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Older woman with a cough suffering from cough syrup withdrawal
Alternative Health

Can Probiotics Reduce Your Chance of Flu-Like Illness?

Preventing flu-like illness by taking probiotics could save the American economy more than $1 billion. But which probiotics will work?

A bottle of vicks vaporub and toes
Alternative Health

Fact or Fancy? Can Vicks VapoRub Cure Nail Fungus?

There are dozens of nail fungus treatments, from Rx drugs to home remedies. They all take months to work. The Vicks VapoRub cure is inexpensive and easy.

Onion and onion slices on wooden cutting board.
Alternative Health

Will Onion Juice Make a Wasp Sting Stop Hurting?

Putting onion juice on a wasp sting eased the pain quickly and reduced the swelling. Treat an allergic reaction immediately with epinephrine!

aloe vera gel
Alternative Health

Will Aloe Vera Help Itchy Mosquito Bites?

A reader finds that gel from an aloe vera leaf stops the itching of mosquito bites quickly. No scientists have studied this approach. Will you try it?

cold cherry juice in a glass and pitcher on wooden table with ripe berries in wicker basket
Alternative Health

Should We Give Up On Home and Herbal Remedies?

Is there any science to support the use of home and herbal remedies? Many health professionals like randomized controlled trials. So do we! Here are data.

Man in T shirt sniffs his left armpit
Alternative Health

Is Sea Breeze a Solution for Keto Body Odor?

One reader reports that applying Sea Breeze Astringent Original Formula to the underarms took care of keto body odor. Maybe it changed the skin microbiome.

Actinic Keratosis
Age Spots

Will Castor Oil Help Clear Up Your Actinic Keratosis?

A few readers report that applying castor oil to an actinic keratosis on their skin made the bumpy spot clear up and drop off.

Timothy McCall, MD, Medical editor of Yoga Journal

Show 1175: How to Mix Conventional and Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer

Hear how an American physician decided to mix allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine to treat his metastatic neck cancer. Should we all learn to combine them?

woman standing on tennis ball to relieve plantar fasciitis
Alternative Health

Can Hornet Stings Overcome Painful Plantar Fasciitis?

One reader reports that stepping into a hornet's nest and getting stung had an unanticipated benefit: long-lasting plantar fasciitis pain was eased.

African american man holding his arthritic knee in pain
Alternative Health

Will Soap in Bed Keep Your Knees from Aching?

Some readers find that keeping a bar of soap under the bottom sheet helps keep hips and knees from aching during the night.

duct tape on a wart
Alternative Health

Will Duct Tape Help Remove a Splinter?

When you need to remove a splinter, home remedies like duct tape or white glue can be helpful.

box jellyfish
Alternative Health

Vinegar Eases the Pain of Jellyfish Stings

A reader shares his experience with vinegar for painful box jellyfish stings. Scientists say vinegar can help, but "Sting No More" works better.

Little boy examines a splinter in his foot
Alternative Health

How to Remove Splinters with Duct Tape

Have you ever used duct tape or white glue to remove splinters? These home remedies can work surprisingly well, as can wart plasters.

Soy sauce being poured
Alternative Health

Soy Sauce Helps Ease the Pain of a Burn

Numerous readers have found that soy sauce helps relieve the pain of a burn, after cold water has cooled the injured skin.

an Aedes aegypti mosquito biting and feeding
Alternative Health

How to Prevent and Stop the Itch of Mosquito Bites FAST!

How do you prevent mosquito bites? Deet, picaridin, vitamin B1, Listerine? If your tricks fail, how do you stop the itch of mosquito bites? How about HEAT?

key ring with several keys
Alternative Health

To Stop a Nosebleed, the Key Is Cold on the Neck

Home remedies that apply cold on the neck in the form of keys, a cold butter knife or a pack of frozen peas, can help staunch a nosebleed.

close up image on classic Japanese soy sauce
Alternative Health

Will Soy Sauce Ease Your Burn Pain?

For a minor kitchen burn, ease your burn pain with cold tap water. Then apply regular, not low-sodium, soy sauce for longer-lasting pain relief.

Elderly man enjoying in pool with hot water in spa resort
Alternative Health

Will Soaking in a Hot Tub Ease Your PAD Pain?

People with peripheral artery disease (PAD) may find it painful to walk, although exercise is the go-to treatment. Soaking in a hot tub works as well.

Mother fighting lice by treating daughter's hair with nit comb
Alternative Health

Dermatologists Are Unhappy with Pediatrician’s Lice Remedy

One mother was pleased with her pediatrician's lice remedy: slather the hair in mayonnaise and then comb out the nits. Dermatologists say it doesn't work.

arthroscopic knee surgery
Alternative Health

Doctor Wants Alternative Treatment for Sore Knees

Sore knees make it hard to exercise. Heck, they make it hard to get around, period! What can you do if surgery or stem cell injections don't work?