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Meat on an outdoor grill

Is Meat OK to Eat Now? Do Food Flip-Flops Make You Mad?

Public health experts have told us for decades that red meat causes heart attacks and cancer. But new studies question that dogma. Is meat OK after all?

fish oil capsules
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)

Fish Oil for the Heart? Is It Good After All?

Fish oil for the heart has been on a roller coaster. It has been good for the heart, ineffective for the heart and now, once again, very good for the heart!

Zantac package
Drug Side Effects

FDA Flip-Flops on Nitrosamines in Zantac and Ranitidine

Another week another FDA announcement about nitrosamines in Zantac and ranitidine. The FDA makes a U-turn! Still no recall, though. What should you do?

A handful of pills and Canadian Flag

Is It Now Legal To Import Drugs from Canada?

Saving money on medicines has become a hot political football. There's a lot of smoke but very little action. Can you really import drugs from Canada?

doctor with his hand on his forehead in disbelief or confusion
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)

Did The FDA Bury Details About Defective Medical Devices?

Many patients are unaware of the terrible problems associated with defective medical devices. That's in part because data about faulty devices was hidden.

Oxycodone tablets and pill bottle
Health News

Are People In Pain Committing Suicide For Lack of Opioids?

You have heard that we are in the middle of an opioid epidemic and people are dying from overdoses. Are pain patients dying because of a lack of opioids?

drug recall

A New Carcinogen Found in BP Meds | More ARB Recalls!

There are new ARB recalls. Camber and Torrent Pharma companies are recalling large lots of losartan. How did this happen? A new carcinogen rears its head!

Outgoing FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD
Health Headlines

Can Anyone Explain the Mysterious Disappearance of the FDA Commissioner?

Why is FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb leaving the agency? A few weeks ago he stated unequivocally: "I'm not leaving." What happened to change his mind?

Plastic water bottles and bags washed up on shore polluting the water

Do You Have Plastic in Your Body?

Do you ever wonder whether you might have plastic in your body? Not just the chemicals in plastic, but actual plastic particles? A new study says yes!

Milk bottles
Health News

Is Whole Fat Dairy (Milk, Cheese and Yogurt) Good for the Heart?

Do you buy low-fat or no-fat yogurt? Why? Do you like the taste or do you fear the saturated fat in whole fat dairy products? A new study says dairy products are good for the cardiovascular system.

illustration of pills shaped into a dollar sign ($)
Health News

The Drug Industry Hates Efforts to Control Drug Prices

Is it possible to control drug prices? California is trying but the pharmaceutical industry is fighting back. A new law is challenged by PhRMA lawyers.

bucket of money

Public Finally Outraged At Extravagant Drug Prices

Drug prices have been out of control for years but it took the 5000 percent increase in the cost of Daraprim to wake up the American public. What changed?

a drug eluting stent
Health News

How Safe and Effective Are Medical Devices?

With little information about safety and effectiveness of medical devices, doctors and patients can only guess whether or not a given device is suitable.

bucket of money
Health News

Big Pharma Is Still Giving Doctors Big Money

Pharmaceutical and device manufacturers are still spending a lot on financial ties to health care providers and institutions.

man measuring his fat belly bulge with a measuring tape
Health News

American Bellies Are Getting Bigger

A large waistline puts a person at risk for metabolic disease and other complications.

Unroasted (green) coffee beans - ready to be roasted
Health News

Green Coffee Extract Flames Out

Claims for green coffee bean extract as a weight loss aid are not backed by good evidence according to the FTC.

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Low-Carb Diet Leads to More Weight Loss and Better Cholesterol Numbers Than a Low-Fat Diet

New scientific evidence supports the claim that a low carb, high fat diet results in more weight loss and better cholesterol numbers than a low fat diet.

Health News

Which Diet Is Best? The One You Can Follow

A review of popular diets found that there were no significant differences between most of them. Sticking to a diet appears to be the key to success.

fresh vegetables: peppers and asparagus
Health News

To Get Kids to Eat Vegetables, Start Them Young!

Children develop taste preferences very early in life. To give them the foundations for lifelong healthy eating, start them on veggies early.

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Pistachios Are a Tasty and Effective Way to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Eating a diet rich in pistachios may help in avoiding diabetes, according to a new study comparing a diet rich in pistachios to one without.