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beetsHigh Blood Pressure (hypertension)Joe Graedon - March 20, 2023 - 66 comments

Beet Juice Was Better Than a Drug for Lowering Blood Pressure

Beet juice drunk daily has been shown to lower blood pressure even in people with hypertension. Don't like beets? How about beet lemonade?

Man with type 2 diabetes checks blood sugar on glucometer to manage diabetes
DiabetesTerry Graedon - February 6, 2023

Diet and Exercise Can Help You Manage Diabetes

Many people can manage diabetes that appears later in life through careful attention to what they eat and their physical activity.

latte in a cup with foam art
Heart AttackTerry Graedon - February 2, 2023

Is Coffee Really Bad for You?

Studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to get heart failure or die of heart disease. Unfiltered coffee, though, is bad for you.

dried prunes, dried plums
Home RemediesJoe Graedon - January 30, 2023

Eating Prunes Can Reduce Inflammation and Improve Bone Health

Researchers find that eating prunes (4-6 a day) could be good for your bones! Prunes have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Cup of black coffee and two squares of dark chocolate on a tray
DiabetesTerry Graedon - January 16, 2023

What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee and Chocolate?

There are health benefits of coffee and chocolate as well as tea. You don't have to feel guilty about your beverage!

bowl of turmeric spice with anti-inflammatory activity
Alzheimer’s DiseaseJoe Graedon - January 16, 2023

Black Pepper Boosts Turmeric’s Benefits

Getting turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin into the bloodstream may require special formulations to maximize turmeric's benefits.

Swollen joint in left foot; man seeks to ease joint pain
GoutJoe Graedon - January 16, 2023

Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe Vitamin C for a Gout Attack?

A diet that has little seafood, red meat, soft drinks or beer and lots of cherries and celery seed may reduce the risk of a gout attack.

Senior couple growing stressed plants in their organic garden. Eating vegetables helps them age more slowly.
Alzheimer’s DiseaseTerry Graedon - January 12, 2023

Healthful Diets Help People Live Longer, Healthier Lives

Researchers studying more than 119,000 people for decades found that those following any of several healthful diets live longer and better.

A dark chocolate square
Atrial Fibrillation (A-fib, arrhythmia)Terry Graedon - January 2, 2023

Does Chocolate Really Help Your Heart?

A Danish study found that people who eat chocolate are less likely to have atrial fibrillation. Does chocolate really help prevent Afib?

kiwi fruit slices close up
ConstipationTerry Graedon - January 2, 2023

Are There Natural Remedies for Constipation?

A number of natural remedies for constipation work well. They include eating two kiwifruit or a pumpkin-bran muffin daily.

Young pregnant woman eating vegetables to improve pregnancy outcomes
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - December 29, 2022

Women Who Eat Mediterranean Diets Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Women following a Mediterranean type eating pattern around the time of conception and during pregnancy have better pregnancy outcomes.

Walnut halves
Heart AttackJoe Graedon - December 29, 2022

Walnuts are Good for Heart Health!

Many physicians prescribe drugs to lower LDL cholesterol and inflammation. Walnuts are also good at lowering cholesterol and inflammation.

Young woman drinking coffee for benefits of caffeine consumption
DiabetesTerry Graedon - December 19, 2022

Caffeine Consumption Cuts Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Caffeine consumption reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. We see this benefit in numerous studies of coffee drinkers.

A low-carb mixed leaf salad with smoked salmon, spinach, cucumber and onions; eat to lower cholesterol
DiabetesTerry Graedon - December 15, 2022

People with Diabetes Do Better on Low-Carb Diets

Studies from Denmark show better blood sugar control when people with diabetes follow low-carb diets. They also have less fatty livers.

Malachy McHugh, PhD, studies tart cherries
PodcastsTerry Graedon - December 8, 2022

Show 1298: The Health Benefits of Tart Cherries (Archive)

This week we interview two scientists who describe the benefits of tart cherries for mental alertness and physical stamina.

holiday gifts, Christmas stocking & presents
Home RemediesJoe Graedon - December 8, 2022

Give the Best Gift This Holiday: Better Health for 2023!

Would you like to avoid last minute shopping for family and friends? How about something really meaningful? Give the best gift: the gift of good health!

colorful salad platter for people who skip meat
Breast CancerTerry Graedon - November 30, 2022

Do People Who Skip Meat Have a Lower Chance of Cancer?

People who skip meat in favor of fish, dairy or vegetable protein seem less likely to develop cancer of the breast, prostate or colon.

golden raisins and gin
ArthritisJoe Graedon - November 21, 2022

Will the Gin and Raisin Remedy Help Hip and Knee Pain?

We have been writing about the gin and raisin remedy for decades. It amazes us how much relief some people get from their knee and hip pain.

cooking with olive oil
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - November 14, 2022

Do You Take Olive Oil for Your Blood Pressure?

Could extra virgin olive oil rich in plant phenols be a key to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet? Perhaps we should all take olive oil.

Grilled lean white meat chicken breast with green and red peppers.
DiabetesTerry Graedon - October 27, 2022

Best Diet for People with Diabetes Is Low in Carbs

Randomized controlled trials show that people following a meal plan low in carbs were better able to lose weight and control blood sugar.

Home RemediesTerry Graedon - October 27, 2022

Could Almonds Overcome Constipation Problem?

Some readers report almonds overcome constipation. A randomized controlled trial supports this conclusion as well.

three red cherries
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - October 24, 2022

Overcoming Insomnia with Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherries are rich in melatonin. A cup of cherry juice from concentrate twice a day may help people overcome insomnia.

Green tea leaves on plant are rich in flavanols
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - October 20, 2022

New Guidelines on Flavanols Can Help Improve Health

People who get 400 to 600 mg of flavanols in their daily diets are less likely to suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

red, white and yellow onions
CoughsTerry Graedon - October 17, 2022

How to Make Onion Syrup for a Cough

Some readers like to make onion syrup when they have a cough. This home remedy seems to help calm a cough with minimal side effects.

ConsumerLab.com chooses Memory + as Top Pick for cocoa flavanols
Blood ClotsTerry Graedon - October 17, 2022

What Are the Health Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols?

Our underwriter, CocoaVia, offers a 15% discount with the coupon PEOPLES15. Take advantage of it today.

woman with dandruff in her hair
DandruffJoe Graedon - October 17, 2022


Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis both seem to result from a reaction to yeast that normally live on the skin. You CAN control Malassezia!

a bottle of Synthroid 175mcg, people on Synthroid, brand name Synthroid thyroid pills
Drug Side EffectsTerry Graedon - October 10, 2022

Do Walnuts Really Interfere with Synthroid Effectiveness?

The manufacturer warns patients that eating walnuts with their medicine could interfere with Synthroid effectiveness.

a cup of hot hibiscus tea
High Blood Pressure (hypertension)Terry Graedon - October 10, 2022

How to Lower Blood Pressure by Sipping Hibiscus Tea

Sipping hibiscus tea a few times a day can help get blood pressure under control. Studies show hibiscus may act like an ACE inhibitor.

senior Japanese man checking his blood pressure
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - October 3, 2022

Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure with Food?

To lower your blood pressure with food, emphasize vegetables and skip the sweets. Following a DASH diet and eating plenty of garlic (or taking a supplement) can help.

Coffee drinkers can keep heart rhythm regular
Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm)Terry Graedon - September 29, 2022

Study Shows No Need to Shun Coffee to Keep Heart Rhythm Regular

Doctors often tell patients to avoid caffeinated coffee to keep their heart rhythm regular. Studies suggest there's no need to worry.

tart cherries belong with natural approaches for arthritis
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

Sweet Dreams with Tart Cherry Juice at Bedtime

A reader reports that drinking tart cherry juice at bedtime leads to sound sleep. Research studies support the benefits of cherries for sleep.

yellow mustard squeezing out of a bottle
BurnsTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

Cold Yellow Mustard Relieves Burn

The pain of a household burn can be eased by applying cold yellow mustard after the immediate first aid of cold water.

man in plaid pajamas has to get up to pee
Home RemediesTerry Graedon - September 5, 2022

How Often Do You Get Up to Pee at Night?

Some readers find that eating raisins before bedtime means they don't have to get up to pee as often, or possibly not at all.