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golden raisins and ginArthritisJoe Graedon - November 21, 2022 - 22 comments

Will the Gin and Raisin Remedy Help Hip and Knee Pain?

We have been writing about the gin and raisin remedy for decades. It amazes us how much relief some people get from their knee and hip pain.

Terry Graedon - October 27, 2022

Could Almonds Overcome Constipation Problem?

Terry Graedon - October 24, 2022

Overcoming Insomnia with Tart Cherry Juice

Terry Graedon - October 17, 2022

How to Make Onion Syrup for a Cough

ConsumerLab.com chooses Memory + as Top Pick for cocoa flavanols
Blood ClotsTerry Graedon - October 17, 2022

What Are the Health Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols?

Our underwriter, CocoaVia, offers a 15% discount with the coupon PEOPLES15. Take advantage of it today.

woman with dandruff in her hair
DandruffJoe Graedon - October 17, 2022


Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis both seem to result from a reaction to yeast that normally live on the skin. You CAN control Malassezia!

a bottle of Synthroid 175mcg, people on Synthroid, brand name Synthroid thyroid pills
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - October 10, 2022

Do Walnuts Really Interfere with Synthroid Effectiveness?

The manufacturer warns patients that eating walnuts with their medicine could interfere with Synthroid effectiveness.

a cup of hot hibiscus tea
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - October 10, 2022

How to Lower Blood Pressure by Sipping Hibiscus Tea

Sipping hibiscus tea a few times a day can help get blood pressure under control. Studies show hibiscus may act like an ACE inhibitor.

senior Japanese man checking his blood pressure
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - October 3, 2022

Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure with Food?

To lower your blood pressure with food, emphasize vegetables and skip the sweets. Following a DASH diet and eating plenty of garlic (or taking a supplement) can help.

Coffee drinkers can keep heart rhythm regular
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Terry Graedon - September 29, 2022

Study Shows No Need to Shun Coffee to Keep Heart Rhythm Regular

Doctors often tell patients to avoid caffeinated coffee to keep their heart rhythm regular. Studies suggest there's no need to worry.

tart cherries belong with natural approaches for arthritis
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

Sweet Dreams with Tart Cherry Juice at Bedtime

A reader reports that drinking tart cherry juice at bedtime leads to sound sleep. Research studies support the benefits of cherries for sleep.

yellow mustard squeezing out of a bottle
BurnsTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

Cold Yellow Mustard Relieves Burn

The pain of a household burn can be eased by applying cold yellow mustard after the immediate first aid of cold water.

man in plaid pajamas has to get up to pee
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

How Often Do You Get Up to Pee at Night?

Some readers find that eating raisins before bedtime means they don't have to get up to pee as often, or possibly not at all.

pile of salt next to a salt shaker
Heart AttackTerry Graedon - August 25, 2022

People with Heart Failure Suffer on Low Sodium Diet

Studies suggest that heart failure patients following a low sodium diet are more likely to die or be hospitalized than those on regular fare.

Variety of dairy products including cheese and milk can't be enjoyed by people with lactose intolerance
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - August 25, 2022

Will a Plant-Based Diet Lower the Likelihood of Prostate Cancer?

Studies demonstrate that men who eat more plants and less meat or dairy have a reduced likelihood of prostate cancer.

coconut cookies for Crohn's
DiarrheaTerry Graedon - July 24, 2022

Will Coconut Macaroons Overcome Bad Diarrhea?

Eating two coconut macaroons a day along with a cup of ginger tea solved the problem of serious diarrhea following gallbladder surgery.

dried prunes, dried plums
Home RemediesJoe Graedon - July 14, 2022

Eating Prunes Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Bone Health

Researchers find that eating prunes (4-6 a day) could be good for your bones! Prunes have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

ripe avocados
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - July 14, 2022

Avocados Help Control Cholesterol

Eating avocados instead of cheese, butter or other high-fat foods may help reduce cholesterol and improve your lipid profile.

grape juice with pectin, certo and grape juice
ArthritisJoe Graedon - June 26, 2022

Juice-Vinegar-Pectin Mixture Eased Joint Pain

Drugs to ease joint pain come with a long list of serious side effects. Remedies from the kitchen like a juice-vinegar combo may help.

a prickly pear (nopal) cactus
DiabetesTerry Graedon - June 12, 2022

Will Nopal Cactus Control Blood Sugar?

Nopal cactus has a long-standing reputation for lowering blood sugar. Scientific studies confirm that it can be helpful.

A close up of roasted coffee beans
DementiaTerry Graedon - May 25, 2022

Which Coffee Compounds Protect the Brain?

A combination of two coffee compounds act synergistically to protect the brain in mice. Human coffee drinkers also benefit.

Beets for better blood pressure
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - May 23, 2022

How Can You Use Beets for Better Blood Pressure?

Scientists have shown that you can consume beets for better blood pressure. Does it matter if they are cooked or juiced?

cayenne chili peppers, cayenne pepper
Acid RefluxJoe Graedon - May 19, 2022

How Hot Peppers Can Improve Your Health and Extend Your Life

Do you like spicy food? If so, you may be adding years to your life! Learn about the health benefits and anti-cancer activity of hot peppers.

Italian pasta, Mediterranean diet
AnxietyTerry Graedon - May 19, 2022

Can You Fight Depression by Eating the Mediterranean Way?

When depressed college kids tried eating the Mediterranean way, they began feeling better. Less junk food meant lower scores on a depression scale.

Fresh rosemary herbs
Cognitive DysfunctionTerry Graedon - May 19, 2022

Will Spices Help Protect Your Memory?

Certain herbs, such as basil, lemon balm, rosemary and sage, as well as some spices like cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, may help protect your memory.

Cup of hibiscus tea with lemon and cinnamon
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - May 12, 2022

Is It Safe to Drink Cinnamon Tea Every Day?

Cinnamon tea with lemon is a tasty substitute for coffee or tea in the morning. Taking it as tea protects the liver from possible harm.

chicken livers belong in a diet rich in ALA
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - May 9, 2022

Can You Help Nerve Pain with a Diet Rich in ALA?

Might you control neuropathy by consuming a diet rich in ALA (alpha lipoic acid)? One reader reports better success with diet than supplements.

cup of green tea on top of green tea leaves
Heart AttackTerry Graedon - May 4, 2022

Will You Live Longer If You Sip Green Tea?

A large study in China monitored people's tea-drinking habits and their health. Those who sip green tea several times a week seem to live longer.

a jar of pickles provides pickle juice to treat muscle cramps
Cramps (hands, legs)Terry Graedon - May 2, 2022

Pickle Juice to the Rescue

Some readers sip pickle juice to treat muscle cramps. It sounds strange, but research supports it as helpful.

Malachy McHugh, PhD, studies tart cherries
PodcastsTerry Graedon - April 21, 2022

Show 1298: The Health Benefits of Tart Cherries

This week we interview two scientists who describe the benefits of tart cherries for mental alertness and physical stamina.

grape juice with pectin, certo and grape juice
ArthritisTerry Graedon - April 11, 2022

Pectin and Grape Juice to Ease Sore Joints

Some people use home remedies such as pectin and grape juice instead of pain relievers to ease sore joints. Readers offer their own variations on the remedy.

closeup of a broccoli floret
Heart AttackTerry Graedon - April 11, 2022

Why Grandma Was Right About Vegetables

People who consume the most vegetables, apples, tea and cocoa tend to have lower blood pressure and less atherosclerosis.

a cluster of wild blueberries hangs from a twig with leaves
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - April 7, 2022

Extract from Wild Blueberries May Help Wounds Heal

A preliminary study shows that a phenol-rich extract of wild blueberries could help speed wound healing. More research is needed to confirm.

pitaya is the source of dragon fruit juice
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - April 4, 2022

Will Drinking Dragon Fruit Juice Improve your Health?

Does dragon fruit juice have health benefits? One study shows it improves blood vessel flexibility, but we need more research.

a bunch of oregano, source of oil of oregano
Alternative HealthTerry Graedon - March 27, 2022

Can You Use Oil of Oregano With Confidence?

A reader wonders whether oil of oregano is contaminated with heavy metals as the dried herb often is. We too would like to know.