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Bad Breath

Sulfur Metabolism as Source of Bad Breath

In most cases, mouth bacteria are the source of bad breath. If the dentist can't find the problem, ask the doctor if it could be systemic.

Man in T shirt sniffs his left armpit to see if he has horrible body odor
Body Odor

What Can Be Done to Stop Horrible Body Odor?

A man has horrible body odor despite daily showers. Could it be due to faulty metabolism of animal proteins?

Woman applying deodorant on armpit in bathroom
Body Odor

Why Put Aluminum in your Armpit When You Could Use MoM?

Our Independence Day sale is on! Save 15% on any of our MoM (Milk of Magnesia) deodorants. Find out why so many people prefer MoM to aluminum.

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Body Odor

Your Dad Deserves an Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Your Dad deserves deodorant with NO aluminum and a pleasant scent. Take advantage of our 20% discount to celebrate Father's Day.

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Alzheimer’s Disease

How Dangerous is Aluminum for People? What’s in Your Armpit?

Have you ever wondered how dangerous is aluminum? It is all around us and is used in everything from antacids to antiperspirants. What is the latest update?

crystal deodorant
Body Odor

Are All Natural Deodorants Free of Aluminum?

Have you been seduced by the word natural? It seems safer than "synthetic." Some natural deodorants and all antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. So what?

crystal deodorant
Body Odor

Are Natural Alum Crystal Deodorants Safe?

Crystal deodorants may be natural, but that doesn't mean they are aluminum free. Questions persist about the safety of using aluminum based antiperspirants.

Man in T shirt sniffs his left armpit to see if he has horrible body odor
Alternative Health

Is Sea Breeze a Solution for Keto Body Odor?

One reader reports that applying Sea Breeze Astringent Original Formula to the underarms took care of keto body odor. Maybe it changed the skin microbiome.

Barefoot hiker with blisters on his heels.

Can You Prevent Blisters Safely with Aluminum Antiperspirant?

If you have ever developed a blister while exercising you know how disruptive it can be. What can you do to prevent blisters? Is aluminum safe for feet?

Woman applying deodorant on armpit in bathroom
Body Odor

Don’t Miss the Sale on People’s Pharmacy MoM Deodorants

The FDA recently reported that people absorb chemical ingredients from sunscreens into their blood stream. Aluminum antiperspirants are another question!

free shipping
Body Odor

FREE Shipping from The People’s Pharmacy

People have been requesting free shipping for a long time. We wish we could offer it all the time. Here's an opportunity to try free shipping on your faves.

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Alternative Health

Milk of Magnesia for Odd Underarm Odor

Applying milk of magnesia to the armpits helped a reader get rid of an annoying and odd underarm odor.

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Body Odor

Smell Sweet This Spring: Enjoy our Sale

Celebrate spring with 22% savings on any of our People's Pharmacy MoM deodorant products. All completely aluminum-free!

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Body Odor

Buy One Get One Labor Day Sale

This Labor Day weekend, you can purchase two of our People's Pharmacy MoM roll-on deodorants and get one of them FREE! Use the discount code LaborDayBOGO when you check out.

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Body Odor

Big 25% Summer Sale to Save Your Lips and Underarms

There's just one week to go to save 25% on ALL People's Pharmacy body care products: MoM deodorants, natural lip balms and Bed Soap. Discount Code= HotSummer25

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Body Odor

Spring Sale on People’s Pharmacy Body Care Products

Be sure to use the discount code Spring18 to get 18% off any body care purchase in our store during this spring month of April.

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Body Odor

Don’t Miss Out on Our March Madness Sale

Our March Madness sale offers savings, but only through Saturday, March 31. Take advantage of these deals now!

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Body Odor

Do You Absorb Magnesium from Your Armpits?

Applying milk of magnesia to your armpits can cut body odor. Scientists haven't seen proof that much magnesium is absorbed through the skin.

green chlorophyll pills in a ceramic mortar and pestle
Alternative Health

Will Chlorophyll Capsules Make Underarms Smell Sweet?

A reader has found that taking supplemental chlorophyll eliminates underarm and other body odor.

man smelling his armpit to check for body odor
Body Odor

Is Your Aluminum Antiperspirant Setting You Up for Smellier Armpits?

If you are like most people you use an aluminum antiperspirant daily. What happens if you stop? Bad body odor, right? Now there's a possible explanation.