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Leg Soap Provides Magical Relief for Some Sufferers

Slipping a chip of soap into a sock can ease the pain of muscle cramps.

What Can Be Done for Leg and Foot Cramps?

Q. OK, I decided that using soap for muscle cramps was the stupidest idea I had heard in a while. But after trying quinine water, eating lots of bananas (for extra potassium) and anything else I had heard about, I was ready for stupid ideas.

The pain in the arches of my feet was awful, so why not? I found a small soap chip to put in each sock at night. So far the results have been magical. I’m now a believer. Thank you.

Carol B.

A. We agree, Carol, it does seem like a strange idea. Nevertheless, we have heard from a surprising number of people that putting soap chips in socks can really ease the discomfort of muscle cramps that attack toes and feet. We even created The People’s Pharmacy Leg Soap to make it easier for people to have small pre-cut soap chips to put in their socks. Here is a link so you can see what they look like.

Other people have also asked about soap in socks. Susan wanted to know:

“How do you keep a bar of soap in your socks and not have it be uncomfortable? I am asking because I have the a heel problem and am trying this to stop my heels from hurting.”

This is precisely why we created The People’s Pharmacy Leg Soap. These small-sized soap chips fit comfortably inside socks. No smashing, shaving or crushing soap necessary. Just pull a soap chip out of our box, tuck it into your sock and away you go…to sleep or on a walk. We would not put the chip under your heel, however, as that might indeed be uncomfortable.

Amusing and Affordable Holiday Gifts

No doubt you have friends who get leg cramps or hand cramps or cramps in other parts of the body. Many people experience this kind of pain from time to time.

D.C. shared this:

“I’ve been using a small hotel soap under the sheets near my feet for 3 months…and it works great. I don’t wake up anymore with leg cramps!

“Today, I woke up with really bad menstrual cramps and decided to break the little bar into about half and put it in my pocket. After a few minutes, I could physically feel the pain melting away. Such a relief all day and no need for pain-relievers. Best thing ever!”

Dorothy offered this story about her skeptical husband:

“My husband has recently been troubled with hand cramps. They seemed to follow steroid treatment. I looked up your  website and read about soap being recommended. He laughed but I insisted he try.

“He couldn’t believe it. It worked right away. As he didn’t believe it could work, I don’t think the placebo effect was responsible.”

Bed Soap

Why not get friends and family a fun, amusing and potentially valuable gift for the holiday? They will chuckle when they read the packaging:

“As a home remedy, the use of this soap has not been approved by the FDA, the EPA, the CDC, the NRA, the FBI or any government agency. There is no scientific evidence that putting soap under the bottom sheet (or in your socks or pocket) will prevent leg cramps or restless leg syndrome (RLS).”

Even though the FDA has not approved soap for leg cramps, we think that people’s experience is worth something. We have heard from so many people that Bed Soap and Leg Soap help that we wanted to offer it as a special holiday gift. Bed Soap contains as much lavender-scented soap as a full-size bar, but it is wide and thin, so it doesn’t feel like a brick under the bottom sheet when you roll over in bed. Leg Soap has a lovely tea olive fragrance.  These pre-cut chips fit comfortably in socks or go unobtrusively in a pocket.

While you are at it, why not look around our People’s Pharmacy Store for other practical and affordable gifts. There’s the Winter Skin Survival Kit and Aluminum-Free MoM Roll-On Deodorant. You will surprise and delight your family and friends with imaginative presents that they cannot get anywhere else.

Happy holiday shopping!

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