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a young woman brushing her teeth
Canker Sores (aphthous ulcers)

Will Special SLS-Free Toothpaste Prevent Canker Sores?

Many readers have found that eliminating toothpaste with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) helps them avoid canker sores. What is SLS anyway?

Doctor shows woman a breast implant prior to surgery
Breast Tenderness

The Never-Ending Breast Implant Scandal

Breast enlargement surgery has been going on for decades. The FDA just announced serious side effects. We call this a breast implant scandal!

drugstore shelves with over the counter (OTC) pain relief products.
Drug Side Effects

Can Tylenol – Acetaminophen Raise Blood Pressure?

People in pain face a dilemma. Can they control pain safely? NSAIDs can cause hypertension. But will acetaminophen raise blood pressure too?

list of drug side effects with magnifying glass
Drug Side Effects

What Is the Real World Incidence of Drug Side Effects?

There are many reasons why clinical trials don't reveal the true incidence of drug side effects in the real world.

Doctor holding a vial of COVID-19 vaccine

Volunteers Describe COVID Vaccine Side Effects

What better way to learn about COVID vaccine side effects than to ask volunteers who got shots? Visitors to this website provide answers.

older woman with insomnia silencing her alarm clock
Drug Side Effects

Can Your Medicines Cause Insomnia?

Hundreds of medicines cause insomnia. Bet you didn't know that statins like simvastatin might do it. So can corticosteroids and decongestants.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine bottles

Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine?

Are you planning to get the coronavirus immunization? Why is it important for you to know what side effects to expect from the COVID vaccine?

Man checking blood pressure
Drug Side Effects

What Are the Best BP Drugs for Hypertension?

If you have hypertension why did your doctor choose one med over another? You might be surprised to learn which BP drugs score highest.

package of statins with stethoscope
Drug Side Effects

Do Statins Save Lives? Doctors Don’t Agree!

How good are statins for preventing heart attacks in primary prevention? More important, do statins save lives? Read surprising new results.

Hands reaching for giant pill for coronavirus drug shortages
Drug Side Effects

Critically Important Information You’ll Never See in Drug Advertisements

There is a major deficiency in drug advertisements because a hugely important and relevant body of knowledge is conspicuously absent.

Older man with leg cramps
Drug Side Effects

Are Statins and Leg Cramps a Neglected Challenge?

Many people complain about statin side effects, such as muscle pain and weakness. Statins and muscle cramps seem to be ignored complications.

a kid getting a vaccination
Drug Side Effects

Flu Shots Linked to Deaths in South Korea

People in South Korea are concerned about influenza vaccinations this year. That's because flu shots linked to deaths have made headlines.

close up of three doctors faces wearing surgical scrubs and masks
Drug Side Effects

Does Genetic Testing Help Avoid Problems With Anesthesia?

A reader would like genetic testing before undergoing surgery so that the choice of anesthesia can be personalized.

Doctor prepares to give a flu shot

Should We Worry About the New Holds on Vaccine Trials?

Holds on vaccine trials are not unexpected, but they could delay development of an effective protection against COVID-19.

smart phone reads Diabetes type 2 in front of pharmacy shelves with pills responsible for the diabetes epidemic

Are Popular Drugs Responsible for the Diabetes Epidemic?

A number of prescription drugs and some OTC medicines may be partly responsible for the diabetes epidemic worldwide.

vitamin D capsules

Do Your Medicines Suppress Your Vitamin D?

Corticosteroids, anticonvulsants and certain other medicines suppress your vitamin D levels. Will that make you more vulnerable to infection?

poison pill bottle
Drug Side Effects

Mistakes in the Pharmacy Could be Deadly

Mistakes in the pharmacy are shockingly common. No other profession could get away with so many errors and remain respected. How can you protect yourself?

Purple milk thistles in bloom
Drug Side Effects

Will You Lower Your Cholesterol With Milk Thistle?

MIlk thistle extract can lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. It blocks the same enzyme as statins.

An older pharmacist reads a pill bottle
Drug Side Effects

18 Pharmacists Discuss Their Most Memorable Medication Mistakes

Have you ever gotten the wrong drug from the pharmacy? Here, pharmacists reveal their memorable medication mistakes.

Doctor prepares to give a flu shot

The Inside Story on the AZ Vaccine Pause

AstraZeneca has resumed its big coronavirus trial in the UK. The vaccine pause is still in effect in the U.S. Why is there a discrepancy?