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Does Generic Celecoxib Measure Up to Celebrex?

The question is asked if generic celecoxib relieves joint pain as effectively as Celebrex.

Q. My doctor prescribed Celebrex several years ago to help ease the arthritis pain in my knee. Three days ago my pharmacy substituted with generic celecoxib.

I was pleased with the savings, but my pain has grown worse daily. Have other people found that generic celecoxib is not as effective as Celebrex?

A. The FDA approved generic celecoxib in May, 2014, so it has been available for less than a year. Although we get complaints about other generic drugs, we’ve not heard from readers regarding generic Celebrex. If we hear from others who have been disappointed with celecoxib, we will let you know.

Others who have experience with this generic medication are invited to share their thoughts below.

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Celecoxib is an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in the same category as ibuprofen). Like other drugs in this class, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular complications, such as high blood pressure or even a heart attack. Some people would prefer to try nondrug approaches to controlling their arthritis pain. We discuss a number of strategies in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis.

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I’ve been on Celebrex for almost 10 years for fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis. The brand name gave me much relief. When I had to change insurance companies, I had to use generic Celecoxib. I’ve tried several different manufacturers, and NONE work as well as the brand.

Celecoxib does not meet the standards of named brand Celebrex! It is very ineffective, and that was obvious to me within days of taking the generic instead of the real drug. It is very disappointing that insurance refuses to pay for the real drug, and some will not even pay for the generic. The difference in the two is very noticeable almost immediately.

I am having the same problem. After taking Celebrex for years the pharmacy substituted the generic, and it just doesn’t work. Will inform GP office tomorrow.

63 yrs old, osteoarthritis knees and back, have taken celebrex for 15 yrs, very helpful, can ski and hike, pharmacy switched filling with the generic and i never knew they did, never read the label closely, a couple months later after slowly getting more pain regularly( i assumed increased pain was just getting older and more wearing out of cartilage, for 20 yrs they are saying i will need knee replacements eventually) and i attributed it to over working manual labor at barn or exercise at gym, by accident i looked at label one day and noticed the spelling difference, and put the two together and called pharmacy and they confirmed they made the change since it went generic, had dr change back to celebrex and now back to normal with little pain. I have taken many scripts over the years and never had a generic that i could tell the difference before.

I tried Celecoxib for 6 months in 2017 after being on Celebrex for YEARS. Swelling and pain from this worthless genetic. I started taking 2 daily and still no relief. My
Rheumatologist said not going to take 2 pills daily. Medicated punished me for getting formulary for Celebrex by charging me almost $400 for 3 month supply. They care not that this genetic is NOTHING like Celebrex.

I am also new to Celebrex. I am experiencing severe pain that seems to have gotten worse since I started taking it. I looked at my bottle yesterday after reading this blog and am also taking the generic Celecoxib. I had no idea. After two weeks of taking it I let my doctor know it wasn’t working, and she recommended taking two 200 mg. twice a day. I have been doing so for two weeks and still no pain relief. I see her on Tuesday and will talk to her. I called my pharmacy, and they said my brand is made by Lupin, and it is indeed generic. My insurance company, which is awesome, does not cover Celebrex. The pharmacist said to get the “real Celebrex” I would need my doctor to write a letter of authorization and submit it to my insurance company. It is $500.00 for 30 pills if I paid directly. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in New England in 2016 which I believe is the cause of some of my joint pain but doctors in California are hesitant to treat for Lyme again as they are not familiar with it. I really learned a lot from reading this blog. Thank you all so much for sharing.

If you are lower income and can’t afford Celebrex or your insurance company reuses to fill the name brand, Go to Pfizer’s patient assistance program, and see if you qualify. The income limits are very high, and your doctor can send the paperwork in for approval. Then you pick it up at your doctor’s office.

Got a prescription for generic filled at a big chain pharmacy. Started taking it the same day. By 14 days I was in agony with my arthritis. I found an old bottle of real celebrex, and within 24 hours I no longer hurt. These were 4 year old pills and worked better than the “new” generic pills. I held them up to the light, and some were half full; some were three quarters full; and some seemed empty. Pill with imprint A 136 is White, Capsule-shaped, and has been identified as Celecoxib 200 mg. It is supplied by Trigen Laboratories, LLC. and it is JUNK.

WOW. I’m just like all the others. Took Celebrex for several years. Worked great. Insurance switched to the generic, and it was horrible. Was like taking nothing at all. Went to the doc and couldn’t get approved for Celebrex. Said I had to try something different. I am currently taking Mobic, 15 mg. daily, and it hardly does anything for me. It has really debilitated me, and I complain all the time. I don’t know what to do. I want my Celebrex back.

Agree, this new generic does not work….was part of the study 20 years ago for celebrex and Ive been on the generic for 3 weeks. I am in quite a lot of pain now. Celebrex for me was a life changer!

I have been using “Celebrex”200mg for many years, which has given me great relief for arthritis in my fingers. When I went to the chemist for a repeat for that script he informed me “Celaxib” 200mg was the same thing. I have to say that I only get 12 hours relief from pain, and then I have to rely on codeine which has been prescribed for a back pain problem I have, until the following day and take another almost useless “Celaxib”.

My refill of Celebrex was changed to a generic brand (Alembic 200 mgs) I have found that it is not as effective in controlling my osteoarthritis pain. Do I have the prerogative of requesting the original medication if the generic is not effective?

Mary, you can request it but your insurance company doesn’t have to pay for it. If your doctor certifies that the brand is medically necessary, sometimes the insurance company will cover it.

I’m a back surgery survivor, took celebrex for 7 years, and thought it to be the miracle drug of the 21st century. I recently attempted to get doctor at the V.A. to prescribe celebrex. Celecoxib was all she was willing to prescribe. She argued with me for an hour about how they are the same. I have received celebrex at the pharmacy in Reno, but celecoxib is all they’re willing to send you. HELP!!! Celecoxib is a joke, no pain relief. They must think were all idiots. Must be some help somewhere!

I have generalized osteoarthritis with back pain, a THR which is under investigation for pseudotumor, and a lot of mid-foot pain on the same side and also pain in opposite hand, perhaps from using a walking cane. For years I have been taking celebrex 200 mgms daily which has been giving considerable relief starting a couple of hours after the morning dose and enabling me to function quite well.

Since the last refill about 5 weeks ago with generic celecoxib, the hand and foot have been much more painful and seemingly less responsive to the medication, and I have had to cut down on my activities significantly. I am going to chat with my local pharmacist and GP to see what they have to say.

Recently (2 yrs ago to today) started getting stiff back in mornings. Thought nothing off it till I injured my hip somehow. Long short: MRI of lower back, indicated bulging disk, plus mild to moderate arthritis in lumbar spine. Mom sent me some of her old Celebrex pills she can no longer take for arthritis due to her vascular problems. 2 wks later – wow! I could sleep again at night and rest!!

My PCP prescribed Celebrex and my insurance would only allow the generic. Soo.. I tried it. TEVA brand. did not work, pain and stiffness in back is back!! Went back to my Mom’s old stuff (the brand name). Went online to discover, yeah… the generics are largely a waste of money. Hum…anyway, can’t get the doc to just write a prescription NOT through Express Scripts which means – I can’t see to find a way to get and pay (out of pocket) for the Celebrex.

Any ideas how I can do this? Its frustrating – I have the means to pay, a doc who is willing to write a script, but insurance still wants me to use prescription bennies! Argh!!!! I’m getting the 75 percent off card and going to go out of pocket on this expense. With Celebrex the brand, I can take everyother day and get relief.

I’ve heard that Greenstone generic Celebrex works best of all the generics. Truely, drug industry is a total scam, and people’s health is suffering…FDA needs to do its job instead of taking kick backs to ignore these issues…

I have similar problems with Celebrex Generic. The generic does not work for me either. I ordered from a Canadian outfit and they offered the brand name Celebrex at a reduced price or I could order from Australia at an even lower price. I opted for the Australian price but it is pretty hard on my stomach. It is manufactured by Pfizer in Australia.

Not sure they use same ingredients as the US. Also on the box it says Celebrex but in parenthesis it has (celecoxib). I questioned them, but they told me if it has the Pfizer name on the box, it is the Brand Name. I have not been able to verify that yet.

I was put on the celecoxib 200mg for a torn meniscus until I’m approved for surgery by the cardiologist. Only then can I get my knee cleaned up, as my knee has gotten worse. The more I walk on it the worse it gets and can be tearfully painful. First the right knee, now the left. This medication has done nothing for me, and I have requested a prescription for 800 mg of Tylenol. Would this be a mistake?

I’m already on a pantrozole 40 mg for indigestion/tummy. I need something to get me through until I can get the surgery. I have iced and heated and tried to stay off it as much as I can while working and having to do life, if you know what I mean

I used celebrex a few years ago for osteo arthritis. It worked great. I asked my doctor to prescribe something because my arthritis is keeping me awake at night. She prescribed celebrex, but pharmacy filled with celecoxib, generic for celebrex. I have taken four doses, 1 per day with food. I have not seen one bit of relief with this celecoxib 200 mg. I will call the pharmacy tomorrow to try to get the celebrex. I am in my 70s.

200 Mg. once per day Alembic, pretty good
200 Mg. TEVA once per day, no effect.

Even Advil works better than the TEVA, but Advil is terrible on my stomach and intestines. That is why I like to use the Celecoxib..

I have taken Celebrex 400 mg for years and found it to be a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Since the generic (Celecoxib) came out the local drug store frquently changes the company it buys from. I can tell within a week or two which ones work and which ones don’t work.

The white with green stripes, which I think are Teva, seem to work prety good. A light green capsule also seems to work well.

But when given a dark green capsule (don’t remember the co.) and lately a white capsule with a V137 on it, they do not work well at all.

I had asked the local pharmacy not to give me the dark green last year, and they went to back to the white with green stripe or light green. This year when I complained about the white capsule with V137 on it they just gave me a white capsule made by Cipia with 420 on it which I am trying now. They explained that my Silver Script even picks out which generic that they can supply. I thot a generic was a generic to keep you away from the original Celebrex.

Me either, Lorene H. I’m 57, and my results are same as yours.

Generic Celebrex effectiveness issues…
My AS symptoms are getting worse with each version of generic Celecoxib that is sent by my mail order pharmacy which keeps switching manufactures.
Here is the history (no lifestyle changes w/ daily work walking & 3-4 days at gym for walking/biking):
– 5 years on brand name Celebrex @ 200mg 2x per day = 100% relief (~12-18 hours relief)
– 1 year on Mylan’s generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 50% relief (~6-8 hours). Usually a blue capsule imprinted with Mylan 7150.
– 1 year on Teva generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 50% relief (~6-8 hours). Usually a Yellow/White capsule imprinted with Teva 7166.
– Last 6 months on Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 25% relief (~3 hours on a good day). Usually a white capsule imprinted with “Y 200”.

Greenstone pharmaceuticals is the only generic authorized by Pfizer. They got the patent directly from Pfizer and use the exact same formula. The rest are all JUNK.

I too have been through the approval process to receive brand name Celebrex. But I have noticed a significant difference in manufacturers of the generic. I did OK, but not great on the Mylan version, but the Teva version gave me NO relief at all! If people could list the manufacturer of the celecoxib that worked for them that would be helpful,

In November of 2017 my doctor put me on generic Celebrex. It was a miracle! 90% of my pain disappeared! But 2 months later the supplier changed, using a cheaper generic formula. New formula is as effective as a sugar pill. My joint pain has returned, and I’m miserable.

I took Celebrex for several years and then became fearful of the side-effects. So I went off of it probably 6 or 7 years ago. I am having so much pain now that I asked the Dr to again give me a script. They, of course gave me Celecoxib since that is what my insurance will pay for. I have been on it for a week, and the pain has gotten worse, both in my knee and lower back. The company is Teva. I am wondering if another manufacturer has a better product?

I have been on Celebrex for over a decade. When the generic brand came out, I was switched to Mylan-celecoxib, I’m not sure exactly when this happpened, but it’s been at least 2 years. I didn’t notice any problems.

Suddenly in the last month, my knee has swollen up, my wrists are unbearable after playing the piano and I wake up with in the middle of the night with terrible neck pain.

Check my meds, I’ve been switched to APO-celecoxib. Could this be the cause of the problems?

Several different generic versions of the celecoxib feel as if I am taking nothing or barely more than Tylenol. The brand Celebrex worked very wells for years before my insurance required me to use generic (no coverage for brand if generic is available). Now taking twice as much with very little relief. Not been fun….

I am looking on this site because my pain has increased, and I noticed the pharmacist has given me Celecoxib this time instead of Celebrex. I don’t know if this is the reason for the increase, but will be purchasing a new Celebrex tomorrow!

I have the same problems as all the others so what is being done about it by the FDA?

I do not find celecoxib to be as effective against arthritis pain as celebrex. My pain is in my lower back. Celebrex allowed me to live virtually pain free. It was so effective I did not need to take it every day, but rather 2-3 times per week. The celecoxib is more effective than ibuprofrin, naproxin, and acetominophen, but is not as effective as celebrex

I have severe arthritis. It is genetic and runs in my family. It is throughout my body, my back, joints, and hands. I have been using Celebrex for about 15 years. It has allowed me to lead an active, pain-free life. In recent years starting about 2014, my insurance carrier began challenging my use of celebrex and switched me to the “generic” version, Celecoxib. Within a few days I began notice changes. My hands swelled, and I could not fully close or extend my fingers. My body began to stiffen. I had difficulty standing up and moving about. I started to experience soreness in my joints, especially my lower back, knees, and shoulders. I contacted the insurance company. They required a doctor’s evaluation before they would authorize a return to Celebrex. My doctor recommended the return to Celebrex. Then a committee had to evaluate and approve the change. It took about three months. I was miserable. I could not straighten up, could not open bottles, and was sore all the time.

I am now back on Celebrex and have resumed an active, pain free life! Unfortunately, I received a letter from my insurance carrier notifying me that starting the 2018 coverage year, they will no longer list Celebrex and once again (third time) I will have to go through the approval cycle. This time they may not even provide Celebrex. I received the notification on Nov 26, ten days before the sign-up dead-line. So far, I have only found one provider that still lists (carries) Celebrex. Perhaps, the objective is to compel patients to use only Celecoxib in the future. As my generation dies off, the up-coming generation may have never experienced the benefits of Celebrex and will simply accept Celecoxib as their only option. If so, they will also experience a degraded and more limited state of life than they could have had with the superior benefits of Celebrex. But they will not know the difference. Socialized medicine is all about the lobbyist agendas which drive the healthcare industry at the expense of the taxpayer and the misery of faceless patients.

I have been on celebrex for 2 yrs. When I first started this they gave me the celecoxib for 6mos. Pain never stop was just like I wasn’t taking anything for it. Told doctor its not helping any better than a asprin. So she change me to celebrex has work very good sense.

But the insurance I have is only threw Wal-Mart stores said they haven’t got a shipment from Man. this month so they subitute my med. with stupid celecoxib again told them what gave them the right to subitute with out asking me first and I have to get advance appovel for the celebrex it only last for a year.

They are giving me nothing, but the run around. Because they are out of stock so I’m ready to cut my legs off and its only been a week. There saying I have to wait a month for the insurance to cover it if they get a order in.

I have been on Celebrex for a long time. When we tried to get me off of it, my pain would not allow this. Now I have switched to Celocoxib, and my pain is returning. It is unbearable for me. I am requesting to go back on Celebrex.

I received the new Teva Generic for Celecoxoxib and I have stopped taking them immediately. I have had my pharmacy switch me back to the Mylan. Based on this thread I urge you to report back to your pharmacy to swap out the Teva Generic (Pill ID 1442/Yellow) for the Mylan (Pill ID 7150/ Blue)

My husband has been on one 200 mg Celebrex for 30 years. Due to all of his broken bones, etc. he had severe osteoarthritis until he finally found Celebrex. When he was switched to generic all of his pain came back. We called the pharmacy and complained with every manufacturer of the generic medicine that they sent us. We received the same information that every generic used identical materials as the “real” celebrex. Then the pharmacy sent us the Greenstone generic. It works. It works. It works. However, you must insist on Greenstone. They will try to send you other manufacturers. They don’t work. We have tried all of those other generic manufacturers. The pharmacy and the insurance companies will do anything to not give you Greenstone generic Celebrex. Did I say Greenstone generic works. It works.

My husband can sleep, do just about everything he used to do and isn’t as grumpy as when he was on the fake generic Celebrex. Thank you Greenstone.

I just realized that since my Celebrex was changed to generic Celecoxib my pain and discomfort has increased back to the way it was before Celebrex. Thank you all for confirming my suspicions.

I’ve been taking celebrex for about 15 years off and on for shoulder injuries. I read the comments and hate that folks feel the generic form doesn’t work for them. I can only say that I can’t tell a difference since the VA in New Orleans gave me the generic version. I do have to take a break from it occasionally because all Nsaids mess with your stomach.

I tookCelebrex 200mg capsules for several years with good results. With my current medication plan I can only get generic celoxicib. My hand and spine are much worse since the change and I have to use Pain relievers 3 times daily.

I took generic Celecoxib for almost 3 weeks – Dr. took me off it today. Pain in hips and back got worse instead of better – couldn’t sleep and can hardly walk now. The Tylenol I took today worked much better already.

My Pharmacy substituted my Celebrex for Celecoxib. Almost immediately my joints began swelling and becoming painful. I am now back on my Celbrex and almost immediately my Arthritis symptoms lessened.

I have been forced on Celecoxib for several months. It does not even come close to Celebrex for arthritis pain relief. Pain and suffering is now a part of every day. My doctor can not do anything about it and the insurance company wants to move me further down the line to an even lesser medicine. I had been on Celebrex for years with good results and no side effects. Is there anywhere that I can buy this with out a prescription for a reasonable price? for saving card but you still need prescription from your doctor as refill. good luck!

I didn’t think twice about it when the pharmacy dispensed the generic Celebrex 2 weeks ago. Within 1 week, I had joint pain but thought I was just sleeping wrong. It wasn’t until the second week that I realized something was terribly wrong. I went to the web to see if others were having issues with the generic form of Celebrex and found this site.

Having been on Celebrex for over 3 years, I didn’t remember how much joint pain I had been experiencing. This was a shock! I’ve asked for the brand name prescription from my doctor – hoping the sticker shock won’t be too much.

I was taking Celebrex for several years and it controlled my pain very well. I was switched to Celecoxib a few months ago and now have pain both day and night.

My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Chronic pain. He tried celecoxib and it did NOTHING. Ended throwing the celecoxib out. Back on Celebrex. We also have a Phizer Celebrex discount card where you can pay as little as $4 for 30. You can find it on-line. I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and my doctor prescribed Celebrex. I am under my husband’s insurance and they refused my prescription and need a doctor authorization for the Celebrex. Ridiculous! The doctor is the one who prescribed it to me. What good is a cheaper generic version that doesn’t work.

For me celecoxib did not work as well as Celebrex. After changing to celecoxib, I find is very hard on my stomach and makes me sick. And my pain is back. The Celebrex agrees with my stomach and I don’t have to eat food with it and my pain is controlled.

I have been taking Celebrex for many years because of back pain from arthritis. It has worked very well. My insurance company will no longer pay for it. I have now been taking Celecoxib and am experiencing consistent discomfort and pain to the extent of having shots in my back to relieve the pain. I tried Celebrex again and had immediate results. The pain is almost non exsistent. It only hurts in the pocketbook because of the high cost of Celebrex.

I am 77 and have taken Celebrex for about 10 years to alleviate arthritis pain in my knees, hips, spine, shoulders and thumb joints. Recently the new company that I have to go through to get my meds has refused to give me Celebrex and has substituted Celecoxib (generic form of Celebrex). As the Celebrex left my system, over about three weeks, I had increasing swelling and pain in the aforementioned joints. FOR ME, THE GENERIC DOES NOT WORK. The company I now call BAD PHARMA is continuing to jerk me and my doctor around saying they have not received the correct forms although my doctor did send them in a timely fashion. I feel like I’m 90. Considering trying to get it at a reasonable price in Mexico.

it does not come close to Celebrex. I was changed to Celecoxib and I hurt in places that never bothered me before.

I have had arthritis for many years and had found some relief with Celebrex; there are no Plan D insurers who cover this brand named drug reasonably. I have tried the generic celecoxib on two different occasions for months at a time but have found it to be useless for me.

I too have recently been taking the generic Celecoxib for an old injury which occasionally flares up and noticed no improvement in my pain. Celebrex is so much better – The NHS have obviously taken a decision to reduce costs to our detriment .


My mother has made the same claims about the increase pain with generic Celecoxib. We are not in the position to pay the high cost associated with Celebrex but it does not seem fair that a person in this country can work for 50 years, pay taxes, pay the high cost of insurance and can not afford the means that would allow them to do little things around the house such as…… water plants or take a walk to the mail box. Something must be done! I have read hundreds of claims stating that this medication is supposed to be same and based on the complaints, it does not take a rocket scientist to prove that they are not the same (PEOPLE ARE HURTING)! The many doctors we have visited claim that these drugs are the same, however I wonder if they have tried it themselves? Can someone please lead us in the right direction? PLEASE!

Dana and Mom Gladys for saving card but you still need prescription from your doctor as refill. good luck

I have Osteoarthritis and having been taking Celebrex 100MG, one capsule, twice a day for eight years.

Recently, my insurance company will no longer cover Celebrex name brand and will only pay for Celecoxib.

I have been having inordinate pain in my joints, since the switch from brand to generic. It has been so bad that last week I spent three days in bed.
This is a problem because I cannot afford to pay the $349.32 a month for 60 100MG capsules Celebrex.

Celecoxib 100MG, 60 capsules cost $34.28 a month BUT DOES NOT RELIEVE MY PAIN FROM MY OSTEOARTHRITIS.
Do you have any suggestions.
April 18, 2017 for saving card but you still need prescription from your doctor as refill. good luck

Several years ago, I purchased Celecoxib thru Canada….I felt it did not work and then ordered Celebrex. I was getting ready to order again and I am happy to see that other people feel that the generic brand does NOT work. I will have to pay more, but Celebrex is worth every single penny…oops..every single dollar.

I also feel celecoxib is not as effective. I was very happy with celebrex.

I expected the generic celebre to work the same, but it said it would take two weeks to kick in. I suffered for two week, woke up with heel pain that was excruciating. Suffered another week with that as well and continued to get worse. It was as if I was taking absolutely nothing! I wondered if it actually caused my heel pain.

I want back on my old anti inflammatory, since my ins. will not cover Celebrex. The celecoxib had a huge co pay and was a total waste of money. I still have the heel pain, and the Dr says it is not plantar fasciitis and thought I had injured it.

I, too, have tried the generic two different times over the last three years. My first try was made by Mylan and the second was by Apotetex. Neither worked for me as the Brand Celebrex does. Within 24 hr. I noticed the difference and by 48 hrs. I was back on the name brand. This year my drug plan will only pay for the generic and I will have to pay the other 350.00 monthly after using the Brand discount card for & 125.00 which can be downloaded and printed out on line.

I am also checking into purchasing from Canada, which has quoted me less than $100.00 for the Brand 200mgs 60 capsules a month. The generic makers are way off on this one because it does not work! I will stay with the Brand Celebrex where I am pain free.
I wrote to the FDA over a year ago and never heard back from them.
Very frustrating.

I have used a Canadian pharmacy one time, almost 4 years ago. The medication came from China, thru Canada. The company robo calls me all the time from many different phone numbers including ones that have my area code. I would not recommend a Canadian pharmacy purchase unless you are will to endure the phone calls.

I also found relief with Celebrex and not so much on generic Celecoxib by Mylan. Are there some generic by other companies that are better?

I tried generic Nexium. Ineffective. Made me nauseous.

When I take generic Celexobib, it is as if I am taking nothing. I pay for Celebrex non-generic rather than suffer. The difference was noticeable on day two. Celexobib is useless for me.

My mother has received the generic version of Celebrex for the first time and has found that it is not helping as well with her arthritis pain. The pain increases every day and also the swelling around her joints is worse.

After searching the web, we saw that another reader is having the same issues. Have more people complained about the difference between generic and brand name with Celebrex? Are the 2 medications made with different ingredients? We had problems in the past with other generic medications and are wondering if this is happening again. Please let us know what other readers are saying. Thank you.

I pay extra to stay on Celebrex. I think it is better and used to believe it eliminated most of my Arthritis pain. After being switched to the generic and now back to Celebrex, I’m not sure. When there is a 20% difference, I don’t see how it could ever be the same thing.

I have been taking Celebrex for many years and thought that maybe I was becoming resistant to its effects. Due to insurance I was switched to generic, which in most cases is not a problem. I recently discovered I still had a few Celebrex left and did in fact get relief again. I am convinced the generic version is worthless.

I had Celebrex and was very pleased with the results easing the pain for longer time in my right hip. When needing new pils they gave me Celecoxoxib. The effect was not good, it didn’t work as good as Celebrex, so I startet using Celebrex again with a much better result.

My doctor put me on Celebrex for hip and knee pain. I’ve been on it for 3 1/2 weeks and not much relief from the pain. I think I was doing better on Alieve. But for the last week I’ve had such horrible stomach pain and nausea. The stomach pain is worse then my hip pain. I’m not taking it anymore.

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis (in both shoulders, elbows and knees). I have had steroid injections done in both shoulders and elbows (short term relief), and I have been taking ibuprofen (amongst multiple other pain/nerve meds). I informed my PCP that I was still having pain, stiffness, swelling in all these joints. Once again, tendonitis! He told me to stop taking ibuprofen, prescribed me Celebrex (I have never taken this). I ended up getting Celecoxib, I have had a sour stomach (bowel issues). It has been 4 days…I don’t feel better, and the expense versus ibuprofen…and the extra toilet paper, ridiculous.

I’m so thankful that I came across this site! I’ve been on Celebrex for over 10 years due to arthritis in lower back and knees. Able to perform my job as a floor nurse without to many aches and pains. 6 months ago pharmacy filled my script with the generic and I didn’t realize. I felt horrible for the month I took the generic. Made a appointment with my physician to tell her how I was feeling and she asked if I was switched to the generic Celebrex and to my surprise I was. I agree with others and thought the same compounds were used. Don’t understand.

While in the USA I had trouble with my hip, I was given a Perscription for Celecoxib instead of Celebrex, it didn’t work as well as the Celebrex. I wouldn’t get it again. I have used Celebrex on and off for a few years.
Carole. Australia.

I definitely think the generic Celebrex is not nearly as good as the regular. Ever since I have switched to the generic, I have had much more pain daily. I have also heard from my friends that they feel the same way.

I’ve been taking 200mg. Celebrex since 2001 for severe back pain in my spine from Acute Achodiz Spondalious (sp). My Plan D Medicare plan started refusing to pay for Brand Celebrex & switched me to a generic version Mylan 7150. It does not work. It does not last 24 hours and makes me fell sick off & on. Feeling pain in areas I never felt before.

Somebody should report this to the FDA

I took Celebrex for years for a back injury, and it really helped.
I have been switched over to celecoxib and find it is not nearly as effective in reducing my pain. I thought the generic was identical to the original and am puzzled and disappointed.

I am a disabled Veteran with severe lower back problems. I was told the VA will not do surgery on my back because it is a degenerative issue, so I was given Celebrex 200 MG to manage the pain. My condition was partially relieved, but when it was time to reorder the drug, the VA substituted Celebrex with two different generic brands. Neither of the generic substitutions have given me any relief. The real brand of Celebrex is the only drug that provides any sort of relief.

The VA offers healthcare? What a joke! The VA is only interested in saving money; not providing healthcare to those of us who have served.

I have been on Celebrex for quite some time & it took care of my pain. Now that I have the generic manufactured by Lupin, I am in a great deal of pain. I spoke to the pharmacy today and I will be switching to another generic by Greenstone to see how this works. I hope this works, if not for a 90 day supply the cost is $800.00! Not quite sure what to do at this point.

Add me to this list! My arthritis pain was well controlled with Celebrex. Then because of insurance I switched to the generic Celecoxib 200mg. That was 9 months ago. My pain is not managed with this generic version. To return to Celebrex would my cost at Walgreens would be $800.00 for a 90 day supply, or $350.00 for a 30 day supply. So Obviously I cannot afford that. Apparently I need to check out the Canadian route but not sure how. So for now I remain frustrated, sleepless and hurting.

I was on Celebrex for more than 10 years. This spring, I was switched over to the generic Celocoxib. Not only did I not get the same pain relief my pain has increased to the point my right hand is almost useless. I have been told they use the same ingredients but why don’t I get the same relief?

I have had the same experience as others with returning pain and immobility after switching to generic version of Celebrex. I am going to try the various manufacturers to see if any one is better than another.

Otherwise, I’ll have to find something to strike from my budget to afford the $385/mo that my pharmacy charges for Celebrex.

I cannot believe what I’m reading here. I have had such a significant increase in pain – agonizing and almost unbearable even in a resting position. I get out of bed or a chair and the pain is horrible. My knees are swollen – almost frozen – and it is so painful to complete full range of motion and my legs throb even when I’m reclining. I couldn’t figure out why such a dramatic increase in pain to my knees and shins …deep into the tissue, muscle and bone. I’m an Ultrasound Tech so I scanned my own legs both arterial and venous Doppler and they looked ok… no DVTs or arterial disease, but effusions (swelling/fluid) around my knees. I switched to Celecoxib 100mg daily because of insurance 6 months ago and that’s when I thought about the Celebrex – I didn’t have these problems. And the sudden onset of worsening pain coincides with when switched from Brand to Generic.
I’m going tomorrow to get a refill for Brand Celebrex.
Thank you everyone who posted your experience…..I so much appreciate it.

I too have severe osteoarthritis in my shoulders. I have taken both generic celebrex and name brand. The name brand DEFINITELY works better. I got no relief from generic. The Dr. told me by law that a generic drug only has to be 80% equal.

My mom has been on both brand & generic Celebrex. Since switching to generic, she has found both Teva and Mylan products ineffective. Greenstone, Lupin & Actavis have worked well, but availability has been inconsistent

My daughter was switched to Celecoxib by our insurance. She was previously on Celebrex and doing fine with no side effects. After two months on Celecoxib, her knee pain increased dramatically. She had rapid weight gain. Her joints started swelling. After four months, she had numbness and nerve pain in her leg. Doctor said it would “work out.” It has not. Celecoxib has not worked and has caused serious side effects. Trying to get back on Celebrex.

I can’t compare the name brand to the generic having only taken Celecoxib (Mfg. Lupin Pharm) but I can tell you I will never take the generic again. I was on it for only 4 days for tendinitis and experienced more pain then when I began…even in my healthy shoulder! Dizziness and then edema in my feet convinced me it was the drug making me sick. Back to Advil!

I was looking up this information because I’m finding the same result. I want my celebrex back.

I started taking Celebrex after they pulled Bextra off the market. It did not relieve my pain as well as the Bextra did, but that was all there was left as they had taken Vioxx off the market as well. Not sure when I was switched to the generic Celebrex, but last month I received the larger sized capsules. My knees have been aching so bad, I sometimes can hardly stand after sitting. Now, by back hurts and even my elbows. When I stumbled upon this site, I finally realized it is the new generic that is causing my pain. I contacted my insurance and pharmacy, and they can fill me a new 3 month supply of Celebrex and I will only pay $12 (using my insurance card and the Celebrex savings card), which is $8 CHEAPER than what I was paying for the generic. I am having my Dr. write me the new prescription today. I am hoping/praying this goes as they said and that I will once again be taking Celebrex staring tonight. Question: Do you find that it is better to take it in the morning, or at night?

The generic form of Celebrex does not work for me at all. I was substituting 100 mg of Celecoxib at night and taking 100 mg of Celebrex in the morning. My pain grew slowly worse until I realized why.

For 5 years, I’ve used Celebrex 200mg twice a day for arthritis until the cost went through the roof. I tried several generics, including Celecoxib 200mg. None of them compared to the pain relief that Celebrex provides. I can take over the counter arthritis pain medications with the same results as the generics.

I chose BCBS Rx to supplement to Medicare because Celebrex was particially covered. At the beginning of this year, they no longer cover Celebrex and yesterday I paid $505.41 for 60 capsules and that is using a Celebrex discount card, which discounted the cost by $145. It is reprehensible what the Pharmaceutical companies are doing to their patients. What can we do?

I also do not believe Celecoxib is the same or as effective as Celebrex. I am going to pay $100 per month for the Celebrex. The insurance companies must know this!

I did fine at first when the switch to generics came about. It turned out that my generic was made by Pfizer’s generic division, Greenstone. When the pharmacy switched, I’m guessing to a cheaper generic made by Teva, I was miserable. It gave me diarrhea, heartburn to the point of reflux, increased swelling & joint pain. I was stuck taking a 3 month supply. All of the symptoms went away when I got off that generic. The capsules were also about 2 1/2 the size of the ones I had been taking. I personally looked up the ingredients & they differed.

Thank you Dawn in Baltimore! I will see if my Walgreens in NH or Boston can get the Greenstone generic of Celebrex. I’m hoping it will work for me.

In the meantime, I will get it from Canada Drugs, which has been wonderfully helpful and the name brand Celebrex costs less than half in Canada: about $225 dollars for 180 pills.

Now that so many people have had the same experience, what can be done about it on a national level?

I have been in more pain since my pharmacy switched me to the Lupin Celecoxib too.

I also do not get the same relief from generic Celebrex.

I took one generic celecoxib and was is stomach agony for hours. I hrew up for an hour, drinking lots of water in between. Finally less stomach pain. I never had this with Celebrex- taking off and on for 7 years now after wrist surgery.

I have recently started taking the generic as well and it finally occurred to me that the increasing pain that I have been experiencing in my “good” knee might be because it is not as effective as the Celebrex I had taken for years. Just wondering ands I started looking here and found similar experiences. I may ask my doc to change back to see if it makes a difference…

My pain has increased a lot since taking the generic celebrex. I’m experiencing joint pain that I have never experienced. My pharmacist thought I was “out to lunch” with my claim that I found a difference. He claims it is the exact same ingredients. Why then am I finding a difference? Why is the generic that much less expensive if it is exactly the same?

My pain has increased 10 fold since I was switched by my insurance company and my doctor. It is to the point that I may have to stop working. I surly do not like the prospect of not working. Then, my family and I will be without insurance, so what do you do?

I have also had the same experience. After using celecoxib for several months, my pain all over became almost out of control. I am trying once again a year later to see if some other factor or factors might have affected my situation.

Celebrex worked for me too, but like many other insurance companies, mine made me switch to the generic. I was given Celecoxib 200mg by Lupin Pharmaceutical. The pain returned. After returning to my doctor along with more test and seeing two new specialist, I was told my condition had not changed. I just spent the day trying to get the insurance to approve the brand name Celebrex. Turns out, it’s cheaper to use the Pfizer $4 co-pay coupon than to use my insurance. If anyone has an ideal about how change this problem, I like to hear it.

I had the same experience the change from Celebrex to a generic I just don’t get the same relief

Yes, I agree. The generic does not work as well as Celebrex. I have been taking Celebrex daily for several years & could tell the difference with in the first couple of days. I agree with other comments, the testing was not done on real people that use Celebrex!

I am interested in a comparison of ingredients in each : Celebrex and generic Celecoxib. I have a procedure schedule and usually I am asked to not take Celebrex days prior. This time all other NSAIDS are listed and specifically noted ” If you are taking Celebrex (Celecoxib you do not have to withhold days prior to the procedure). WHY ?

I have been on Celebrex for many years and have two shoulder replacements at University Hospital in San Antonio and now need knee replacements.

If I take generic Celebrex, my joints swell and I cannot walk. This is not a replacement or a substitute. Why was this ever okayed as a substitute if everybody I talk to said it does not work?

And, being on social security, we are now paying an average of $130 for the real thing since some non-genius said it was comparable. They should have to walk on these knees and try this for themselves.

I had a similar and extremely painful- experience. I’ve been taking Celebrex for arthritis in my spine for a couple of years. Immediately upon switching to Lupin’s generic celecoxib, pain relief disappeared and I have been in agony ever since.

I have been on Celebrex for several years and inherited my mother-in-law’s supply which lasted me for several months. When I had to switch to the generic brand I have experienced more general arthritic than I have ever had.

One more thing about the generic celebrex: I started having gastric symptoms too — indigestion, and actual pain in my stomach. I never had a problem with Celebrex, and always tolerated it well. Can’t wait for my brand name shipment to arrive!

I have to concur with the comments here; generic Celebrex (celecoxib) simply doesn’t work. I am a long term user of Celebrex (probably 20 years) originally for a bulging disc in my neck. After taking it, I noticed that other early arthritis symptoms disappeared, specifically in my knees. I eagerly awaited the generic as the name brand drug price steadily rose. I started ordering from Canada to reduce price.

When the generic came out, I switched. After about a month, I was noticing more and more pain in my knees, which I hadn’t experienced in a very long time, swelling and pain in my hands, neck and back pain. Talked to my doctor yesterday and he said it must be the generic, with the suddenness of the onset, both knees etc. I placed a refill order for the non-generic today (still ordering from Canada). In the meantime, I’m trying to see if Aleve helps because the generic is like a placebo. Soooo disappointed!!

Are you still able to get the Brand Name Celebrex from Canada, if so where?

I was on Celebrex and then the pharmacy substituted to celecoxib. After using it for a couple of months I could barely walk. I have had surgery on both ankles and have screws holding my feet together. Also my knees were keeping me awake at night and my arthritis is bad enough I am bone on bone. My Dr. wrote override and I went back on Celebrex and am feeling much better. They are made by two different companies and something is not as effective in the generic. Has anyone bothered to check this out? I am sure I am not the only person this has happened to. Thank you.

I was using Celebrex for over 15 yrs for fibromyalgia and back pain. I have now been forced to use a derivative copy (if you want to call it that) of celoxiBAD! And it IS BAD!

Has anyone had luck with finding something that is NOT generic..yet? Both my scripts were changed and I am a mess! The other I am weening off of. My legs and feet are worse now than they have ever been. I don’t know what to do.

My insurance is even refusing to dispense as written, and refusing to dispense even though the doc says. Who died and left them in charge of MY HEALTH! We pay a lot for insurance! Why are We allowing them to control our health!

I too have been switched to the generic celecoxib, and have been disappointed in the results.
Celebrex worked great-had great results after only 3 days. I have been switched to celecoxib and have been taking it for 3 weeks with no relief. Unfortunately, insurers will not pay for celebrex because it is so expensive- so we seem to be stuck and forced to suffer with an inferior product!

I had been taking Lupin Pharmaceutical’s Celecoxib for two months and it really helped my hip pain. Picked up a refill the other day and the capsule was nearly twice the size of the original, but still made by Lupin and with the same dosage, 200mg. I don’t know why they changed the size, what filler they are using, but I DO know the new capsules DO NOT WORK for my pain. My only conclusion is they found a way to manufacture it more cheaply, but it does not work.

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