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FDA Approves Jublia for Fighting Nail Fungus

Jublia (efinaconazole) is a topical liquid for treating nail fungus. How good is Jublia? Not that great. How pricey is Jublia? Very! Is it worth the cost?

Two new topical prescription drugs have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of nail fungus. Last month, the agency gave the green light to a drug called Jublia (efinaconazole). This month, the FDA approved Kerydin (tavaborole) which is also applied directly to affected nails.

It is estimated that over 30 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus, which leads to thickening, yellowing and discomfort. Oral antifungal drugs are available by prescription but have worrisome side effects and frequently interact with other medications.

The new topical agents were applied daily for 48 weeks and evaluated after one full year. Jublia resulted in a complete cure of nail fungus in 15 to 18 percent of study subjects. Daily use of Kerydin resulted in cure for 6.5 to 9 percent of study subjects. Both products have potential side effects such as redness, itching, swelling or irritation of the toes, but because they are applied to the nails and nail beds, they are not expected to affect the liver or interact with other drugs. One possible complication of Jublia is ingrown toenails. According to the prescribing information, that occurred in 2.3% of those applying the drug.

Are you impressed with these cure rates? We aren’t, either. A complete cure rate of 15 to 18 percent after almost a year is hardly something to write home about. And wait till you hear the price. We checked with one of the largest  drugstore chains in the country. In our area, a 4 ml bottle of Jublia would cost $539. You read that right! Mind boggling, eh? That works out to $135 per ml. It is not clear that insurance will cover the cost.

You are supposed to apply one drop per affected toenail. If the big toe is affected, you will need two drops. So, if you have two toenails plus a big toe infected with fungus, you will need 4 drops per day. There are roughly 20 drops in a milliliter or 80 drops in a 4 ml bottle. That means you will go through one 4 ml bottle in about three weeks. But wait, the treatment is supposed to continue for 48 weeks. That means you would need 16 bottles. If you multiply 16 x $539 you end up with a total cost of $8,624. Without insurance, this would be prohibitive. And remember, the complete cure rate is at best 18% after 48 weeks.

There are advantages of a topical liquid antifungal agent over an oral medicine. There are far less serious side effects, for one thing. But if you are interested in topical treatments, you may want to consider a home remedy first. We can assure you that the cost will be infinitesimal compared to a prescription product like Jublia.

To learn more about home remedies and some older, less expensive ways of treating nail fungus, you may be interested in our Guide to Hair and Nail Care. Read other comments below or add your own.

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I’ve been using Jubal for over three years and my big toes still have fungus. Also, the tips of my other toes still had some fungus on them. I use it faithfully every night. I have gotten different prices for it. I started out with $100 a bottle; then it cost me $50 a bottle; then it cost me $25 a bottle. It keeps changing. Now I get a three-month supply for about $50. All of these prices are with my insurance. I have not been able to use nail polish all this time until I get the fungus removed. I hope I live long enough to get rid of this fungus because it’s taking forever.

All these comments has my concern. I think that an investigation should take place on this drug . I was just prescribed this drug for a nail fungus. I feel as if the price of this drug is out rages. So many states has a different price . I ask myself why is this happening ? It is so sad that pharmaceutical companies are taken advantage of people. This needs to stop . So many comments state that this durg isn’t and didn’t help them. Then why in the hell is the price so high ? Was this drug supposed to be a miacle ? Please have some concern to have something done about the pricce. The price is so out rages.

if nothing works, try putting on tea oil first and than rub it with pure emu oil.

I was given a prescription for Jublia for toenail fungus and started using it every night after my shower. I let it air dry before I pulled bed covers over me. Within 3 weeks I started waking in pain around midnight to 1:00 am like clockwork from extreme ingrown toenail pain.

It took me a few nights to put two and two together. I skipped using it and on that night the pain did not hit. I used again the next night and woke with same pain at the same time. About 4 hours after applying it on every event.

I stopped using it and the pain never returned. Obviously my toenail fungus could not be addressed with this stuff. It was miserable and not something I would recommend.

The product is useless. Why it works for one out of 80 is beyond me I will be looking at naturopathic doctors’ remedies to see what I can find. I do not trust the FDA.

In my opinion the product is useless. Why it works for one out of 80 is beyond me. I will be looking at naturopathic doctors remedies to see what I can find………

Has anyone using Julblia developed a rash on his/her torso? Mine is persistent and seems to be spreading.
I don’t know if it’s the Jublia or something else.

I just got a prescription from my Dr. for Jublia. I contracted the fungus during a time when I had a cast on my foot for an extended period of time. I have a medium bad case of fungus on my baby toe and my large toe. Previously, Vick’s vapor rub has been effective but truthfully, I haven’t been religious about putting it on.

I believe the theory with Vick’s is that the petrol in the product and the thymol (thyme) work together to suffocate the fungus. The thymol is anti-fungal and the petrol forces the agent to the local area. I also cleared up a minor athlete’s foot condition with Vick’s. It’s worth looking into.

All said, although it’s has helped, I still have this troublesome condition. I just started applying the Jublia 2 days ago so no reports yet, HOWEVER!!!!!
My Doc gave me a card with a dial- in verification number for Walgreens. You call it in like a new credit card and get registered, I did this at the pharmacy window (it’s a program that just began-6/16) and what my insurance didn’t cover, the card DID. It was FREE!!!!! On the card it says Valiant Dermatology Access Program 2016. I think it may be part of Obama Care. Just sharing, hopefully, it helps.

The Jublia dispensers can be faulty. I turn the bottle upside down to put on my toe and it comes gushing out. I have no control over a drop here or there. This stuff isn’t cheap and I will be contacting shoppers drug mart to see what they can do as I would like some form of compensation.

Yup, I’m a pharmacist and I can confirm that drug pricing between countries is crazy. For this drug, it’s about $80 in Canada and over $400 (usually) in the US. The price of many drugs is vastly different in different countries. To make it worse (i.e. more confusing), it’s not consistent – drugs in Canada aren’t always cheaper than in the US.

Well, yesterday I bought my first bottle 8 mls. & and it cost 125.96. I do not have coverage. So not sure what I will do & how long I will use it. That is a rediculous price. Why so expensive? It has a stupid brush type thing on the end so you really can’t see one drop come out. For that price they should have a better type of brush.

I agree Jublia bottles faulty. I lost half of the product. Bought 3 so far and all defective

Jublia works but it takes forever to see any results. I started with all my toes heavily infected with very thick nails. After a year and 2 months, all but two little toes are completely cured. The other two are growing out normally, but still infected at the tip. One big toe is the same and is growing out normally and may be 6 months or more before grows out completely. The other big toe is still infected. So I think success with it means using it at least one year and probably two. Cost has been ~$210 for every 3 months. No insurance and I don’t buy it in the US.

I have been on Terbinafine for about sixty days and I can see improvement but the rash I had on my torso was terrible. The itching was non-stop and the rash didn’t start until I had been on it for about 50-55 days. It took 3 days to work out of my system. The doctor has given me a prescription for Jublia. I hope for good results. The first fill is free but after that I was told each refill will be $40.00. Good as long as it works and without the rash or the chance of liver damage.

My dermatologist just prescribed Jublia. She started me off with 2 bottles with four repeats and told me to come see her in August. Seems like she’s expecting it to clear up in 6 months and I hope it does. I just came off of Lamisil in July and it did a good job. it just wasn’t that strong enough. I really hope a Jublia clears it up completely. Oh and by the way my first 2 bottles cost a total of $36 with insurance. The prices on here seen outrageous. I mean $700 for a bottle? Meanwhile I’m getting 2 at a time. I consider myself lucky.

Good grief! Where in Canada are you that it only costs $40? I just got some in Alberta and it was $88 for 6ml, no insurance coverage. Sure hope it works.

I was told by Walgreen’s yesterday when picking up my $40.00 bottle that the actual cost is over 1,200.00 . How on earth can that be? I don’t understand all the diff. prices people are being charged or diff. base prices. Something stinks and it isn’t my feet.

This stuff works very well! I had about 8 nails that were affected and it cleared all of them up, but the only thing is time. It took about 3 months to notice anything. I’m on month 7 and I only have one nail with a small discolouration. Very expensive if you’re not covered though!

I had a really bad case of toenail fungus on six toes, and Jublia substantially cleared it up over about six months. The keyword in this article is “completely”; one toenail remains slightly discolored, so the cure wasn’t complete. But I certainly was happy with the result, particularly as compared with other remedies I’d tried (nothing oral, however). I can’t justify the price, but thus far my insurance plan has paid for everything. With the agreement of my podiatrist, I am now going off Jublia to see what happens.

I got a prescription for this. It says to use it for 48 weeks once a day. The bottle I got was about 1/4 fluid ounces at the most and lasted less than 2 weeks. I called the pharmacy and was told the bottle cost $700. Only in America.

All the people going through Philidor and saying that they didn’t have to pay, please explain. I contacted them and was charged $75.00 when I shouldn’t have a co-pay at all.

Looks the comment section was bombed by the manufacturer. Discounts all around. Mail/Internet based pharmacy. Happy people.

Where does the money really flow from and to. This isn’t free.

And just wait for that high failure rate.

I just bought a 6ml bottle and cost me 16 CAD after insurance, but the actual cost without insurance is 81 CAD. Today I started the treatment so I can’t say that much, I just wanted to say that the prices that the article gives is wrong.

This stuff doesn’t work! The Jubila cost $400 for that tiny bottle. The other stuff costs $1,000 ridiculous!!!!!

Jublia is the most WORTHLESS treatment for foot fungus that I have ever purchased First of all the price for the TEENY TINY bottle of this rip-off product costs almost $600.00 Luckily, I found a coupon online and got it for FREE!! I used it faithfully for 3 months without any positive results.

Costs me 16 cdn dollars and this is the only thing that works. Thanks whoever makes Jublia!

I’ve been using Jublia for 4 months and have seen some results. I have to use on ever nail since ever one was affected to some degree. Really hard to use 1 drop as the applicator really sucks and instead saturates the nail. I typically cover the entire nail, the skin around the nail and under the nail. I find also sanding the nail surface with the roughest side of a nail buffing tool makes it more porous and allows the Jublia to really soak in and dry much quicker. I apply pretty liberally, but fortunately, I have good insurance a bottle costs me $.44. My doctor tells me I’m the only patient he has on this medication because of the outrageous cost. Lucky for me as I can’t stomach the oral medication. Jury is still out on how effective it is, but appears to be more so than laser treatments. I’ve not had any sever side effects except for some areas where the toenail seems to be ingrown, but no pain, at least not yet. Hard to believe there isn’t a safe and more aggressive method to handle toenail fungus. So much for advanced medical technology. Such a joke.

Went to a foot Dr. and was prescribed Jublia for toenail infection. Due to age and income he gave me a prescription for 8ml X 12 for $75.00 per order through Philidor. Got the first bottle and, because all ten toes are being treated, it did not last a full month. Called Phillidor to refill and was told that there has been a price increase on the 8ml size of $50.00 and it will now cost me $125.00 per refill.

I told them not to refill it as I could not spend that much. I feel like this was a bait and switch scheme and a real rip-off. Called Valeant to see if they had increased their cost and was told “we don’t have any price information at our disposal, however, we do change our special offers from time to time”. Talk about customer satisfaction…

I’m 73 years old and not looking for a foot modeling job so I think I’ll pass on this junk. 18% success is not what I would expect for that kind of price. I will spread the word of my experience as best I can. ( Now where did I put my wire cutters).

I have had nail fungus on my big toe and two little toes for 10 years. The big toe Nail fell off 4 years ago and I was told by a doctor that it likely won’t grow back at all. The nail did grow back but ugly, crooked and still with the fungus. I used all sort of remedies, oil of aregano, tea tree oil, vinegar, mouth wash, nail lacquer and nothing worked. Jublia cleared my Nail entirely in approximately 8 months (I forgot to use it/didnt have prescription here and there). You have to use it daily and apply to nail and surrounding area. My nail is clear and smooth now, I can’t believe it! I thought I’d have to deal with it forever. Where I’m at (ontario,canada) it’s only 40$ after insurance na compared to other I’ve tried :).

Jublia has completely cleared up my toe and cost me next to nothing. I have one big toe infected and I do not go through a bottle even close to as quickly as this article claims. The person who wrote this seems determined to make this medication look as terrible as possible. It may not work for everyone, but it is a godsend for those of us who do respond well to it.

I was just prescribed this as well , you don’t need to apply 2 drops to the big toe 1 does just fine. Using more at one time won’t make it work any faster. And let me remind you Rome wasn’t built over night. But needless to say I’m still in the early stages only a week in, so no results yet to report. However my podiatrist also recommended philidor, and mine was free as well! With no shipping cost either!

I’ve had more than one bout of fingernail fungus over about 15 years. I’m a gardener and my Dermatologist thinks I get it in the soil I try to wear gloves and that helps. My very smart Dermatologist prescribed Sulfacetamide Sodium Sulfur lotion, costs me a $10 copay. This is normally used for acne. He told me to put it on my nail with something small, like a toothpick, twice a day. I put it all around the nail bed and under the fingernail at the top (it seeps down under the nail). I swab it generously morning and night and try not to wash it off for at least an hour. It takes a very long time (but not 42 weeks like Jublia!), but more like maybe 6 months. The nail has to entirely grow out clean for the fungus to go away. When I first did this, I had fungus under about 5 nails. At first I didn’t see much results, but he told me to stick with it and I did. IT WORKS. You must do this religiously, however, and try to get it under the nail bed as best you can without hurting yourself. I have had to do this at least 3 times (with years in between), but it has always worked. I can’t believe more people don’t know about this.

I currently use Jublia and love it! I got it from my podiatrist and they recommended I have my script filled through Philidor, a mail order pharmacy. I called as soon as I got home from my appointment and it took maybe 2 minutes to set up my account with them. I had my script the NEXT day! It also was $0! I know that my CVS pharmacy wouldn’t put the rebate card through I got from my doctor so that’s why I used Philidor and it was a great experience! Anyone who is having issues with expense, ask your doctor to put it through the Philidor pharmacy so that way it guarantees if you have insurance besides medicare, you’ll get it for free! After using it for 6 months already I see a HUGE difference and haven’t paid a single cent on any of my refills as well!

Well, when I placed an order through Philidor, the cost was $75.00, so I’m not understanding how you said it was free through them. I have a federal insurance plan through a branch of the government, so not sure why the co-pay was that much or even a cost to begin with.

The prices quoted in this article are completely out of line from what I have paid. I pay $90 for a 6ml bottle. So far it has lasted me 3 months (although I am only using on 2 nails) and so far is working fabulous! Nails are growing out looking normal, and I have had no side effects. Huge difference from when I used lamasil tablets! So far no complaints, hope it works in the long term.

People who live in Canada can get it cheap, but not Americans we pay the most and think we are so cool.

I have been using Jublia for about two months. It works great. My big toe was hard to look at. Nail is almost clear now. Great product.

FOLKS please use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of Jublia. It works wonders, and the toenail fungus is gone in 4 weeks. Apply liberally daily, works best after shower or bath, when toenails are wet and soft, they will absorb the vinegar better. It is cheap, under 10 dollars and no side affects and it works.

yes I am part of a company that does a lot of fungus research and have a competing drug to Jublia. ACV works the best, we all know it but don’t want the public to know as the companies cannot profit from the sale of ACV like they can an obscure drug.

What worked for me is a product I bought at my podiatrist (now retired) and then found replacement bottles on the internet. It’s called “Fungal Free Nails” and it’s a little bottle with a mix of oils, but I had to apply 2x a day (morn and night) for at least 6 months until I saw any results. The brush inside the packaging is wimpy so you might get a little artists’ type of paintbrush to get it out, and be sure that it goes UNDER the nail not just on the surface.

I tried acv, didn’t work for me unfortunately. Thankfully jubila is working!

After trying all the non-Lamisil cures, eg., Vicks, white vinegar, cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, I tried Penlac with absolutely no results after 6 mos. Then efinaconazole was approved and I got a prescription from my podiatrist. The cost was through the roof, even with insurance paying for most of it.

I got a “three month” prescription. Never saw such a tiny bottle in my life. I followed directions and the bottle was empty, not in three months but in SIX WEEKS. This made me mad because I felt they had been deceptive. Joe and Terry, have you heard anything about an anti-fungal diet? It’s truly maddening to think there is no way to eliminate this fungus.

I have been trying every remedy and treatment within my resources for years and nothing has worked yet. Most recently, I’ve been using Vick’s Vapor Rub for about 6 months to no avail.

I’ve had 6 laser treatments- very painful & expensive- that made no change. The woman told me it could take up to 10 treatments since mine was pretty severe, especially on the big toe, but it didn’t even work on the toes that weren’t very bad & I was tired of the painful treatment..

I’ve used topical prescription creams and over-the-counter varieties for at least 3 months each and saw no improvement.

I used tea tree oil daily for many months and saw no improvement. I’ve soaked my toes in vinegar and Listerine and still nothing. I’m completely frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. I’ve resisted the pills due to side effects, but may give in because that treatment worked immediately for my husband- 3 month prescription. I’ll probably try some of the remedies mentioned above that I haven’t done yet.

I’ve done that laser treatment as well and boy did it hurt. They claimed there was to be virtually no pain. Lies. The oral pills did not work for me though, Lamisil. Was given an oral prescription twice to no avail. I don’t know what more to do because my toenails are horrible.

I have used Tea Tree oil and had some improvement. It does, however irritate the cuticle. I read somewhere if it is diluted with olive oil it will not do this.

Not impressed after using for a month. Very little improvement. Heard the pill used to treat this works very good but is not good for your liver. I’ll finish the prescription but won’t buy again.

I just started using Jublia for fungus on both big toes. I also have problems with recurring ingrown toenails. 3 years ago I had partial nail avulsion on both toes with no success. Podiatrist has offered to remove both big toenails or try the partial avulsion again. I have pasted on both options, but wonder if total removal of the toenails would be a final fix to both problems. Any thoughts?

My 89 year old father heard about Jublia on a TV ad. He had my 86 year-old mother as the doctor for a prescription which dr. did without even checking dad’s toes. He absolutely has no fungus–probably just arthritis, but does get frequent ingrown toe nails. We nearly flipped to find insurance paid $230 and parents co-pay would be $225–needless to say, we didn’t accept from pharmacy. FDA should be ashamed of themselves and so should the makers of the product. Outrageous isn’t the word–dad’s pacemaker nearly burst thru his skin when he heard the cost–they are both on fixed incomes and pay a home care provider $10,000 every 4 months. Ads are also deceitful.

The price this pharmaceutical company is attempting to charge for Jublia is simply obscene. They will claim it is a result of the cost of development, yet if one checks, they cheerfully spend more on advertising than they do in development of most of their products. Combine that with the low effectiveness, and poor results mentioned above, it becomes a no brainer to try some of the other products on the market, including the top five mentioned elsewhere.

I have been using Jublia for about six months now. I do not go through a bottle every three weeks, it lasts much longer than that. I only apply it once a day to the big toe. My insurance completely covers the cost. My toenail is now almost completely normal but I plan to continue use for the recommended 48 weeks because I do NOT want it coming back!

Hey I wanted to know more about what happened after using jublia did the whole nail come off before it got normal?

Last summer, I had some nail fungus that affected about half of my toenails. I started soaking my feet in undiluted white vinegar for about 20 minutes once per week. I then dried my feet and treated each nail with tea tree oil. I used a q-tip and coated the surface of each nail with the tea tree oil, and also worked it under the end of the nail. By the end of summer, the fungus was almost gone. I’m now doing the treatment about once per month, and my toenails are clear.

My insurance does not cover Jublia . My doctor thinks I should do laser 99percent cure, has anyone done this? How Long did it take to cure?

Suffered for over 3 years with toenail fungus. Used the penlak By Podiatrist with improvement. Went to another podiatrist and had lazer. It been 6 months and it’s gone and nails are growing back normally. The podiatrist also have given me a antifungal spray for my shoes. I spray the ones I’m going to use every morning and I also wash my sneakers in the washer with a little clorox every 5 to 6 weeks. I’m free of the fungus on my toes. But a result of trimming my toenails before getting the lazer, I infected my index finger. Now using penlak on finger. Podiatrist would lazer finger.

Hello, I did the Laser Treatment on all the toenails of my feet. The treatment worked for 8 of my toenails, except the big toe which was the one that had the worst nail fungus. The dr mentioned during the treatment that due to the thickness and level of infection on the big toe I would need additional treatments. Also, I bought a Groupon (Or Living Social – can’t rememebr which one) coupon for the nail fungus treatment, since it was not covered by insurance, and with the coupon it was 50% off the regular price.

I had nails just like that. Got a prescription for Lamisil and it completely cleared up. 18 years ago. And it never came back. Get it.

My dermatology Dr. hooked me up with a pharmacy called Philador. They expressed mailed Jublia with no out of pocket! I was shocked! My Dr. thought it could run $90 but I was told over the phone “no charge”. I have 4 more refills. I plan to start it tomorrow. I have a high deductible and questioned “no charge” but was reassured Jublia will cost be zero!

Did the pharmacy work out for you?

Yes, I agree with you Eileen. My dermatologist also hooked me up with a pharmaceutical company called Philidor Rx Services and they called me, and sent in the bottle of Jublia for free. I have been using the product and it works great. The best that I have seen. I have had the toenail fungus for the past 8 years (getting worse, with multiple tries to different products) until now with this fast turnover, healthy looking nail from Jublia. I have also thrown out all my old socks and bought new ones to help.

I had toenail fungus for several years and tried a variety of home remedies as well as several over the counter products I found at Walmart for extended periods of time. Nothing seemed to work, and the vinegar + water and clorox + water soaks seemed to be irritating and time-consuming. In addition, these two soaking methods appeared to cause my toenail fungus to spread. I finally found a product that worked for me. The name is Tineacide which contains undecylenic acid, aloe, clotrimazole, tea tree oil, urea and a few other ingredients. It did take a year to cure with strongly attached nails after 52 weeks, but I continued a second year at half dose just to be sure, then I stopped In addition, during the first year before bed I applied a heavy dose to the big toenails, covered with thumbs cut from latex gloves (Home Depot paint dept.), then covered this with socks. Being a bit mature with poor circulation in my left leg I notice the fungus has reappeared in my left big toenail after a year and a half of being cured. So, I will now go through the process again, but will continue the low level maintenance dose afterward. I suppose Vick’s VapoRub might do the same thing, and that is one product I did not use. One last note, the current version of this product I’ve found in stores does not contain the active ingredient undecylenic acid I used a few years ago, so I’ve contacted the manufacturer directly and found a foot doctor that does carry it. I hesitate to change since the original formula is what worked for me. The most irritating thing is that once something begins to work you have to continue until the nails grow out fully which is about a year.

Tight socks I feel started my toenail fungus (right foot only). Make sure you don’t share clippers with non-infected nails without disinfecting. Tried topical, pills, and Vicks vap-o-rub to no avail. Jublia price prohibitive. Haven’t given up on home remedies yet.

I have been using Jublia religiously for several months now and have not seen any change whatsoever in my nails. Perhaps the success rate is not as high as the company claims.

My wife uses a tea tree oil solution with dmso as a topical application and it stopped it cold in about 2 weeks.

I’ve had liver problems over, the years(I’m 66) so when checking for a cure I marked off the prescription drug, due to that, then when I checked other drugs to apply, I looked at the costs, for 10 months or more, the cheapest I found was about the cost for the prescriptions, $700 to $800, I had gotten into essentials oils a few months before, and kept reading about one called “thieves” a mixture of different oils that killed a lot of fungus and bacteria, goes back to the Middle Ages they say, that enabled or protected thieves to rob the dead from the Black Plague with out getting ill themselves.

Well, I decided to try it, and made a big mistake. I didn’t take a photo before starting, of my big toe, the nail looked horrible, dark orange and ugly, all the way to the white semi circle, I applied drops (for two days every night) of the oil on the end of the nail while nail was vertical, and let it run down behind the nail. Before the second treatment the nail was flesh colored. I reapplied after 1 week, then about once a month, it’s been 6 months now, and the nail is about half way grown out, no fungus, new growth is healthy. Total cost less than $15.00 maybe $10.

to H. Ernst – can you tell us more about this ‘theives’ mixture of essential oils please? Sounds very promising. You said your fungus was orange coloured – I don’t know much about different types of fungus, but mine leaves my nails very yellow and thick. I am wondering whether this may work for me, or whether different approaches target different strains. Also, my nail beds are thick and infected, so I feel this inflammation must be cured before any nails could grow in flat/the right shape. Were your nails very thick? Thanks

It’s unbelievable how much Jublia costs. Where do these companies get off charging this much? I thought an 8ml bottle was supposed to last 48 weeks but its only going to last me 6 weeks??? and Walgreens told me it was $1,000 !!! And my insurance doesn’t cover it. Insurance I am paying $650 a month for! These crooks… unreal.

As hard as it seems to be to get rid of nail fungus, it would be smart if we could determine what are the conditions under which the fungus grows. Why does it grow under/on certain toenails and not others? Etcetera.

The reason it does not affect all nails is because the fungus already lives within your toes and most of the time remains dorment. Your podiatrist will tell you this. I also don’t think it can be spread from person to person. I believe people develop these problems when the conditons are right (moisture). I had the fungus on all five toes on my left foot and it suddenly cleared up on one of them and I wasn’t treating it at the time! Very puzzling ailment indeed!

What can you use for fingernail fungus?

I am wondering if anyone has tried a couple of the treatments concurrently, such as the tea oil along with the Jublia, or the oral prescription drug with something else?

The comparison of Jublia and Kerydin clinical trial data is apples to oranges. Kerydin’s trial allowed people with far worse condition to participate while Jublia picked younger patients with more mild conditions. Look at the placebo cure rates in the Jublia trial it is four times higher than in Kerydin’s trial.

I started to use Jublia 2 month ago, and my nail is significantly improving every day. I used before Lamisil pills, but don’t want use it now, because its not good for liver. But Jublia is even better than Lamisil in my opinion.

I just reread the article. You apply these topical medicines for nearly a year, and look how low the success rate is!!

I found decolorized iodine to work remarkably well. No soaking in liquids or greasy salves to mess with. Applied to the top of the nail and all around the cuticle, it dries quickly, does not stain stockings or bedding. Cost: about $2.50 I used it about 5 times a week starting out. After the nail was once again normal I use it about once a week or when I think about it for maintenance and prevention–don’t want ugly toe nails ever again.

I cured toenail and fingernail fungus with clotrimazole. It’s an over the counter antifungal cream sold for athletes foot and other fungal skin infections. My nail fungus wasn’t thick and yellow, the nail separated from the skin. I applied the cream under my nail every day. One time I had a separation way down under a toenail so I put the cream in a syringe with a blunt tip needle and would squirt it in every day until it grew out. It takes about a year for an entire toenail to entirely replace itself. Whatever treatment you choose it needs to be applied every day because fungus is not really killed, it’s growth is just inhibited while the nail grows out.

Your method is very interesting and similar to what has worked for me. I have used a product prescribed by my Dermatologist, called Klaron (sulfacetamide sodium-sulfur) it’s an anti-fungal. It’s normally used for Acne. I apply it twice a day (with me it’s on fingernails) and it takes about 6 months of diligence to get rid of. I currently apply with a toothpick to get it under the fingernail, and also apply all around the nail. Because it’s an oily lotion, it seeps down under the nail. BUT, I really like your method of using the syringe. I think that would get it into the infected area (loosened nail) quicker and might make it work even faster. Currently it takes around 6 months or so to work, but IT WORKS. Costs me a $10 copay with a prescription.

It would be nice to know the cure rates for the people’s alternative treatments such as apple cider vinegar, Vick’s Vapor Rub, salt water, Listerine, tea tree oil, oregano oil, hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil and many others. If you have cured your toenail fungus, please blog in with your method and details!

There are different fungi which cause this problem. What helps against one doesn’t necessarily help against others. So it is difficult to compare the various treatments.

I have had difficulty in finding details about the various fungi which attack nails.

Does anyone have links to helpful sites?

I use Tea Tree Oil at the first sign of toenail fungus, and that really works well for me. It cured a problem I had a few years ago, and that is all I’ve ever used for toenail fungus.

Does Tea Tree Oil take many months or up to a year to cure the fungus
under toe nail(s)?

Seems nothing works so far for me… I tried that for a month with no
change. Just wondering, do you soak your toe(s) in it for a length of time or paint it on like nail polish ?

I am wondering if Joe or Terry has ever heard of Gentian Violet applied topically to nails as a cure for fungus. This is widely used in the islands as a treatment for fungal infections of the skin and nails. Although it stains purple, it eventually wears off and looks like a matte finish purple nail polish when applied carefully to the nails. A friend who spent a lot of time in the Dominican Republic told me about this treatment however he didn’t know if there were any side effects associated. Has anyone else heard of this? Gentian Violet is the common name for a tissue stain used in laboratories and is available in a little applicator bottle similar to iodine or merthiolate at some pharmacies.
People’s Pharmacy response: This is a time-honored topical fungal treatment.
We have not heard from enough people who have tried it on toenails to judge how often it may be helpful.

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