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Bottle of Pills and a FDA APPROVED stampArrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - November 14, 2022 - 90 comments

Generic Metoprolol Reveals Flaws With FDA’s Approval Process

We've been hearing about problems with generic metoprolol since 2007. They're still coming in. If you can't afford Toprol XL what can you do?

A bottle of TopCare Ibuprofen Tablets, 200mg dosage
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - May 21, 2018

What Can You Do If Ibuprofen Triggers Atrial Fibrillation?

People in pain should be told that ibuprofen triggers atrial fibrillation, as do other NSAIDs. Home remedies may be safer for relieving pain.

a woman holding a large handful of pistachio nuts
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Terry Graedon - April 19, 2018

Will Nuts Protect You from Afib?

People who munch a serving of nuts at least three times a week are less likely to develop atrial fibrillation. Could nuts protect you from Afib?

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of Amiodarone
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - January 1, 2018

Beware Amiodarone Side Effects and Interactions

Amiodarone is FDA-approved for extremely hard-to-treat heart rhythm disturbances. Amiodarone side effects are scary. This drug requires cautious management!

pieces of black licorice candy
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - September 26, 2016

Prescription for Licorice Pills Was Almost Lethal

We love licorice. High-quality natural licorice candy is wonderful. But too much licorice, whether as candy or in pills, can be dangerous in not deadly.

Man grabs at his heart during a heart attack
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - January 29, 2015

Smart Phone Diagnosed Heart Rhythm Change

A patient using AliveCor with his smart phone permitted his doctor to diagnose and treat a dangerous heart rhythm abnormality.

Gravestones in a ruined church graveyard
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Joe Graedon - May 30, 2013

Could Your Pain Killer Be Killing You?

An NSAID pain killer such as celecoxib, diclofenac or ibuprofen could put you at risk for heart failure, stroke or a heart attack.