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Big Pink Pills
Drug Side Effects

Looking for a Reliable Generic Medication

You can arm-wrestle your mail-order pharmacy to get pills from your preferred manufacturer. Or ask the pharmacy that checks for reliable generic medication.

Mother's Day
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MoM for Your Mom

You could celebrate Mother's Day by ordering a bottle of People's Pharmacy MoM for your mom. Get a 20% discount for this week only.

A bottle of kefir and a bowl of kefir grains
Cognitive Dysfunction

Can Your Gut Microbiome Affect Your Memory?

When their gut microbiome has more Lactobacillus in it, mice perform better on memory tests. Will you?

checking thyroid function
Grave’s Disease (Hyperthyroidism)

How to Test Your Thyroid During a Pandemic

To test your thyroid when your doctor's office and laboratory are closed, you may want to try a mail-order service, Verisana.

Two books from the People's Pharmacy: Quick and Handy Home Remedies + Recipes and Remedies.
close up of dry lips
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Save Your Lips and SAVE 50 Percent on Natural Lip Care!

How are your lips? Do they ever get dry and cracked? Have you bothered to read the ingredients on the label of your lip balm? Why not go all natural?

Unscented People's Pharmacy MoM roll-on deodorant
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Two-Ounce People’s Pharmacy MoM Roll-on Deodorants Are Back in Stock!

Have you been watching for our People's Pharmacy MoM Roll-on deodorants and wishing you could buy the 2-ounce size? Good news! They are back in stock.

Two Economy sized MoM deodorants
Alternative Health

Unscented Aluminum-Free MoM Deodorant Back in Stock!

We apologize! We have a hard time keeping our unscented aluminum-free milk MoM deodorant in stock. The economy-size is back with FREE SHIPPING! Order now.

golden raisins and gin
Alternative Health

Are Home Remedies Supported by Scientific Studies?

Getting medical care for ordinary health problems is difficult during a pandemic. Are there scientific studies to support home remedies for common ailments?

holiday gifts, Christmas stocking & presents
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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers from the People’s Pharmacy

Have you started thinking about stocking stuffer gifts? This is your last chance to save money and get someone a practical present for their stocking.

holiday gifts, Christmas stocking & presents
Home Remedies

Give the Best Gift This Holiday: Better Health for 2020!

Would you like to avoid last minute shopping for family and friends? How about something really meaningful? Give the best gift: the gift of good health?

roasted coffee beans in an espresso cup
Home Remedies

Coffee as an Herbal Remedy and a Special Treat

Imagine using coffee as an herbal remedy to get a precise dose of organic herbs as part of a delicious morning ritual.

Two books from the People's Pharmacy: Quick and Handy Home Remedies + Recipes and Remedies.
Alternative Health

Where Can You Learn About Home Remedies?

A doctor who appreciates practical, inexpensive options for common problems asks how to learn about home remedies. Here's our answer.

Kaya Biotics

All About KayaBiotics

Have you been wondering about KayaBiotics when you hear us mention this sponsor on the air? Listen to the CEO, Christian Ziegert, discuss the company.

A young woman working on a laptop
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How You Can Enjoy The People’s Pharmacy Ad-Free

If you would like the opportunity to browse our site ad-free, you can now do so for a modest monthly fee.

muscadine grapes
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Introducing Mighty Muscadine, the Super Supplement

We welcome Mighty Muscadine as a new sponsor of our radio show. Now you can save 20% on your order. Find out how at the end of the story.

Joe and Terry Graedon
Drug Side Effects

Does Google Favor Big Pharma and the FDA over Drug Watchdogs?

Whom do you trust to provide independent health information especially about drugs? Does Google favor Big Pharma directly or indirectly? What about the FDA?

crystal deodorant
Body Odor

Are All Natural Deodorants Free of Aluminum?

Have you been seduced by the word natural? It seems safer than "synthetic." Some natural deodorants and all antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. So what?

woman reading at a laptop computer

Your Newsletter Reading List Is Back!

Many subscribers missed the newsletter reading list. We've brought it back for your convenience. You'll find it at the bottom of each post.

One Red Heart And A Medical Or Laboratory Glass Test Tube
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You Can Order Your Own Lab Tests from Verisana

Get a 20% discount from the home test you choose at Verisana Lab with the code PEOPLE.