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Is Mustard for Leg Cramps Snake Oil or the Real Deal?

Is mustard a miracle remedy for leg cramps or an old wives' tale with no merit? There are no randomized controlled trials, but people share amazing stories.
Is Mustard for Leg Cramps Snake Oil or the Real Deal?
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Mustard for Leg Cramps?

One of the strangest remedies we have stumbled across in recent years is a spoonful of mustard to combat leg cramps. If you have ever experienced a charlie horse in a calf muscle in the middle of the night you know you will try just about anything to ease the pain. But mustard seems like the last thing that would enter your mind.

We don’t know who came up with idea or why but it has proven amazingly popular.  We have tried it ourselvs and have found that it works amazingly fast. Here is just the most recent post from Joe:

“I suffer from frequent, very painful leg cramps. When the PP recommended a tablespoon of prepared mustard as a source of relief, I thought it was just some form of folk snake oil. But what did I have to lose in trying it?

“It works remarkably well and has never failed me. It usually takes two to three minutes before relief is noted. I use Dijon mustard because that’s what we have around. Presumably, all prepared mustards work if they contain turmeric.”

Other visitors to this website also report this kind of success. Here is a link to a post titled “How Does Mustard Relieve Cramps?”

Want to read stories from other visitors? This article will give you additional info: “Yellow Mustard Offers Nighttime Relief.”

Share your own experience with yellow mustard either for leg cramps or against common household burns below in the comment section.

If you find these approaches of interest, even if you are skeptical, you will find our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies from The People’s Pharmacy a must f0r your home library. You will be amazed how often you turn to it for kitchen table wisdom.

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