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September Is Healthy Aging Month

Cocoa flavanols can benefit both heart and brain for healthy aging. Save 20% now on CocoaVia products with the code AGEWELL2023.

When it comes to maintaining your health as you age, small changes can yield big benefits. September is Healthy Aging Month – it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your current health routine and personalize it. One of the easiest, scientifically proven things you can do for your brain and heart health is adding a cocoa flavanol supplement to your daily habits.

What Are Flavanols and Why Do They Help Healthy Aging?

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) has issued the first ever authoritative dietary recommendation on flavanols for cardiometabolic health – a recommended daily intake of 400 to 600 mg of flavanols from foods such as apples, berries, and cocoa. With over 20 years of rigorous scientific studies that confirm cocoa flavanols can have a positive impact on your overall health, taking CocoaVia™ dietary supplements is a smart and convenient way to take healthy aging into your own hands when it’s hard to achieve the recommendation through diet alone. All CocoaVia™ products are made with the proprietary ingredient, Cocoapro™ cocoa extract, the most concentrated and proven flavanol extract available in the market today.

The COSMOS Trial Shows the Benefits for Aging Hearts:

Maybe you’re looking to support a strong heart for healthy years ahead. CocoaVia Cardio Health supplements come in capsule or powder form to suit your lifestyle needs and is made with the same ingredient and cocoa flavanol level tested in the landmark COSMOS trial. In this 5-year study, participants who took the cocoa extract containing 500mg of cocoa flavanols experienced an average of 27% improvement of important heart health outcomes relative to those in the placebo group. With 500mg of cocoa flavanols in every serving of Cardio Health, it is a clinically proven level to support heart health for the long term.

CocoaVia CardioHealth Powder with 500 mg cocoa compounds per serving

CocoaVia CardioHealth Powder with 500 mg cocoa compounds per serving

Staying Sharp as You Age:

Or, if you want to stay sharp and help preserve precious memories as you age, CocoaVia Memory+ supplements can help you achieve that. The latest publication related to COSMOS was recently released – a 3-year ancillary study, known as COSMOS Web, showed that flavanols work to support brain and memory performance during cognitive aging. Participants who started the trial with a lower flavanol intake diet and who took a cocoa extract supplement containing 500mg of cocoa flavanols experienced an overall 24% increase in flavanol levels, on average, and achieved an average of 16% improvement in memory performance after one year, effectively catching up in memory performance to those with a higher flavanol intake diet at the start of the study who already had good memory.

ConsumerLab.com chooses Memory + as Top Pick for cocoa flavanols

Save Money on Healthy Aging:

Aging well means starting the right habits today – consider adding cocoa flavanols to your daily routine. To offer some encouragement to set you in the right direction, CocoaVia™ is offering 20% off any purchase of its Memory and Cardio Health dietary supplements in celebration of September’s Healthy Aging Month – just use code AGEWELL2023 at checkout from September 18th through October 2nd.

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