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Super Special Sale on New MoM Deodorant: 20% Off Regular Price!

We have just received a brand new shipment of The People’s Pharmacy Aluminum-Free MoM (milk of magnesia) Roll-On Deodorant. We have made a gentle adjustment to the Women’s fragrance.  The new Women’s MoM has a subdued floral fragrance. Our unscented formulation has remained the same.

Here is what visitors to this website have to say about MoM:

“I wrote to Peoples Pharmacy hoping to find a solution to my years of struggle with perspiration and smelliness. I’m a career woman ‘of a certain age’ and as the temps in our building were increased, to save $$, along with my own hot flashes… I struggled with perspiration and odor.

“I tried everything. Home remedies as well as drug store commercial deodorants and antipersperants. Then on top of not working, almost everything I tried became sticky! How awful… underarm sticky, tackiness and smells stuck under my arms.

“I purchased the Woman’s MOM and am so DELIGHTED! I learned that I only need a little. Don’t even need to put it on every day, because if overused, it can become sticky too.

“I love the smell and my perspiration no longer smells bad. I can’t tell you what a HUGE relief this is to me. I’m a passionate supporter of this product and consider it a miracle!

“It works!!

“Thank you People’s!” Just sign me, Love MoM

“I have used milk of magnesia for about 18 years with great results.

“The way I use it is diluting it with water at 50% then pouring 2 to 3 ml in to the bottle cup to apply it under my arm. Works great. No messy at all.

“It was recommended by my Dermatologist in 1995.” Juaquin


We are thrilled to learn that a dermatologist recommended milk of magnesia (MoM) so long ago. People in hot, humid climates have apparently known about the milk of magnesia deodorant approach for a very long time.

Your trick to dilute milk of magnesia is interesting. We cannot imagine how sloshing this on your underarms wouldn’t be a bit messy, though.

That is why we developed The People’s Pharmacy Roll-On MoM.

“This is the safest and best working deodorant I have ever used.” Joanne

 Safe? You might wonder what Joanne is referring to. If you check your traditional antiperspirant you will discover that it contains aluminum. The FDA actually requires aluminum salts in such products.

There is growing concern that aluminum may have unexpected side effects. We find it fascinating that the FDA seems to assume that the ingredients in underarm products are not absorbed into the body. The agency recently approved a product for men that is specifically designed to be applied to the underarms where it will be absorbed into the blood stream. It is called Axiron and is a testosterone formulation. Perhaps you have seen commercials on television where a man applies Axiron to his armpits to counteract low testosterone and symptoms of low energy, moodiness and loss of sex drive. Obviously, the testosterone in Axiron is being absorbed systemically from the underarms.

There is some evidence that aluminum may also be absorbed, especially if a woman shaves her underarms in the shower and then applies antiperspirant afterwards. Aluminum is not a necessary mineral for the human body. And questions remain about its toxicity. Until the aluminum questions are resolved, we like the idea of milk of magnesia. Magnesium is an essential element for health. Many people are deficient in this mineral either because they don’t get enough from their diet or because of medications like diuretics that are often included in blood pressure pills.

We want to make our new shipment of MoM deodorant available at a great price, in large measure to encourage you to buy an extra bottle for a friend. That’s why we are offering a limited-time 20% sale on both our aluminum-free deodorant products (woman’s fragrance and unscented). Want to learn more about MoM? Here is a link to a short video to provide an overview on MoM.

Want to proceed directly to the shopping cart and take advantage of the 20% sale? Here is your discount code: MOM20. Just put that code into the discount code box when you check out. Here is a link to unscented Aluminum-Free MoM and a link to Women’s Aluminum-Free MoM.


Our sale is now over, but why not head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and like or follow us there? We will announce future sales on our social media pages as well as through our newsletter.


Share your own story about milk of magnesia. What do you use it for? How well does it work?

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I tried this deodorant recently and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised. I had no odor at all. I’m still a little nervous about using it instead of my heavy duty anti-perspirant when I’m going to be at a special business or social function, because it’s not an anti-perspirant, but I will be using it more other days, especially days when I shave my underarms.

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