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test tube of blood labeled LDL-C Test
Heart Attack

What Is the Best Diet to Lower Cholesterol?

If you focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains and avoid processed foods, you're on a good diet to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

couple having romantic late dinner by candlelight

Is a Late Dinner a Problem?

People who eat a late dinner have higher blood sugar levels overnight and burn less fat than those who eat earlier in the evening.

Austin Perlmutter MD & David Perlmutter MD

Show 1216: How Sugar Interferes With Healthy Decisions

When we need to make healthy decisions about what we eat and drink, we need to find ways to deflect the allure of sugar for our brains.

illustration of microbiota within the large intestine

Can You Change Your Microbiota With Diet?

A gold-standard randomized controlled trial of diet found it is very difficult to change your microbiota long-term.

Two children drinking skim milk
Weight Control

Should You Give Your Child Skim Milk?

Parents have been urged to offer their kids skim milk once they are more than two years old. That's thought to keep them slim, but the data don't hold up.

Woman weighing herself on a scale

Does Taking Belviq to Lose Weight Increase Your Risk for Cancer?

The FDA has just asked the maker of lorcaserin (Belviq) to lose weight to withdraw it due to an increased risk of a cancer diagnosis.


Show 1189: What the Heck Should We Be Eating?

If you've ever wondered, "What should we be eating?" you'll want to listen to Dr. Mark Hyman tell why cooking tasty food doesn't have to take lots of time.

step counter

Are People More Active with Step Counters?

In studies that coupled step counters with coaching by health professionals, volunteers increased their physical activity.

Woman weighing herself on a scale
Drug Side Effects

Will Contrave Help You Lose Weight Safely?

Contrave is a combination drug for obesity. Is it a good way to lose weight safely?

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Home Remedies

To Control Your Weight, Be a Healthy Vegetarian

Spanish scientists find that a mostly vegetarian diet with vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and olive oil may help you control your weight.

Dr. Robert Lustig, author of Hacking of the American Mind

Show 1145: Are Big Corporations Hacking the American Mind? (Archive)

American corporations are exploiting our desire for pleasure and hacking our bodies and brains. It doesn't make us happy. How can we reverse this trend?

Girl watching TV at night in a dark room
Weight Control

Could TV On All Night Make You Gain Weight?

New research shows that women who leave the TV on while they are sleeping are more likely to gain weight over the next five years.

a couple kissing over breakfast

Can Restricting Eating Time Help Control Blood Sugar?

Restricting eating time to early in the day may improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar response to meals and help with weight control.

Mediterranean diet salad with olive oil
Home Remedies

Can a Mediterranean Diet Help You Control Your Weight?

Monkeys given a Mediterranean diet did not get fat as monkeys on a Western-style diet did. Will a Mediterranean diet help you control your weight?

woman with knee and joint pain
Home Remedies

Will a Keto Diet Help Eliminate Your Knee Pain?

One reader reports that following a keto diet eliminated her knee pain. Researchers have confirmed that a low-carbohydrate diet can reduce pain.

6,000 steps, dog and dog-walkers

Are Dog-Walkers at Risk for Broken Bones?

Dog-walkers get more exercise, but they must take care not to end up in a tumble that could break a bone.

an aluminum can of artificially sweetened light diet soda
Heart Attack

Will Drinking Diet Soda Raise Your Risk of Stroke?

Data from the Women's Health Initiative suggests that heavy diet soda consumers are more likely to suffer strokes and heart attacks.

David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD

Show 1149: Is Cutting Carbs More Important Than Cutting Calories?

New research shows that people use more energy on a low-carb diet. It suggests that people cutting calories should pay attention to which calories they cut.

an aluminum can of artificially sweetened light diet soda
Cognitive Dysfunction

Are Non-Sugar Sweeteners a Healthy Choice?

Non-sugar sweeteners may not offer the expected health benefits. In fact, some research suggests that such sugar substitutes may increase inflammation.

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Alternative Health

Can Mindfulness Help You Lose Weight?

Researchers found that mindfulness training helped volunteers resist fast food and lose weight. Might this approach help you?