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drug recallDrug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 8, 2023 - 33 comments

Why Are FDA Inspections So Ineffective and Disappointing?

Are you losing faith in the FDA? ProPublica reports a scandal about FDA inspections and tainted medicine. This has been going on for TOO long!

Lisa Gill of Consumer Reports, expert on saving money on medicines
PodcastsTerry Graedon - August 1, 2022

Show 1308: Saving Money on Prescription Medications

What are the 5 best ways to save money on prescription medications? What about coupons from GoodRx? Learn the pros and cons of coupons.

Levothyroxine bottle 125mcg
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - July 25, 2022

Levothyroxine and Synthroid Are Not Interchangeable

Many people have no difficulty switching between levothyroxine and Synthroid, but others develop distressing symptoms suggesting a difference in dose.

Runner holding sore leg knee pain from running or exercising jogging injury or cramp
ArthritisJoe Graedon - June 27, 2022

Does Generic Celecoxib Measure Up to Celebrex?

The question is asked if generic celecoxib relieves joint pain as effectively as brand name Celebrex. Many visitors say no!

FDA-approved pills, ampules and injections
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 6, 2022

A Generic Drug Scandal That Amazed Even Us!

Learn about an almost unbelievable generic drug scandal that the FDA has pretty much ignored. You may wonder about your generic drug quality!

depressed teen holding her head
DepressionJoe Graedon - May 16, 2022

Generic Sertraline (Zoloft) Problems Lead To Anxiety and Panic

Many readers report problems with some generic sertraline products to treat depression. What has happened to Greenstone’s authorized generic?

Packet of Antidepressant Prozac Pills
DepressionJoe Graedon - March 7, 2022

Prozac Poop Out and Other Drug Drop Offs

If a medication you have taken for years stops working, it can be disastrous. In the case of fluoxetine, we call it Prozac Poop Out.

FDA-approved pills, ampules and injections
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 21, 2022

Can You Trust Your Drug Quality? Maybe Not!

Do you count the bills the teller gives you when you cash a check? That's called trust but verify! Why doesn't the FDA test for drug quality?

a bottle of budeprion xl 300mg
DepressionJoe Graedon - February 14, 2022

Problems with Generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion)? Not Again!

We hoped that problems with the generic antidepressant for Wellbutrin (bupropion) were over. They're still coming! But Wellbutrin is PRICEY!

pharmacist in front of drug display as cheerleader for drugs
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 31, 2021

Why Won’t Pharmacies Fill Prescriptions with Authorized Generic Drugs?

How can you get your pharmacist to fill prescriptions with authorized generic drugs? It's a lot harder than you might think, but worth the effort.

Bottle of Pills and a FDA APPROVED stamp
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - February 8, 2021

What Are Authorized Generic Drugs and Are They Better?

Have you ever shopped at an outlet mall? You get a branded product at a reduced price. Authorized generic drugs are surprisingly similar.

drug recall
DiabetesJoe Graedon - December 30, 2020

More Metformin Recalls Distress Diabetes Patients

Have you lost count of metformin recalls? We have! Contaminated drugs continue to be pulled from the market during the pandemic. It's a lot!

Hand in glove with vaccines going into freezer
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - December 7, 2020

COVID Vaccine Storage: Lessons for ALL Drugs!

Should you care about COVID vaccine storage? 1st, if you get the vaccine you want it to work. 2nd, there are lessons for storage of all drugs!

Drugs and Stack of money illustration
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - September 14, 2020

Shame on Us for Describing Drug Company “Girls’ Night Out”

Drug company execs are NOT supposed to meet with competitors to set prices. Men played golf and women sipped martinis at Girls' night out.

hundred dollar bills with pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - August 27, 2020

Have Generic Drug Companies Cheated the Public?

Drug companies are not supposed to fix prices. The antitrust division of the DOJ says some generic drug companies cheated by doing just that.

FDA Approved pill bottle illustration
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - June 29, 2020

Can You Trust Generic Drug Quality?

Most health professionals trust generic drug quality. That's because the FDA says it does a great job. But readers are fed up with contamination problems!

wellbutrin and budeprion pills
DepressionJoe Graedon - June 15, 2020

When a Drug Like Buproprion Smells Bad

When food smells bad we know not to eat it. That's because it may be spoiled. What should we do if an antidepressant like bupropion smells bad?

drug recall
DiabetesJoe Graedon - June 8, 2020

Drug Labels Inadequate for Metformin Drug Recalls

No one wants to consume carcinogens in food or water and certainly not in medicine. The FDA just announced metformin drug recalls due to contamination.

Metformin pills don't affect vitamin D status
CancerJoe Graedon - June 4, 2020

Which Metformin is OK and Which is on the FDA’s Problem List?

The FDA admits that several metformin diabetes formulations are contaminated with a probable carcinogen. Which metformin is OK? How would you know?

Big Pink Pills
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - June 1, 2020

Looking for a Reliable Generic Medication

You can arm-wrestle your mail-order pharmacy to get pills from your preferred manufacturer. Or ask the pharmacy that checks for reliable generic medication.

drug recall
DiabetesJoe Graedon - May 28, 2020

ALERT | Metformin Carcinogen Contamination Confirmed!

Metformin is a key medication in the treatment of diabetes. Tens of millions of people take it daily. How could there be metformin carcinogen contamination?

hundred dollar bills with pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - May 25, 2020

Did Price Fixing by Generic Drug Companies Cheat You?

When you think of price fixing, what comes to mind? Construction, banking, transporation? What about generic drug prices? That scandal has our attention!

Recall Stamp for FDA
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - April 23, 2020

Quality Problems Prompt FDA Recall of Tetracycline

Have you heard about the FDA recall of tetracycline made by Avet Pharmaceuticals? The capsules fail to dissolve as they should.

hundred dollar bills with pills
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - April 20, 2020

How Can People Afford Brand Name Medicines?

Millions of people have lost their jobs and their health insurance. Some can't tolerate generic drugs. But how can they afford brand name medicines?

Cargo Ship with Containers
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - April 20, 2020

Was Your Medicine Transported Under FDA Guidelines?

How do drugs get from China to India? What about from India to the North America? Does medicine transported from abroad regularly get checked by the FDA?

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk
CancerTerry Graedon - March 16, 2020

Can You Manage Your Blood Sugar Naturally?

If you have type 2 diabetes, paying attention to exercise, diet and supplements could help you manage your blood sugar more naturally.

Recall Stamp for FDA
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - March 2, 2020

Several Metformin Diabetes Drugs Contaminated with Nitrosamine

An independent pharmacy, Valisure, has alerted the FDA that several metformin diabetes drugs contain the carcinogen NDMA. What will the agency do?

empty shelves
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - March 2, 2020

Can You Prepare for Drug Shortages Resulting from the Coronavirus?

Covid-19 has closed factories in some parts of China. Most of our active pharmaceutical ingredients come from that country, so drug shortages may result.

Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - February 26, 2020

COVID-19 Forces FDA to Stop Inspections in China

Quarantines related to the COVID-19 epidemic make it impossible for the FDA to conduct drug manufacturer inspections in China.

sad and depressed young woman crying
DepressionJoe Graedon - February 10, 2020

Wellbutrin XL Antidepressant Is Affordable in Canada

The FDA rarely admits a mistake. But after years of wrangling, we finally got the FDA to admit that a generic Wellbutrin XL antidepressant was a problem.

man holding pills in front of a Canadian Flag
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - January 6, 2020

Importing Medicine from Canada Is Illegal but Is It Risky?

Do you know how much your medicine actually costs? Not just the copay, but the full retail price? That's why many people try importing medicine from Canada.

FDA Approved pill bottle illustration
Drug Side EffectsJoe Graedon - December 30, 2019

Generic Antibiotic Doxycycline Did Not Work!

Do you trust generic drugs? Should you? What about a generic antibiotic like DOXY? If an antibiotic doesn't work, lives could be in jeopardy.