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Salt and Pepper shakers in a diner can serve as emergency home remediesAlternative HealthTerry Graedon - October 10, 2021
Photo illustration of various locations of leg and foot cramps, muscle cramp painAlternative HealthTerry Graedon - October 4, 2021
Little boy examines a splinter in his footAlternative HealthJoe Graedon - October 11, 2021 - 22 comments

Removing A Splinter Without Tears

Why not try a doctor-recommended home remedy for removing a splinter? Russell Copelan, MD, suggests using a wart removal patch to get out a tricky splinter.

Terry Graedon - September 13, 2021

Do People With Low Thyroid Prefer Double Hormone Therapy?

Terry Graedon - September 12, 2021

How Can You Remove Warts With Duct Tape?

Terry Graedon - September 9, 2021

Will Boosting Your Step Count Save Your Life?

Joe Graedon - September 6, 2021

Why Does Vicks VapoRub Help Against Some Nail Fungus & Not Others?

Terry Graedon - August 9, 2021

What Are the Best Remedies for Under-Breast Rash?

A bottle of Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo to ease eczema, under-breast rash with dandruff shampoo
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - August 2, 2021

How Can You Use Dandruff Shampoo to Ease Eczema?

One reader reports washing with Selsun Blue shampoo to ease eczema. This dandruff shampoo inhibits yeast that may contribute to itch and rash.

Girl with stomach ache sitting on bed suffers with irritable bowel syndrome
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - July 8, 2021

Natural Approaches for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There are a number of natural ways to ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome such as bloating, stomachache, diarrhea or constipation.

man and woman practicing tai chi outdoors
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - June 3, 2021

Tai Chi Can Help Control Waist Size

Practicing tai chi can help reduce the waistline, control body weight and raise good HDL cholesterol. It also helps improve balance and sleep.

senior man exercising on stationary bike in health club for his workout
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - May 27, 2021

When Do You Get the Most Benefit from a Workout?

Exercise at any time can be helpful, but an evening workout offers special advantages for blood sugar control.

A hornet
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - May 17, 2021

How Does Meat Tenderizer Ease the Pain of Stings?

A paste of meat tenderizer and water can stop the pain of a wasp or bee sting quickly. The papain in it may break down the venom proteins.

3D illustration of fungi Trichophyton rubrum which cause tinea, athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - May 17, 2021

Many Remedies May Rout Jock Itch

The discomfort of jock itch can be treated with numerous anti-fungal products, but there are a number of great home remedies than can also offer relief.

Swollen joint in left foot; man seeks to ease joint pain
saffron threads
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - May 13, 2021

Will Saffron Extract Help You Sleep Better?

Research shows that saffron extract from crocus stamens can ease insomnia and depression and slow the progress of macular degeneration.

Psilocybe semilanceata, magic mushroom, cancer death anxiety
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - April 15, 2021

Psilocybin from Mushrooms Can Ease Depression

Research indicates that psilocybin from mushrooms can be as effective as the antidepressant escitalopram in alleviating depression.

cacao beans, cocoa powder, cocoa beverage
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - April 12, 2021

New Study Shows Cocoa Compounds May Help Improve Memory

The latest study shows that taking high-dose cocoa flavanols can help improve memory for lists. People with poor diets get the biggest boost.

a bottle of Armour thyroid pills provide combination therapy for hypothyroidism
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - April 5, 2021

Will You Do Better on Armour Thyroid?

For years, some doctors were skeptical when thyroid patients said they felt better on Armour Thyroid than levothyroxine. Now we know why.

Andrographis paniculata proposed as a way to treat COVID-19 with herbs
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - March 22, 2021

It’s Too Soon to Treat COVID-19 With Herbs

Readers are anxious to find ways to treat COVID-19 with herbs, but investigators have not yet published the results of clinical trials.

bare feet of a woman in bed with rumpled covers suffering from restless leg syndrome (needs RLS relief)
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - March 1, 2021

Can You Smear Liquid Soap on Your Legs to Get RLS Relief?

Readers have found that you don't have to put soap under the bottom sheet to get RLS relief. Just smear liquid soap right on the legs!

A person with psoriasis on his arm who can't afford Otezla
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - February 15, 2021

What Can You Use for Psoriasis If You Can’t Afford Otezla?

One reader reports that apremilast (Otezla) works very well to control psoriasis. There are other options for people who can't afford Otezla.

red raspberries on the bush
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - January 11, 2021

Raspberry Powder to Help Diarrhea from IBS

Readers report that raspberry powder can help control chronic diarrhea due to irritable bowel syndrome. Coconut is also useful.

PodcastsTerry Graedon - December 30, 2020

Show 1194: How You Can Discover the Joy of Movement (Archive)

When you experience the joy of movement, you get multiple benefits for physical and mental health. What type of movement brings you joy?

head shot of a Doberman dog
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - December 14, 2020

Will Arthritic Dog Benefit from Boswellia?

A reader wonders whether the supplement Boswellia could ease joint pain for an arthritic dog. Research suggests it might.

middle aged woman with stubborn blemishes on her cheeks
Acne (pimples)Terry Graedon - November 30, 2020

How to Use Listerine to Treat Adult Acne

Some readers report success when they use Listerine to treat adult acne. The herbal ingredients may help rebalance skin microbes.

spoon full of peanut butter balanced on peanut butter jar
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - November 2, 2020

What Are the Dangers of Peanut Butter to Cure Hiccups?

Some people swallow a spoonful of sugar to cure hiccups. Others prefer to use peanut butter, but there is a danger of choking.

Boswellia, one of the Indian herbal medicines used to treat joint pain
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - October 26, 2020

Will Indian Herbal Medicines Ease Your Arthritis Pain?

When everyday NSAIDs like ibuprofen are not appropriate for joint pain, some people get relief from Indian herbal medicines like boswellia.

Bottle of 5mg Melatonin tablets
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - October 19, 2020

Can Melatonin Help Overcome COVID-19?

Noting President Trump's list of medications, readers wonder: can melatonin help in treating the coronavirus? It can help with sleep.

oranges and juice, a great source of immunity-boosting nutrients
Acid RefluxTerry Graedon - October 19, 2020

Can You Use D-Limonene to Overcome Heartburn?

D-limonene derived from citrus peels may help ease the symptoms of acid reflux. Some people take it for gallstones, too.

baby takes the breast, shows how to stop hiccups
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - September 14, 2020

Baby Shows How to Stop Hiccups

Hiccups are common and usually not serious, so home remedies are often appropriate. One woman learned how to stop hiccups from her baby.

oleander flowers on the shrub
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - August 20, 2020

Oleander Extract Is No DIY Because It Is Poison

A test tube study on oleander extract is making headlines, but don't try this at home. This flowering shrub is quite toxic.

Skin tag in armpit
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - August 17, 2020

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Make Skin Tags Disappear?

Many people would prefer to avoid a visit to the dermatologist's office but still want to make their skin tags disappear.

brittle nails
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - August 10, 2020

Will Iodine on Nails Upset Thyroid Function?

Painting white iodine on nails is a popular remedy for nail fungus. Iodine can be absorbed through skin, but not much through nails.

man sleeping with nighttime congestion
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - July 27, 2020

Stop Snoring by Singing During the Day

One reader reports daytime singing can stop snoring at night. Research backs him up.

a dripping water faucet
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - July 20, 2020

Can Science Explain How Hot Water Stops Itch?

Decades ago, dermatologists knew that hot water stops itch. Now research scientists have figured out that it all works through TRP channels.

Traditional Marseille soap also called Savon de Marseille put up for sale at the market
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - July 20, 2020

Can Soap Chips in Your Socks Ease Leg Cramps?

A reader who loves long hikes reports that putting soap chips in her socks prevents leg cramps. We have a possible explanation.

hand with eczema red patches on fingers
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - July 13, 2020

Are There Helpful Home Remedies for Eczema?

Readers have recommended home remedies for eczema. Which ones have you tried for treating atopic dermatitis?

Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, UCSD IPATH, expert on bacteriophages
PodcastsTerry Graedon - July 2, 2020

Show 1155: Can Bacteriophages Save Your Life? (Archive)

Our guests turned to bacteriophages to save a desperately ill, comatose patient infected with bacteria resistant to every known antibiotic.

Golden milk containing turmeric for hip bursitis pain
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - June 22, 2020

Can Turmeric Milk Remedy Relieve Hip Bursitis Pain?

Turmeric heated in almond milk with cinnamon and cayenne pepper eased a reader's hip bursitis pain better than medications.