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Articles categorized as Fibromyalgia

Article imageJoe Graedon - August 15, 2022
Article imageJoe Graedon - May 30, 2022
Article imageTerry Graedon - May 18, 2023 - 2 comments

Show 1341: Lessons Learned from Long Illness

Millions of Americans suffer with long illness. Conventional medicine doesn't always have treatments for these conditions.

Joe Graedon - January 3, 2022

How To Stop Duloxetine (Cymbalta) Without Withdrawal Symptoms

Terry Graedon - March 9, 2020

Boswellia Boosted Pain Relief from Glucosamine

Joe Graedon - January 13, 2020

Low Dose Naltrexone for Fibromyalgia and Other Nasty Conditions

Joe Graedon - February 25, 2019

Fibromyalgia Treatment| Choosing Between Pain Relief and Forgetfulness

Joe Graedon - October 29, 2018

Low Dose Naltrexone Worked for Pain

Article image
Terry Graedon - August 30, 2018

More Indications for Medical Marijuana in Connecticut

The state legislature has approved a number of additional uses for medical marijuana in Connecticut, bringing the total to around 30.

Article image
Joe Graedon - May 7, 2018

Can the Antidepressant Amitriptyline Mess Up Memory?

The antidepressant amitriptyline is prescribed for nerve pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia or migraines. Can amitriptyline cause memory problems?