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pregnant woman in bed suffering muscle cramps at night
Home Remedies

Can Magnesium Relieve Muscle Cramps at Night?

Readers report that they can prevent most muscle cramps at night by taking magnesium supplements. Few scientists have studied this treatment.

Male doctor and senior female patient discussing osteoporosis drug options

How Well Does Vitamin D Help Fight Osteoporosis?

Instead of helping fight osteoporosis, high dose vitamin D supplements resulted in lower bone mineral density in leg and arm bones.

golden milk contains turmeric and anise

Can Turmeric Relieve Your Aches and Pains?

Some supplements, including turmeric, can help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis.

Bottle of 5mg Melatonin tablets
Home Remedies

What Time Is Best to Take Melatonin?

If you want to take melatonin for better sleep, the timing is best if you take it half an hour to an hour before turning out the lights.

bare feet of a woman in bed with rumpled covers suffering from restless leg syndrome
Home Remedies

Can Magnesium Help Your Restless Legs Syndrome?

Although doctors can prescribe drugs for RLS, many people would prefer nonpharmacologic approaches. Do you take magnesium for your restless legs syndrome?

Closeup of a common mouth cold sore
Cold Sores (herpes simplex 1 or HSV-1)

Can L-Lysine Prevent Painful Cold Sores?

Readers report that the supplement L-lysine can help prevent recurrent fever blisters caused by HSV-1.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions
cardiac arrest

Are Diets and Supplements Useless for Your Heart?

An analysis of more than 200 trials concluded that diets and supplements won't protect you from heart attacks. But this conclusion might not apply to you.

Bottles of Red Yeast Rice on a store shelf
High Cholesterol

Is It Safe to Take Red Yeast Rice for High Cholesterol?

Most people who take red yeast rice to lower their cholesterol do well with it. But a few experience side effects such as muscle or nerve problems.

an Aedes aegypti mosquito biting and feeding
Alternative Health

How to Prevent and Stop the Itch of Mosquito Bites FAST!

How do you prevent mosquito bites? Deet, picaridin, vitamin B1, Listerine? If your tricks fail, how do you stop the itch of mosquito bites? How about HEAT?

Taking a blood sugar reading with a lancet, diabetes risk

Diabetes Risk No Lower with Vitamin D Supplements

Taking vitamin D3 supplements daily did not reduce volunteers' diabetes risk over two and a half years. Perhaps diet and exercise work better.

Brown flax seeds in spoon and flaxseed oil in glass bottle
Home Remedies

Will Flaxseed Save Nails Damaged from Psoriasis?

People with psoriasis may have pitted or crumbling nails. A serendipitous discovery has us wondering: might supplements of flaxseed save nails?

3-D rendering of L-arginine molecule
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

Will L-Arginine Help Your Blood Pressure?

Nitric oxide can help keep blood pressure under control. Some evidence suggests that people who take l-arginine supplements make more nitric oxide.

Two hands holding a variety of pill supplements
Home Remedies

Should You Really Stop Taking Your Supplements?

Before you stop taking your supplements, check to make sure your medications are not interfering with nutrient absorption.

Hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of CBD (cannabidiol)
Back Pain

Will Cannabidiol Relieve Chronic Pain?

Readers report success using cannabidiol to relieve chronic pain, but scientists contend that more research is needed to establish efficacy and safety.

close up of krill oil capsules
Dry Eyes (keratitis sicca)

Will Taking Krill Oil Help Your Dry Eyes?

One reader was thrilled to discover that taking krill oil at her eye doctor's suggestion eased her dry eye symptoms significantly.

Vitamin C and Zinc - Orange flavored effervescent tablets to be dissolved in water
Home Remedies

If You Take Zinc, Will Your Feet Not Stink?

Some readers suggest one way to fight foot odor: take zinc supplements for a little while.

round blue nitric oxide symbol
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

Can You Lower Blood Pressure with Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide created in the body relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Should you be eating more beets and spinach to boost your levels?

bright sun shining
Home Remedies

Is Sunshine the Best Source for Vitamin D?

The best source for vitamin D is the one that is available. That might be sunshine, or it might be supplements. Magnesium and vitamin K2 are also useful.

man on toilet with a help sign
Clostridium difficile Infection (C. diff)

Clindamycin and C. Diff Infection: A Devil’s Ride

When most people think of diarrhea they imagine a minor annoyance that will go away in days. Clindamycin-caused C. diff infection can be life threatening.

Horse-chestnuts on conker tree branch - Aesculus hippocastanum fruits.
Home Remedies

Will Horse Chestnut Extract Ease Tired Legs?

If varicose veins are giving you tired legs, you might consider compression hose and horse chestnut extract to improve the health of your veins.