The People's Perspective on Medicine
Swimmers swimming in a pool

Show 1182: How You Can Use Exercise as Medicine

Doctors who use exercise as medicine offer personalized prescriptions for activity. This can be as powerful as medications for promoting health.

senior man exercising on stationary bike in health club

Do Older People Improve Their Memories with Exercise?

Some older volunteers were able to improve their memories with a single exercise session. To make the benefits last, they needed to keep exercising.

close up of blueberries

Do Blueberries Help Older People with Memory?

Numerous studies show that anthocyanins in blueberries help lower systolic blood pressure and improve cognitive performance of impaired individuals.

Dr. William Li

Show 1161: What Is the Evidence for Food as Medicine?

In examining how our diets can alter angiogenesis, Dr. Li has turned up plenty of evidence for using food as medicine to beat cancer.

gray-haired older man

Falling for Scams Is a Sign of Cognitive Impairment

Older adults who show signs of falling for scams may be at risk for mental deterioration over the next several years.

green capsule containing vegetables and fruits balanced on fingertip

FDA Cracking Down on Dietary Supplements for Dementia

Some companies promoting products to treat Alzheimer's disease have received warning letters from the FDA: Don't sell dietary supplements for dementia!

male doctor & female patient measuring her blood pressure

Could Aggressive Blood Pressure Control Save Your Brain?

A new study offers hints that aggressive blood pressure control with a goal of 120 for systolic pressure may reduce the chance of mild cognitive impairment.

Statin pills and a warning sign, 3D graphic

Will Statins Help or Harm 76-Year-Old Father?

Doctors have been uncertain whether statins help or harm their oldest patients. A big new study suggests that the benefit from statins fades with age.

Older man in wood-paneled sauna bath

Will a Sauna Bath a Day Keep Strokes and Heart Attacks Away?

Finnish researchers report that people who use a sauna bath nearly every day are much less susceptible to strokes, heart attacks and dementia.

older woman exercising at the gym

Will You Live Longer with a Healthy Lifestyle?

American adults who embrace five elements of a healthy lifestyle can expect to live a decade longer, on average, than those who are less conscientious.

Woman feeling eye pain when using cellphone at night

No Study Support for Fish Oil Soothing Dry Eyes

Although fish oil has a reputation for soothing dry eyes, a recent randomized controlled trial found that placebo capsules of olive oil worked just as well.

Older African American man drinking coffee from a mug

Are Coffee and Alcohol the Fountain of Youth?

Many seniors who consume coffee and alcohol in moderation live into their 90s. Should you be drinking coffee, wine or beer yourself?

Bowl of hot oatmeal breakfast cereal with fresh berries, cooked oatmeal

Which Berries Are Best for Your Brain?

Including colorful berries in your meals–blackberries, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries–should improve your chance of successful brain aging.

and ophthalmologist examines an older patient's eyes for macular degeneration and glaucoma

Can You Prevent Macular Degeneration with Supplements?

Supplements don't seem to prevent macular degeneration, but they may slow its progression in certain individuals.

and ophthalmologist examines an older patient's eyes for macular degeneration and glaucoma

Baby Boomers Less Likely to Have AMD

A long-term study shows that rates of AMD have dropped dramatically with each generation during the twentieth century.

a ginkgo leaf

Did Ginkgo Biloba Keep His Mind Sharp?

Ginkgo biloba is a Chinese herb with a reputation for fighting cognitive decline. This reader claims it is keeping his mind sharp. Is he right?

a plate with fish and veggies, typical mediterranean diet

How to Delay Dementia with a Mediterranean-Style Diet

Older people who eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in fish, vegetables and legumes may be able to delay dementia and stay sharp.

Happy asian senior man using the mobile phone in home

How to Stay Smart with Computer Brain Training

Computer brain training drills that improve speed of processing reduce the likelihood of developing dementia over 10 years by 48%.

woman with insomnia awake at 2:30 am can't get back to sleep

Will a Sleepless Menopause Make You Older?

A sleepless menopause plagued with night sweats and insomnia appears to accelerate biological aging. How can you avoid that?

an older woman with her hand on her forehead having a hot flash

Is Delayed Menopause Linked to Longer Life?

Women who start menstrual periods later and reach menopause at older ages are nearly 20 percent more likely to live a longer life.