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Drug Side Effects

10 Reasons Pharmacists Feel Pressured to Be Positive About Pills

Starting in pharmacy school, significant social pressures encourage pharmacists to be positive about pills and downplay diet and lifestyle.

Hand holds out container of multiple pills doctors prescribe

A Pharmacist’s 10 Reasons Why Doctors Prescribe Pills So Eagerly

In light of the serious questions about the safety of many pharmaceuticals, why do doctors prescribe drugs so freely? Here are 10 reasons.

Drug Side Effects

COVID-19 Forces FDA to Stop Inspections in China

Quarantines related to the COVID-19 epidemic make it impossible for the FDA to conduct drug manufacturer inspections in China.

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Unexpected Bills Come as Nasty Postsurgical Surprise

Around 20 percent of insured patients were faced with unexpected bills after surgery that should have been in-network. What's going on?

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Is Frenzy in the Pharmacy Putting Patients at Risk?

Has the soul of pharmacy been sold? Are understaffing and time pressure in the pharmacy putting patients at risk of mistakes? How can you protect yourself?

USPS vehicle making mail order med deliveries stuck in snow
Drug Side Effects

Insider Blows Whistle on Mail Order Med Deliveries

Mail order med deliveries may sit in a cold or hot mailbox for hours. That's not good. But have you thought about shipping conditions even before that?

pharmacist in front of drug display as cheerleader for drugs
Drug Side Effects

Have Pharmacists Become Cheerleaders for Drugs?

Economic forces seem to explain why pharmacists are cheerleaders for drugs, even when there is some evidence that the medicines carry risks.

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Why Free Samples Make Prescriptions Pricier

Free samples seem like a good deal for those who get them, but they help drive costs up over the long run. Companies use them to market pricey drugs.

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Why Do Electronic Health Records Have So Many Mistakes?

Do you read your electronic health records? Most people don't. The really important information is likely missing unless the health system offers OpenNotes.

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Flip Flops on Fish Oil: Omega 3 Fats Now Have Heart Benefits

Studies of supplements rich in omega 3 fats have reached conflicting conclusions. The latest analysis concludes that they reduce the risk of heart disease.

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You Have Likely Been the Victim of Diagnostic Mistakes

Diagnostic mistakes are surprisingly common. They can lead to disability or death. A new study identifies the most common conditions that are often missed.

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Do You Read OTC Medication Labels? You Should!

Most people believe that nonprescription drugs are safe. That's why they may not read OTC medication labels. What if we told you OTC drugs can harm or kill?

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The BIG Business of Getting You to Take Your Pills

Health professionals have a terms for "good" patients. They are "compliant." Do you take your pills? If so, you are compliant. Reminders are big business!

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Your Newsletter Reading List Is Back!

Many subscribers missed the newsletter reading list. We've brought it back for your convenience. You'll find it at the bottom of each post.

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Drug Side Effects

Is Google Censoring Drug Side Effect Information?

Many health websites have been buried by a new Google algorithm update. Search is fruitless. We provide drug side effect information. Why can't you find it?

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Pharmacist Challenges Concept of Chronic Conditions and Maintenance Meds

Pharma has a financial incentive to convince people that many ailments are “chronic conditions" even though much is known about preventing those conditions.

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Prescriptions on Demand from Online Doctors

Do you ever buy anything online? Would you consider visiting online doctors or prescriptions on demand? Online prescribing and dispensing are expanding.

Canadian flag in front of the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

Can You Save Money by Importing Drugs from Canada?

The government has recently done an about-face on importing drugs from Canada. For years we were were told this is a terrible idea. Maybe now it will be OK.

drugstore shelves with over the counter (OTC) pain relief products.
Drug Side Effects

A Pharmacist Condemns Pharma’s Approach to Health

Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry) views the human body as a machine that is constantly prone to breakdown and needs shoring up with synthetic chemicals.

A handful of pills and Canadian Flag

Is It Now Legal To Import Drugs from Canada?

Saving money on medicines has become a hot political football. There's a lot of smoke but very little action. Can you really import drugs from Canada?