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You probably found this post in your email inbox because you subscribe to our newsletter. Along with this post are several others, keeping you up to date on the health news stories for this week. We also let you know whom we have interviewed for the radio show and podcast, and summarize some of the most important points. That way, you know whether you will want to tune in or download the podcast to listen at your own convenience.

But do your friends get the newsletter? We sometimes hear from people who would like to help family members or friends subscribe, and we have made it easier than ever. Just go to the website, www.PeoplesPharmacy.com. At the top of the screen  you’ll find a box with the word SUBSCRIBE in green letters. Just click on it, enter the email address that works best for you, and choose how often you would like to receive email from us.

Benefits When You Subscribe to our Newsletter:

As you already know, our free email newsletter is a great way to keep up on the health news that matters to you. You learn about drug hazards as well as helpful tips on herbs and home remedies. You’ll also be the first to learn of any special sales or promotions.

When we spot a breaking story that you should learn about right away, we send out a People’s Pharmacy Health Alert. We do try to save those for items that really can’t wait, like a drug recall or an urgent warning about a side effect or interaction. The People’s Pharmacy newsletter subscribers often learn about such stories before they become widely known.

So. Go ahead and spread the news. Subscribing is easy, and your friends will find it easier to take care of their health when they subscribe to our newsletter.

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Terry Graedon, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and co-host of The People’s Pharmacy radio show, co-author of The People’s Pharmacy syndicated newspaper columns and numerous books, and co-founder of The People’s Pharmacy website. Terry taught in the Duke University School of Nursing and was an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology. She is a Fellow of the Society of Applied Anthropology. Terry is one of the country's leading authorities on the science behind folk remedies. .
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