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Brand New Introductory Offer SALE for Urea Skin Relief!

Announcing our brand new moisturizer and hand cream: The People's Pharmacy Urea Skin Relief intensive skin therapy with 20% urea. So excited!

We are excited! Really excited! After many years of experimenting, we finally can offer you a brand new product from The People’s Pharmacy. It’s called The People’s Pharmacy Urea Skin Relief: Intensive Skin Therapy with 20% Urea. We have been developing this rich, smooth and soothing skin cream over many years. We lost count of the number of formulations that were rejected. Our natural products chemist, Chuck, could easily have given up on us. We’re picky! But he was steadfast and eventually came up with a healing skin cream that we are proud to offer you.

Why Urea?

When urea is included in skin cream, it serves as a marvelous epidermal protector. The most prestigious dermatology research journal in the world is The Journal of Investigative Dermatology (June 2012). It published a study demonstrating that urea improves the barrier function of the skin. This natural compound regulates gene activity in the skin to improve its antimicrobial defenses. That makes the skin more resistant to infection and other attacks.

The authors of this research go on to state:

“To our knowledge this is previously unreported that urea, which has previously been relegated to solely relatively minor role in the skin as an endogenous moisturizer, likely plays much more than a merely passive role in the maintenance of epidermal homeostasis. In fact, urea appears to be a highly-active small molecule regulator of genes that impact keratinocyte differentiation, lipid synthesis and antimicrobial peptide production, together leading to improved permeability barrier function and likely antimicrobial defense as well.”

We should mention that some people with sensitive skin will experience a tingle or even a stinging sensation for a few minutes after applying a urea-based moisturizer. That’s because urea is more powerful than some other moisturizer ingredients.

Why We Wanted to Make The People’s Pharmacy Urea Skin Relief:

Many skin care products contain chemicals like phthalates and parabens. Phthalates are plasticizers. They are often put in cosmetics and personal care products to stabilize chemical ingredients. An article in the journal Healthcare (Basel), May, 2021 says it succinctly:

“Phthalates are a series of widely used chemicals that demonstrate to be endocrine disruptors and are detrimental to human health.”

The FDA has decided, however, that it does not need to take “regulatory action against cosmetics containing phthalates.” As a result, many personal care products contain these hormone disruptor ingredients. Not the People’s Pharmacy! We told Chuck to absolutely avoid phthalates and parabens in formulating Urea Skin Relief! Those are are preservatives that are also endocrine disruptors. The Environmental Working Group explains why parabens do not belong in cosmetics and personal care products at this link.

Our first video promoting this brand new product from The People’s Pharmacy:

As you could tell by watching this video, we are very proud and excited to offer The People’s Pharmacy Urea Skin Relief to you, our loyal reader and supporter. We worked hard to bring this product to market and we want to make it available to you at a 25% discount in this introductory offer. The code is RELIEF25. The sale is on both our handy 2 oz tube and our economy-sized 6 oz tube.

Why not give a tube as a Christmas present? Can you think of anything nicer than a hand cream that will help moisturize and help heal rough, dry skin?

Thank you for considering our brand new People’s Pharmacy Urea Skin Relief hand cream. Don’t forget to include the discount code RELIEF25 when checking out to take advantage of our introductory offer. This sale is only good until the end of this month.

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