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Three black walnuts in green fruit husks

What Is the Benefit to Eating Black Walnuts?

English walnuts may have the advantage for heart health, but black walnuts appear to have anticancer activity.

Friends having fun while preparing fresh vegetables

Will an Allergen-Free Diet Help Your Joint Pain?

One reader found that following an allergen-free diet without dairy, eggs or gluten eliminated joint pain. Will it work for you?

coconut cookies for Crohn's
Crohn’s Disease

What Happened to Archway Coconut Cookies?

Archway has changed hands several times, and the current owner does not seem to be making Archway coconut cookies. You can make your own!

tomato, bell pepper, kale greens, broccoli greens on salad. sources of vitamin C in food
Home Remedies

Where Can You Find Vitamin C in Food?

There are many sources of vitamin C in food other than citrus fruits. Are you getting enough to keep your immune system strong?

Fresh organic artichokes at a farmers market, ingredients for green Mediterranean diet
Heart Attack

Is a Green Mediterranean Diet Healthy for Your Heart?

A green Mediterranean diet relying on plant protein instead of meat or fish lowers LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin resistance.

almonds and almond milk on table as part of dairy-free diet

If You Are a Vegan or Vegetarian, Are Your Bones Weaker?

People who stick to a vegan or vegetarian diet appear to be more likely to suffer a broken hip over the next decade.

Walnut halves
Heart Attack

Walnuts are Good for Heart Health!

Many physicians prescribe drugs to lower LDL cholesterol and inflammation. Walnuts are also good at lowering cholesterol and inflammation.

kiwi fruit slices close up

Are There Natural Remedies for Constipation?

A number of natural remedies for constipation work very well. You may not have heard of eating two kiwifruit a day.

Foods that provide AREDS vitamins
Heart Attack

What Should You Eat for a Healthy Heart?

When you choose what to eat for a healthy heart, pick vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and avoid highly processed foods and sugar.

rosacea skin problem on woman's cheek
Acne Rosacea (rosacea)

Do Tomatoes, Citrus and Chocolate Make Skin Problem Worse?

Rosacea can be a stubborn skin problem. One reader found that a change in diet made a significant difference.

Shingles on left side of back
Home Remedies

Will Eating Tuna Make Shingles Worse?

There is a possibility that eating foods rich in arginine could make shingles worse. We offer a list of what you might avoid.

a spoon poised to dissolve baking soda in water
Acid Reflux

How Does Baking Soda in Water Fight Swelling?

A dose of baking soda in water signals the spleen to produce anti-inflammatory immune cells. This may help reduce swelling.

cooking with olive oil
Heart Attack

Will Olive Oil Raise Your Good HDL Cholesterol?

Using virgin olive oil in your diet can increase your good HDL cholesterol and possibly lower your risk of heart problems.

Photo illustration of various locations of leg and foot cramps, muscle cramp pain
Cramps (hands, legs)

Can Tonic Water Banish Your Muscle Cramp Pain?

The quinine in tonic water can activate TRPM7, a transient receptor potential channel, to ease or eliminate muscle cramp pain.

grape juice with pectin, certo and grape juice

Will Pectin and Grape Juice Make Bleeding Worse?

A pectin and grape juice remedy cut down on nighttime urination but made nosebleeds worse, due to the action of grape juice and aspirin.

young woman with pancreatitis or microscopic colitis

What Can You Do to Control Microscopic Colitis?

Diarrhea due to microscopic colitis can be debilitating. One step might be to restore balance to the microbiota in the digestive tract.

testing blood glucose to detect diabetes

Can You Reduce Your Chance of Getting Diabetes?

You may be able to lower your chance of getting diabetes if you concentrate on eating lots of vegetables and fruits rather than processed foods.

many types of beans to eat are sources of plant protein
Home Remedies

What Are the Benefits of Consuming Plant Protein?

The NIH-AARP Health and Diet Study demonstrates that people who eat more plant protein rather than animals have a small but significant advantage.

grilled fish and vegetables are part of best diet for arthritis
Cognitive Dysfunction

Does Eating Fish Protect the Brain from Pollution?

A study finds that, for older women, eating fish a couple of times a week can provide protection against brain shrinkage caused by air pollution.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions; eat to lower cholesterol
High Cholesterol

How You Should Eat to Lower Cholesterol Is Controversial

An international panel says there's little evidence that LDL cholesterol is an important risk factor for heart disease. A low-fat diet might not be helpful.