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Q. My doctor prescribed Celebrex several years ago to help ease the arthritis pain in my knee. Three days ago my pharmacy substituted with generic celecoxib.

I was pleased with the savings, but my pain has grown worse daily. Have other people found that generic celecoxib is not as effective as Celebrex?

A. The FDA approved generic celecoxib in May, 2014, so it has been available for less than a year. Although we get complaints about other generic drugs, we’ve not heard from readers regarding generic Celebrex. If we hear from others who have been disappointed with celecoxib, we will let you know.

Others who have experience with this generic medication are invited to share their thoughts below.

Searching for Pain Relief

Celecoxib is an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in the same category as ibuprofen). Like other drugs in this class, it can increase the risk of cardiovascular complications, such as high blood pressure or even a heart attack. Some people would prefer to try nondrug approaches to controlling their arthritis pain. We discuss a number of strategies in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis.

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  1. Gideon

    200 Mg. once per day Alembic, pretty good
    200 Mg. TEVA once per day, no effect.

    Even Advil works better than the TEVA, but Advil is terrible on my stomach and intestines. That is why I like to use the Celecoxib..

  2. Susn

    I have taken Celebrex 400 mg for years and found it to be a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Since the generic (Celecoxib) came out the local drug store frquently changes the company it buys from. I can tell within a week or two which ones work and which ones don’t work.

    The white with green stripes, which I think are Teva, seem to work prety good. A light green capsule also seems to work well.

    But when given a dark green capsule (don’t remember the co.) and lately a white capsule with a V137 on it, they do not work well at all.

    I had asked the local pharmacy not to give me the dark green last year, and they went to back to the white with green stripe or light green. This year when I complained about the white capsule with V137 on it they just gave me a white capsule made by Cipia with 420 on it which I am trying now. They explained that my Silver Script even picks out which generic that they can supply. I thot a generic was a generic to keep you away from the original Celebrex.

  3. Jay
    New Jersey

    Generic Celebrex effectiveness issues…
    My AS symptoms are getting worse with each version of generic Celecoxib that is sent by my mail order pharmacy which keeps switching manufactures.
    Here is the history (no lifestyle changes w/ daily work walking & 3-4 days at gym for walking/biking):
    – 5 years on brand name Celebrex @ 200mg 2x per day = 100% relief (~12-18 hours relief)
    – 1 year on Mylan’s generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 50% relief (~6-8 hours). Usually a blue capsule imprinted with Mylan 7150.
    – 1 year on Teva generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 50% relief (~6-8 hours). Usually a Yellow/White capsule imprinted with Teva 7166.
    – Last 6 months on Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc generic Celecoxib @ 200mg 2 times per day = 25% relief (~3 hours on a good day). Usually a white capsule imprinted with “Y 200”.

  4. Catherine

    I too have been through the approval process to receive brand name Celebrex. But I have noticed a significant difference in manufacturers of the generic. I did OK, but not great on the Mylan version, but the Teva version gave me NO relief at all! If people could list the manufacturer of the celecoxib that worked for them that would be helpful,

  5. Dennis
    Savannah GA

    In November of 2017 my doctor put me on generic Celebrex. It was a miracle! 90% of my pain disappeared! But 2 months later the supplier changed, using a cheaper generic formula. New formula is as effective as a sugar pill. My joint pain has returned, and I’m miserable.

  6. Bobbie

    I took Celebrex for several years and then became fearful of the side-effects. So I went off of it probably 6 or 7 years ago. I am having so much pain now that I asked the Dr to again give me a script. They, of course gave me Celecoxib since that is what my insurance will pay for. I have been on it for a week, and the pain has gotten worse, both in my knee and lower back. The company is Teva. I am wondering if another manufacturer has a better product?

  7. Suzi

    I have been on Celebrex for over a decade. When the generic brand came out, I was switched to Mylan-celecoxib, I’m not sure exactly when this happpened, but it’s been at least 2 years. I didn’t notice any problems.

    Suddenly in the last month, my knee has swollen up, my wrists are unbearable after playing the piano and I wake up with in the middle of the night with terrible neck pain.

    Check my meds, I’ve been switched to APO-celecoxib. Could this be the cause of the problems?

  8. Kay

    Several different generic versions of the celecoxib feel as if I am taking nothing or barely more than Tylenol. The brand Celebrex worked very wells for years before my insurance required me to use generic (no coverage for brand if generic is available). Now taking twice as much with very little relief. Not been fun….

  9. Phyl

    I am looking on this site because my pain has increased, and I noticed the pharmacist has given me Celecoxib this time instead of Celebrex. I don’t know if this is the reason for the increase, but will be purchasing a new Celebrex tomorrow!

  10. Don

    I have the same problems as all the others so what is being done about it by the FDA?

  11. Kim

    I do not find celecoxib to be as effective against arthritis pain as celebrex. My pain is in my lower back. Celebrex allowed me to live virtually pain free. It was so effective I did not need to take it every day, but rather 2-3 times per week. The celecoxib is more effective than ibuprofrin, naproxin, and acetominophen, but is not as effective as celebrex

  12. Noel

    I have severe arthritis. It is genetic and runs in my family. It is throughout my body, my back, joints, and hands. I have been using Celebrex for about 15 years. It has allowed me to lead an active, pain-free life. In recent years starting about 2014, my insurance carrier began challenging my use of celebrex and switched me to the “generic” version, Celecoxib. Within a few days I began notice changes. My hands swelled, and I could not fully close or extend my fingers. My body began to stiffen. I had difficulty standing up and moving about. I started to experience soreness in my joints, especially my lower back, knees, and shoulders. I contacted the insurance company. They required a doctor’s evaluation before they would authorize a return to Celebrex. My doctor recommended the return to Celebrex. Then a committee had to evaluate and approve the change. It took about three months. I was miserable. I could not straighten up, could not open bottles, and was sore all the time.

    I am now back on Celebrex and have resumed an active, pain free life! Unfortunately, I received a letter from my insurance carrier notifying me that starting the 2018 coverage year, they will no longer list Celebrex and once again (third time) I will have to go through the approval cycle. This time they may not even provide Celebrex. I received the notification on Nov 26, ten days before the sign-up dead-line. So far, I have only found one provider that still lists (carries) Celebrex. Perhaps, the objective is to compel patients to use only Celecoxib in the future. As my generation dies off, the up-coming generation may have never experienced the benefits of Celebrex and will simply accept Celecoxib as their only option. If so, they will also experience a degraded and more limited state of life than they could have had with the superior benefits of Celebrex. But they will not know the difference. Socialized medicine is all about the lobbyist agendas which drive the healthcare industry at the expense of the taxpayer and the misery of faceless patients.

  13. Jeanette G
    Kingsburg Ca.

    I have been on celebrex for 2 yrs. When I first started this they gave me the celecoxib for 6mos. Pain never stop was just like I wasn’t taking anything for it. Told doctor its not helping any better than a asprin. So she change me to celebrex has work very good sense.

    But the insurance I have is only threw Wal-Mart stores said they haven’t got a shipment from Man. this month so they subitute my med. with stupid celecoxib again told them what gave them the right to subitute with out asking me first and I have to get advance appovel for the celebrex it only last for a year.

    They are giving me nothing, but the run around. Because they are out of stock so I’m ready to cut my legs off and its only been a week. There saying I have to wait a month for the insurance to cover it if they get a order in.

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