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One Less Thing to Remember

We have a new way for you to access the important information in our ehealth guides. You won't need to remember a password!

We have launched a major upgrade to our ehealth guides in the last few days, which we think will simplify the experience of reading our health guides. It may also make shopping on our site in general a bit easier. Before we get into the details, there is one important point we would like to start with:

Why One Less Thing to Remember?

We have switched to passwordless authentication for our site. Before you needed to choose a password for our site and then store it somewhere, but now all you need is your email address.

Going forward, to login on our site just click the green Login button in the upper right-hand corner of our website and you will be taken to a login page where you enter only your email address.

Doing so will trigger an email to be sent to your inbox containing a 6-digit code which will serve as a one-time password. Just enter this code on our site, confirm, and you will be logged in. No password needed!

Here is a quick look at how this process works:

If you are a repeat customer at our e-commerce store, this also means that when you arrive to the checkout page after logging in, all of your details (name, email, address) will already be filled in for you, making shopping with us even more convenient.

This is admittedly a fairly large change to the experience of shopping on our site, but we really think that it will be a positive one that makes the experience easier. We hope you will give it a try!

A New Home for our eHealth Guides – Right Here!

Another new enhancement is that our ehealth guides now live right here on this site, which makes life even easier because now you no longer need to navigate to another site to view your guides. Everything is right here under one roof.

Simply by logging-in with the new system we described above, you can access all of the online ehealth guides you have ever purchased with us. If you purchased a PDF guide at some point, stay tuned because we are in the process of migrating those older guides to the new system and updating the information within to make them even more valuable. And if you purchased the old versions – you will have unlimited lifetime access to the new version as well!

Not only that, but this new system makes it much easier for us to create and edit content for these health guides. So going forward you should see lots of updates from us in this regard.

How to Access Information in our Health Guides

There are a couple of ways you can access your health guides.
When you purchase a health guide you will receive a receipt from our e-commerce store with a link that says, in part:
If you ordered any health guides, you can access them here.
Clicking this link is the fastest way to get right to your new health guides after purchase, as it will bring you straight back to our site and to the “my health guides” page. If by chance you see all of the health guides as “locked” – it means you are not logged-in. Just login per the steps above under “Why one less thing to remember?” and you will be able to access your new health guides.
We also added the “profile menu” to the top right-hand corner of the site which replaces the Login button when you are logged in. When you are logged-in, click on the profile icon and a dropdown menu will open. From it, select “My Health Guides” and you will be taken to the list of your health guides.
You can of course choose to bookmark this page as well for easier future access.
From this page you can also browse the contents of our other health guides to see if they are of interest. If they are, you can add them to your cart directly from the preview. Just make sure to avoid selecting more than 1 as your quantity.
Use the same email address when checking out and everything will be stored under the same account, which you can always access again via the method at the top of this article (and without needing to keep track of another password).

What Do You Think? Don’t Be Shy!

Our goal with this change – and this substantial engineering effort – is to make our health guides easier to use for you and easier to create & update for us, and we hope that we have achieved it. Undoubtedly there will be a few snags along the way, but we want to hear about any issues that you run into so that we can fix them. So please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment on this post to let us know how this new experience is working for you.

In Summary:

In your browser, go to www.PeoplesPharmacy.com and look for the heading titled Health eGuides. A desktop computer will have this at the top of the screen. On a mobile phone, you’ll see it at the bottom.

Browse the list of eGuides to find the one you want. You’ll be able to add it to your cart. That will take you to the checkout screen where you can click (or tap) on the green checkout button. For these digital products, please don’t select more than 1 as your quantity.

Remember your email:

Be sure to remember which email address you use, whether you use a shopping app like PayPal or a credit card. You will get an email confirming your order.

To access the information, open the email. In the text, you will read “Thank you for your purchase.” In the paragraph below, you will read, “If you ordered any health guides, you can access them here.” The last phrase, which appears in blue, is a link.

Click on that link. It will take you to the page with My Health Guides. This shows you all the guides we offer, but to access them you need to log in.

Log in:

Click the log in button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the login page. Enter your email address, and you will automatically get a second email with a one-time password. It is a 6-digit code. Copy this code and return to our site. Paste the code into the space on the login page and confirm. When you do, you will be redirected to the homepage of www.PeoplesPharmacy.com.

You will now see that the login button has been changed to a profile icon. Click on that and a dropdown menu will open with the link to the My Health Guides page. When you browse to that page again (or use the link from your email), you will see the guide(s) you purchased unlocked and ready to read. You should have access to your guide on any device you use.

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