’d pondered that as well as just packing up and running away. From EVERYONE! I burst out crying for no legitimate reason in addition to all the other symptoms associated with depression. I ignore phone calls from family and friends so I don’t have to pretend all is good or appear foolish having no excuse to provide for my “uncontrolled” despondency.
I’d been on week 3 of my second month of .5mg 2x day. I have only been taking one tablet a day though the last two weeks finding it was enough to control cravings and at the same time figured it might help alleviate the crazy dreams by eliminating the evening dose. It’s troublesome to read that these moods have continued for many folks weeks and months after they have gone off the prescription. I work because like most everyone else, I have to. Although this past week I took a day off to remain in my bed, where I’d wished my heart would just stop beating.
There has been a lot of success with the drug indeed, but for myself, can’t determine if I’m kicking the habit or kicking the bucket?! My hopes is that I not only remain smoke-free, but more importantly I just regain my sanity!

Having to follow that last entry is not easy. My thoughts and prayers go out to that family. I took Chantix and after 3 weeks smoke free, I stopped taking the pills. There is weirdness associated with the medication as well as quitting smoking itself. And when I read these forums, it strikes me as odd that some people act as if they expected it to be nothing but smooth sailing. There will be side effects from the meds as well as the loss of nicotine and smoking in your body and life.
Perhaps people need to have a sit down with themselves before taking Chantix and make sure their thoughts are in order. It worked well for me. I couldn’t have quit without it. I indeed had nausea, eat with your pill. I had strange dreams, I liked them. I felt depressed, I identified why I was and that it was only temporary, discussed that with my family.
The biggest thing that got me through some of the not-so-pleasant side effects was reminding myself that cancer and chemo probably make you nauseous, give you headaches, depress you, and have side effects that wont be so temporary. I wish you all the ability to quit smoking, however you need to or can! Good luck!

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