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Articles categorized as Hearing Loss

Article imageJoe Graedon - July 20, 2023
Article imageJoe Graedon - January 22, 2023
Article imageTerry Graedon - November 22, 2023 - 7 comments

Show 1364: Staying Sharp Through Better Hearing

Studies show hearing impairment is associated with cognitive decline, but with better hearing people stay sharp longer.

Joe Graedon - August 28, 2022

What’s Wrong with OTC Hearing Aids?

Terry Graedon - June 10, 2021

Show 1261: Overcoming Hearing Loss

Terry Graedon - October 18, 2018

Do People Who Eat Fish Grow Old More Healthfully?

Terry Graedon - October 19, 2017

Training the Brain Helps You Hear What People Say

Terry Graedon - July 6, 2017

Can You Spend Less to Hear Better?

Article image
Joe Graedon - January 5, 2017

Are NSAID Pain Relievers Like Ibuprofen Hurting Your Hearing?

Do you regularly take NSAIDs to ease aches and pains? Have you had your hearing tested lately? Did you know that such drugs may affect hearing?

Article image
Joe Graedon - May 30, 2016

Will Fish Oil for the Heart Contribute to Prostate Cancer?

Will fish oil protect the heart while increasing the risk for prostate cancer? Millions of men would like an answer to this complicated question.