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pregnant woman in bed suffering muscle cramps at night
Home Remedies

Can Magnesium Relieve Muscle Cramps at Night?

Readers report that they can prevent most muscle cramps at night by taking magnesium supplements. Few scientists have studied this treatment.

pieces of black licorice candy
Drug Side Effects

Go Easy on Licorice to Avoid Leg Cramps

Anyone with concerns about heart rhythms or blood pressure should take it easy on licorice. Too much can be dangerous and even lead to leg cramps.

Quinine Bark Tree, Cinchona officinalis illustration
Drug Side Effects

Why Can You Buy Quinine in Canada But Not the US?

Canadian and US health regulatory agencies have dealt differently with quinine pills. As a result, you can't buy them in the US.

jar of spicy dijon mustard
Leg Cramps

Why Does Mustard Relieve Muscle Cramps?

Have you ever wondered how could mustard relieve muscle cramps? We have a probable explanation that works through nerves and their receptors.

Photo illustration of various locations of leg and foot cramps
Alternative Health

Can Holding Your Breath Stop Painful Foot Cramps?

Can you make painful foot cramps relax by holding your breath? One reader reports this is the remedy that works best in their situation.

bottle of magnesium citrate, with white tablets near it
bars of soap
Alternative Health

Can A Bar of Soap Stop a Cough or Laryngospasm?

Are you getting tired of reading that a bar of soap can ease muscle cramps? We get it. We frequently write about this remedy. But here are some new soap stories, including laryngospasm.

Traditional Marseille soap also called Savon de Marseille put up for sale at the market
Alternative Health

How to Use Soap in Bed for Nighttime Leg Cramps

To see whether soap in bed will protect you from leg cramps while you sleep, unwrap a bar and put it under the bottom sheet, near where your legs will rest.

bars of soap
Alternative Health

Soap Under the Sheet Can Prevent Nocturnal Leg Cramps

Placing a fresh bar of soap under the bottom sheet near where the legs will rest may prevent nocturnal leg cramps. Could limonene in the fragrance help explain this effect?

a glass of gin and tonic with ice and a lime slice
Alternative Health

How Can You Find Quinine for Leg Cramps?

You will not find pills with quinine for leg cramps. But you may be able to use tonic water, pickle juice or another home remedy to get rid of the cramp.

Photo illustration of various locations of leg and foot cramps
Alternative Health

Will Soap Under Sheets Help Your Leg Cramps?

Many readers find that a bar of fragrant soap under the bottom sheet can prevent or stop painful nighttime cramps. Will this remedy banish your leg cramps?

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Body Odor

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a glass of gin and tonic with ice and a lime slice
Drug Side Effects

Sensitive to Quinine? Beware Tonic Water!

Tonic water contains quinine. Those who are sensitive to this drug must beware tonic water, as even small amounts could trigger serious reactions.

grabbing the sole of the foot in pain
Home Remedies

Stop Leg Cramps and Muscle Spasms Fast With a Simple Lip Pinch

Would you like to stop leg cramps and muscle spams really fast? We've got lots of home remedies that might do the job, including the old lip pinch technique!

man with leg cramp
Cramps (hands, legs)

End Leg Cramps At Night (Nocturnal Leg Cramps) Fast!

Have you ever had a Charley Horse? Leg cramps at night can be incredibly painful and wake you out of a sound sleep. There are scientific reasons why strange cramp remedies work.

woman putting cold gel pack on neck
Home Remedies

Could Standing On an Icepack Cure Leg Cramps Fast?

You have read all about muscle cramp cures here at the People's Pharmacy. Have you ever heard that an ice pack could cure leg cramps? We didn't think so.

Olive oil bottle and jarred olives in a basket of fresh olives
Leg Cramps

Olive Juice Cures Muscle Cramps like Magic

Have you ever had a Charley Horse? This is a muscle cramp that is excruciating! Would you believe olive juice cures muscle cramps?

a bar of soap at the foot of the bed, soap under the sheets, soap under your bottom sheet
Alternative Health

Are You Crazy to Keep Soap Under the Sheets?

Tucking a bar of soap under the sheets can help prevent leg cramps and possibly even restless legs syndrome (RLS). How does this work?

Fireworks on the Fourth of July
Leg Cramps

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a female runner on her back holding her thigh in pain from a leg cramp, leg cramp remedies
Leg Cramps

Busting Myths and Offering Unique Leg Cramp Remedies

What causes muscle cramps? Hint: They're NOT brought on by dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Triggering TRP channels with leg cramp remedies might help.