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Alternative Health

Is Sea Breeze a Solution for Keto Body Odor?

One reader reports that applying Sea Breeze Astringent Original Formula to the underarms took care of keto body odor. Maybe it changed the skin microbiome.

Barefoot hiker with blisters on his heels.

Can You Prevent Blisters Safely with Aluminum Antiperspirant?

If you have ever developed a blister while exercising you know how disruptive it can be. What can you do to prevent blisters? Is aluminum safe for feet?

man applying a roll on deodorant or antiperspirant to his underarm
Body Odor

Don’t Miss the Sale on People’s Pharmacy MoM Deodorants

The FDA recently reported that people absorb chemical ingredients from sunscreens into their blood stream. Aluminum antiperspirants are another question!

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FREE Shipping from The People’s Pharmacy

People have been requesting free shipping for a long time. We wish we could offer it all the time. Here's an opportunity to try free shipping on your faves.

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Alternative Health

Milk of Magnesia for Odd Underarm Odor

Applying milk of magnesia to the armpits helped a reader get rid of an annoying and odd underarm odor.

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man applying a roll on deodorant or antiperspirant to his underarm
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Body Odor

Do You Absorb Magnesium from Your Armpits?

Applying milk of magnesia to your armpits can cut body odor. Scientists haven't seen proof that much magnesium is absorbed through the skin.

green chlorophyll pills in a ceramic mortar and pestle
Alternative Health

Will Chlorophyll Capsules Make Underarms Smell Sweet?

A reader has found that taking supplemental chlorophyll eliminates underarm and other body odor.

man smelling his armpit to check for body odor
Body Odor

Is Your Aluminum Antiperspirant Setting You Up for Smellier Armpits?

If you are like most people you use an aluminum antiperspirant daily. What happens if you stop? Bad body odor, right? Now there's a possible explanation.

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Save 30% on Men’s MoM for Two More Days!

Are you concerned about the aluminum in your antiperspirant? If so, we have a gentle roll-on deodorant that uses magnesium hydroxide instead. Get 30% off!

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Body Odor

Are You Addicted to Your Antiperspirant?

OK, you won't become high by using an antiperspirant, but you might experience withdrawal when you stop it suddenly. What else can you do?

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Sale on MoM Deodorant Now Open to Everyone!

We goofed when we offered a 25% discount on MoM deodorant only to new users. We apologize and open the sale to everyone who wants our MoM roll-on deodorant.

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Body Odor

Will Stopping an Antiperspirant Cause Bad Rebound Body Odor?

Did you know that antiperspirants change the bacterial balance of your armpit...and not in a good way. If you stop, the rebound body odor can be pretty bad.

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Body Odor

How to Save Money and Smell Good During the Heat Wave

Are you ready for really hot weather? To smell good, make sure you have an adequate supply of MoM on hand. We're offering a 20% discount for only 5 more days.