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Introducing Mighty Muscadine, the Super Supplement

We welcome Mighty Muscadine as a new sponsor of our radio show. Now you can save 20% on your order. Find out how at the end of the story.

Joe and Terry Graedon
Drug Side Effects

Does Google Favor Big Pharma and the FDA over Drug Watchdogs?

Whom do you trust to provide independent health information especially about drugs? Does Google favor Big Pharma directly or indirectly? What about the FDA?

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Body Odor

Are All Natural Deodorants Free of Aluminum?

Have you been seduced by the word natural? It seems safer than "synthetic." Some natural deodorants and all antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. So what?

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Your Newsletter Reading List Is Back!

Many subscribers missed the newsletter reading list. We've brought it back for your convenience. You'll find it at the bottom of each post.

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You Can Order Your Own Lab Tests from Verisana

Get a 20% discount from the home test you choose at Verisana Lab with the code PEOPLE.

Redesigned People's Pharmacy Website
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Sale to Celebrate Redesigned People’s Pharmacy Website

Come see how we have changed our redesigned People's Pharmacy website. Shop this week and get an automatic 20% discount.

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Announcing a New Design for The People’s Pharmacy Website

We are proud of the new design of Be sure to check it out and save 20% off your entire order in our online store.

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Body Odor

Don’t Miss the Sale on People’s Pharmacy MoM Deodorants

The FDA recently reported that people absorb chemical ingredients from sunscreens into their blood stream. Aluminum antiperspirants are another question!

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Body Odor

FREE Shipping from The People’s Pharmacy

People have been requesting free shipping for a long time. We wish we could offer it all the time. Here's an opportunity to try free shipping on your faves.

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Body Odor

Smell Sweet This Spring: Enjoy our Sale

Celebrate spring with 22% savings on any of our People's Pharmacy MoM deodorant products. All completely aluminum-free!

Kaya Biotics

Why Choose Certified Organic Probiotic Products?

Three out of four Americans take a dietary supplement such as a probiotic. There is virtually no oversight. Can you make wise probiotic product choices?

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Valentine’s Day Is Special

Don't miss out on our Valentine's Day special sale. Get two of your favorite People's Pharmacy lip care for the price of one and share with your sweetheart.

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Chapped Lips

Pucker Up for Valentine’s Day

Don't miss out on our lip care sale. Make sure your lips are kissable for Valentine's Day!

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Do Your Christmas Shopping at The People’s Pharmacy

If you haven't yet finished your Christmas shopping, check out our offerings. They are intended for people who value their health, Have a healthy holiday!

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Alternative Health

Celebrate with a Cool Gift from The People’s Pharmacy!

Our goal for more than 40 years has been to help people make informed decisions about their health. Here’s a unique offer for a holiday gift.

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Angular Cheilitis (cracks at corner of mouth)

Save Your Lips While Saving Money Too!

When your lips are dry it's hard to avoid licking. That only makes them worse. Lip balms and toothpaste can be problematic. Save your lips with these tips.

lips with gold liptsick
Angular Cheilitis (cracks at corner of mouth)

Do You Ever Lick Your Lips? Lip Licking Will Dry Them Out!

When your lips are dry it's hard to avoid licking your lips. But if you lick your lips you will make them worse. Why is that? How can you moisten your lips?

Home Remedies

KayaBiotics: High-Quality Organic Probiotics from Germany

Our new sponsor produces speciifically-targeted probiotic products in Germany from certified organic ingredients. Check out KayaBiotics.

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Acne (pimples)

How Aysa, an AI App, Helped a Mother with her Child’s Rash

Aysa, a new app for your tablet or smart phone, can help you determine what is wrong so you'll know whether you need to see the doctor.

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Why Is Your Friday Newsletter Coming on Monday?

A power outage kept us from providing your Friday newsletter before the weekend. Now that we are re-connected, we are sending it to you.