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The Inside Story of Tamiflu: Side Effects & Benefits

What is the bottom line on Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Xofluza (baloxavir) for influenza? How well do they work? Are there side effects you should know about?
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Have you seen the commercial for Tamiflu (oseltamivir)? A very sick-looking man is seen creeping about in a very small house. He blows his nose with a teeny tissue. He’s so big he has to bend over to get into his tiny bathroom. The voiceover announcer says:

“Suffering from the flu is a really big deal. With aches, fever and chills there’s no such thing as a little flu. So why treat it like it’s a little cold? There’s something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. Prescription Tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source, so call your doctor right away.”

Oseltamivir is an oral antiviral medication that works by preventing the influenza virus from multiplying in the body, but there is a major controversy about the drug’s effectiveness.

How Tamiflu Works:

For the virus to penetrate human cells and then spread the infection to other cells throughout the body, it relies on an enzyme called neuraminidase (NA) that has a mushroom-like shape. The virus utilizes this enzyme to bust out of the host cell and spread lots more viruses (and chaos) throughout the body.

Tamiflu is an NA inhibitor. By blocking the NA enzyme the drug makes it harder for the influenza virus to escape a host cell and replicate.

As good as this sounds, you have to take the drug within the first day or two of symptoms. Once the flu takes hold, there are way too many viruses circulating in the body to stop the infection. For Tamiflu to work, you have to keep the number of infected cells under control so that the immune system won’t be overwhelmed.

How Well Does Tamiflu Work?

The Pros:

The crux of the Tamiflu controversy centers on the drug’s effectiveness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that:

“Antiviral medications with activity against influenza viruses are an important adjunct to influenza vaccine in the control of influenza.”

Influenza vaccines are created anew each year, with the aim of matching that year’s circulating influenza virus strains. Flu viruses are notoriously given to mutation, and they change frequently. In 2014, for example, the vaccine against H3N2 (the predominant flu strain that year) was not a good match against the virus. It makes sense for the CDC to encourage other options in addition to vaccine. The public health experts there went on to say:

“Influenza antiviral prescription drugs can be used to treat influenza or to prevent influenza.”

They expected Tamiflu to reduce the severity of both type A and type B influenza and shorten the duration of the illness. Those who take the drug prophylactically (say when a spouse or child gets influenza) are supposed to be able to prevent the flu from taking hold in the first place.

A study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (March 19, 2014) reported that Tamiflu was helpful during the 2009-1010 swine flu epidemic. The researchers evaluated data from dozens of studies involving nearly 30,000 patients who had been hospitalized with H1N1 influenza. These were severely ill people.

Those who received Tamiflu during their hospitalization were 25 percent less likely to die compared to patients who did not get the antiviral medication. If influenza-infected patients got Tamiflu within two days of the onset of symptoms, their likelihood of dying was halved. The lead investigator suggested that the earlier Tamiflu is used during an influenza epidemic, the more effective it will be in reducing severe illness or death.

A more recent study showed that oseltamivir is equally effective as a newer antiviral drug developed against influenza, zanamivir (Marty et al, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Feb. 2017). These were patients hospitalized with severe influenza. They responded to the drug in just over five days.

The Cons:

The Cochrane Collaboration is an independent network of health professionals who sift through scientific evidence to determine the safety and effectiveness of various treatments. On April 9, 2014, Cochrane researchers published a report in the BMJ on Tamiflu and another NA inhibitor called Relenza (zanamivir). The Cochrane Collaboration concluded:

“Compared with a placebo, taking Tamiflu led to a quicker alleviation of influenza-like symptoms of just half a day (from 7 days to 6.3 days) in adults, but the effect in children was more uncertain. There was no evidence of a reduction in hospitalisations or serious influenza complications; confirmed pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis or ear infection in either adults or children. Tamiflu also increased the risk of nausea and vomiting in adults by around 4 percent and in children by 5 percent. There was a reported increased risk of psychiatric events of around 1 percent when Tamiflu was used to prevent influenza.”

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) Side Effects:

  • Digestive upset (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain)
  • Headache
  • Nosebleeds
  • Psychiatric symptoms (hallucinations, abnormal behavior, self harm)
  • Skin reactions (any rash or allergic reaction must be reported immediately as it could become very serious)

A New Flu Drug: Xofluza (Baloxavir)

There’s a new kid on the block. Baloxavir (Xofluza) is also advertising on television. This treatment for influenza was approved by the FDA in the fall of 2018. The commercials states:

“The flu sucks…everything out of you. The fever, aches and chills can flatten you fast. Prescription Xofluza can help you feel better in just over two days. Over-the-counter medicines just treat symptoms. Xofluza is different. It attacks the flu virus at its source with just 0ne dose…

“The most common side effects are bronchitis, nausea, diarrhea, sinusitis and headache.”

Xofluza is not cheap. Two pills (taken at the same time) could cost around $180. that’s the bad news. The good news is, that’s it! You only have to take one dose (two pills) and y0u are done. It’s still expensive. 

How good is Xofluza? Well, it’s not magic. Here is what Consumer Reports (Oct. 25, 2018) has to say:

“The data from clinical trials suggest that Xofluza, approved for most healthy people over age 12, works about as well as oseltamivir (Tamiflu and generic)—the most commonly used flu treatment currently available—at reducing the length of a flu illness. Overall, both appear to cut the time people have flu symptoms from a little over three days to a little over two days.”

We told you. Xofluza is not a magic pills against influenza. 

People’s Pharmacy Analysis

We are great admirers of the Cochrane Collaboration and we do not doubt that its analysis of Tamiflu was independent and objective. In the clinical trials that were analyzed, the drug only appeared to shorten the duration of the flu by about a day at best, and did not seem to prevent serious complications of influenza. That contradicts the conclusions of the study described above in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

We have used Tamiflu ourselves on several occasions and our subjective opinion is that the drug actually does speed healing and lesson symptoms. Personal experience, of course, is not scientific. Here are some other reports from visitors to our website:

D.P. writes:

“Twice in the last 10 years my husband was diagnosed with flu. A few days later I became ill with fever and flu symptoms. I went to the doctor and was given Tamiflu. I never got really sick. I was better in 48 hours; faster than my husband who was not given Tamiflu. (I think he will take it now if he gets it again.)”

Mel offers this story:

“When my son came down with R1N1 a few years ago, he was prescribed Tamiflu. As a child with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis he was in the ‘at risk’ category because he was taking immune suppressing drugs. Tamiflu worked well and he was better in about 1 ½ days.

“My daughter and I have asthma, and were also prescribed Tamiflu when we came down with the same virus. It worked well for us, too (2 days-4 days duration). As a mom, it was a big relief.”

J.E.C shared a similar experience:

” I had the same experience a few years ago. While my husband had suffered with severe flu symptoms for about a 2-week period, I called the doctor as soon as I became ill and was prescribed Tamiflu. My symptoms, which were much milder, only lasted about 2 days. I’m a believer – it’s good stuff.”

J.A.S. writes:

“I caught the flu several years back and was prescribed Tamiflu within 48 hours of my symptoms appearing. I absolutely HATE taking any prescription or OTC drugs, but I did take the Tamiflu not knowing anything about it at that time.

“My symptoms lessened promptly and I felt better so quickly I was very surprised. Perhaps I had a mild case of the flu, but I do remember that Tamiflu had a relatively quick response and seemed to have stopped this flu infection dead in its tracks. I doubt if it was a placebo effect because I was soooo reluctant to take it and didn’t exactly have a positive outlook about it.”

Xofluza Stories:

Lonny is pretty cynical:

“The side effects of the flu drugs are the symptoms of the flu. So if you don’t feel bad enough already, you can take a drug to make you feel worse. And pay a small fortune for the drug. Sounds to me like an advanced case of stupidity.”

Linda and her husband weren’t thrilled with the outcome:

“My husband and I returned from a trip to Europe with a strain of the flu apparently not covered by our flu vaccine. We took Xofluza and after three doses, both of us developed diarrhea and abdominal cramping. We stopped taking the meds, and the symptoms stopped. The headache, congestion, and body aches of the flu were bad enough without adding the diarrhea caused by expensive meds.”

The Bottom Line on Tamiflu & Xofluza:

Tamiflu is not a miracle medicine against influenza. Neither is Xofluza. The clinical trial data suggest that these drugs are modestly effective at shortening the duration of the flu. They do have side effects (predominately digestive in nature). According to Cochrane, about 4 to 5 percent of people taking Tamiflu experienced nausea or vomiting and about 1 percent developed psychological side effects when they took the drug to prevent the flu.

That said, there is evidence that people do benefit from Tamiflu and Xofluza, especially when these drugs are taken as soon as possible after developing symptoms. If the vaccine does not live up to expectations, Tamiflu or Xofluza may be worth consideration in the fight against influenza.

If you would like to read about some other options, you may find our Guide to Colds, Coughs & the Flu of interest.

photo credit: ahisgett via photopin cc

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I think the crap is poison. My wife is in the 1% percent of those who is having the neurological side effects from taking it. If it is possible, find a different drug to cure yourself. We’ve seen multiple Drs and went to the ER. There is nothing they can do. She has been on a heart monitor for two weeks now because she is having irregular heartbeats or palpitations. Does anyone know what we can do or will it just take time to get back to normal. It’s been two weeks since she’s been off the Tamiflu (poison).

Okay, in my experience, for it to even possibly be effective it must be taken at the onset of the infection. Therefore: a) We need to know that the onset of the flu is happening, and b)W need to have a doctor willing to see us on that day and who will prescribe the stuff. What is the likelihood of either condition happening? Answer: almost zero. But the pharmacist’s shelves are literally overflowing with stuff designed to overcome symptoms (usually by putting one to sleep). Oh, I get it now.

Day 1: nauseaus and bad headache
Day 2: bad headache, fever, cough
Day 3: body aches and pains fever lethargic
Day 4: Diagnosed with flu; started TAMIFLU (2nd pill taken at 10pm, unable to sleep perspiring and feverish, drinking liquids, urine is clear, finally slept 6 hours!)
Day 5: Along with Tamiflu taking mucinex and water.
This morning I feel 75%better after taking my third TAMIFLU!
Still in bed resting with fluids for the weekend. Eating fresh fruits and liquids.

I went to the CVS Minute Clinic (as I was in SIGNIFICANT discomfort), was diagnosed with the flu, and prescribed TamiFlu. The flu hit me hard and fast, so I’m rather certain that I started treatment with 1-2 days of showing symptoms.
Day 1 on Tamiflu, not much notable improvement, whole body ached, was very feeble, extremely cold, lungs were searing hot, coughed up lots of mucus – slept 20 hours, drank 3/4 gallon water.
Day 2 on Tamiflu, had this high pitch ringing noise in my head, was louder when I closed my eyes, fewer body aches, but still very cold and feeble – slept 18 hours, drank 1 gallon water.
Day 3 on Tamiflu, woke up refreshed and feeling nearly back to normal. Energy had returned, no longer constantly shivering or coughing

Couple observations:
1. Taking on empty stomach made me nauseous, I was told to take w/food, but I had zero appetite – so that’s on me.
2. Urine was yellow and smelled bad despite drinking lots of water, and I made far fewer trips to the bathroom than usual.
3. Had sticker shock at the price! $100 + with insurance in USA….
4. Would recommend as effective: YES

My wife came down with what she thought was a cold and was prescribed an antibiotic ? Several days later she realized she had the flu. When I started feeling the symptoms I went in and was swabbed and confirmed to have the flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. My symptoms were mild and lasted only two days while my wife was down for 6 days. Based on this experience I would definitely use this product again.

My husband came down with the “flu.” He did not have a diagnostic test to confirm it was the flu. I cared for him for three days and then begin to feel unwell. I hoped to “ride it out.” Every day I felt worse. Four days went by. Because I had no diagnostic test it is impossible for me to pin down what day my infection actually started. I went to a clinic and a swab test showed I had type B flu and a chest x ray suggested the start of pneumonia, the doctor suggested Tamiflu, even though I may have been a “late” starter (3 or 4 days). (The pneumonia was addressed separately.)

I thought Tamiflu worth a try since there is no other treatment for flu. I took the first pill with goat milk. What happened is that soon after taking the first pill for about five hours I felt incredibly worse but then I began to feel a calm throughout the body and began to feel an improvement. I am on pill three (no upset stomach at all) and will continue on. I think this pill is really helping me now to make a fast recovery. I was able to get some real sleep for the first time in several days. My husband today has gotten a prescription to take Tamiflu to keep from getting re-infected from being in contact with me in the house. He started to have flu-like symptoms again.

I started having flu symptoms on Tuesday and didn’t go to see the doctor until Friday. I was prescribed Tamiflu, the drug has made me so nauseous. For the most part I have been able to fight it, but I did vomit today. I haven’t seen any real change in symptoms. I do know that you need to start the drug early on.

I started Tamaflu later (on day 3). I had never taken it and was not going to go to the doctors and tough it out. I ended up going to the doctors because I was so sick and they put me on it. The Tamaflu works pretty well. The side effects are pretty intense. I am a adult female and could barely keep taking it initially. I had constant nausea for the first two days and did vomit once. My advice is to eat something very bland before you take the pill and try not to eat for an hour and half after. The nausea got better after two days but the dizziness is another huge side effect. That being said, it is really good to take if you have been diagnosed with the flu and have full blown flu. Next year I won’t skip my shot and hopefully I won’t need Tamaflu. They put my young son on Tamaflu. He had a mild case of flu because he had his shot and was not doing to bad but he would be upset if he had to take the medicine. I just think because this medication is so strong it should only be used in full blown cases.

I took Tamiflu in January 2018. During that time I felt like my tongue was coated and everything has a metalic taste. It’s been 1-1/2 months later and my taste buds have not completely returned. My tongue feels like it was burned in the middle. I haven’t found any information on how long this could last, except that for some people it could be permanent. Great.

Would like to know if anyone has an elderly parent with dementia/alzheimers disease and taking tamiflu. My mom is a resident at a retirement/nursing facility. They are giving it as a preventative measure. She does not have the flu. My mom has been taking it for several days. She is saying full sentences. Clearer thoughts. Chattering much more. Not everything making sense, but just trying to talk all the time. The nurses and her aides have noticed, my sister noticed. We are delighted. Trying to research, but not finding anything. Just wondered if this is happening to anyone else’s loved ones? Thanks!

My wife had a knee replacement a year ago and has had unusual swelling in the new joint. She has also had neck pain for 6 months. After taking Tamiflu her swelling has disappeared in the knee and neck pain gone. Her orthopedic is amazed and doing further study on any similar cases and the ingredients of Tamiflu that could have these positive side effects.

Thank you for posting this. I have had severe ME/CFS following glandular fever 18 months ago. I have recently had the flu and was given Tamiflu. I felt that I responded very quickly but the most interesting part was that much of my energy and clear thinking returned. I have been able to do tasks (sorting and filing documents, writing letters etc.) that I have been unable to do or struggled for hours to accomplish previously.
I have contacted Roche directly to report this. I think it would be worth reporting formally as the doctor looking after your Mom would be able to contact Roche and find out if there are any other similar reports.

My 14 year old son tested positive for Influenza A on Wednesday this week. He started tamiflu, and 2 days later, almost all his symptoms are gone! I started symptoms on Friday, went and got me some tamiflu as well, and I am feeling just about back to normal. No side effects for either of us. Tamiflu is the greatest!!!

I got the flu last month and was prescribed Tamiflu. I took it as soon as I got the prescription. However, I definitely got all of the side effects. The worst was the nosebleeds. Having a nosebleed while being absolutely miserable with the flu is no fun and makes you feel even grosser. I got a couple within two days, but the second one I got was by far the worst. My bowels were not happy with me either, and I was vomiting twice every two hours. I stopped taking it because I would rather just have the flu than experience all this other crap.

Tamiflu definitely made my flu go away more easily than past flus I experienced. I had two side effects with Tamiflu – mild diarrhea and itching with hives on my back. Two weeks later, I have some scabs from the itchy hives, but I was happy to get over the flu quicker. I had ear pain that would have morphed into an ear infection. Had some mild bronchitis which never got worse. A constant all over headache gradually receded with each Tamiflu pill. Aches, skin pain, and chills were gone in a day.

I came down with the flu on December 26, 2017. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu. After the second pill I started having tremors. I discontinued taking it and they stopped except for a little shake every now and then. It has been over six weeks since I took it.

I was diagnosed with the flu on Friday and started taking Tamiflu. I am feeling much better after two days. I would like to go back to work on Tuesday. That puts me on Tamiflu for four days. Am I still contagious to others?

My husband started tamiflu on the 2nd day of having flu symptoms. 6 hours after he started seeing little flashes of light, he thought it was part of having the flu. The next morning he saw an entire light show at the window, i was with him, there wasn’t any light show. i made sure he didn’t take any more tamiflu. But what now.? He still had the flu…

I have been on Tamiflu for 3 days and I am still running a fever,coughing,chills and feeling lightheaded. When am I supposed to start feeling better?

It has definitely lessened the severity of symptoms.

Are the sores gone now? Im finding Tamiflu hard to stomach but otherwise ok.

I have type b flu and was given tamiflu. I found that after the second dose I developed diarrhea. Gave it the 3rd dose and it was getting worse. So I stopped taking it. It also gave me insomnia .

Had all the flu symptoms – chills, then burning up, fever 102.5, funky sick headache, run down feeling etc. Started Tamiflu. It helped and I felt better within a day or so, however after only about 3 doses the upset stomach and diarrhea started up. I stopped taking the Tamiflu and here I am 3 days later and I still have nausea and diarrhea. I need to be back at work but I’m afraid to be too far from the bathroom! Nasty side effects nearly as bad as the flu.

My grandson, age 6 years, was diagnosed and confirmed with a positive test for flu B. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu. The first dose he threw up. About an hour after taking the second dose, he started scratching his arm. When I checked him, I noted he had the hives. So we began Benadryl. The so-called hives morphed into erythema multiform, as diagnosed by his pediatrician. This was far worse than the flu! It moved all over his body and was present for 5 days. No one talks about the side effects of Tamiflu, especially for children, and they should!

By Day 2 of taking Tamiflu, my temperature dropped down from 100 degrees to 98 degrees. I was diagnosed as having Type A flu virus and am finding all the symptoms of flu are decreasing rapidly. I don’t know if I can tolerate the 5 days as prescribed due to the insomnia and stomach discomfort. I will give it a shot, but wellness depends heavily on rest, and I desperately need the sleep.

1/29/2018 Developed flu symptoms on second day. Physician prescribed Tamiflu generic version. Symptoms and 100 degree fever disappeared in 48 hours. I did receive the flu shots in Sept. 17 with no side affects so far. Have about 4 days left of meds.

Folks, from what most of you are saying, the duration of the worst symptoms lasted 1-3 days. That’s what I’ve experienced without meds for decades. As a mild asthmatic, I could be considered high risk. This year with the high number of deaths my boss suggested Tamiflu, I took this as code for don’t be out of work too long, please…she was really just being nice because she’s a wonderful person to work for, but I did my duty and called in for Tamiflu.

I started it the evening of my second day and went it off it after the second dose. The first tablet felt like war. After the third purge, over two hours after the initial dose, I swore the virus was striking back. It knew. The third round was the most violent regurgitation event, very convincing, and each time there was an awful medicine taste. (I hadn’t eaten since the day before and only had tons of water = hydration is key!!)

That’s when the canker sores started to form. I didn’t realize this was a side effect so I told the nurse that nothing else was wrong, and she suggested another try in the morning with food. That went over better but I could taste the medicine with burping, my stomach didn’t feel so great (and it was fine before, no nausea w/ this flu). Then the cankers started to spread along my tongue in a big, very abnormal way for me so I stopped taking it.

Today is day 4 of the flu and I’m MUCH better. I just got another canker sore tonight and I haven’t had a dose since yesterday morning (and it’s 11 pm here). I now have sores along the edge of my entire tongue (not edge to edge but spread out around the entire thing). Tamiflu and I are now officially broken up. Thanks, but I’d much rather have the flu.

So unless you really need/want it, I’d recommend kicking back w/ the roku and getting a little well deserved R&R time…consider it your annual flu shot!

The best advice: DON’T FORGET IN YOUR MISERY TO DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER. Drink and pee, no IV! And good luck!!
(See! I’ve got my energy back!)

My primary care physician is an infectious diseases specialist. He teaches at OHSU and stays current on the latest information available to physicians. He used to prescribe it to me but no longer does (even though I am very high risk, immune compromised, copd ) because it does not have a verifiable effect. It is really effective at garnering massive profit, because patients insist on it. My advice; wash your hands, eat healthily and get plenty of rest.

I am assuming that this unbearable heartburn is a side effect. It gets progressively worse with each dose, even though I started taking Ranitidine just after each dose. Don’t see how I can possibly finish 2 more full days of doses (4), when nothing touches the severe heartburn.

That’s bull! My husband and I both had the flu and took Tamiflu. The symptoms were greatly reduced after 2 doses. We weren’t cured but at least able to get out of bed and killed the body aches.

I had the flu shot in November and diagnosed with the flu on Sunday. Tomorrow is day 5 and I’m still getting fevers and nothing has changed for the better. I started tamiflu on Sunday evening. Supposedly, if you had the flu shot, it would reduce the amount of days you are sick, so with that and tamiflu, I thought I would be much more improved by now.

I think this is biased in favor of the drug. Where are the opinions of people who it didn’t work for? Missing of course.

Typical propaganda. This has not worked for ANY of my patients. Just to let you know. But several of them did get the nasty side effects.

Thank you for this well balanced article with scientific facts as well as personal experiences. As a mom of two, I was panicking about the possible side effects of this drug. Being able to read the actual percentage of occurance has helped me greatly. Thank you again.

I was prescribed Tamiflu Two weeks ago because They thought I had the flu. I did not have the flu. I had just a bug but because I took the Tamiflu now I have horrible side effects. It started with joint pain and went to my knees and my ankles. I got major swelling on one side of my body with my legs and feet, and later that went down. Now it’s gone to my hands and my wrists and my back. It had been one thing after the other doctors put me on prednisone, and it’s helped. But by the end of the day I’m swollen again and can’t move my hands. I have not been able to move my arms and legs. The pain is severe. The stuff is terrible

I began having flu symptoms after my husband. My symptoms got worse faster than his. By the 2nd or almost 3rd day I developed a fever in addition to the continous cough and body aches. My Dr. prescribed Tamiflu over the phone because I felt so ill I couldn’t drive myself to his office. After 36 hrs of taking Tamiflu on my 3rd tablet, my cough and congestion had dimished very much, my fever was practically gone, and I felt a lot better. I was also able to sleep better. My husband didn’t take any Tamil, and he still has a tight chest and has been improving very slowly.

I took tamiflu for the first time for an influenza A infection. It did cut my symptoms off after just a few days. My last bout with influenza was about 10 years ago, and I was extremely sick for about 10 days compared to about 5 days with the tamiflu. My only complaints are an increased headache about 30 minutes after every dose and awful insomnia. No sleep for 3 days. I was so wired I was shaking. I had to stop taking it on day 3 because of the insomnia.

I love Tamiflu! “You have to have mutual love to have a marriage”! I had the flu last year and was so ill, I went to the health clinic. Dr. put me on Tamiflu, and I started feeling better within 24 hours. I am taking it now, as I was just diagnosed with the flu. I started it a little over 2 days ago, but I so believe in the effectiveness of this medicine. And, thank The Lord, no side effects! Feeling stronger and better each day.

Last year, I had flu symptoms including fever for several days before going to doctor. Doctor prescribed Tamiflu & I was pleasantly surprised at the relief in a short time. I’m a believer of the effectiveness of Tamiflu.

My grandson came down with the flu. He took Tamiflu for one day. He became anxious with vivid dreams and verbalized he had a dream about hanging himself. My daughter immediately stopped the tamiflu and he recovered. We have been taking Sambuco elderberry for colds or flu. It’s more effective to treat early symptoms. A double blinded study of elderberry and tamiflu done in Israel showed better results without side effects. No more flu for the past 7 years.

3 years ago when the Flu Shot was lacking the proper strains and my husband, son and I caught the flu we went to our Doctor in time and received the Tamiflu and it was a tremendous help in minimizing the disease. I, however, got an additional benefit because I had been fighting warts on my fingers for about 2 years, and after the the Tamiflu they all disappeared within the week. I think the doctors should look into that.

Same exact (positive) side effect in terms of diminishing of hand warts. It makes sense, stop the virus from replicating and it should reduce in numbers and ultimately completely. Though Im not sure why it is not a more commonly used treatment option. I would much rather have taken tamiflu, my ill side effects were minimal, vs all the previous typical wart removal methods.

I’m wondering why would anyone ascribe the same level of credibility to the scientific analysis of a large pool of available data made by the independent Cochrane Collaboration and a study funded by the manufacturer of Tamiflu, Hoffman – LA Roche, required by the FDA to print a disclaimer on the labels: ‘Tamiflu has not been proven to have a positive impact on the potential consequences (such as hospitalizations, mortality, or economic impact) of seasonal, avian, or pandemic influenza.’ The detailed dirty inside story on Tamiflu is available in Peter Gøtzsche’s revelatory book, ”Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime”.

I would like to know how people get such fast responses from their doctor. I have a good doctor, but between having to leave a message, waiting for a response, and getting the “just make an appt., or the doctor will get back to you as soon as possible” which may be days or never, how do you get a drug that has to be 24-48 hours after onset?

Could be the state you live in.

I made an appointment and saw my doctor. Got swabbed and showed a positive for influenza A. Started the tamiflu about 24 hours after my symptoms began.

The way we did it was URGENT CARE and waited THREE HOURS at onset of my son’s flu this season in SD. We experienced this with my older son years ago who was on ‘death’s door” and miraculously bounced back after a dose of Tamiflu.

My 19 year old came down with the flu on Dec 24 and we immediately got went to the doc. He tested positive immediately. He started Tamiflu that afternoon and by Christmas afternoon felt good enough to sit on stairs and interact for a little while. By the next day he was almost fully recovered. Tamiflu was amazing.

I am a man aged 73, but in good health. I began feeling a little sick with sinus congestion on Sunday evening, and during the night I got a full-blown cold, I thought. On Monday morning I felt progressively worse. Since it was Christmas Day, I went to an urgent care office where I was prescribed Tamiflu and some other meds for symptoms. I took the 1st Tamiflu at 12:30 PM, and the 2nd at 11:00 PM. I felt horrible, miserable, as the flu kept progressing. Today, Tuesday the 26th, I am VERY much improved! During the day, I have continued to feel better with fewer symptom!

I am on day three of my Tamiflu course (yup, Christmas Day) and have been amazed by how effective it has been.

The main point I wanted to add to the discussion was my experience with the anti-nausea drug, Ondansetron. My doctor prescribed this to be taken if needed, which after my first dose of Tamiflu and subsequent sudden vomiting, became clear that it was. I then filled the Odansetron prescription which completely eliminated any nausea.

The combination of the two has worked incredibly well for me.

In the past two weeks, three teenage girls – ages 15-17 (including my daughter) contracted the flu. Two of the girls had received the flu vaccine.

They all received TamiFlu within about 12 hours of fever onset. In all cases their symptoms started to abate within 12 hours after first administration. And within 24 hours every girl’s fever, malaise and body aches had completely abated

I cannot believe the speed with which their symptoms lessened. I have cautioned my daughter that she still has the flu and needs not to overdo. I had the flu as a teenager, was horribly sick for at least a week and then got bronchitis as a bonus, so I know how run-down the flu can make one.

Anyway, it has been an enormous relief. My only concern is that she feels so good she will forget she is sick and then get a follow-on infection!

I do not take the flu shot, and I really don’t believe in going to the doctor. I rarely take over the counter medications and really rely on home remedies. However, I was on day six recovering from a surgery that the doctor had given me a 2-4 week recovery period. I knew my chances of getting the flu were extremely high since my caregiver had waked up hacking at 4 am and was diagnosed with flu at 2PM Tuesday. He had cleaned all my wounds and drainage tubes for the last week. I took a tamiflu (of his) that night thinking I would replace it later (Tuesday night). I had already started having the tingling feeling on my skin (like I was cold) and maybe a few aches (hard to tell since my surgery gave me body aches, too) during that day.

I could not drink my coffee the next day. I sipped on my breakfast shake for two hours. Burped, belched and was nauseated all day. It was the day of my post op, and I had to ride 5 hours to and from the visit. I took two naps, and only ate ten bites of lunch and maybe twenty bites of my supper, between the belching (I had no appetite all day for eating or drinking). I also had a headache. I went to bed shivering around 8 pm and woke up at 1:30 am pulling covers off. By 6:30 am Thursday, I actually felt better. I had decided to not take another tamiflu. I had a headache for two days, took several naps and rested. By Saturday, I actually felt ok/ good. I really think I avoided the flu by taking just one of the tamiflu timely. I felt horrible that Wednesday (so bad I did not take another tamiflu), but that one day was well worth not dealing with a sickness like the flu during a time my body was recovering. Good luck to everyone out there not feeling well.

Wanted to add that my husband started taking his tamiflu that Tuesday night and actually cleaned the garage on Wednesday. He claimed he did not believe he actually had the flu, although diagnosed with B. He is still coughing and has a lot of drainage. Its been one week.

I was one of the “lucky” 5% of the population that had severe reactions to tamiflu. Severe uncontrollable diarrhea, dehydration, and skin reactions. My symptoms were so bad that I had to have an ambulance come to my house and take me to the hospital.

I was nearing death by the severity of the dehydration (confirmed by doctors and nurses). They had to give me fluids intravenously. I developed a severe staph infection, which required another hospital stay with opioid meds to cut the pain. I then developed swollen lymph node infections that required even more meds (pain and topical).

The whole ordeal took over 3 weeks to recover from. Although some people claim that tamiflu works, it definitely made my flu many times worse. To me it’s not worth the risk. I recently read there are some elderberry options that might help with flu, but otherwise you are probably better off just riding it out normally.

I am relatively young, and have never before been remotely this sick (occasional cold only). I worry about people who are older and also children who take this.

My 15 yr. old grandson had the flu took tamiflu and had an allergic reaction to it . Stopped it after hives came out. Did not stop symptoms drooping eye lids , hallucinations , weakness of muscles . Difficulty passing his urine . Multiple testing was done nothing has showed up . This happened in January and now May he still has drooping eye lids , being home schooled , still has muscle weakness . What can be given to stop these symptoms ?

I am pregnant with twins and came down with the flu. I knew I was in the high risk category, so I went to see the doctor immediately. She prescribed Tamiflu and I started it at about 24 hours after onset of symptoms.

So here is the deal: I do believe it worked. This is probably the “easiest” flu I have ever had. However. The violent VOMITING (like, puking my guts out for an hour or so) exactly two hours after every single does (ten doses…kill me!!!) has been just as bad as just suffering with the flu. And for the two hours between taking the dose and actually vomiting, I was horribly nauseated. So that means 6 hours for 5 days in a row of being either nauseated or vomiting. Who thinks that is relief?? ?

As a pregnant woman, I think taking it this time was worth it, because risking serious complications (i.e., pregnant women are at severe risk, so much so that during the Spanish Flu, nearly all pregnant women whi contracted it died–I know this isn’t Spanish Flu, but it gives you the idea of the risk category) and suffering from the nausea and vomiting as a side effect was just the responsible thing to do.

As a non-pregnant woman next time, I think I will skip the Tamiflu and the vomiting and just sweat out the flu. It was like having a stomach bug for 5 days. Just horrible.

Started taniflu Friday morning by the evening started to red itchy circular blisters. At first I thought spider bites. As time went on they only got bigger and itchier. They appeared mostly on my back and my inner thighs. Based on what I read on yours and other sites I stopped taking it. Welts have stopped itching but are still pretty ugly.

I also was given Tamiflu at an Urgent Care center after suffering with all the symptoms of the flu for two days. After taking the medication, the nausea worsened, I became emotionally labile and dizzy. It wasn’t until my husband researched the drug on the internet and discovered that these are side effects of the drug, that I stopped taking it. After one day without the drug, the symptoms dissipated. I would never take this medication again or even think to give it to my children. For a medication said to cut the duration of the flu by one day, these side effects are horrible. I do not understand how it was ever approved by the FDA.

Started Oseltamivir Phosphate (Tamiflu) 03/17/17. I am 21 yrs old, a College Student, and am physically active (4-5 days/wk). The drug worked well to relieve the symptoms the first 3 days (cough decreased, congestion decreased). The last two days of treatment however I suffered adverse neuropsychiatric effects: insomnia, weird dreams, dizziness/lack of coordination, panic attacks, inability to concentrate and elevated anxiety. I also experienced an elevated heart rate with shaking during these panic attacks. I have never been diagnosed for anxiety, nor do I suffer from these attacks, or neurological ailments. It has been 24 hrs since ending Tamiflu and I have had nasea, inability to keep food down, lack of hunger and insomnia. After my personal experience; I will seek a more natural remedy for future cases of the flu.

Reading your comments: one week ago a family member was diagnosed with Type B flu, given Tamiflu, unable to void for first day, after3rd day had panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, and inability to concentrate. It has now been a week, and nervousness and panic attacks still present. No history of neuropathy previously. This is very scary. Will definitely try elderberry next time. This medication can be dangerous!

Not sold on this drug at all. My symptoms came on quick and heavy Sunday (3/12). On Monday (3/13) I went to my GP and was prescribed Tamiflu. I promptly started taking it and I am now at day four and feel no better.

What I do know is I get terrible night sweats, to the point of having to change my bedding and clothing.

My lazy GP stated that they do not test for the flu any longer, but is convinced that I have the flu.

Yes, they still test for it and the test is quick and easy. On Dec. 28, 2017, I was tested with the nasal swab and prescribed Tamiflu. I had a rough time with nausea on the first dose, but felt some improvement within 12 hours, so I took the next dose with a meal.

I went to my gp and was tested by a swab in both nostrils. So I can tell you they do.

Son diagnosed on 3/9/17 with Type A Influenza after cough, temp 102.1, lethargy. Started on Tamiflu. Very bad three days, then better with a residual cough. I was diagnosed on 3/10/17 with the same and started on Tamiflu. Day 3, Blistering headache, facial swelling, gas, no appetite, fogginess on top of the flu symptoms. Will not take this medicine again after the 5 day course.

I just went to Medcheck yesterday and found out I had a fever of 104 and influenza A. They gave me Tamiflu and I started taking it yesterday. My only side effect is some really bad blurred vision.

Sam from Austin Texas. After suffering with flu-like symptoms that ultimately put both my wife and I to bed. I called our doctor and paid a visit. She looked at me and said you are sick. Dud? My temp was elevated, I was coughing, I felt dry and had little energy.

My earlier bout had 3-4 days in bed and creating a lot mucus had ceased. After exam , my doctor prescribed tammi flu. I had taken 4mg tablet twice a day as prescribed. That after noon and the next day I notice some relief in my symptoms. I followed the prescribed dosage for a second day and was feeling better each time I awoke. However, on the third day I get up and look at my self in the mirror and was shocked to see a stranger with a red round face puffy cheeks and swollen ears that were also red.

I ceased the Tamiflu immediately. I started looking at the large sheet you provide with the medicine and down in the lower right corner is a simple banner statement about some people having a sever skin reaction to tami flu. The list of symptoms match my condition. I wish some had at least given me a heads up about possible side effects.

Seems all the problems are with children

I caught my flu within the first 48 hours and started on the tamiflu. I have one more pill in my regiment of two pills a day for five days. I feel worse every day. I think a steroid pack to go along with your Tamiflu would help with the sinus pressure. I have had very little sleep because I can not breath out of my nose due to sinus pressure. I sleep sitting up. I can deal with the chills, aches and pain if I could breath. I hope this helps in some way.

Sunday, I developed explosive sneezing with a flowing runny nose while hauling wood that I had cut on Saturday. Got home and had a fever of 100.5. 1000 mg Tylenol didn’t touch it. Had to sleep on my recliner that night so I could breathe through the sinus drainage and sneezing. Turned myself in to my MD on Monday morning and a swab confirmed Type B Influenza. Took my first dose of Tamiflu at 10 am that morning and another at bedtime.

Temp was 100.5 on Tuesday but decreased to normal by bedtime. 99.5 at 5 am on Wednesday morning and normal by 9:30 with no more fever experienced. Thursday and I am back to normal with only some congestion to dispel. Tomorrow is Friday and I will take my last two doses to finish my Tamiflu regimen. No side effects noticed. Ten bucks a pill but worth every penny.

It now comes in generic form….$45….got mine today!!! Hope I do as well as you did!!!

I’m on immune suppressant drugs, so my doctor has me call when I start getting sick. after getting diagnosed with flu, I was put on Tamilflu within 24 hours. 12 hours after starting it, I felt pretty good. Hasn’t been 48 hours yet, but it seem to be stopping the flu in it’s tracks. Flu type A, if that matters..

When my daughter was in the eighth grade, she was diagnosed with the flu in January and prescribed Tamiflu. Within a couple weeks, the school called me saying that she was suffering from severe panic attacks. What followed was a nightmare. My daughter became profoundly depressed. She began having delusions, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts. I began sleeping on a sofa outside my daughter’s bedroom because I was that afraid for her. This entire odyssey continued for well over 18 months. She became homebound (taught at home by teachers) for the rest of that school year and the following school year. She was hospitalized in the psych ward less than six months after taking Tamiflu. The delusions were absolutely terrifying and were of a religious nature. I kept wondering why this was happening seemingly out of the blue.

About a year after my daughter taking the Tamiflu, I came across an article that said that Japan had banned Tamiflu for teens because some had committed suicide after taking the drug due to the delusions they were having. My daughter’s reaction took place around two weeks after taking the drug and I wondered that the time frame didn’t jibe with those of the Japanese adolescents who had a more immediate reaction, so I did more research and found an article written about an American teen who’d had a profoundly disturbing reaction to Tamiflu three months after taking it.

This was one of the most difficult and trying things my husband and I have had to witness as parents. The following isn’t the article I first read on the effects of Tamiflu, however, it’s a good one that explains the situation. Here’s just a part of the article:

“The ad doesn’t give you any clear information regarding side effects so that the consumer can make an informed decision. It doesn’t tell you that the Japanese health authorities started investigations of Tamiflu after eighteen juvenile fatalities linked to the drug occurred in seventeen months. A teenager jumped eleven stories to his death while he was on the drug. Two weeks earlier a fourteen year old girl jumped to her death from her apartment building in central Japan. A seventeen year old boy took Tamiflu before bed and got up, walked out of his house and stood in front of an oncoming truck while smiling.”

There should be further studies on this drug. Why does it cause psychological reactions? It does. I have the same problem with a family member who has panic attacks, nightmares, depression, and anxiety. This is so sad!

I am sorry you and your family had to go through this. But, thank you very much for sharing your experience. My 11 year old son was prescribed Tamiflu today despite his test being negative and also testing positive for strep. I didn’t know what to do as I didn’t want to medicate unnecessarily with Tamiflu since he has to take antibiotics also for the strep.

He is prone to severe anxiety (diagnosed), panic attacks and hallucinations while he is sick anyway so I am so glad I found your post. I will not give it to him. His sister recently was sick too, was not prescribed anything and was better on the 4th day anyway!

After he had a flu shot a couple years ago, he developed a 105 fever that night and the next 5 months he had panic attacks, school refusal, crying, anxiety and on and on. Anything that could kick start his anxiety again I will stay away from!
Thanks for sharing!

My grand daughter took Tamiflu at age 11 and developed Steven-Johnsons syndrome after her last dose. She developed ulcers in her mouth, eyes and vaginal area and was hospitalized for five days. She could not eat, drink or even talk without pain. The doctors told us the ulcers could spread to her whole body and her skin would begin to shed.

She would die if we didn’t get some nutrition in her body. We worked diligently feeding her vegan smoothies and she thankfully turned a corner, however, developed long term allergies to NSAIDs from the incident. Although this case is “rare” per the doctors, it happened! For a one day shortening of flu symptoms, imho, it’s not worth the risk of taking.

My 5 year old daughter was hospitalized for a week because of this drug. Severe, and I mean severe, hallucinations, nightmares, panic attacks, temper change, insomnia. I thought my child was possessed. How this drug is approved to “kinda” help the flu with such horrible side effects amazes me? Pedis should not prescribe this.

My daughter developed cholestasis after taking tamiflu during her eighth month of pregnancy. This was her second pregnancy with no other issues.

Funny that this is one of your articles this week. My 11.5 year old grandson was tested positive for the flu at an Urgent Care. He was given Tamaflu. My daughter pays a lot for her Obamacare Blue Cross Blue Shield plan but the drug in drop form costs over $210 and the capsules were $130!

They ordered the capsules. She called the next day after reading the insert to discuss getting the drug for the rest of the family to “ward off” the flu as stated and another doctor at the Urgent Center said he wouldn’t give it to her. He said it’s all propaganda and if he was the dr the night before he wouldn’t have given it to my grandson. Needless to say my daughter was very upset and called the main office to complain. What does one do when drs have such different “opinions”! Rhetorical question!

As consumers, it would be simpler for us to believe there is one single silver-bullet answer. However, humans are different and a physician’s clinical experiences can be different. That does not excuse cases of gross neglect or malpractice, but I would not complain about a doctor having an opinion that varies from that of another physician. We have an endemic problem with doctors that worry more about criticizing another doctor or the possibility of becoming involved in a lawsuit and in that event, they are putting patient care second, after their personal interests. Above all else, we need physicians to voice their independent, honest opinions and appreciate that opinions will vary. In my family, we’ve had lifelong damage because second opinions were in “agreement” with the first or because some doctor was afraid to even voice an opinion, but separately, a life was saved because a couple doctors voiced an opinion that went against other “expert” opinions. Sherry R., I hope your grandson recovered quickly.

-I took Tamiflu for the first time in April 2016, after feeling symptomatic when exposed to someone with the flu. I took it on day 2 of sickness, and the symptoms were much less extreme and ended quickly. The first two days, I felt absolutely awful and could not imagine how I would manage feeling that bad for many days. (and I am not the type to run to the doctor for every sickness, nor do I take RX medications for most illnesses).
-I was exposed to the confirmed flu Feb 2017, and immediately took Tamiflu as a preventative. I did not get any symptoms of illness. I did experience some nausea that persisted as many days as I took it, but it is better than the flu for many days. The others who exposed me were horribly sick.
-I would/will take it again when exposed since the times I have had the flu it has been extreme and awful vs the Tamiflu side effects.

My son was given Tami flu, had tightness in his chest and throat, nose bleeds, depression and stomach pain.I am not sure if it shortened his flu, or made things qorse.His throat is swollen and his asthma symptoms got worse.He also experienced hotflashes.

On the 4th day of Tamiflu, and being prescribed Augmentin, I became so nauseous about 4 hours after taking both, I eventually threw up and immediately felt better. I’m stopping both. I do not want to repeat that again…ever

Augmentin is a very strong antibiotic. I don’t understand why you prescribed an antibiotic for a virus, but that is just as likely to make you feel sick as the Tamiflu.

What no one is saying, but what is disclosed under ‘possible side effects’ on the ‘Your Personal Prescription Information’ sheet which comes w/the RX, is that you may have ‘wheezing/tightness in the chest or throat/trouble breathing’. I have had COPD like symptoms since finishing my series & hope they will fade; see doctor in a few days.

I am going to the ER despite the expense because I will die, or wish I was dead if I don’t get Tamiflu STAT! Flu shots are a scam in my opinion. I think they’re all based on a woefully obsolete flu virus from the prior year! I’m going to the ER tomorrow despite the huge water of money and politely demanding a shot of tamiflu plus an RX for tablets! I will not die because we gotta keep costs down.

Maguire, Tamiflu problem is going to give youn thr nrelief you want-unortunately Flu is virus and just one of those things that for the most part we have to ride out as best we can..Tamiflu only only cuts flu symptoms by Half of one day-12 hours-Your also not likely to get a “tamiflu shot” there are anti virals that are given IV Rapivab ect but tamiflu is capsules…If its been more than 48 hours your not likely to get any benefit at all…Make medical decision between you and your Dr, but unless you have a underlying illness , are very old or very young I know it feels like it-but your not likely to”die” from it.

If you think the shot is a scam, your really going to feel tamiflu is…Tyhe flue shotis guess based on tats and previous years its not exact and this year it was a wrong guess-way off the mark-other years it much more effective…But it does help do to something through cross immunity-it does have a positive use but even on its best year is only 40-60% buit say yoyur in that 50% it doesnt cover it still is making the flu less severe to some degree becasue your immune system is primed in partial way to deal with the virus…

And in my opinion and most medical proffessionals 40 to 60% even 205 os better than no percent , -and your not going to go get a tamiflu shot nat the ER and avoid the worst part of the flu-your going to hav to rude it out and Tamiflu may* help lessen its effects for a half day.But as I said some rel;eief is better than no releief so its worth a try.

I am a 62 yr old COPD patient with influenza A and pneumonia. With my complications, my Dr wanted me on Tamiflu a little longer. I received it in hospital within 48 hrs, picked up 10 doses upon discharge and was told the last 4 doses would be given to me when needed. When we went to get them I was told I could not have the last 4 doses until June 2017! If insurance companies don’t want to pay for it, remove the TV ads. I am too tired to fight for it and that is what they want. Profits over people. Stupid thing is Medicaid would have paid for it.

My 5 year old daughter and I both tested + for flu on Thursday night. We had been feeling horrible at that point for about a day. we began the Tamiflu that night. The next day we slept all day, had no energy, no appetite, etc. ( as expected with flu). But by Saturday am she was already back to normal playing and eating etc. I felt better by Saturday evening. So I gotta say that Tamiflu really does cut the length and severity of the flu. I usually am out of comission for a week or so.

A few days ago I felt something come on very quickly that didn’t feel like the common cold. I took my temperature and discovered I had a mild fever so I made an appointment to see the doctor that same day. They performed a swab test and the culture showed positive for the flu virus. I was given a prescription for Tamiflu. Within hours of taking it I could tell it was working because I never really progressed beyond the initial symptoms. Over the next day I began to feel better, having only a very mild sore throat and some fatigue, which is nothing compared to my previous bouts with the flu. I didn’t experience any stomach upset just some mild bloating and gassiness but nothing unbearable. They prescribed a prophylactic dose to my husband since he had been exposed to me and he didn’t experienced any negative side effects, either.

When I was around 13 I took some of this to get over the flu. My mom says that I would sleep-walk all the way downstairs and have a conversation with her like I was still in a dream and say some strange things. I did this three times that first night but all I can remember is waking up standing up in the kitchen. I couldn’t remember getting there but I do remember the dreams I was having. It was some crazy stuff, man. Ill never take this drug again. It scared the heck out of me.

I was recently diagnosed with Influenza A. Felt like I’d been hit by a truck, and it came on suddenly. My temperature was up to 102.3, and the body aches and headaches were miserable. I dragged myself to the doctor and was prescribed Tamiflu. I definitely felt better after two days but I cannot deal with the stomach pain. It’s like the worst case of heartburn I have ever had! I like the one commenter whose son said his stomach felt like it was being stung by bees. I did drink some apple cider vinegar mixed with water hoping that helps. I have mixed feelings about Tamiflu. My husband was given a prescription prophylactically, and I am not sure that he’s had the same side effects as I have.

I’m currently taking tamiflu I am getting terrible stomach aches and heavy diaheria . The doctor gave me tamiflu even though I tested negative for the flu virus. It did make me feel Better after the second dose, but I think I’m going to sit using it can’t handle the stomach aches

I’ve been feeling poorly for about two days, so tonight I went to the immediate care center. The doctor said my flu test was negative, but she’s had some patients whose tests were negative but did turn out to have the flu, so she was putting me on Tamiflu anyway. I took the first dose tonight, and I feel awful: nausea, gas, stomach cramps. There’s no way I’m keeping this up for five more days — I feel worse now than I did before I took it!

I have had the flu for more than a week, and had the tamiflu shot after the fact. I still feel punky and out of sorts. I am drinking a lot of fluids and resting, but the headaches are awful as is the anxious feelings.

OMG ME TOO!!! I have been googling this like CRAZY, since starting the Tamiflu, I have had HORRIBLE stomach aches/pains, terrible abdominal swelling, horrendous gas, nausea, I have taken it for three days and have stopped it now!!! I wish I would have saved the money and just let it run its course!!!!

I was diagnosed with the Flu 2 years ago and was prescribed Tamiflu. I am 40yr female.
I did get the medication within the 48hr time frame and took it ASAP. The next morning I was almost back to 100%. I honestly went from feeling like I was run over by a bus, with episodes of cold and hot flashes, aches, fever and lethargy to getting up the next morning feeling pretty good. I had zero side effects
I would definately take Tamiflu again; it worked great for me.

My 15 year-old son came down with the flu last Thursday. The day prior to coming down with the flu, his symptoms were running nose & sore throat. I have asthma and usually become extremely ill during and after the flu with lung infections.

Two days after taking care of my son, I opted for Tamiflu as a preventive measure. I starting taking Tamiflu Saturday. I started having a headache and became bloated and gassy by Sunday. In addition, I felt like I was coming down with a cold Sunday with a slight sore throat. Due to sore throat, diarrhea and stomach cramping it was hard to sleep Monday night. By Tuesday morning had moderate diarrhea making it hard to even get to work. All day Tuesday at work I was constantly running to the bathroom with moderate to severe stomach cramping & diarrhea. I feel Tamiflu is keeping my symptoms at bay. I did not take Tamiflu this evening and finally stomach upset has stopped. Now I’m contemplating whether I should take Tamiflu Wed morning? Flu vs stomach upset? Hard decision for sure!

My 15 year old son came down with the flu last Thursday. I have asthma and usually become extremely ill after with and after the flu with lung infections. Two days after taking care of my son, I opted for Tamiflu. I starting taking Tamiflu Saturday. I started having a headache and became bloated and gassy by Sunday. I felt like I was coming down with a cold Sunday with slight sore throat. Due to sore throat, diarrhea and stomach cramping it was hard to sleep Monday night. Tuesday morning had moderate diarrhea nd was almost late to work. All day Tuesday at work I was constantly running to the bathroom and moderate to severe stomach cramping & diarrhea. I feel Tamiflu was keeping my symptoms at bay. I did not take Tamiflu this evening and finally stomach upset has stopped. Now I’m contemplating if I should take Tamiflu Wed morning? Flu vs stomach upset? Hard decision for sure!

I have found myself so nauseous after taking one of these and dont see the benefit as it makes me feel worse- i was also never told the side effects

My 11 year old son’s flu symptoms include high fever, cough, congestion, headache. He did test positive for the flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. He’s had one dose and is in misery. Nausea, vomiting, and says it feels like bees are stinging his stomach. We will let the flu run it’s course. Tamiflu has added more misery!!

I have side effect badly from Tamiflu. I am 33 years old. I have all rash on my chest and my back. All are so itchy. My husband told me I have swollen face! I am so worried I can’t contact doctor because it ‘s Easter weekend. So I call pharmacist in Costco. He said it’s because I don’t talk allerclear D-12 that doctor also prescribe me. So weird!!! Anybody has to also eat allergic pill together with Tamiflu??

I think Tamiflu is a miracle drug for me! I am very sensitive to the flu and start to show signs right away. I once took the vaccine and a week later had the flu. I went to my doctor thinking it had to be something else. Nope I had the flu and he prescribed Tamiflu within 2 days I was better. I am one of the people that does not test positive for the flu even when I have it. But, on the onset of it I go to the doctor and ask for it. Today, I’m writing about it because I had an almost heated discussion with the new doctor on site. I told him I will not test positive for it but if I don’t get the Tamiflu I will be worse tomorrow. He relented and I went home with my prescription. That was last night. After, taking the Tamiflu all the body aches, head aches, fever, and throat aches are gone. I don’t get any of the side effect either. It may not work for everyone but it does for me.

I’m 75 and haven’t had flu virus for decades, largely, I believe, due to flu shots. However, this strain seems to have found a way around the annual vaccination firewall.
Started taking Tamiflu at first onset of symptoms–rolling abdominal cramps (complete with loud sound effects), mild vomiting,
lethargy and dull headaches. Since taking v 2.5 days ago symptoms have lessened. Side-effects so far have been some strange dreams, involuntary jerking reflexes and some walking and standing instability.
Apparently, this is not your typical flu outbreak but early Tamiflu dosing seems to have put me out front of more severe symptoms.
At my age, I find this episode more of an annoyance rather than debilitatiing. However, I encourage anyone experiencing any of the symptoms posted in these comments to not delay in seeking medical intervention.

I am 90 and took Tamiflu in early February. Coughing and sneezing and some body pains were mild but, 5-6 days later they began again and mid-month doctor gave me anti -biotics and cough meds.
Some three weeks have passed since Tamiflu and respiratory problems seem gone but so is appetite and total lethargy and malaise have set in. Are these common after-effects, for how long and what can be done to offset them?

I started tamaflu 3 days ago. I started feeling sick over a week ago then improved then Sunday it hit me hard. I go for plasmapheresis weekly for CIDP & while I was at treatment my ears popped. Sounds like ocean waves in my ears with pain going down into my neck. I couldn’t sleep all night & flu symptoms increasingly getting worse. How long does it take for tamaflu to work? Can the ear problems be associated with the tamaflu, like side effect? Help I feel terrible. Also I have a history of Stevens Johnsons syndrome from antibiotic. Can I get the same reaction from tamaflu?

I find that commercial (for Tamiflu) irritating and kinda stupid, and it’s gotten more so with each of the, oh, 2500 or so times I’ve seen it in the last 2 weeks.

I am 77 years old and I was able to receive Tamiflu from my doctor on the 2nd day of misery. The symptoms never got any worse and started to ease up the next morning. By the second day I was weak but the aches and fever were gone. No side effects at all.

I’m asking for shared comments. I find no way of getting that information without “commenting”.

My experience over years using this drug, and Flumadine prior, is that early use can work well – within 6 to 12 hours of fever and chills. Later use is much less effective. The side effects are common in children especially – like seeing bugs on the walls. In 2006, none of the circulating viruses were sensitive to Flumadine and the reason this is happening is the medicating in China of poultry flocks. Chinese farmers had switched to Tamiflu in 2006 for their chickens faster than American doctors so expect resistance to develop.
Doctors use these drugs themselves to prevent influenza when exposed to viruses not included in the vaccine. The question is whether they would develop antibodies while taking the drug or need to take more with each successive wave of the virus.

What are the symptoms we should look for to be sure to get the drug within 48 hours?

I cannot take the flu vac without breaking out in red rashes burning me and great hives (Stevens Johnson allergic reaction).

I took Relenza available in Australia it is sold in a container bit like my asthma puffer works. One inhales the powder. If taken within 48 hours of onset, it worked for me. The year before I ended up with pneumonia and a collapsed lung in hospital so I then bought Relenza to have at the ready in case my doctor was not available to prescribe it for me his other partner does not believe in Relenza nor Tamiflu.

How do you know if your symptoms are from the flu or simply a cold? Usually by the time I figure it out, it’s way past the 48 hour suggested cutoff.

My wife got sick on Dec 14 and on Dec 16 was really sick with bad aches through-out her whole body. She went to doctor on that day and found out she had the flu type A. She started taking Tamiflu that afternoon and felt a lot better the next day – no aches or pains. She never has but a lower fever -99 degrees, but did have chest congestion with bad cough. Today – 16 days later she is almost completely well. Thanks for sharing your information….love it.

thanks for the information . Very helpful

Tamiflu worked wonders for my husband when he caught the flu after I’d suffered for 2 weeks. I came down with it on a Friday night, and by the time I got in to see the doctor on Monday he wouldn’t prescribe Tamiflu for me, but promised to call it in if my husband got it. That was the sickest I’ve ever been. The fever lasted 14 days! My husband’s lasted 3 days.

I was also wondering about oscillococcimum (I think that is the spelling), a homeopathic remedy. I took it several times in the past and it greatly lessened and shortened flu symptoms. I wonder how this stuff works on the body. I could definitely feel its mitigating effects while I lay in bed for a few hours. Why is no one talking about this remedy? It has NO side effects.

There is a lack of placebo-controlled trials to demonstrate efficacy.

My family has successfully used Sambucol (black elderberry) during first 48 hours of influenza. The Sambucol packaging in Australia says: “Clinical trials have shown that Sambucol Cold and Flu (black elderberry) reduces flu symptoms and speeds recovery. In vitro studies indicate that the antiviral activity of Sambucol inhibits hemagglutinin and can help stop several influenza viruses. Sambucol helps stop the fusion of the flu virus to healthy cells and its ability to multiply and spread.

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