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Dr. Uma Naidoo tells how to improve your mood with food

Show 1237: Improving Your Mood With Food

It's easy to feel depressed or anxious in times like these, but you can improve your mood with food. Listen and learn how!

Dr. Lisa Mosconi describes how women can lower their risk for dementia

Show 1231: How Can Women Reduce Their Risk for Dementia?

Find out how women can reduce their risk for dementia with diet, exercise and the proper timing of hormone therapy.

older woman hand to head looks confused; neurological effects of COVID-19
Anosmia (loss of smell)

COVID-19 Has Neurological Effects in Most Patients

Four out of five patients recovering from COVID-19 reported neurological effects such as headache, confusion or dizziness at some point.

depressed older man
Anosmia (loss of smell)

Can COVID-19 Symptoms Last for Weeks?

Fatigue, headache, cough, shortness of breath and otherCOVID-19 symptoms last for weeks or even months after recovery in some people.

Jim Kwik tells you how to remember more

Show 1220: How We Can Learn Faster and Better and Remember More

Get excellent strategies to help you think clearly, learn quickly and remember more. Jim Kwik makes it fun!

grilled fish and vegetables are part of best diet for arthritis
Cognitive Dysfunction

Does Eating Fish Protect the Brain from Pollution?

A study finds that, for older women, eating fish a couple of times a week can provide protection against brain shrinkage caused by air pollution.

Cynthia R. Green, PhD, author of Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness

Show 1219: How to Achieve Maximum Memory Fitness

By avoiding social isolation, following a healthful diet and engaging in physical and cognitive exercise, you can achieve maximum memory fitness.

Senior women drinking wine together
Alzheimer’s Disease

Are There Cognitive Benefits to Moderate Drinking?

A study among older Americans finds that moderate drinking is linked to cognitive benefits for white participants. Too much is not good!

Austin Perlmutter MD & David Perlmutter MD

Show 1216: How Sugar Interferes With Healthy Decisions

When we need to make healthy decisions about what we eat and drink, we need to find ways to deflect the allure of sugar for our brains.

cacao pod with hot cacao beverage
Cognitive Dysfunction

There Is Science to Support Cocoa for Brain Health

New study shows how cocoa flavanols work to improve cognitive function. Can you use high-flavanol cocoa for brain health? How can you find it?

Dr. Dale Bredesen studies how to defend your brain

Show 1214: How to Defend Your Brain During the Pandemic and Beyond

Dr. Dale Bredesen describes how to boost your immune system to defend your brain from infection, toxins and inadequate nourishment.

Older woman taking her blood pressure

Will Blood Pressure Medicines Prevent Alzheimer Disease?

In a new meta-analysis, the investigators found that people taking blood pressure medicines are slightly less likely to develop dementia.

A large pile of cranberries

What Should You Eat to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia?

A study from Framingham suggests berries, apples, pears, oranges and tea are among the foods you should eat to reduce your risk for Alzheimer disease.

A bottle of kefir and a bowl of kefir grains
Cognitive Dysfunction

Can Your Gut Microbiome Affect Your Memory?

When their gut microbiome has more Lactobacillus in it, mice perform better on memory tests. Will you?

scissors cut rosemary plant to make rosemary water
Cognitive Dysfunction

How Can You Make Your Own Rosemary Water?

If you want to keep your brain healthy over the years, don't smoke, do exercise, get enough sleep and sip rosemary water. You can make it yourself.

Robert Moir, PhD, expert in Alzheimer disease

Show 1132: Are Infections to Blame for Alzheimer Disease? (Archive)

Pharmaceutical scientists have been striving to get amyloid plaques out of the brain, but new research suggests that amyloid may be acting to protect the brain from microbes. What are the implications

Senior couple growing stressed plants in their organic garden

What Can Help You Stay Sharp as You Age?

Maintaining physical activity and consuming blueberries, turmeric and rosemary may help you stay sharp as you age. Which will you try?

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease medical concept, 3D illustration.
Alzheimer’s Disease

Surgery Doesn’t Boost Risk of Alzheimer Disease

Experts have been concerned that anesthesia for surgery might boost the risk of Alzheimer disease. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic have reassuring news.


Can You Lower Your Dementia Risk With a Few Drinks?

If you want to lower your dementia risk with a drink or two, stick to just one or two a week. LIght drinking is linked to less plaque in the brain.

senior woman with her adult daughter

Stalked by the Fear That Dementia Is Stalking You

Should you be tested to see if you are likely to develop dementia? The answer is different for everyone. What will you do with the results?