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Show 1219: How to Achieve Maximum Memory Fitness

By avoiding social isolation, following a healthful diet and engaging in physical and cognitive exercise, you can achieve maximum memory fitness.
Show 1219: How to Achieve Maximum Memory Fitness
Cynthia R. Green, PhD, author of Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness
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How to Achieve Maximum Memory Fitness

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In these challenging times, keeping our brains healthy and working well is important. Social isolation can be debilitating, but there are approaches that can help counteract these difficulties.

Research on Maintaining Memory:

What does new research tell us about achieving maximum memory fitness? How important is it for us to take care of conditions like high blood pressure or impaired hearing? How much do diet and exercise actually affect our cognitive health?

Easy Steps to Achieve Maximum Memory Fitness:

Dr. Cynthia Green outlines important strategies to help us with our memories. To keep our brains healthy, it is imperative to maintain our physical and emotional health. To accomplish that, stay physically active and follow a healthful diet. In addition, we must address problems like depression that can undermine cognitive function.

In addition, she offers a number of memory tactics, such as repetition or connecting a new name or fact you want to remember to something you already know. Another approach is more complex, but appeals to many people: create a mini-movie in your mind demonstrating the words or concepts. To-do lists and specific forget-me-not spots for items like keys or wallets can be very useful in eliminating those where-did-I-put-it moments.

Caring for Elders:

Regular interaction with our older relatives can help them avoid social isolation. Simple activities that help them connect to things like tastes or songs from their childhood may help those with dementia. Following Dr. Green’s recommendations should help us stay alert for signs that we ourselves may be developing cognitive difficulties in time to seek intervention.

This Week’s Guest:

Cynthia R. Green, PhD, is a nationally recognized expert on memory fitness and brain health who lectures extensively on memory improvement, brain fitness, successful aging and related topics. Dr. Green is the president of Total Brain Health Brands, a leading provider of brain fitness programs that help people build better brain health.

Dr. Green has served on the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Mount Sinai Medical Center since 1990. She is currently an assistant clinical professor there in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Green is the author of several books, and co-author with dementia and activities expert Joan Beloff of the recently released 2nd edition of Through the Seasons: An Activity Book for Memory-Challenged Adults and Caregivers. Her website is www.totalbrainhealth.com

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